More Than Step Sisters

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Eve drove through the campus at the college where she and her step sister, Judy were attending. Eve was 18 and a freshman, while her step... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Eve laid on her bed, looking out the window as the last glimmer of sunlight settled in the west. There was more, pink, purple, light blue... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

A few days have passed since Eve thought about wanting to "dabble" with her step sister Judy. But every so often, the thought would come ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Coming home from school, Eve went to the kitchen to get a snack. Taking a banana from the fruit basket she headed to the bedroom. Whe... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

"Come on Dave, we got to get a move on." "I'm coming. Just had to get my blood pressure meds." Eve walked in on her parents in th... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Judy was able to get four of her teammates from the softball team to come over for a night over at her house. She wanted to keep the ... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

As the young college women had a few drinks, they began to get mellow. But still in control. It's just that they all had a nice buzz on. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

The card game been going on for awhile. The ladies are in various stage of dress. Eve only lost her socks. Laura still had her lounge... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Eve lifted her shirt up over her head to reveal her nice sized tits being cradled in the black cherry colored bra with black trim that be... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

"You don't like having your little stepsister on top, get the best of you, do you!" Eve whispered in Judy's ear as she pressed her breast... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

The two step sisters lips were about to touch. There was a little hesitation. But they drew closer. Lips gently touching lips between... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

As Judy and Eve explored their bodies with their hands, tongues exploring each others mouths, breasts pressed against breasts, thighs pre... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

With the two sets of young college women enjoy each other in lesbian splendor, Judy, Eve and Kiko on the floor while Susan, Melissa and L... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

With all six women on the floor, all enjoying themselves in a college girl orgy, licking and kissing, sucking and fingering each other in... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

All six college women, side by side in a tribbing orgy. Lauren and Melissa, hands on the floor behind their backs for balance, rubbing an... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

All six young voluptuous college women, side by side, tribbing their partners. Each now covered in a slight film of sweat. The smell of l... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

As Lauren and Melissa laid on their backs, sweat rolling off of their college bodies after their tribbing, Kiko and Susan held each other... Read Chapter