My Sister's Friend

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Growing up in New Jersey in the 1980's, we lived in a house that had a large backyard. Nice lawn, patio, two big oak trees that when the wind blew slightly, gave a nice cooling effect on a hot summers day.

But no breeze, no water from a hose could cool me off when my sister's friend, Gina came over to lay out in the sun to get a tan.

My sister and Gina were friends since grade school. Now, Gina was 20 at the time of this story and was about to go into her junior year of college.

I had just turned 17 a few months earlier, and was going to be a senior in high school.

Gina lived with her family in an apartment building next to our house. Since they hadn't a yard, my sister would invite Gina over to lay out on the lawn, letting the sun give them a nice tan.

I would peek out an upstairs window a look at Gina's long body. She was 6ft tall and lean with brown Mediterranean type skin. Black hair with nice tits and shapely ass. Sometimes if my sister was working at her part time job at the supermarket, Gina would come over by herself. She had an open invite to our yard. And I wanted to invite her to other things. And I finally did.

It was a hot muggy day. I had just finished mowing the lawn. As I put the lawn mower in the garage, I heard someone call my name.

"Hey, Rob, are you done? I thought I would come down and get some sun."

Gina, leaning out the second floor window apartment, her cleavage and side view of her tits while she was wearing a blue tank top gave me a hard on.

"Yeah....come on down. I'm done."

"Thanks...I will be down in a few."

I headed into the house to take a shower. I was dirty and sweaty from the yard work.

While in the shower, I thought about Gina. What bathing suit she would wear on her tall lanky body. Rubbing the suntan oil all over herself. My dick stiffened with these and other thoughts. I stroked my dick several times. But I didn't want to cum just yet. I thought I would wait and spy at her through and upstairs window.

Finishing my shower, I only put on a pair of shorts. No underwear.

Rubbing the towel through my hair, I placed the towel on the towel rack and ran my fingers through my hair.

I walked to a window on the second floor of the house that overlooked the backyard. I got there just in time.

Gina was walking into the yard with a towel in one hand and a small bag in the other hand.

Taking slow long strides, her bare feet touching the ground, I felt jealous of those blades of grass.

Gina, was wearing a peach colored two piece bathing suit that clung tightly to her seductive brown Mediterranean skin of hers while she had a pair of cheap sunglasses on her head. Her black hair was tied back in a pony tail.

Watching her spread the towel on the ground, bending over so I got a good look at her ass made my dick get hard again. I moved my hand down between my legs and began to rub my cock.

Gina sat on the towel and took a bottle of suntan lotion from the bag. Her skin had a shine to it from the light film of sweat that had formed on her body from the heat and humidity of the day.

She started putting the lotion on her face and neck. Slowly working it in to her lushes brown skin.

Her shoulders and arms were next. Up and down she went with the lotion on her arms. Up and down I went with my hands on my throbbing dick. That's when I decided I needed to be down there.

I ran down the stairs and jumped over our cat to get to the side door. Walking along the side of the house, I peaked around the corner and saw Gina applying the lotion to her long legs that I would love to have wrapped around my neck.

No wanting to look like a eager kid in a candy shop, I played it cool.

Walking into the yard, my dick still hard and easy to notice, I said to Gina, "Oh, I didn't know you were here yet."

Gina still rubbing the suntan lotion on her legs, turn around to me and said, "Yes, I got here about 5 minutes ago." She turned back to look at her legs as she rubbed the lotion all over them. I too was taking a long look.

Gina finished her legs and without turning to look at me, held the bottle of suntan lotion in my direction and asked if I could put some on her back.

"Sure I could do that." I said even though I was thinking of another type of lotion that would spew from my dick and onto her back, or tits, face, ass....

I take the bottle from Gina and squeeze some lotion into my hand. I rub the lotion on both of my hands and then began to rub Gina's back.

She had broad shoulders and a strong back. I glided my hands all over. The slight film of sweat that was on her, mixing with the suntan lotion had a wonderful feel to it.

I would give her firm circular motions with my hand on her back and shoulders.

"MMM...your good at this." she purred. I thought I was going to blow my load right then. That would have been embarrassing.

After I had finished, Gina laid down on the towel and put the sunglasses on. As she adjusted her glasses, she asked if I wanted to join her. I said yes and went to the laundry room to get a towel.

Spreading the towel next to her, I grabbed the lotion and was rubbing it on my body. Gina sat up and took some lotion and began to rub it on my back. Her hands on my back felt great. From my shoulders to the lower part of my back, she rubbed in the lotion.

We both laid down, side by side facing up. My dick was a small mountain in my shorts. She had to notice. But she didn't say anything. She did have a smile on her face. "What was she thinking?" I wondered.

15 minutes, we now both rolled over on stomachs. My dick was pressed against the ground.

Resting my head on my arms, I was looking at Gina. Her head was turned away from me. I was looking at her ass in that skimpy peach thong of her bathing suit. Beads of sweat were running off of her ass cheek. "I would like to lick that sweat off her ass if I could." I thought.

She turned her head towards me and said, "What!?"

"Nothing." I replied

"Yeah, right you pervert."

" I never!?" I protested in jest.

"Oh please....I know that you look at me through the window on the second floor. Your sister saw you."

Before I could say anything, she said, "I hope your looking at me and not your sister. That would be to fucked up!"

"Ok, you caught me. So I was checking you out."

"I also noticed your dick was hard as you came over towards me. Shit, you probably came a bit when you rubbed the suntan lotion on me."

