Snowbound Truckers Pt.2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Hank, Bo and Swede headed towards the dining hall. When they got there, the placed was packed with burly truckers of all shapes, sizes and colors. Ranging in ages from their late 20's to early 60's. the only thing that they all had in common was that they all wore flannel shirts. Red, blue, brown, grey and several other colors.

They got their food, it was a line up and you just went down the line to have the ladies slop food on your plate. Truck driver food is all the same no matter where you go. Greasy, unhealthy, but a lot of it.

The three found a spot to sit at the table with other truckers. Swapping stories about their travels as the snow and wind belted the building that they were sitting. The snow plows were doing their best to keep up with the snow.

After they had ate their meals, the three wanted to go to the bar for some drinks. what was good about this place was that all the buildings were connected, motel, diner, bar, and shop. No need to go out side, not in this blizzard.

As they entered the bar, again it was a sea of burly hairy truckers. Their bellies pressed up against each others trying to get to the bar so that the bartender could get them their beer, or scotch, or what ever they might want to have to get mellowed.

After looking at this, Bo said, "Fuck this, let's got to the liquor store and buy beer and bring it back to the room.", Hank said that it was a good idea. Swede nodded towards Bo in a unique way.

Into the bar they go. It was crowded but not as much as the bar. Each man got a 6 pack of beer. Swede bought some Jack Daniels. Hank got some Early Times. Bo gave the guys some extra money to pay for the liquor.

Back to the room, the guys began to start pounding down those beers, the only way that burly beer bellied truckers know how to do. Also, taking shots of the Jack or Early Times. The more beer that was drank, and the more shots that was done, was letting down the guard of these truckers.

Swede got up and said he needed to take a piss. He left the bathroom door open so as he pissed, the other two could take a look at his dick. It was partially erected. Bo could feel his dick getting hard in his Levi's. Hank noticed, but didn't say anything. He was getting blitzed off the booze, but he did take a long look at Swede's dick. He also glanced over towards Bo and noticed the bulge in his Levi's.

Swede zipped up and flushed the toilet. He came back into the bedroom and took off his flannel shirt. His muscles on his shoulders and back were pressed tight against his white t shirt. His slight beer belly too was stretching the fabric of his shirt.

Bo, taking another sip of beer felt his dick getting harder in his Levi's. Hank, buzzed was getting a feeling that something was going to take place by the way Bo was looking at Swede. Hank took a long sip of beer, then did a shot of Jack. He go up from his chair and said, "I gotta take a squirt."

Going to the bathroom, he unzipped his jeans and holding his dick, he took a long piss. He did like Swede, leaving the door open so that the guys could check out his truckers manhood.

Hank knew what was going to happen if they kept drinking as the snow kept coming down. "This wasn't his first rodeo." he thought.

When he finished his piss, he gave his hardening dick a few strokes. Both Swede and Bo saw this. Swede leaned over and whispered to Bo, "I think Hank is giving us a hint."

"I believe your right" said Bo. The two men got up from where they were sitting. Hank zipped up his pants. As he came out of the bathroom he asked, "What should we do next?"

Submitted: September 23, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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this story is moving along as expected.
I am sure alcohol was invented for such occassions.
any port in a storm as I have heard said.

Thu, September 24th, 2020 11:04pm


Yes, alcohol lowers the inhibitions of some. The term, "Any port in a storm." will apply here. Thanks for reading.

Thu, September 24th, 2020 6:32pm

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