Dean And Eric

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This story is set in the early 80's.Two 18 year old boys exploring what nature has given them.

Knocking on the front door to see if his friend Dean is home, Eric didn't get answer. He walked around to the back of the house and went up the stairs to the back door. Knocking on the door, he still didn't get any answer. But, turning the knob on the door, let Eric in for the door wasn't locked.

"Hello, Dean are you here? Ms. White, Mr. White?" asked Eric to an empty house.

Eric walked around til he got to the basement door. He opened it and went down the stairs to see if anyone was down there. Just the cat that ran past him on the stairs as he was heading down. "Damn cat! You scared me." Eric said under his breath.

Walking up from the basement, he headed up to the second floor of the house. Maybe his friend Dean was in his bedroom sleeping. It was early afternoon and sunny out. It was too nice of a day to be inside, so if  his friend was asleep, he would drag him out of bed and outside to mees around.

When Eric got to Deans' bedroom door, it was partially opened. He didn't want to bust in, so he thought to himself that he would gently open the door and sneak in and maybe scare him, like his cat did to him on the basement stairs.

As Eric crept to the bedroom door, he pryed it open a bit more. But what he saw wasn't his friend sleeping. Yes, Dean was in the bed, but not sleeping, he was jerking off to some porno mags. There were two, three mags on the bed, while Dean had one magazine in his hand, and the other hand stroking his hard dick. His dick was close to seven inches.

Eric looked at this sight for a few seconds. He thought about bursting into the room and surprising his friend. But he waited....and watched his young friend rubbing his dick, stroking it up and down. Eric felt his own dick starting to get hard under his shorts. Eric took and hand and began to rub his hardening dick as he watch his friend play with his cock.

After a minute or two, Eric came into the room. Dean looked at him with a surprise look on his face. He took the magazine and put it over his hard dick to try and cover it. But with his dick so hard, it just made the magazine look like a tent with Deans' hard dick as the tent pole.

"What the fuck you doing here? How did you get in?" Dean yelled at his friend.

"The back door was opened so I came on in. I was looking for your parents or you all throughout the house."

"My parents are up the country this weekend. They want me here to watch the house."

"Ok, ok. Take it easy. Seems like your doing more than watching the house."

With that, Eric walked over towards the bed and took a porno mag and began to rummage through it. It was a lesbian mag. Girl on girl, girls on girls. It made Erics' dick get hard again as he thumbed through it. Dean, looking at his friend, saw what the mag was doing to his dick.

"I see you like lesbian sex." said Dean.

"What guy doesn't." replied Eric.

"Well, judging by the bulge in your pants, I see that you do."

"You dick is still hard I see. That magazine isn't doing a good job of covering it up."

Eric went back to looking at the magazine. His dick was hard. Dean, was still looking at his friend, and looking at his friends bulge in his shorts.

Eric asked Dean if he could lay down on the bed next to him. "Yea, sure, why not. You don't mind if I continue what I was doing, do you?" asked Dean.

"No, go ahead. These women are hot." answered Eric.

Dean took the magazine off of his dick and began to go through the pages with one hand, while playing with his dick with his other hand. Eric, was on the bed next to Dean, still with his clothes on, but the bulge in his pants getting tighter up against the fabric. 

As Eric was looking at the pictures in the magazine, he found his hand down between his thighs, rubbing his hard dick that was constrained by his shorts. He began to unzip his shorts and pulled out  his hard dick. He began to stroke it as he gazed at the lesbian pictures in his magazine. Dean saw this and told Eric, "You can jerk off, but don't get your sperm on the magazines."

"I don't have to, I see that some of the pages are stuck together by your cum. Ha Ha Ha."

"Yeah, real funny. Like the magazines you have at home don't have cum on them."

Eric didn't say anything, because he knew it was true. Jerking off to porn mags, your cum will shoot all over. Either on the bedsheets, on you, or on the pages. Or all three.

After several minutes of the boys lying next to each other jerking off their hard cock, every once in a while they would look at the other guy jerking off. Then they would go back to their magazines. Then back to checking each other out. Eric said to Dean, "Have you ever had another guy play with your dick?"

"Hell, no...but I have thought about it." Dean replied. "What about you?" he asked Eric. "I thought about it. Sometimes at home, I will jerk off or rub my dick up against the full length mirror in my bedroom, pretending to be doing it with another guy."

