Goldielockson And The Bair Family 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Goldielockson was a 21 year old foreign exchange student from Denmark. She was staying with a family, a dad, a mom and a son by the name of Bair. Their last name sounded like bear, but was spelt differently.

After spending a few weeks with the Bair family, she noticed somethings. For example, whenever she got out of the shower, a member of the family would "accidentally" walk in on her. If she bent down, a hand would brush against her firm ass. If she was lying in the sun to get a tan, one of the family would be there to rub suntan lotion on her.

One day when Goldielockson was in the kitchen making ice tea, momma Bair came up to her and said, "I'm glad you are here. My husband and I have been fucking more now than we have in the last several years."

"What do I have to do with that?" questioned Goldielockson.

"You are such a young and beautiful blonde Nordic woman. I know my husband thinks of you when he is fucking me. And I think of you when he eats out my pussy."

Momma Bair gave Goldielockson a soft kiss on her cheek and ran her fingers through her blonde hair. Momma Bair turned and walked away while Goldielockson stood there with a puzzled look on her face.

A few days later, Goldielockson came home from class. No one was home, so she wandered around the house. She was a bit tired so she went to lay on her bed. But she really didn't like her bed it was to hard.

She went to Junior Bair's bed, but found it to be to soft. Then she went to the bed of Poppa and Momma Bair. It was just right. Soft silk sheets, with a hint of lavender. Goldielockson gently went to sleep.

The Bair family came home. Poppa Bair called out for Goldielockson but received no answer. Junior Bair went to her room. He saw that the bed was a mess, but she wasn't there. He then went to his room and saw his bed had been tossed.

"Mom, dad, someone was sleeping in my bed and in Goldielockson bed. The three went to the parents bedroom and saw Goldielockson lying down.

She had taken her shirt and bra off to reveal beautiful firm breasts. Off were her jeans as she had on bright white thong underwear on. Her body had a nice brown tan from the summer sun. Slight bits of pubic hair showing through.

The Bair family stood over the bed, gazing at this beautiful young Nordic woman. Poppa and junior unzipped their pants and out came their hard dicks. They were stroking them as they watched her sleep. Momma Bair felt her pussy getting wet. She began to finger herself.

Goldielockson rolled over on her back and opened her eyes. She was shocked as to what she saw.

Poppa and junior, hard dicks facing her. Then she looked at Momma Bair. She had her blouse and bra off. Firm MILF tits ready to be sucked. Before Goldielockson could get out of bed, the Bair family we all over her.

Poppa Bair had his dick in her mouth. Momma Bair was sucking on a tit. Junior Bair was eating out Goldielockson pussy.

Goldielockson tried to fight the three Bair's off. But she was no match. And she felt herself giving way to their, and her own sexual lusts.

Anything and everything was going on in the bed. Momma Bair now was eating Goldielockson pussy while Poppa Bair was fucking his wife from behind while Goldielockson sucked on juniors cock. Squeals, grunts and moans, coming from the four horny sexual partners.

The two woman would go into some hot lesbian 69 while husband and son would jerk off.

They ended up with Poppa fucking Momma Bair, her legs in the air in a missionary position, while junior fucked Goldielockson's ass. All four if them came long and hard. Everyone had sperm and pussy juice on them.

As the weeks went by, it was constant sex in the Bair house. Sometimes a four person orgy. Then again, just junior and Goldielockson while Momma and Poppa fucked in their room. Poppa and Goldielockson would get it on with Momma and junior watching and playing with themselves. Then Momma and Goldielockson having passionate lesbian lovemaking while Poppa and junior jerked off.

When the time came for Goldielockson to go back to Denmark, she thanked the Bair family for a wonderful time and experience. They too said they enjoyed her company and wished her well.

A few days later, Poppa Bair was on the computer looking for another foreign exchange student to come live with them. " "Maybe a nice young woman from Nigeria or Kenya." he asked the family.

Momma and poppa went to the bedroom to suck and fuck and to fantasize about having a beautiful woman from Africa with them.

Junior looked at the pictures of these exchange students from Africa as he stroked his dick til he shot his cum on the keyboard.

Submitted: July 30, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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