Big Blonde Carol And Skinny John

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

With a knock at her door, Carol gets off the couch to answer. Opening the door, she sees her co-worker from the supermarket, John.

"Come in, string bean and shut the door." John follows Carol into the apartment and closes the door. With him, he has a six pack of beer.

Handing the beer to Carol, she puts two bottles on the table and the rest in the fridge. Leading John to the sofa, they both sit down and take sips from their beers.

"I had a long day. First school, then several hours at the market." said John. John is 19 and is a sophomore in college and works part time at the market. Carol is 23 and has been working at the market since high school. She is the grocery manager, and John's boss. But they are also friends.

"How was it at the store today?" Carol asked since she was off today.

"Dave, was on the warpath with everyone. He wanted the store to be ready for the visit by district people on Monday."

"Yea, I know how he gets when district stops by. That's why I'm off today. But I'm working Sunday." replied Carol as she sipped some more beer.

As they sat on the couch close to each other and with the beer going down smoothly, John felt his dick getting hard.

Carol, with her blonde hair and cute face was easy to look at. And she was a nice person. And well built. She was 5'10 and about 183 pounds. Her big tits were stretching her t-shirt. And the rolls on her stomach made her shirt have a ripple look to it.

As for John, he was 6'0 and no more than 155 pounds soaking wet. But the one thing he had going for him was a big dick. It measured just over 8 inches.

As they both continued to drink more beer they became more relaxed with each other and talked about other things besides work.

There was a pause in the conversation when Carol asked John, Would you like to see something?"

"Yea, ok. What do you want to show me?"

Carol put her beer on the table. She stood up and unbutton her jeans and unzipped them. She then pulled down her pants a bit to reveal a multi colored butterfly tattoo.

"What do you think?"

John leaned over to get a better look at the tattoo. He also wanted to get a good look at her pink panties and a slight glance of blonde pubic hair that was showing.

"I like it. Very beautiful."

"I got it done about 3 years ago. My ex boyfriend is a tattoo artist. After he did this, he ate out my pussy at his tattoo parlor." With that she gave out a laugh.

John laugh also and kept looking at the butterfly and thinking about Carol getting her pussy eaten out by her ex boyfriend. Probably a biker dude with long hair and a beard. The facial hair rubbing up against Carol's big wet snatch. It made John's dick go harder.

By now, the beer was all gone and the two off them had a nice beer buzz on. Carol zipped up her jeans and was about to button the top. John, put his hand over Carol's hand to stop her from doing the button. Looking into Carol's eyes, then glancing down at her large tits, then back to her eyes, he said, "I bet your pussy tastes good." as he gave Carol's hand a squeeze.

Carol, pausing for an answer said, "Yes, it does taste good. Think a skinny guy like you can handle it?"

"Don't let my size fool you Carol. I aim to please." With that, John leaned into Carol and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Then he withdrew.

Waiting for a smack from Carol's large hand, or to be told that she was going to get him fired, neither happened.

Carol leaned over and gave John a kiss. Just as soft as his. They both looked at each other. John put his hands on Carol's waist. Carol put her hands on John's shoulders. They drew closer and with their embrace, they kissed. Lips tightly pressed. Tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. Carol's large breasts pressed against John's thin chest. Johns hard dick rubbing against Carol's leg.

Kissing harder with more passion and pawing at each other now, they started to take off their clothes.

Carol took off her t-shirt and bra. Her 44D boobs sprang forward. John manhandle those tits and put his mouth on one, then the other. Kissing, slurping and sucking on those babies. Carol ran her hands through his hair as John attacked those tits with his hands and mouth.

More clothes came off til they were both naked. John, tall and skinny, but his just over 8 inch dick was firm and erect. Carol, naked, her large build and thick ass made John's dick eager to climb that mountain of a woman.

Carol, stroking John's hard large dick said, "Damn, I see where all the weight has gone on you." She then got on her knees and began to lick John's hard dick like an ice cream cone. Feeling his balls, she began to go all out on sucking that massive cock.

