Forest Rangers Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A few days had passed since Mark saw Brad jerking off in his bedroom which led Mark to go down in the garage and jerkoff his own cock as to the sight that he had witnessed.

Right now, the two of them are on their snowmobiles going through some of the trails to see if there are any hikers and such. Brad was in the lead when he pulled over and pointed out something. Mark pulled up besides h im and asked what was up?

"See those two bucks over there by the clearing?" asked Brad.

"Yea. Yea, shit I see them. One buck is fucking the other buck." replied Mark.

"That is what happens when there are no does around. They get horny and start fucking with each others. Happens to alot of the animals in the woods this time of the year. Even to humans." Brad said with a sly smile on his lips. Mark just looked at him and said maybe we should hed back to the watch tower. They turned the snowmoblies and headed back.

After dinner, Mark was on his laptop filling out  his reports fro the day. Brad was in the kitchen cleaning up the dinner dishes. Brad was wearing his lounge bottoms with no underwear on and a t-shirt that was tight on him. Mark was also wearing lounge bottoms, also with no underwear on and a tank top. Brad was done with the dishes and came over to see was Mark was putting down in his report. Brad put a hand on Mark's shoulder as he took a peak of his report. His dick was also hard and it hit Mark in the shoulder. Mark flinched a bit when he felt the dick on his shoulder, but it also made his own dick start to get hard.

"Remember to put down the fact that we saw two bucks fucking each other, but not in those terms. This is going to our supervisor."

"You really want me to put that down?"

"Yes, it all has to go down. But use better words."

Brad gave Mark's shoulder a squeeze as he left. His dick was hard and pressed against the fabric. As Mark was writing down what they had saw, his dick to was hard and eager to free itself from its confinds. When Brad left the room, Mark was typing with one hand and rubbing his cock with the other. Even though Brad had left the room, he was at the doorway in the bedroom looking at his fellow ranger, typing and stroking his hard dick. Brad was stoking his dick as well.

As the two were getting ready for bed, both having to share a bedroom, Brad took off his t-shirt to reveal his strong chest that was covered in a slight covering of salt and pepper hair. Mark noticed this as he took off his shirt to show off his chest with a slight covering of brown hair. Mark was fourteen years younger than Brad, but the sight off the older man with his shirt off, and noticing his bulge in his lounge bottoms, made Mark's dick get hard. He didn't know why, he liked women. But as Brad said earlier when they saw those two bucks fuckng in the woods, it could happen to humans also. And Mark remembered back in college, that he and his roomate messed around a few times. But just kissing and sucking dick and then jerking off.

Brad noticed the bulge in Mark's lounge bottoms and walked over to him and said, "I'm going to be honest with you. I saw you out of the corner of my eye when I was jerking off in the bedroom last week. You thought it was hot I think. That is why you went down to the garage and jerked off yourself. Don't deny it, I heard you go down the stairs, and I head some grunts coming from you as you came. Am I right ?"

Mark looked down feeling embarassed and said, "Yea, you caught me. Not having sex in a long time, I just saw you playing with yourself and it got to me. It got me hot and I just had to let my dick explode with my cum."

Brad came closer to Mark and put his hand on his shoulder and said, "Well, I see by your pants, the way your dick is straining to come out of them, that you might want to do more. My dick as you can see is straining at the bit also."

Brad drew closer to Mark. Mark did the same. Nose to nose, then lips on lips and tongues in each others mouths. They both had two days worth of stubble on their faces. The kisses at first were soft and gentle. But the more they kissed, the more intensed they became. Both men we now in a bear hug. Hands running up and down each others backs and in each other hair. Chests close together. Dick grinding up against dick.

"Shit Brad, I don't know." Mark said as he broke away from the kissing. 

"You know you want to. Don't hold back. Let it happen." said Brad

Brad pull Mark towards him again and the two began to kiss again. Just as rough as before. The stubble on their faces made the kissing hot. Tongue dueling with tongue in each others mouths. Bodies pressed up tight. Brad worked his hand down towards Mark's lounge pants and began to pull them off. He couldn't get a good hold on them, so Mark broke off the kiss and pulled them off himself. Brad pulled off his pants. Both men revealing their hard throbbing dicks. 

They joined bodies again, now both naked hard men in the embrace of their arms around each other. Both men were grinding their dicks onto the other mans dick. Tongues in and out of mouths. Hands up and down backs, reaching down to where they were fingering each others ass crack. Slight grunts and moans were coming from their lips as they pressed harder into each other.

Brad, the older of the two broke off the kissing and fondling and took Mark by the hand and walked him over to one of the beds. Looking him in the eyes, he said, "Get on the bed, so we can suck and fuck like men."

Mark grabbed the back of Brad's neck and gave him a hard kiss. Then he said, "Yes Brad,show me. Show me what it's like to have man on man sex."

Submitted: December 26, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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