In The Woods

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A two hour drive from the city, the two women, Megan and Lisa were glad to be away from work.

They had a three day weekend and planned about a month ago to go camping.

Megan drove as Lisa rode shotgun.

Getting away from the concrete jungle and back to nature would do these women some good.

With the daily stresses from work and life, they needed to just break away from it all.

Lisa, has been divorced for about a year. Her marriage to her husband Tom was just going through the motions. The love was gone. They were more like roommates than husband and wife. And sleeping in different bedrooms put the icing on the cake.

Megan never married. She had several relationships with men, but lately she has been exploring " other avenues".

Arriving at the campsite, Megan and Lisa unloaded the car and began to set up camp.

Taking a deep breath, Lisa's firm breasts expanding in her flannel shirt said, "Smell that fresh air. Hope my lungs can handle it."

"It's great to be in the outdoors. I feel like I did when I was a kid growing up in Kentucky. We were always out in the woods, of playing sports."

Megan, as a kid was a bit of a tomboy. She rather play football or go hiking with the boys, rather play with the girls.

As she got into her teens, Megan started to have certain feelings more for women than for men. But she kept them to herself.

As she got older, now in her mid 30's and after dating guys in college and since then, she just didn't feel it was for her. That's why lately she began to try, "other avenues".

Lisa was married for 8 years. Since her divorce two years ago, she dated a few times, but nothing serious. She just wanted to focus on herself, her feelings for awhile.

As the two women got their camp ground set, they decided to take a walk in the woods before making dinner.

Megan, with her blonde shoulder length hair, firm toned body that she kept in shape by lifting weights and running walked with Lisa down a path.

Lisa, her brown hair was tied in a bun. But when it was undone, her hair cascaded over her shoulders. She wasn't as built as Megan. She had a swimmers body. Broad shoulders and firm midsection whereas Megan had a little muffin top.

They engaged in small talk on their walk. Work, the sights around them. Things like that.

When they return to their campsite, it was time to get dinner.

They both gather wood for the fire as the sun was setting in the west. A slight breeze began to pick up. Megan put her arm around Lisa and said, "It might get chilly tonight....bbbrrr!"

Lisa replied, "Don't worry, with the two of us in the same tent, it will be plenty warm."

As they ate their meal, the sun had gone down. Only a rim of orange, pink and purple was in the western sky as the black of night crept over them.

Lisa bent down to add more wood to the fire. Megan was noticing Lisa's bubble shaped ass through her jeans. Then again, Megan noticed the same ass at work when Lisa was in a business suit. As well as her well shapely breasts.

"That should keep going for awhile." said Lisa.

Megan went to her bag and pulled out a bottle of whiskey.

"If the fire doesn't keep us warm, maybe this will. And if it doesn't, maybe we can think of other things to keep us warm." Megan said with a grin on her face. Lisa laughed and nodded in approval.

With the meal over and the cleaning up completed, the two ladies sat side by side on a blanket near the fire drinking coffee.

Poking a stick at the fire, Lisa asked Megan why she wasn't dating anyone at the moment.

"Well...It's not that I'm not dating. I've just been seeing people on the sly. I'm kind of a private person." Megan said as she sipped some of her coffee.

"What about you? You getting any?"

Lisa choked a bit on her coffee by the way Megan came out with that."

" No...just focusing on myself at the moment."

Megan threw the rest of her coffee unto the fire and reached for the bottle of whiskey. She poured some into her mug.

Lisa finished her coffee. Megan took the mug from Lisa's hand and poured some whiskey into it.

Time went by. The sky was dark with tiny bright lights over them. A crescent moon began to rise The ladies talked as the whiskey began to take a hold on them. Megan got up to put more wood on the fire. Lisa studied Megan's body. Wearing a flannel shirt made her breasts look large. Her slight muffin top and her jeans that were tight fitting.

Megan plopped down next to Lisa and leaned into her.

"Oh..sorry. Guess this whiskey is getting to me."

"And your the one from Kentucky. Thought you could handle this stuff?" Lisa said.

"Oh...I can. I must have tripped on a snake."

"A Snake....where....where....!" Lisa squealed.

"It was a joke. Boy, you city girls are pussies when it comes to the outdoors."

As they drank some more, the conversation became more of a personal nature.

Megan began to tell Lisa why she hadn't seen her with guys.

"Its like this. Since I was in my teens, I've had certain feelings for women." Taking a sip of whiskey, Megan went on. "I dated guys, been in relationships with some. But I just felt that it wasn't for me. I prefer woman." She finished by downing the rest of her whiskey.

Lisa, silent just drank her whiskey. Then said, "Whatever floats your boat."

"Your not creep out by this"? question Megan.

"I think its my turn to say something." Lisa put her mug to the ground and said, " When I was in college, about 20 years ago, my dorm roommate and I fooled around...oh shit...we had sex."

Lisa rubbed some embers from the fire off of her jeans and continued.

