Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island Pleasure Island

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Submitted: November 07, 2019

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Submitted: November 07, 2019



"Oh my, that was a long sleep." Felicity said to herself.  But all didn't seem right as she ran her hands over herself.  Feeling the fabric that she was wearing, it wasn't the feel of the flannel that she had put on, but that of soft silk.  She sat up in bed and looked at it. Then she noticed that it only went as far as her knees. And on her feet were sandals. "Where did this come from?"

Then she slowly looked around the room.  "Where are all the other beds. Why am I all alone in this bedroom. Where are the other members of the nursing staff?"  As she continued to look around, she realized that she was no longer on her ship. "Where am I?"

Two women walked into her bedroom. They were both wearing the same dress as Felicity was. One lady was in her mid 40's. The other one was Felicity's age, early 20's. 

"I'm glad to see that you were awake. You have been a sleep for almost two days. That is when we found you on the beach in that lifeboat." said the older woman.

"Lifeboat?" Felicity murmured.

"Yes, we found you in heavy bed clothing all wet. We undressed you and cleaned you up and put you in the soft silk of our clothing." said the younger woman.

Felicity closed her eyes and rubbed her head. She was trying to remember what had happend to her. It was slowly coming back to her.

"My hospital ship left Southampton a few days ago. We were headed to Gallipoli to rescue the wounded troops who were trapped on the beach. All those Australians and New Zealanders, all wounded and sick.  I was in my bed just about to go to sleep when I heard one, then two large explosions. Water was everywhere as me and my friends tried to get up on deck. I remember getting on a life boat with others, then, everything went black."

The older woman said, "We didn't find any other women, just you. My name is Amelia. This is Nidia." Nidia nodded her head.

"You are free to stay here for as long as you like. Our island is open to all women. Come with us outside in the warm sun."

Felicity followed Amelia as Nidia walked behind the two. Leaving the small building where she had slept in, Felicity saw a small villiage made up of little cottages. They walked passed the communal baths where all the women took their baths together. Water running down in spigets from the mountain streams, some were in there now, washing each other. Some of the older women had two younger women washing them. It was considered an honor to help with the older women in their bathing, as well as in other areas.A few cobblestone streets and a warm breeze coming off the Aegean Sea. But one thing that stuck Felicity funny was, "Where were all the men? Maybe they are fighting in the great war?" Felicity asked this question to Amelia.

"There are no men here because we don't allow men here. As you for yourself can see what man has brought to this world. War, death, hunger, strife. Here we have no war. We have enough food to feed us. We are tolerant of the different races that we have here. It's just men are forbidden."

Felicity was taking this all in slowly. As the three of them walked through the village, Felicity noticed that there were many women from different races here. From Europe, Africa, Asia, The Americas, but they all spoke English.

As they headed towards the end of the village, Amelia asked Nidia to take Felicity on a further walk so she can see more for herself. She had to go back and talk with the other members of the counsel that help run the island. "Yes Amelia." said Nidia

As Nidia and Felicity walked along the beach, Felicity asked questions about the island and how they all got there. As the two were talking, a group of about 12 women ran passed them on the beach. They were all naked as a film of sweat was all over there bodies. They ranged from late teens to early 50's. But each one of these women had finely toned bodies. Felicity was a bit embarrassed to see naked women running like that, even though she was a trained nurse. She thought to herself that it would be "Scandalous" back home in England.

Nidia noticed this and said to Felicity, "Here we keep fit and trim. We do many types of exercises to help us with our daily lives. Along with running, we climb along the trails that lead to the top of the cliffs over looking the sea. Plus with farming and raising crops and building our homes keeps us in shape."

As they walked away from the beach and to a clearing in the woods, Nidia wanted to show Felicity another form of exercise that kept them in shape. As the two young women approached the clearing, they could hear dozens of voices. Sounded like cheering as well as grunts and moans. As they drew closer, they could see two women, tall blonde Scandinavian types wrestling each other. Women had made a circle around them. The two women were on the ground, their naked bodies intertwined with each other. Felicity took this all in with a bit of disapproval. "This is another way we keep fit. It is common for us to wrestle each other to gather strength. Also to prepare us for if we ever need to defend our island home. so far we have been lucky."

As Felicity and Nidia walked away from the combatants, Felicity looked over her shoulder to see the two rolling around in the dirt, their sweaty bodies locked in combat, their tits slammed up, their legs interlocked, grunting like two animals. Felicity just shook her head, but found it quite arousing.

