Remember Me Ms. Van Dyke

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A story about a former student of P E. teacher Ms. Van Dyke and their meeting up after several years.

In the supermarket, Ms. Van Dyke was doing some shopping. Wearing a tight t-shirt that made her 34 D tits pressed up against and stretching the fabric, while her denim shorts looked to be painted on her pear shaped ass.

At the produce section, she bought many fruits and veggies. She believed in eating healthy. She had most of what she needed. She just needed some hard firm ripe bananas, and a long hard cucumber. The bigger the better she thought.

As she was feeling up the cucumbers, trying to find one that was of right size and hard enough to please her appetite, she felt a tap in her shoulder. She turned around and saw a woman dressed in a blouse with the top two buttons undone. Her cleavage show through the opening. She was wearing jeans that also look like they were painted on her.

"Yes?" Ms. Van Dyke said.

"It's me, Krista...Krista Brown. I was in your gym class in junior and senior year."

"Oh yes, I remember you now." Ms. Van Dyke reached over and the two women hugged for a good several seconds. Their breasts pressed firm against each other.

"So, what have you been up to since you graduated?"

"I left town to go to college in Indiana on a volleyball scholarship. I majored in physical education with a minor in history."

"Yes, that's right. You made all state for volleyball as well as basketball."

"Well, I tried out for basketball also, but both sports play at the same time, so with the scholarship for volleyball it was a no brainer."

"And what are you doing now?" Ms. Van Dyke asked while giving her former student a good look over.

"Well, I'm just back in town to visit my folks. I live in Indiana and teach phys ed at a high school."

"Well that's good. I'm glad you went that route. And I must say, your have a very beautiful and athletic body." Van Dyke said as she ran a hand down Krista's left arm.

" Thank you. And you still look as hot as ever." Krista blurted out.

"Oh shit, I didn't mean for it to come out like that." Krista said with a red face.

"That's ok. I take it as a compliment. And besides, look kinda of hot yourself." The two of them giggled as Van Dyke put a hand on Krista's shoulder. Krista put a hand on Van Dyke's arm while giving her a smile.

"I'm just about done shopping. You wanna come back to my house for a chat or something...?" "Yes, I would like that. I will follow you in my car."

Ms. Van Dyke payed for her groceries and left the store with Krista. Putting the bags in her car, she told Krista it was just a 5 minute drive to her place. Both women got into their cars and left the store.

Krista helped Van Dyke with the bags of food. "Thanks for helping me."

"No problem Ms. Van Dyke."

"Please, call me Rhonda. Your not my student any more. Your my peer. A fellow gym teacher."


With the groceries put away, they both sat on the couch. Krista told her about other things that had happened. One thing she told her is that she came out in her freshman year. She's had a couple of girlfriends, but at the moment, not seeing anyone

Rhonda told Krista what has happened at school since she had left. She didn't mention the catfights she had with some of the mothers of some of her students or letting two students use her place for a teenage girl catfight to settle their differences.

Both still on the couch, Krista made a confession.

"Rhonda, when I was in your class those two years....oh god i feel so foolish to say this."

"No...go ahead. Say what you want to say." Rhonda said as she ran her hand through Krista's blonde hair.

"I had the biggest crush on you. When I saw you in your gym clothes, the way you move around. It felt so good. So right "

Rhonda looked at Krista and said, " I'm very flattered, but that was several years ago. I'm a bit older now and I guess those feelings are gone. Aren't they?"

"I sometimes thought a certain way. But over the years, less and less. But then I saw you in the market. And it's like nothing has changed. You still look hot to me Rhonda."

Rhonda put a hand on Krista's jean covered thigh and said, "Wow, that's...ah...that's very flattering coming from an attractive lady such as yourself."

Krista blushed and reached for Rhonda's hand that was on her thigh. The two women looked at each other. They slowly began to move closer towards each other. Rhonda ran her hand through Krista's hair. Krista did the same to Rhonda's hair. They hesitated for a brief moment. Then with heads tilted, lips slowly pressed against each other.

More pressure was place on those lips of these two women as their tongues darted in and out of each others mouths.

Tongue wrapped around tongue as they ran each others hands through the others hair. Down their shoulders to feeling of each others breasts.