"Coming back from a frat party, we would be drunk and the guys at the party were jerks or throwing up. So we took care of each other sexually. Or when exam time came and we were both stressed, we pleasured ourselves. To relax. So...I've been there, done that."

Lisa looked off into the fire as Megan looked at Lisa

Megan took a hold of Lisa's hand and said, "What about now?"

Lisa turned and looked at Megan. Megan did the same. The two women drew closer towards each other. Lips slightly pressed for a few seconds. Then tongues met.

They pulled back, looking into each others eyes. The crackling sound of the wood from the fire was all that was heard.

They drew closer again. No hesitation this time. Lips pressed more firmly on lips. Tongues, darting and flicking about, bodies pressed tightly.

Megan got Lisa on the ground. Lisa ran her fingers through Megan's hair. Flannel shirts and jeans rubbed against their bodies as they each wrapped their arms around each other.

Tongue dancing with tongue as they went into each others mouths.

Lisa's hands found there way to Megan's large round ass. Megan was rubbing the flannel where Lisa's tits where hiding.

Kissing necks and nibbling on ears. Lips and tongues intertwined, the women made their way to their tent.

Turning on a battery powered lantern, Megan rolled out a sleeping bag. Lisa was taking off her shirt. A white bra was hold back her tits. Her nipples were erect. Megan grabbed for Lisa's tits and began to kiss and suck on them through her bra. Lisa grabbed some of Megan's blonde hair and let out a sigh.

Megan pulled back to take off her clothes. Lisa did the same.

As the glow from the fire was seen in the tent the two naked women on their knees embraced. Bodies pressed against bodies. Lips, tongues, breasts, thighs were rubbing and grinding against each other.

"Shit Lisa.....I want you....I thought about being with you as I played with myself." grunted Megan as she reached between Lisa's thighs to rub her wet pussy.

"AHH....yeah Megan.....that feels good....OHH...!" Lisa moaned as she grabbed on Megan's ass with two hands.

Lisa now was on top of Megan. Hands, fingers, lips and tongues were exploring each woman's body.

Lisa sucking on Megan's tits as Megan ran her fingers thorough Lisa's hair.

Megan rolled on top of Lisa to do the same. Grunts, moans and squeals came from the women's mouths as they pleasured each other.

Megan kissed all of Lisa as she worked her way down to her pussy.

Megan placed one, then two fingers in Lisa's pussy, thrusting in and out as her tongue swirled around her clit.

"AHH....OHH....fuck....MMM.....!" was all Lisa could get out of her mouth.

Lisa pushed Megan off of her and she herself began to do the same to Megan. Working her way down Megan's body with hands and mouth to reach her pussy to eating and play with her love box.

"UMM...AHH....OHH.....! Megan cooed as she was being eaten out by Lisa.

The ladies then got into a passionate lesbian 69. Each fingering, licking and sucking on each others wet pussies. Rubbing and fingering and licking each others nice round firm asses as well.

Squeals, moans, grunts filled the tent as well as the aroma of lesbian sex from their sweaty bodies.

Both women going at each other hot and heavy. Both wanting to come. But not yet.

Megan broke off the 69 and got on top of Lisa. Pussy to pussy, Megan and Lisa began to trib. With Megan on top, she rubbed her wet pussy onto Lisa's.

Lisa gyrated her pussy onto Megan's. Faster and faster they were tribbing. Clit on clit, Lisa grabbed at Megan's tits.

"AHH....OHH....UMM....EERR....bitch....cum...AHH....!" came from the mouths of these two lovers.

As Megan tribbed harder on Lisa, Lisa could feel her orgasm coming on. She tried to hold back but it was no use.

"UHH...UHH....AHH....shit...bitch...fuck... I'mmmmm....cccuuummmiinngg...AHH....AHH...!"

Lisa raised her hips as she came. Megan rode her til she had finished her orgasm.

Lisa, panting and covered in sweat playing with her breasts saw how sexy Megan looked. Her hair all a mess, slight film of sweat on her gorgeous body.

Megan moved up on Lisa and sat on her face as she placed her hands on her shoulders. Her wet pussy needed Lisa's mouth and Lisa provided.

Eating out Megan while she fingered her ass, Lisa made Megan cum long and hard. "MMMM...AHH....AHH...YYEESSS....!" Megan threw back her head as she came. Her pussy juice came from her wet snatch. Lisa licked it up from her pussy and thighs.

Megan stayed on Lisa's lips as she moved her hips back and forth. Megan got off of Lisa and the two began to kiss and lick each others faces.

Holding each other tight, they kissed and rubbed their bodies together.

Megan looked at Lisa and said, "You feel good with this?"

Lisa gave Megan a kiss on her nose and said, "I could get use to this."

They went back to kissing and cuddling til they fell asleep.

Getting up early in the morning, the tent still with the aroma of lesbian sex, they began to kiss and fondle and have another round of hot lesbian sex with each other.

Each woman wanting to please the other. Each wanting to make the other cum.

The noises that were coming from their tent made some deer nearby stop eating and take notice.

Submitted: November 10, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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