Construction Workers Filling Holes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

"We will only be here for four hours. Being Saturday, it's only half day. And besides, with these side hours that you work, will add up and help you get into the union quicker." Greg said to John as they walked into the gutted apartment.

John is an apprentice carpenter. He is 20 yrs old. Greg is 26. He's been on the job for 5 years. They are working on an apartment that is being remodeled. These side jobs help John not just with cash, but time working so he can get in the union. All his family are in construction, so it was natural he followed suit.

Greg, putting down his tools said to John, " I got a day laborer coming to help. His name is Juan. He is good, I've worked with him on many jobs."

As on que, Juan walks into the apartment.

"Hey Juan. Juan, this is John. He's going to be working with us today." Juan shook John's hand. It was a firm handshake he gave John as he smiled at he. John smiled back as Greg looked on. "Enough of this male bonding. We got work to do. We can do some male bonding later." Greg said with a smile.

The three worked hard. Putting up sheetrock, it's a dirty job. All three were sweating as the morning sun came through the windows.

Every once in a while the men would bump into each other, being such a tight work space.

Juan stopped to have a drink of water. He would look at John as his muscles bonded to his sweaty t-shirt. Then he would glance at Greg. Greg would look back at Juan, both having the same idea about John.

It was just passed noon. They had started work at 7 in the morning, and for Greg, he felt they had done enough work.

"Ok, were knocking off. We will be back on Monday."

John wiped his forehead with a towel. "Yea, we did a lot of work for the three of us." John said.

Greg, wearing a flannel shirt with the sleeves cut off, came over to John and put his hand on his shoulder and said, "You do good work." Your gonna fit in with us real well."

Greg stepped back from John and took off his shirt. His hairy chest with glimmers of sweat. His arms also with a thin coat of sweat. Juan took off his shirt also. He too had sweat coating his body. "Hey John, why don't you take off your shirt." asked Juan. John took off his shirt. Now, all three are standing with their shirts off, reveling their muscular chest towards each other.

Greg, looking at John, slowly worked his hand down to his jeans. He began to rub his dick. Juan did likewise. John looked at them both and said, " Ah..wait guys, this isn't my thing."

"What isn't your thing?" Greg asked John as he rubbed his dick through his jeans.

"Guys getting it on with guys." John stammered.

"It's no big deal. We work hard. Might as well play hard." Juan said as he unzipped his jeans. His 6 inch dick, hard from the stroking he is giving it.

Greg unzipped his jeans and let them fall to the floor. His hard dick sprang up.

John could feel tightness in his jeans from his dick growing. Even though he protested, didn't mean he never thought about getting it on with a guy, let alone two.

"Greg, you have a girlfriend." said John.

"Juan has a wife back in Mexico also. But sometimes a guy knows what another guy wants... needs...and has to have it. Come on John, you never thought about being with a guy?"

John hesitated, feeling his dick getting harder, aching to break through his jeans.

"Yea...I thought about it." John stammered.

Greg walked over towards Juan and with both of them stroking their dicks began to kiss. Deep tongue thrust in each others mouths. Greg ran a hand over Juan's sweaty muscular chest. Juan reached down and helped Greg stroke his hard dick.

John, standing there watching these two burly construction workers getting it on. He thought about leaving. But watching these two, and with his hard dick pressed against his jeans, John just stood and watched....while his hand began to squeeze and rub his cock.

Greg and Juan broke off their kissing and saw John playing with himself.

" Come over here, join us." said Greg.

John took off his jeans. His dick was hard and rigged. He slowly walked over towards the two men. Greg and Juan kissed each other as their dicks rubbed together. Greg then went and leaned over towards John. A slight kiss he gave on John's lips. He waited, then he gave another. A little more firm. Juan was licking and sucking on Greg's sweaty nipples. Greg went a third time towards John's lips. This time with tongue. John received Greg's tongue in his mouth. And return the favor.

As Greg and John kissed, Juan started to lick and kiss John's sweaty chest. Then he and John kissed. The three had their arms wrapped around each other. As the three shared kisses, their three dicks were rubbing and grinding up against each other.

Greg got on his knees as he sucked on Juan's hard cock. Then he would do the same to John's hard dick. Back and forth he sucked these two cocks. John and Juan were tongue dueling in each others mouths. Manly grunts coming through their lips as Greg took turns sucking their cocks.

"Suck that cock. Suck it like a man." Juan said.

"I can't believe I'm doing this." John said as he felt Greg's mouth on his dick. "AHH...shit, that feels good." John moaned as he arched his head back, Juan kissing his neck and shoulder.

