Forest Rangers Part 4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

As Brad put on the condom, he began to rub some lubricant on it. Stroking his hard cock up and down to get in well lubed up, he told Mark to turn over and get on his knees as he was on the bed. Then to grab on to the headboard of the the bed with his hands. Mark did what Brad asked him to do.

Walking over to Mark with his ass ready to receive the older man's dick, Brad put some lubricant in his hand and began to rub it around Mark's virgin asshole to get it well lubed itself. It went on cool at first, then it began to warm up as it hit Mark's ass.

"OOHH shit, that feels good." the words oozing out of Mark's mouth.

Brad stuck a finger in Mark's ass. In and out he went with his finger to get his ass prepared for some man fucking. When he did, Mark let out a slight moan and his hips shooked a bit.  Pulling his finger out of Mark's ass, Brad got on the bed himself, his knees on either side of Mark's legs and placed his dick on Mark's ass crack.

Brad began to rub his dick up and down on Mark's ass crack, working the lubricant deeper into the younger man. He did this for about a minute or two  as he had his hands on Mark's hips. Brad was looking down in lustful antispation as he was about to show his younger forest ranger what happens to men when there are no women around to satisfy their sexual needs and desires.

Brad, grabbing his hard dick wrapped in the condom, pressed his dick onto Mark's asshole, then penetrated it, just the head of his dick at first, then pulling back out, then just the head again. Brad did this several times to get Mark use to it. With each movemnet of Brad's dick into Mark, Mark would let out a moan. He would grab onto the headboard of the bed tighter as with each invasion of his ass from Brad's dick.

"Are you good with this?" asked Brad.

"Yea.. ah shit yea. Give to me Brad. Fuck me."

Brad then put his dick into Mark's tight ass, a bit more this time. Then he would pull back a bit, but not out. Brad would go in deeper and deeper over the next few minutes til he had his seven inches of manhood into Mark's ass. With each insertion of Brad's dick, Mark would again grab onto the headboard of the bed and let out a few groans. At first it hurt, but as Brad went in and out til he was fully in Mark, the pain was less and less and the pleasure began to take over.

Brad, having both hands on Mark's hips felt that  Mark was ready for some harder thrusts from his dick. In and out Brad would have his dick going into Mark, picking up the pace with each thrust of  his dick. 

"You like my dick in you?" Brad asked as he was going in and out of Mark as if his dick was sawing wood.

"AAHH, shit, give it to me, I can take it. I'm fucking hot for this."

Brad began to pound his dick faster and faster into Mark's tight ass. Which each thrust of his dick, Brad would let out a grunt and talk dirty to Mark

"UUH...ARR... take that dick boy. Let me fuck you good in that tight ass of yours." Then he gave Mark two, three spanks on his ass cheek.

Mark in turn, "AHH...yea, fuck that ass... I can take whatever you got...UUHH."

Brad moved up onto Mark. He had his chest and stomach resting on Mark's back as he fucked him hard and long. Brad took his lips and began to kiss and nuzzle Mark's left ear and shoulder. The salt and pepper stubble on Brad's face, when it hit Mark on his ear lob and back, sent a shiver down his back.

After several minutes of hard doggie style man sex, Brad pulled out of Mark. Brad got to his feet and asked Mark to get on his back. Mark released himself form the hold of the headboard of the bed and did what Brad asked him to do. 

With Mark on his back, Brad grab each of Mark's leg and spread them apart. Brad got on the bed, placing his knees on either side of Mark's ass. Grabbing Mark by his ankles, Brad placed his dick back into Mark's ass. 

"UUH.. shit." moaned Mark as he grabbed the bed sheet with his left hand as he began to stroke his hard dick with is right hand. 

Brad, shoving his hard dick into Mark, and Mark rubbing his dick, they were in the same motion. Each thrust of Brad's dick into the younger man's ass, Mark matched it with a stroke of his dick. In and out Brad went with his dick into Mark's ass as Mark went up and down on his dick with is hand.

Brad then removed his hands from Mark's ankles and leaned over and placed them on either side of Mark on the bed. He then bent down and began to kiss Mark. Lips pressed tight as the tongues of the two duel in each others mouths. The face stubble on the two rubbing against each other face. The friction made the kissing that more hotter. Brad, ramming his dick harder and deeper into Mark. Mark, going faster and faster on his dick. Feeling his balls tighten getting ready to spew his white frothy cum. Tongues of the two battling for domination in each others mouths.

They released the kiss and Brad, still leaning over Mark and looking at each other, eye to eye, pumped his dick deep into Mark. Mark, stroking his cock could feel his sperm moving up from his balls, and through his cock.

"AAHH.. shit, I'm gonna cum. I'm cumming ....I'm cumm..." Mark couldn't finish his sentence because his cock was spewing out his cum. Several spurts came from his hard dick as he kept stroking it and moaning. Most landed on his stomach and dick. One streak of cum landed on Brad's chest.

As Mark was cumming, Brad was pushing his dick harder into Mark. It was as if Brad was fucking the cum out of Mark. But Brad was now about to let loose his man juice.

He pulled out of Mark and took off the condom and began to stroke his dick. 

"OOHH...AAHH... I'm cumming...shit... AAHH!"

Brad shot his wad all over Mark. Stroking his cock and grabbing the nipples on his chest and grunting like an animal, Brad had let loose his sperm.. It landed on Mark's chest and stomach and dick. The cum of the two men mixed together on Mark's body. 

After Brad had released his sperm, he was still rubbing his cock. Mark was spreading the sperm from the two of them on his body. Brad came down and pressed his body on top of Mark. the sperm from the two men was mixing on them. They hugged and kissed and rolled around on the bed. Brad on top, then Mark would be on top. After sometime of this, they layed side by side, breathing heavily, they were quiet for awhile as they played over in their minds what had happened between them.

But they would have more fuck sessions like this as the winter progressed into spring for  with no women around,  men need to fuck.

Submitted: January 02, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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