Snowbound Truckers Pt. 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

As the three burly truckers sucked on each others hard dicks and manhandled the other guys balls and ass, the wind howl and the snow piled up outside at the truckers motel. But the three of them weren't paying any attention to that. It was hot and steamy in their room.

Big Swede got off of the bed. Standing along the side of it, he stroked his hard dick as Hank and Bo got into a 69 position with Bo on top.

Both men slurping and sucking on each others dicks. Hairy chests and stomachs pressed up against one another. Gulping sounds as well as grunts coming from the two. Swede watched as he played with himself.

As Bo and Hank continued with their 69 suckfest, Swede go behind Bo and began to rim his ass with his tongue. Separating his ass cheeks to get at Bo's starfish.

"Uhh...shit....yeah Swede.....fuck yeah....tongue me." Bo said as he reached around and grabbed a handful of Swede's hair.

Swede dug his tongue into Bo's ass crack and gave his ass cheeks a few spanks as Bo and Hank continued sucking cock.

Swede then moved up on Bo's body. His chest was on Bo's back as Swede rubbed his hard dick on Bo's ass crack.

Then Swede slipped his dick down towards Hanks mouth to where he was sucking off Bo. Hank sucked on Swede's dick then back to Bo's.

Swede got off the bed again. Bo and Hank broke off their 69.

Bo got on his back. Swede approached the bed and put his knees on both sides of Bo's waist. Hank was rubbing his dick as he too got on the bed next to Bo's face.

Swede grabbed Bo's ankles to brace himself. Swede rubbed the tip of his hard dick on Bo's ass, the gave a slight push.

"AAa...hah...Uhh...!" slithered from Bo's lips.

Swede went in deeper and deeper til his man rod was in Bo's ass. Then he began to slowly go back and forth into Bo.

Hank grabbed the back of Bo's head and forced his dick into Bo's mouth. Bo went up and down on Hanks dick as Swede plowed Bo's ass.

" want my dick in you...Arr.....Err...Mmmm..!" Swede said, his words mixing in with grunts from his lips.

Bo, in between sucks on Hank's dick groaned with each thrust of Swede's dick going into Bo's ass.

"That's it....suck my dick...Uhh....fuck yeah....Mmmm!" Hank said as his dick was being serviced.

With the bed shaking from the ass pounding and cock sucking, the manly sounds of grunts, moans and groans filled the room.

Hank leaned over and gave Swede a long kiss. Tongue wrapped around tongue like two snakes.

Swede went harder into Bo's ass as Bo stroked his hard cock.

With each thrust of his dick, Swede let out a grunt. Bo did likewise with the feel of Swede's dick ramming his ass.

Hank, getting his dick sucked by Bo, watching Swede bang Bo's man pussy.

Hank backed away from Bo and began to jerkoff. He could feel his sperm coming up through his shaft.

With Swede pounding Bo's ass, and Bo stoking his dick, Hank let loose.

"Ahhh.....shit....I'm gonna cccuuummm....Uhh...!"

Hank shot his wad onto Bo. His man juice landed on Bo's chest and stomach.

"Uhh....Ahhh...Ohhh...Mmmm....motherfucker....shit...Ahhh!" came out of Hank's mouth with each shot of sperm that flew from his dick.

Swede took his dick out of Bo's and he placed his dick with Bo's and began to stroke the two dicks together.

""Ahh....fuck....I wanna....ccuumm...Uhh." groaned Swede

Swede felt his sperm coming up his cock. So did Bo.

" yeah....!" Bo yelped

With Swede rubbing both dicks. His dick and Bo's dick side by side, made both men cum at the same time.

Two hard dicks, two fountains spewing their load of man cum on each other.

Both men, grunting, groaning, cursing as white cum came out of their dicks at the same time.

Swede got down and gave Bo and hard kiss. Their dicks pressed against each others bodies. Their combined sperm acting as lubricant as their dicks slithered between their bodies.

Hank go back on the bed. The three made out with each other as the wind howl and the snow fell outside.

It took two days before the roads were plowed and the truckers could get back on the road.

That only meant more plowing for Swede, Bo and Hank in their motel room.

Submitted: October 24, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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Being in lockdown has certainly paid off for these three truckers Dick.
this was sexy and pacy writing and I could well imagine this happening in real life.Nicely penned.

Sat, October 24th, 2020 2:26am


Glad you liked it.

Fri, October 23rd, 2020 7:30pm

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