College Cockfight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Billy and Craig were roommates at a small college in New Hampshire. They both came from different backgrounds. Craig was from a small town in Vermont where nothing much ever happened. Billy came from Boston.His grades and his after school activities weren't much for him to apply to Boston College, Northeasten, or UMass. Don't even mention Harvard or MIT. But he settled in to the small college life. He felt it was best to get away from his surroundings.

After a few weeks of being roommates in the dorm, they felt a common bond. They both like the Redsox and the Pats. They both liked beer. As for girls, where both shy around them. They kind of felt arkward around them. But college is for learning and exploring oneself, away from where you were brought up in.

After a frat party, and talking to some girls but not getting anywhere with them they decided to leave and head back to their dorm room. They both headed to the showers to get cleaned up before bed. In the shower, Billy was lathering himself up real good. When he got down to his cock, he was half hard. He began to stroke himself to get himself fully hard. Craig, for some reason, would glance over to Billy as he played with himself. He felt his dick getting hard too. With several beers in them, guess they let their guard down. 

Billy noticed Craig watching  him wash himself and playing with his hard cock. He also glanced over at Craig doing the same thing. Billy turned off the water from the shower and toweled off. Craig soon followed and the two of them left the shower room and went back to the dorm room.

In the room, both of them still in nothing but their towels, Billy said to Craig, "I noticed you watching me soap up, and me jerking my dick. You into that shit?"  Craig was taken aback. He stammered and tried to think of something to say. "I wasn't checking you  out. I had soap in my eye." "Yea bullshit." Billy said to Craig not to worry about it. 

Then Billy asked Craig if knew what cockfighting was. Craig had an idea. "It's when two guys take their dicks and swing them back and forth against each other." Then he asked Billy if he ever had a cockfight? Billy came right out and said, "Yea, i had a few of them in high school with my friends. No big deal." By now, Billy's dick was getting harder as they talked about cockfighting. He also could see that Craig's dick was making a tent pole in his towel.  Billy took off his towel to reveal his 7 inch hard cock.  Craig at this point could feel his cock throbbing through his towel. "You wanna cockfight?" Billy asked Craig. At first Craig hesitated, but said, "Yea sure." He took off  his towel to reveal his 6.5 inch hard cock. 

They both walked over towards each other. As they did, they were stroking their cocks to get them ready for battle. They put their hands on each others shoulders. Their cocks were side by side. "You ready"asked Billy. "Ready and able." said Craig. Then it began.

Billy first began to swing his hips slowly from left to right. Craig was doing the same but from right to left. The dicks of theses two combatants were hitting each other. Back and forth they both swayed their hips. Dicks crashing into dicks. Soon with each sway of their dick fight, some moans would come out of their mouths. They didn't want the other to know that it was getting the other hot. Billy stopped his swaying and began to rub the head of his dick under Craig's dick. Up and down Craig's shaft did Billy's dick go. Craig just stood there and let Billy do this to him. He started to moan some more and squeeze onto Billy's shoulders. Billy said to Craig that the loser of the cockfight is the one who cums first. Craig nodded his head and that is when he turned the tables on Billy.

He started to rub his dick under Billy's hard dick, all the way down to his balls. "OOHH Shit, that is hot." Billy said in a low tone. After a few minutes of that, they both backed away from each other and let their cockheads rub up against one another. Some precum was coming from Craig's dick as was the same from Billy's It made for lubricant for the two dick warriors.

Then it was back to the swinging of the dicks back and forth. But Billy had something else planned. He grabbed Craig and pulled him closer to him. Their bodies were pressed tight as their dicks battled between their thighs. The nipples on their chests were rubbing against each other now. Billy then told Craig that when he cockfights, the loser has to suck on the winners cock. Craig said to Billy, "I hope you like sucking my cock, cause i'm not going to lose." With that, Craig started to press hard into Billy's cock.

With their bodies so close and tight, Billy went for a move. He slid his had down to Craig's ass and inserted a finger in Craig's asshole. He began to pump his finger  in and out of his hole. "OOHH AAHH!" moaned Craig. "You fuckin cheater,  Two can do that." That is when Craig took his middle finger and did the same to Billy's ass. In and out both of them were finger fucking the other as their dicks did battle. "AAHH OOHH Fuckin EH!" said Billy. Craig to was moaning from this young man battle.

But soon, it was about to happen. With the finger fucking and the dicks smashing into each other. Craig was first. "AAAHHShit, I"M CCUUMMIINNGG AAHH! Craig shot his juice all over himself and on Billy Craig's dick was a fountain of sperm. Both dicks were cover as well as thighs and stomachs. But then Billy couldn't hold back either. "Shit I"M CCUMMIN AAHH  OOH! With spasms from Billy's body, he to came all  over his dick as well as Craig's hard dick. Two dicks drenched in cum from the two young men. But that didn't stop them from still swaying their dicks into each other. They rubbed their two still hard dicks mixed with each others cum.

After a few minutes, they stopped and rested on each others shoulders. Backing away from their cum covered mid sections, Billy asked Craig how did he like his first cockfight? "Well, it was different, but i think that this won't be my last." 

Submitted: October 07, 2019

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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This is GOOD. You need to write a follow up where the loser had to blow the winner and then maybe fuck his ass.

Sun, November 24th, 2019 10:24am


I might go back to that and expand on it.

Sun, November 24th, 2019 5:19am


Tue, June 1st, 2021 1:11pm

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