Rhonda's nipples were hard and pressed through her t-shirt. Krista squeezed Rhonda's tits hard as she penetrated her mouth with her tongue.

Rhonda felt up Krista's tits. They were a bit smaller, but just as tempting. Rhonda unbutton there rest of her buttons and began to take off Krista's bra.

Rhonda broke off the kissing and began to suck on Krista's tits.

"Oh..damn Rhonda....that feels so fucking good." Krista squealed as she moved a hand between Rhonda's legs.

Feeling Krista's hand rubbing her wet pussy through her shorts, Rhonda did the same to Krista. Both women were rubbing each others wet pussies.

It didn't take long for these women to remove their clothes. Now both naked and still on the couch, both ladies embraced and kissed each other. Their bodies pressed tightly as Krista was on top of Rhonda.

Krista sucking on Rhonda's tits while she was getting fingered by her former gym teacher.

"AHH..shit..yeah...rub my clit...Ohh that feels good." Krista moaned in between sucks and licks on Rhonda's breasts.

Krista worked her way down towards Rhonda's pussy. First she just fingered it, in and out, in and out. Slowly, then faster and faster.

"OHH...Krista...fuck me..fuck..." Rhonda moaned az she grabbed the back of Krista's head.

Krista began to eat out Rhonda's pussy. Tonguing her clit and fingering her pussy.

"Shit...lick my pussy girl! my clit...OOO...shit!"

Krista gave Rhonda's pussy a good going over with her mouth and fingers.

Rhonda pushed Krista back and told her to get on the floor which she did.

Rhonda got off the couch and they both got into a long hot 69 session.

Both women, using their tongues and fingers on the others pussies. Squeals and grunts would come through.

Rhonda lifted her mouth from Krista's pussy, "Aww...fuck...oh yea..keep your tongue in my clit...yea...just like that." Rhonda went back to licking and fingering Krista's pussy.

" UUH...Rhonda...shit...that feels fucking good!" Krista groaned as she went back to giving oral to Rhonda.

The two rolled over from time to time. One being on top then the other. Tongues and fingers working hard on those wet pussies. And each woman letting the other know how well they were enjoying it with their squeals, moans, grunts and other sounds of sexual enjoyment.

After the long 69 session, the sat up and crossed their legs over each other. Now their pussies would enjoy each other as they tribbed.

As they rubbed their pussies, clit on clit, the two leaned backwards, using their hands for balance.

Thrusting towards each other, their wet pussies made love to each other. Sweat was running down their bodies. Squeals, groans and moans came from their mouths. Both women wanted to cum.

Still tribbing, they embraced and gave each other long deep kisses. Their sweaty tits, rubbed up against each other. Each woman was on the verge of orgasm.

"AHH..EWW...shit...Rhonda....yea....make me cum...make me cum bitch.. AWW...shit.. YES...YES...!"

Krista thrusted her hips harder as her head tilted back, her eyes partiality closed. Krista came as she held on to Rhonda tightly.

Rhonda wasn't far from cumming herself. She rubbed her pussy faster onto Krista's.

"OWW...AWW...yea...fuck...AHH...AHH...!" Rhonda spasmed and shook her head as she came. The pussy juices of the two women mixing with their sweat as the two women kissed deeply and held onto each other.

Both panting in between their kisses. Licking the sweat from each others necks, shoulders and tits, then holding each other tight.

Rhonda looked at Krista and said, "That was fucking hot."

"Shit...yea." Krista said with slight exhaustion from her voice.

Rhonda, caressing Krista's sweaty face, then giving her a slight kiss on her lips asked how much longer will she be in town?

"I going to be here for another two weeks." Krista said as she moved a hand over Rhonda's moist sweaty breasts

"Two weeks you say? Maybe...we could get together again?"

"I can see it happening....and probably a few more times."

The two women embraced, with their legs wrapped around each others waist. Soft kisses and nibbles they gave each other before Rhonda suggested they take a shower.

"MMM...a shower would be good right now purred Krista.

Submitted: August 17, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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My oh my! They must be really flexible to be able to be able to embrace with their breasts pressed against the pther ones while tribbingI woud ove to watch that

Wed, August 19th, 2020 10:20am


Both being gym teachers, they are in good shape. And watching some trib videos on Pornhub helped me with this description. Glad you liked it.

Wed, August 19th, 2020 5:24am

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