At the evening meal, were all the women helped prepare the food that was to be eaten, Felicity was invited to sit at the head table where the other women who ran the island sat. They ranged from their early 30's to their 60's. But one thing that Felicity noticed was that they were all healthy.  Their sun drenched skin and their tight bodies. Their tits were erected and firm.  Not like the woman back in England at this age, frumpy, fat, and old looking.

As the sun set and the torch lights lit up the cobblestone lanes of this village, the women paired off and went into their separate homes. Felicity was asked to stay in the cottage that she was in by herself for another night. She didn't mind, being a stranger in a strange land. But she felt welcomed, away from the war and the men dying because other men needed to prove something to themselves.

It was about midnight when Felicity woke up to the sounds of moans and groans. She thought that maybe one or two of the women were sick in the next cottage from hers. Being a nurse, if she couldn't help the men stuck at Gallipoli, maybe she could help here. She got out of bed and put on her sandals. Leaving her cottage, she went over to the next cottage. But before she got to the door, she saw that the window was opened. She looked in and what saw her shocked her. They weren't moans and groans of pain, but of pleasure. The two women were having sex with each other. At first, Felicity was surprised., but she couldn't turn away. Just like earlier in the day, when she saw the two women wrestling with each other in the nude, she was aroused, like now.

She watched the two women go at it with each other when she heard more moans and groans coming from another cottage. She walked over and again, saw two women, a black woman and a woman from Asia. The Asian woman had her mouth on the black woman's pussy and was eating her out. Felicity was awestruck at this sight. At this time, she felt some wetness between her thighs.

She now was hearing these noises coming from all the other cottages. It was to much for her to handle, So she went back to her cottage to try to block out the noise of the lesbian love making that was going around her. But it was no use. The sounds of these beautiful women all around her grunting, moaning, grinding their bodies into each other, kissing, eating out each others pussys, tribbing and everything else that two women love to do to bring themselves and their partner to climax.

Felicity soon found her hand between her own thighs.

She couldn't help herself. she rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy. She thought about Nidia, how it would be nice to be with her right now, making love to her, the way that only a woman could do to another woman. She pictured Nidia right now, licking the pussy of another woman, maybe Amelia's. She said that it was an honor to wash an older woman. Why wouldn't it be the same as to have lesbian sex with an older woman as well.

All these thoughts going through her head, and her rubbing of her hand on her clit, made her just about to cum. She was just about to reach an orgasm .......BUZZ...BUZZ..BUZZ.

"What the fuck!", Felicity said as she hit the alarm clock. "What the hell was that!" she thought to herself as she cleared the fogginess of sleep from her. "Shit, it was all a dream. But it was so fucking real! I'm not on some island in the Aegean Sea, but in a one bedroom apartment in Milwaukee. "I don't have sex with women." she thought as she put her hand through her hair.

In the shower, she was going over this vivid lesbian dream of hers. Thinking to herself, "I'm into guys. Why would I think about being with women?"

Then she thought about when she was a junior in high school. Her and some of her friends got into her dad's liquor cabinet and drank some JD and tequila. She and her friends got frisky with each other and kissed and played with each others tits. But nothing more.

Eating breakfast, she remember in college, her roommate in the dorm was bi. They too would mess around. Two or three times it had gone all the way. But in college, your suppose to experiment.

As Felicity got to work, she was racing to catch the elevator. "Wait, hold the door!" she shouted as she was running.

A hand reached out and stopped the doors from closing. Felicity got in just as the doors were closing. She turned around and was about to say thank you when she saw who held the door for her. She looked just like the woman Nidia from her dream. "Ah.. thanks." Felicity stuttered. "Your welcome." said the lady who held the doors.

They were the only two women in the elevator. There were several men in there with them. But they were all looking at their phones. Felicity and the woman next to her just looked at each other with side glances.

On the fourth floor, two men got out. On the fifth floor, another man got out. Felicity had a ways to go, she was on the twelfth floor. 

When they got to the ninth floor, the woman who looked like Nidia got off. Before she got off the elevator, Felicity said "thank you" to her again. The lady, now out of the elevator turned and said to Felicity, "Maybe I will see you later in the elevator. We can go down together with each other." Then the doors closed.

Felicity had a sly smile on her face as she bit her bottom lip. The remaining guys in the elevator just looked at their phones.

© Copyright 2020 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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