Little Miss Moffet

Little Miss Moffet Little Miss Moffet

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy




Submitted: November 20, 2020

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Submitted: November 20, 2020



Little Miss Moffet sat on a toffet eating her curds and whey

Along came a spider and sat down beside her

And scared Miss Moffet away

She ran through the forest to some open land

Where she found a big strong man

She told him of the big spider that frighten her

They both went back to the toffet where the spider has eaten her curds and whey

The man took out a knife and did the spider he slayed

"Oh thank you kind sir." said Miss Moffet

"But now I have nothing to eat. Oh darn it!"

The man said to Miss Moffet

"I will give you something to eat."

Unzipping his pants, his hard cockmeat

Miss Moffet began to suck and lick

The man's hard throbbing dick


Was all she could say as she slurped and suck

Soon, the man came

Long hard thrust from his dick, he shot his sperm into this dame

Sperm in her mouth

Miss Moffet sucked and licked all about

She had her fill of his manly juices

The curds and whey are now useless.

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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