"Geez, that it some confession you just told me Eric."

"Well, let's just keep it here, between us, ok?" said Eric.

"Don't worry, what happens here, stays here. Shit, just the fact the the two of us are in my bed jerking off, if that got out, shit... we are toast in this town."

The two boys went back to playing their hard cocks. After their little talk, both boys began to think of what it would be like to mess around with each other. Dean took off his shirt. Now he was completely naked except for the socks that he was wearing.

Eric had his shirt on and his shorts down to his ankles. He then took off his shirt and got his shorts off and put them on the floor. Now both boys were naked and stroking their hard dicks. They began to look at each other more, and less and less at their magazines.

Dean made the first move. He put his magazine off to the side. Looking at Eric, he reached over and began to stroke his friends hard dick. It was a chance he was taking. He thought that Eric would give him a punch in the mouth. Talking about messing around with a guy is totally different than doing it. But Eric didn't take a swing at Dean. Actually as Dean was stroking Eric's hard cock up and down, Eric began to play with Dean's hard throbbing cock.

As the two young men were looking at each other, they played with each others dicks and balls. Hands rubbing over each friends dick, exploring what the other friend had.

"Shit, that feels nice." said Eric.

"It is different than from a girl doing it." said Dean.

As they played with themselves, they moved closer towards each other. Now leaning in,they began to sttoke each others dicks faster. Both of them were making each  other hot and horny. But something had to give. Each one wanted to do more, but each one was afraid to make the first move, until Eric did.

Eric leaned over Dean's dick and as he was stroking his friends hard manhood, began to suck  on it. First just the head, as he stroked his shaft. Then he slowly went down on his friends hard dick. Up and down Eric went on Dean's dick.

"OOHH shit, that feel good.!" said Dean.

After a few minutes of sucking on his friend's cock, Eric stopped and got up. He asked Dean to suck on his cock. Dean said, "I got a better idea. How about we 69 each other?"

"Ok, I'm for that." said Eric.

They both got into a 69 position, side by side and they began to suck and slurp on each others dicks. Up and down they went on their dicks, while they played with each others balls, eventually moving a hand on to each others asses. For the next half hour, that is all they did, side by side, one rolling over to be on top of the other, then changing position. Sucking  and stroking, while rubbing a hand through the others hair, moaning and grunting in between sucks on each others dick.

They got up from sucking on dicks and sat face to face.. Stroking and playing with their balls, the dicks of the two young men were right up against each other. The boys would rub their dicks together, cock head to cock head, shaft to shaft, as well as stroke them.

But soon, one was about to bust a nut. Eric, rubbing his hard dick faster, felt his cum driving up the shaft of his dick. "OHH Shit, I'm Gonna Shoot! AAHH!" Eric's cum came out of his dick in long spurts. The first two spurts were long and stringy. They landed on Dean's left thigh. The rest of his cum landed on his dick. Some landed on Deans' dick.

As for Dean, seeing  his friend cum made him cum hard also.


Dean let out several shots of his cum. They landed on Eric as well as himself. All the while, Eric was still rubbing his dick as Dean was rubbing his. Both boys leaned back on one hand as they stroked their dicks.

When they had finished, both boys laid on the bed together, side by side. Dean turned to Eric and said, "Well, what do you think?"

"It was different. And I think I could see us doing this again. Maybe do somethings different."

Dean gave Eric a sly smile. "Yea, I could see us doing this again. Maybe with different results." As Dean said this, he glided his hand over Eric's ass. Eric leaned over and pressed his lips to Dean's lips. Both tongues duel in each boys mouth, back and forth. Eric put his hand on Dean's firm ass and rubbed it as Dean did the same to Eric's ass. Both had the same idea of next time to bring it to the next level as they both fingered each others butthole while their tongues probed each others mouth.









Submitted: March 09, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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I had to read this because you wrote it! Wow! The toast of the town, huh?
Porn they still publish porn mags?
I've always wondered how often teenage boys explore each other and how it all goes down.

Tue, March 10th, 2020 11:02pm


I set this story in the early 80's. Glad you like the story. Yea, it happens. To teenage boys...and girls.

Tue, March 10th, 2020 4:31pm

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