Supermarket Fantasy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

I was at the supermarket the other day when I saw this woman. I've seen her about a dozen times ot so over the last few years there. She was with the store manager. She with her ipad, he had a legal note pad taking notes. I've seen her before doing this with other managers. That led me to believe that she worked in the district office and this was one of her supermarkets she was in charge of.

But what intrigued me about her is that she is similar in size to my girlfriend.

This woman was about 5'9, blonde hair, short to the neck and draped over her forehead. She has blue eyes and a pretty face, even though she had a mask on. She is probably in her late 40's, maybe even 50. I myself am in my mid 50's.

Broad shoulder, slightly over weight. She was wearing a blue blouse that was tight on her body and made her tits nice and firm. Tight jeans to match. Her slight bubble ass looked really hot. And a bit of a muffin top.

I kinda followed her around the store somewhat. Even went down the aisle that had the feminine hygiene products just to get a better look at her.

I did my shopping and began to walk home. It's only a 10 minute walk and I only had two bags of groceries.

As I walked, I was thinking about this lady at the supermarket. How similar in body and weight she is to my girlfriend. The real only difference is that my girlfriend's hair is brown. And she too is in her late 40's.

I began to fantasize and here it is:

For purposes of this story, I will call the lady from the supermarket Jill.

The three of us are naked on the bed, exploring our bodies. I'm kissing my girlfriend while Jill is sucking my dick.

Jill raises her head. My girlfriend leans over me and gives Jill a long passionate kiss. Then she goes down on my dick as Jill and I kiss. This goes on for several minutes. Then, I leave the bed to let these two middle age beefy beauties go at each other.

I stand by the side of the bed. My hard dick in my hand as I stroke it up and down.

These two women are in a passionate embrace. Lips pressed tight. Tongues darting in and out of their mouths. Two sets of large breasts pressed against each other. As are their muffin tops and thighs. Jill takes her foot and gently rubs it up and down my girlfriend's calf.

As the kissing and fondling becomes more intense between these two, sucking tits, biting, nibbling on each other, I walk around the bed to get better views. My dick is hard, watching these two thick women go at each other.

Soon they are in a hot, intense lesbian 69. Jill is on the bottom, fingering and sucking on my girlfriend's wet pussy. My girlfriend is on the top, doing the same to Jill's pussy. My girlfriend's bubble ass sticking up in the air. I rub my dick along her ass crack.

The two milfs roll over. Now Jill is on top of my girlfriend. Both women, fingering each others wet cunts, licking each others firm clits. Grunts, squeal, moans spew out their lips in between licks and sucks on the others pussy.

I rub my hard dick on Jill's ass crack.

After sometime of eating each other out, they sit up on the bed. Hands behind them on the bed, the cross their thick thighs over one another and begin to trib.

Two thick middle age women, pussy to pussy, clit to clit. They rub their pussies up and down. My dick is stretched to the limit. For a guy, we love seeing women trib. Pre cum was forming on my dick head.

As the women grind into each, matching pussy to pussy, I went over to Jill and nibbled on her ear. Then I whispered into her ear, "Work that pussy, show my girlfriend who's got the better pussy."

I left Jill and walked over to my girlfriend and did the same to her. Nibbling on her ear, I then whispered to her, "That's it baby. Fight for your man. Show Jill who's got the better pussy. Make her cum."

My girlfriend increased her gyrating on Jill. Jill did likewise. My girlfriend took a hand a grabbed on Jill's large right boob.

"AWW...OHH....!" Jill moaned.

Sweat was forming on the two tribbing women. I had a film of sweat on myself as I walked around the bed, watching these to big beautiful women go at each other.

The bed was shaking hard as the two women let their pussies settle things between them.

My girlfriend was getting the better of Jill. Jill was beginning to lose steam.

She laid down on the bed. My girlfriend got on top of her and began to trib Jill in a missionary position. Jill, with her legs up in the air spread open. My girlfriend rubbing her wet pussy over Jill's.

"I got you bitch! I'm gonna make you cum." My girlfriend then jabbed her tongue into Jill's mouth. Jill wrapped her arms around her. She just wanted to cum.

