Craig And Billy Cockfight Warriors

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is the third installment of two college roommates who engage in cockfighting for fun and where it can lead to.

Since Craig and Billy have become roommates at their college in New Hampshire, they have been engaging in having cockfights with themselves.

At first it started with a dare from Billy, but since that first time, the two young men have been having cockfights about once a week.

Yes, they both like girls and have had some success in getting laid. But there is that special bond between them where they can let out their primal manly urges. A place where they can challenge themselves in a cock to cock battle.

They are both evenly match. Each one has won about the same amount of times. With their hips swinging back and forth, and with their hard firm dicks doing battle, forcing the other to shoot his warm white load on themselves.

With the loser having to suck on the winners cock until he blasts his cum from his swollen dick and into his adversaries mouth.

After Billy lost the second cockfight to Craig, as he sucked Craig's hard dick, when Craig came, Billy let Craig's cum into his mouth. And ever since then, that was a rule. The loser had to let the winner cum in their mouths.

At first, they would spit it out. But after the sixth cockfight match, Craig suggested and Billy agreed that you had to swallow the victors cum.

Since then, each of these cockfight warriors have had a good sampling of the taste and quantity of each others man juice.

They even made some other modifications to their cockfights. As they twist and turn their hips so their cocks can thrust at each other, the boys will sometimes engage in a duel with their tongues in each others mouths. Dicks battling for supremacy while their tongues battle for the same. Arms wrapped around each others bodies as both try to make the other cum first.

Sometimes they end up on the bed. Billy on top of Craig, gyrating his hips, sliding his dick up and down and across Craig's dick and thighs. Then they would roll over now with Craig on top doing the same to Billy. All the while trash talking and tongue wrestling.

"Yeah, my cock is better than yours. You like it hard as my cock smashes into yours." Craig would say before he went back to tongue battle with Billy's tongue.

"Fuck you! It's you who can't wait to cum so you can have my hard cock in your mouth and taste my sperm as it gushes out of my dick!" Billy would reply. Then he too would force his tongue into Craig's mouth to continue the battle of the tongues and lips between these two battle harden cockfighters.

But also, they were both evenly matched. Craig might cum first after a hard fought sweaty cockfight, only to have Billy's hard cock face fuck him until Billy let's out his cum with grunts and moans coming from his lips."Swallow my cum bitch! Suck it all down!" His cock shooting spurts of his man juice into Craig's mouth as Craig lets it flush down his throat as he held on to his cockfight opponents ass cheeks.

Or Craig would be the winner and would have a hold of the back of Billy's head, as Craig would thrust his hips back and forth, forcing his dick into his roommates mouth. "Come on, yeah! Suck my cock! Taste my load from the winner bitch!" Shooting his wad deep down Billy's throat as Billy too would grab on Craig's ass.

After about three months of weekly cockfights, and both winning the same amount of time, they needed to have one final cockfight to decide who was the best. Billy came up with this one. "Not only would the loser have to suck on the winners cock, but he would also have to be fucked in the ass and the winner would cum in the losers ass." Craig agreed, but one condition. "We don't cockfight each other for two weeks. Then we go at it " Billy agreed to this.

So for the next two weeks, these roommates, who will be living in the same dorm room with each other, have to wait it out before their two hard cocks can have the cock battle to decide the champion of their dorm room.

It will be hard for them. Living in that small space. And all the trash talking that will be going on for the next two weeks.

Will they be able to hold out, or will the tension between the two spill over and they just go at each other? Their hard stiff cocks, succulent tongues, grinding bodies doing battle.


Submitted: July 13, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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Kitty Hall

You can't end it like that lol. I want to know who the winner is going to be. Are you going to write a part 2 .)

Mon, July 13th, 2020 8:03pm


Yes.....eventually. Thank for reading.

Mon, July 13th, 2020 1:11pm

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