More Than Step Sisters

More Than Step Sisters More Than Step Sisters

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy

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Submitted: November 23, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 23, 2020



Eve drove through the campus at the college where she and her step sister, Judy were attending. Eve was 18 and a freshman, while her step sister was 20 and a junior. She was also a member of the school's softball team. Eve's class had ended around the same time as Judy's practice was ending, so Eve would pick Judy afterwards.

After parking the car, Eve looked at the ballfield and didn't see her step sister.

Eve headed over towards the locker room to see if Judy was there.

As she walked down a hallway and entered the locker room, she was about to make a turn but she stopped in her tracks.

The sight that was before her made her stop.

She saw two women from the softball team, both only wearing cotton white towels on their well proportioned bodies, their hair wet from the shower, making out.

Hands running through each others wet hair, lips tight together, tongues probing each others mouths.

Bodies pressed tightly with only the thin white cotton towels preventing their tits with erect nipples and thighs from feeling each other.

Eve just stood there, watching the two make out.

They didn't notice Eve, they were to busy with each other.

As Eve continued to watch, she found it quite intriguing. It made her a little wet between the thighs.

"What are you watching pervert." said her step sister Judy as she snuck up on Eve.

Eve jumped a bit from being started by Judy sneaking up on her like that.

The two women who were making out, heard Judy and Eve. They walked around to another area of the locker room to enjoy each other's "company".

As Eve drove her and Judy back to the house, Eve asked Judy about the two she saw making out.

"Oh yeah, Susan and Melissa. Yeah they are a couple you might say. Susan is a pitcher and Melissa is a catcher. And not just on the field." Judy said with a laugh.

Eve turned to Judy and asked if there were other lesbians on the team?

Some are lesbians, some say they are bi, but who knows. The rest....well the rest of us like guys, but sometimes we....."dabble".

"Dabble....what's dabble?" Eve inquired as she made a right turn.

"Oh you know.....sometimes just dabble,"

"Have you dabbled?" asked Eve.

"Yes....on occasion. Like if we won a big game, or after taking a big test, all the time studying, you need to blow off steam. So....yeah....I "dabble".

"Watch out for the cat!!" Judy yelled at Eve.

Eve hit the brakes as the cat walked in front of her car flicking it's tail at them.

"Take it easy little sis. Didn't mean to make you all upset."

"I'm not upset. Just didn't know you were into women."

" Well....It's not so much that I'm into women. It's just that....well friends...teammates....sometimes we just bond together. It's not a big deal." Judy said.

As Eve parked the car in the driveway, Judy got out of the car. Eve took a long notice of her step sisters ass in her yoga pants.

As she herself got out of the car, she thought to herself, " older step sister likes to " dabble" with other women."

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