Snowbound Truckers Pt. 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

With the wind howling and snow falling outside, the three men in the small motel room stood in a circle, all exchanging glances towards each other.

Bo was about to reach down and rub his hardening dick pressed up against his jeans. But before he could, he, Hank and Swede heard a noise. A muffled banging noise.

"Did you guys hear that?" Swede asked.

Before Hank or Bo could answer, it was heard again. Then again, again, again....

"It's coming from the other side of this wall. From the next room." Hank stated.

Now, not only was there a banging noise, but muffled whispers and other sounds.

The three men went over towards the wall where the sounds were coming from. They all placed an ear up against the wall to hear better. And what they heard was sounds of sex. Not between a man and a woman. But between men.

With their ears pressed against the wall they heard the banging of the bed headboard up against the wall. The squeaking of the bed. And the voices. The voices of the men fucking.

"AHH....shit...yeah....fuck that ass. He can take it while he sucks my cock!"

"Take my dick Jimmy. Fuck your ass good!"

" AHH...shit....UHH....fuck me...yeah...AHH...!"

Grunts, groans and more dirty talk came through the wall as the three men with their ears pressed against the wall took it all in.

Each now with hard dicks from listening to the three burly truckers in the next room getting it on.

Swede reached down and began to rub his hard dick through his jeans.

Bo, who was behind Swede, began to do the same with his dick.

Hank, facing both Swede and Bo, with his ear pressed against the wall, hearing the sound of man on man on man sex going on in the next room and watching Swede and Bo playing with themselves got Hank's dick tight in his pants. He to began to rub his dick.

As the three kept listening to the sounds of man sex coming from the next room,with their ears pressed against the wall, Bo reached around Swede and began to rub in between Swede's thighs. Swede still had his hand on his dick as well. Now there were two hands.

"AHH...yeah Bo..that feels good."

Hank was getting tighter in his pants. He was rubbing quicker at the sight of Bo playing with Swede, as well as the sounds coming from the next room.

All at once, the three men backed away from the wall. Swede turned towards Bo. Swede pulled down his zipper from his jeans. Out came his hard 7 inch man rod. Swede looked at Bo as he stroked it up and down.

Bo did the same thing. He unzipped his jeans and his hard dick came through. A little smaller than Swede's, but a little thicker. Bo and Swede took off their flannel shirts to reveal their chests. Bo, lean and muscular with salt and pepper hair on his body.

Swede, larger, with slight blonde and grey hair mixed together on his body. A slight beer belly Swede had.

Hank, watching the two, took off his flannel shirt. Hairy burly bear truckers body with beer belly to boot.

Hank unzipped his jeans to reveal his hard man missile. He was about the same size as Swede.

Hank walked over to the other two men. They were standing in a circle. Stroking their dicks with one hand. Hank rubbing his hairy chest with the other hand.

Swede rubbing his hand through Bo's salt and pepper hairy chest.

The muffled sounds of the bed squeaking, the men grunting and moaning, talking dirty still came from the other room.

Hank, Bo and Swede drew closer to each other. They let their dicks get to know each other.

The men thrusted and gyrated their hips so their dicks could rub up against each other. Bo or Swede's dick might brush up against Hank's hairy beer belly. But mostly, it was dick rubbing dick rubbing dick. Slight manly moans of pleasure were coming from their mouths.

Suddenly, a big gust of wind pounded the windows of the room. The men stopped their dick play.

Bo pulled up his pants to take a look out the window. The snow was coming down harder as the wind picked up.

Bo went back towards Hank and Swede and said, "It's gonna be a long hard night. We might be here for more than a night."

"The way the snow and wind is pounding outside, we will just have to make the best of it." said Hank.

"Yeah. I think the three of us can come up with ways to make the best of this situation." said Swede with a smile on his face as he stroked his hard dick.

Submitted: October 04, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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You painted a word picture of man sex really well Dick.
It seems it pays to have a big cock in the trucking game.

Mon, October 5th, 2020 12:22am


Well, I guess so. I'm not a trucker or a man fucker. Glad you are enjoying this story.

Sun, October 4th, 2020 5:35pm

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