Greg got up and now Juan began to suck on their dicks. First Greg, then John's and back. Sucking on one cock while stroking the other cock.

Greg and John kissed with more manly animal passion. The more Juan sucked on their cocks, the harder their tongues duelled in their mouths.

Juan stood up. Now it was John's turn to suck cock.

He slowly took Juan's hard dick and just started with the head. He slowly worked his way down the shaft of Juan's dick. Up and down he went. Meanwhile he would stroke Greg's cock.

Now he began to suck on Greg's cock. Starting slowly, he picked up the pace.

" John. You suck that cock good." Greg said as he ran his fingers through John's hair. Juan was rubbing his dick and gave Greg a long passionate kiss. Both men played with their nipples on each others chests.

John got up and Greg had the three of them get on the floor in a circle. John sucking on Greg's dick, Greg sucking on Juan's dick, and Juan sucking on John's dick. The three if them sucking and fingering balls.

After some time, they changed positions. John sucking on Juan's dick, Juan sucking on Greg, and Greg sucking on John's.

The sucking and wet slurping noise coming from the three echoed throughout the empty apartment.

Sucking on cocks, playing with the other guys balks, fingering sweaty ass cracks the three were engaged in.

After awhile of this, the three got up. Greg had Juan and John do some 69 action. With Juan on top, and John on the floor, both men went hard on each others dicks. For this being John's first time with men, he was giving it his all.

Greg stood over the two, stroking his hard dick. He then reached into the pocket of his shirt and pulled out a condom.

Getting the condom on his dick, he got on his knees behind Juan. As John was on the bottom of this man on man 69, Juan's ass was sticking up, ripe for a hard man fuck.

Greg held onto Juan's ass cheeks and pushed his hard dick into Juan's sweaty ass. As he plunged into his ass, Juan stopped sucking John's dick and let out a yelp. . "AHH..motherfucker!! OHH...yea...fuck me with that dick. . . Greg. Fuck yea." and went back to sucking John's dick. Grunts and groan in between the sucking he was doing. John had a great view of seeing Greg's dick ramming into Juan's ass. John reached upped to caress Greg's balls.

Back and forth, Greg pounded Juan's ass while John and Juan were in their 69.

Greg pulled out of Juan's ass. The other two got up from the floor. Greg whispered to Juan to put a condom on his cock. John stood there, stroking his cock, knowing what was coming next.

With a rubber on Juan's dick, he led John to the saw horse. He had John bend over. John, placing his hands on the saw horse got ready to receive his first man fuck.

Juan grabbed hold of John by the waist. He rubbed his dick along John's ass, up and down, up and down. Then, slowly inserting his dick into John's ass.

" hurts." . Relax your ass muscles. It will be easier." said Greg, watching the two fuck. . John relaxed and the pushing of Juan's dick became more tolerable, then after sometime, more pleasurable.

Juan made more thrusting moves in John's ass. Grunts and groans came from John's mouth. But he was getting into his ass fucking.

Greg, watching the fuck session, got behind Juan and rammed his dick into his ass.

A three man daisy chain. Thrusting and pumping of dicks into John and Juan's asses. Grunts groans, yelps coming from all three. Sweat covered man bodies, each giving their all in sexual pleasure between men.

Several minutes of butt fucking, the three men broke off their daisy chain.

Juan and Greg took off their condoms. Standing in circle, the three men stroked their hard dicks. Each sharing kisses with the others as they rubbed their hard sweaty dicks.

"AHH....shit...I'm cuummminng!" Juan moaned as his hand worked faster on his dick. He shot his load. All three dicks had his cum on them. Some landed on John's stomach.

Greg came next. Rubbing his dick hard, "AAWW...fuck. .yea!" Greg's sperm also landed on all three dicks as well as on Juan's arm.

John held back for as long as he could. "AHH...OWW...I'm cuummiinngg....!" John arched his head back. His load was the most. Covering all the dicks and getting some on the thighs of all three.

All three still rubbing their dicks, they took turns kissing and tonguing each other.

They got closer and embraced each other in a three man bear hug. Sweat, saliva and sperm glued their bodies together.

They broke apart and began to put their clothes back on.

Greg turn to John and said, If you want to work next Saturday. You know, to get more hours in so you can get into the union quicker."

John said to Greg, "Yea, I will be here. I don't mind the extra hard work." he said with a sly smile.

Greg said that he was sure Juan will show up.

Juan said, " Si, having three guys working together is better than two. And Greg, if you like, my friend Santos can use some extra work, if you need him?"

"Yea, bring him next week. We have plenty to do here."

Submitted: August 15, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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