"No I didn't. And if you see my dick was hard....well then take it as a compliment."

Gina sat up and said, "Oh, I do." She reached over and put her hands in my shorts and gave my hard sweaty dick several strokes.

"It feels nice Rob. Nice and hard "

"We were in the backyard. If any of the neighbors were watching. If her dad was watching....shit....that guy knows mob guys. Don't want to end in the swamps." I'm thinking to myself. But shit, she's got her hand on my hard cock....and it feels so good.

"Hey Gina, wanna go into the garage?"

"The garage? What for?" she said slyly, ending with a smile on her face.

"Come on, got something I want to show you."

We both got up and took our towels and went into the garage. It must have been 15 degrees cooler in there.

Standing by a work bench, Gina asks, "Well, what do you want to show me?"

Both of us standing face to face, I pull down my shorts. My 7 inches of manhood sprang up. Gina looked down at my hard dick. She slowly reached over and began to stroke it. The smell of suntan lotion and sweat was mixing around us.

As she played with my dick, i reached around her neck and brought her face closer to mine. Our lips touched. Then pressed hard as our tongues slipped and slide out of each others mouths. We tasted our sweat from each others bodies. She rubbed my dick harder as I reached for her breasts.

We kissed more and more. I reached around and untied the top of her suit. Off came the peach colored top to reveal two beautiful brown tits, slight glistening of sweat and lotion on them. I began to suck on one, then the other. Back and forth, I wanted to give each tit the same attention.

"MMM....Rob....lick them good.....suck my tits." Gina, said seductively as she played with my dick and balls.

I backed away from Gina, she knew what I wanted.

Gina got on her knees and began to suck on my hard dick. Slurping and sucking, juggling my balls in her hands. Taste of sweat, smell of musk and suntan lotion in her nostrils.

Grabbing the back of her head, I began to thrust my dick into her mouth. She grabbed my ass cheek and gave it a squeeze.

"Oh...shit....yeah....suck me off Gina!"

She licked and sucked my dick hard and good, taking all 7 inches in her mouth. Putting my balls in her mouth when she wanted to change things up.

After several minutes of her sucking my dick, I backed away. I asked her to lay on her back on top of the towels which she did.

I began to eat her out. Licking her clit and finger fucking her wet sweaty pussy. In and out my fingers went as the tip of my tongue flicked and licked her clit.

"AWW....that feels so fucking college guy has ever done it like this to me."

Hearing her say that gave me more drive to get her to cum. But not yet.

With her on her back still, I turned around. Now we were in a 69 suckfest. Each having their mouths on the others genitals. Licking, kissing, sucking, fingering. It was all good.

I wanted to fuck her, but not having a condom, and not wanting to risk her getting pregnant, we stayed with the oral gratification.

We got out of our 69 love making. I went back down to eating out her wet pussy. Sweat was running down both our bodies as the humidity had crept into the garage. As well as our body heat from the sex, it made thing moist and steamy in the garage.

Sucking and fingering her pussy, Gina could take no more.

" OHH...fuck....god....shit... AWW.....OH.....Rob....i'm ccuummiinn...."

Gina's hips rose up from the garage floor. Her thighs spasmed as I rode my mouth on her pussy. Her orgasm went through her body like a freight train.

As the orgasm subsided, she laid back on the towels, panting, beads of sweat all over her body washing over the suntan lotion.

I got up and stood over her. Gina got off her back and on her knees again. Back to sucking my hard cock.

It didn't take long for me to shoot my load.

I backed away and began to jerk off. Gina, kneeling in front of me, mouth opened, waited for my man juice to come out of my hard veined throbbing dick.

UMM...EWWR....take my cum....Gina....AWW....!"

Several shots from my dick let loose my cum onto Gina's sweaty tanned body. Some landed on her face. Some on her shoulder and a little on her chest. She took her hand and massaged it on her body wherever it had landed.

She got up off her knees. Our two bodies, sticky, sweaty....embraced as we gave each other long kisses.

We stood together, kissing and holding each other for a time.

Then we got dressed and went into the house where we took a nice long shower together.

As Gina was leaving my house, she said that she would come back tomorrow for some more "sun".

I went to the drug store and got some condoms.

Submitted: September 05, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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nice possibly true story Dick.
short easy to read paragraphs.
very descriptive and hot scenario's.

Sun, September 6th, 2020 8:15am


Thanks for reading.

Sun, September 6th, 2020 3:33am

Jason Ellis

Great story.... and plenty of fun.

Mon, September 7th, 2020 11:24am


Thanks for reading

Mon, September 7th, 2020 5:22am

Jason Ellis

Great story.... and plenty of fun.

Mon, September 7th, 2020 11:26am


My sister had a really hot girlfriend that I fantiszed about all of the time but the most I got to do with her was kiss. She told me she had always wanted to fuck me but felt it would be a betrayal of her friendship with my sister. I must have jerked off hundreds of times thinking about her and what she said about wanting to fuck me
Thanks for the memory of her.

Tue, September 15th, 2020 4:52am


Glad you liked the story.

Tue, September 15th, 2020 3:49am


My sister had a really hot girlfriend that I fantiszed about all of the time but the most I got to do with her was kiss. She told me she had always wanted to fuck me but felt it would be a betrayal of her friendship with my sister. I must have jerked off hundreds of times thinking about her and what she said about wanting to fuck me
Thanks for the memory of her.

Tue, September 15th, 2020 4:53am

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