Billy And Craig Cockfight Showdown

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Both left the dorm early on a cloudy chilly Saturday morning. Taking separate cars to drive out to the state park to have their cockfight showdown between them.

After a 40 min drive, they reached the park. Getting out of their cars, the two began to walk along a dirt trail into the woods. All the time smack talking to each other. "I've been waiting for this for a long time. My cock will plow your ass good!" said Billy. "Don't count on it. I will have you and you will get the fucking you deserve!" answered Craig.

Walking deep into the woods, Billy saw a clearing off of the trail to the left. The two walk through some tall grass and tree roots for a few minutes till they came to the clearing.

"This should do. It's far off from the trail that no one can see us." Billy said. "Yeah, this will do." said Craig.

Dropping their backpacks to the ground, both Billy and Craig stared at each other. Sizing each other up for the fight. They both began to take off their clothes. Jackets, boots, socks were first off. Then shirts. Both were bare chested now. Billy rubbing a hand over his nipples while staring at Craig. Craig unzipped his jeans and down to his ankles they fell. His dick was pressing hard against his white briefs. He reached down and began to rub his cock. Billy did the same to his jeans. His cock to was hard and he also stroked his cock to get it ready for the battle.

Stepping out of their jeans, Billy took off his underwear and went back to rubbing his dick and balls. Craig did likewise. Both getting their cocks ready for the battle.

Billy asked Craig if he was ready. A slight fog of breath came from his lips in the chilly cloudy morning. Craig said, " Yeah, let's fight." In the small clearing of trees, grey clouds in the sky, a chill in the air, they begin their cockfight.

Both putting their hands on each others shoulders, they thrust their dicks against each other. Hips twisting and turning as dick smacks against dick. Slight manly grunts break out from their lips as a film of breath leaves their mouths. The chill in the air gives them goosebumps, but they do not notice. The slapping of dick against dick, ball sack against ball sack is what counts.

A few minutes pass when Craig moves in closer and puts Billy in a bear hug. Billy does the same. Both are now grinding their bodies against each others as their dicks rub together, shaft vs. shaft between them.

It is now getting more intense between the two. Gyrating and grinding harder and harder. Though it is a chilly morning, a light film of sweat has formed on the bodies of these cockfighters. Both look at each other, eye to eye. "Your ass is mine Craig!" said Billy. "Fight for it!" Craig said. They both rammed their tongues into each others mouths, thrusting and dueling as lips are pressed tight. Nipples from each of them are rubbing against each other as their dicks grind harder as well. Grunts and groans become louder through their lips as each try to dominate the others mouth with their tongues.

As this is happening, a slight snow begins to fall. But these two cock warriors don't notice. They are to intense in their battle. It's almost like a scene from Game of Thrones. Back and forth they go, jousting with their tongues and dicks in a forest clearing. Breath coming from their mouths. Cloudy sky with snow falling. The battle continues.

Billy moves a hand down to Craig's ass to get to his butt hole. He inserts a finger in it and begins to thrust in and out. "Ahh! Shit! Back to that!" moans Craig. He then proceeds to do the same to Billy. Tongue duel, dick grinding now ass fingering. Both of these boys wants the other to cum first. The snow has stopped, but the cockfight has become more intense. Two bodies, locked in male sexual combat, something has to give.

Both back away from each other. They are panting as the breath leaves their mouths. They put their hands on each other shoulders and begin to rub cocks. Billy's cock is under Craig's cock. Up and down he is going with it. Then Craig takes his cock and does the same to Billy's cock. Both can feel the sperm in each of their cocks ready to squirt out. Both are holding back as long as they can, but one will have to concede.

Both slowly rubbing their cocks together, head to head, shaft against shaft, one of the boys grabs on tighter to the others shoulders. He can't hold back. He feels his man juice coming up from his balls, up his dick, "AWW! FUUCCKK!!"

With that, his head arches back. Several spurts of white warm cum blasts out of his dick. Cum lands on both dicks and thighs and the ground. "Shit!" says Billy. For he had lost the cockfight.

Both back away from each other. Breathing heavily, Billy knows what comes next. Craig, looking around sees a tree. "Come, lets go over here." he says. Billy follows Craig to a tree.

Craig tells Billy to lean against the tree. He does as Craig spits in his hand and rubs his dick. Getting behind Billy, Craig holds his dick with one hand as he inserts the head into Billy's ass. "Oh,Fuck!" moaned Billy. Craig went in and out of Billy's ass, just with the head of his dick while he held on to his hips.

Soon, he would go deeper and deeper into Billy's ass until he was use to it. Billy would let out a moan or groan with each jab of Craig's cock in his ass. Back and forth, back and forth, slowly picking up speed and force. Craig would give a grunt with each man thrust of his dick into Billy's ass.

Billy's shoulder pressed against the tree as Craig slammed his hard cock deep into Billy's ass.

"How you like that. Come on, take my cock!" Craig said with each thrust of his dick. "Give it to me! I can take it! AWW Fuck! Yeah come on, fuck my ass!" Billy replied.

Craig, pumping harder now felt his sperm coming up his balls and through his dick.

Grabbing onto the back of Billy's shoulder, he gave three good thrusts of his dick before he shot his load. "I'm cumming! Shit! I'm cumming! Take my load!"

Craig filled Billy's ass with several shots of his cum. With each shot, he let out a grunt. Billy, leaned his shoulder harder onto the tree as he received Craig's load in his ass.

Craig rested on Billy's back for a moment before he pulled out of Billy. Billy turned around to look at Craig. Two naked young men, sweaty from their man battle in the middle of the woods.

"I was the one who got you into cockfighting. And you got the best of me." Billy said.

"What's that saying, The teacher is now the student." replied Craig.

Billy smirked and said, "I guess so."

They both headed back to where their clothes were and began to dress.

Walking along the trail back to their cars, not much was said. When they got back to their dorm room, Craig said he was going to take a shower. Billy asked, "You want some company?" Craig hesitated at first, then said, " Yeah, why not."

Submitted: July 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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That was an amazing finale to the story, I just found you're page recent and I am in love with your stories and poems

Fri, October 2nd, 2020 10:15pm


Thank you very much.

Fri, October 2nd, 2020 4:44pm

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