"AHH..fuck me...OHH...shit...I'm ccuumminn....AAHH...FUCK....

Jill's orgasm went through her body. She spasmed as rose up from the bed a bit. My girlfriend went down and stuck her tongue into Jill's mouth. Jill grabbed the back of my girlfriend's head and forced her closer to her.

"OH..god...that was fuckin hot...!" she panted.

Now my girlfriend need to get off. She laid down on her back. Jill went and began to eat out my girlfriend's pussy. Tasting the pussy juices of the two women. Jill also at this time inserted a finger into my girlfriend's ass and fingered fucked it.

"OUU...that feels good....!" she squealed.

With Jill's ass in the air, I couldn't hold back. I needed to get involved.

I got behind Jill and began to fuck her pussy. Slowly at first, but picking up more friction as I would watch her suck my girlfriend's snatch.

"OH..shit...fuck me....slam that dick...AHH...!"

My girlfriend, seeing me fuck her was getting closer to her orgasm.

Me fucking another woman while she was getting eaten out by her did it.

She grabbed a hold of the bedsheets. Her hips arched upwards. She spasmed. "Shit...AHH...Fuck..OHH...OHH... don't stop...AHH...! Jill was licking her clit all the while she came.

I stopped fucking Jill. The two women embraced and kissed and hugged. Their two shapely bodies intertwined.

I was standing by the bed, watching them have their fun as I stroked my dick. They both saw me and came towards me.

Kneeling on the bed, their faces touching, mouths slightly open, I began to jerk off. Then my girlfriend began to suck on my cock. Jill joined her. Two well built middle age women, sucking my cock, licking my balls, and tonguing each others mouths.

When I felt my sperm coming through my cock, I backed away from them.

"AHH...shit...I'm ccummiinngg. .AHH..!

I shot my load on both of their faces. Back and forth I went so that each woman got an equal amount of my semen. Some landed in their mouths.

My girlfriend sucked on my cock again, so did Jill. Both of their faces covered in my cum. They both licked and kissed each other to get my cum off of them.

As the two women went back on the bed, hugging and kissing, I crawled in between them.

We kissed and grabbed each other. Sucking on tits, tongues in each of their mouths til we went and held each other for a little nap before the three of us took a long shower together.

By the time I finished my fantasy, I was home and had the groceries put away. I didn't remember walking home.

Later that day, when my girlfriend came over, we had dinner, then watched some television.

When we went to bed, I was on her good and hard. I sucked her pussy til she came, then I fucked her for another orgasm.

I had her suck my dick til I came in her mouth. With the two orgasms I gave her, she gladly swallowed my man juice.

Afterwards, as we cuddled and kissed, she told me that I was different, more passion, more aggressive.

I told her that I needed to appreciate her more. I think if I told her about my fantasy about her being with another woman made me more horny than usual, she might not like that.

On the other hand....

Submitted: September 17, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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fantasy-fastic Dick.To "coin a phrase".
I felt I was reading a transcript of a good porn movie.
please "don't" tell your girlfriend.Your lady may feel humiliated.
we all need our own little secrets.

Thu, September 17th, 2020 11:30pm


She has read my stories. I'm sure she will read this one and laugh it off. We talked a few times about our pasts, and like a guy, I asked her if she's ever been with a woman. Her answer was, No, and I never will." :( Thanks 4 reading

Thu, September 17th, 2020 5:42pm


Well, if your GF can handle your fantasies here, she should do just fine with a verbal report. It's nice when you can share stuff like that without worry.

As a side note, I've been surprised to discover how many guys go to the grocery for more than just produce. I'm not sure that bars even hold a candle to supermarkets for pick-ups.

Why do you suppose guys like to watch girls with each other? Particularly their own girl? It's a common fantasy.

Sat, September 19th, 2020 4:03am


Thanks for reading. As for guys liking lesbian sex, well it's just a turn on for guys to see two women, (or more),having sex with each other.
I've known women who liked gay sex, watching guys having sex with each other.
It's just a fantasy thing.

Fri, September 18th, 2020 11:21pm

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