"OOOHH!! Shit Carol! Suck that cock. Make love to it with your mouth " John said. He began to slowly thrust his hips back and forth. She was taking all of his cock in her mouth now.

After several minutes of cock sucking, Carol got up and the two embraced and kissed some more. Carol then led John into the bedroom.

Now, both on the bed, they kissed more. Hands groping their bodies. With John on top of Carol, she gave his skinny ass a squeeze. John bit down on Carol's neck and gave her a hickey.

He worked his way down on her large body. Taking time to enjoy her large succulent tits. Working his way down to the soft rolls of her belly, he kissed and rubbed them with passion.

Getting to her butterfly tattoo, he licked it with his tongue as her fingered Carol's wet pussy. Carol let out a slight moan as John's fingers penetrated her vagina.

Shifting over, John began to lick, suck and finger Carol's pussy. Tonguing her clit, Carol grabbed onto some of John's hair. She shifted her legs to be more wide open. John took his other hand and rubbed Carol's thick thighs.

John shifted positions. They were both laying side by side. John, eating out Carol's pussy. Carol sucking on John's hard dick and licking his tight balls.

Sounds of slirping and sucking filled the bedroom. The tart tangy taste from Carol's pussy was in John's mouth. The taste of his dick and balls in her mouth.

John had Carol get on her back again. He went back to eating her out. But now he tried something else.

Placing one, then two fingers in Carol's ass, he began to finger fuck her ass as he lick her clit. Carol arched her back a bit and said, "AAHH, shit. I love having my ass played with. Don't stop."

John increased his finger fucking and his tonguing on Carol. Carol grabbed the bed sheet with one hand. Her other hand was rubbing her tits. "OOHH!! Fuck John! I'm cumming! I..I...EEWW...AAHH!!! YES! OOHH...Fuck!!"

Carol raised her back and thighs. John rode his face on Carol's pussy as she came long and hard. Sweat ran down the side of her face. Her tits were moist with sweat and red from the squeezing she gave them as John tongued her to orgasm.

Lying there, breathing heavy from her orgasm, she motion to John to come to her. They kissed. The taste of her pussy juice on his lips. The taste of sweat on hers. John moved up and now had his dick in Carol's mouth. She sucked that hard dick long and good. She wanted to get it nice and wet for what was to come next.

John got up from Carol and had her turn around. Now on her knees, hands on the bed rest. John mounted her from behind. With that big ass in his face, John slid his hard 8+ inch dick into Carol's hungry pussy.

Slowly at first, back and forth, a bit at a time. Carol let out some coos and moans with each thrust and pump of John's dick.

John would let out a grunt or two of his own as he increased the thrusting of his dick into Carol.

Leaning over, he grabbed onto her large tits. Pumping harder and faster now. Sweat covering both their bodies. Carol's big ass, shaking with each jab of John's cock into her pussy.

"Fuck me John! FFUUCCKK MMEE!" Carol moaned as she grabbed harder to the bed.

John pounded his dick harder into Carol. "Take my dick bitch! I wanna fuck you good! AAHH! Yea take it!"

John backed away from Carol and said for him to ride his cock. "Think you can handle me skinny?" she said with a smile.

"Ride my cock. Just do it!" John answered

With John now on the bed, Carol got on top. Taking a hold of his hard dick, she slid her wet pussy on it. Then she started to go...up and down...up and down.

Her tits where bouncing up and down as well. The rolls on her stomach stayed firm as Carol rode John's dick.

She increased the motion. John raised his head and began to suck on Carol's large breast. Kissing, licking and sucking as she rode his hard cock.

With her clit feeling the pressure of the humping, Carol could feel herself getting ready to cum again.

She was pounding Johns skinny frame. But he could take it. Carol, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly opened, grunting and squealing like a bitch in heat that she was let loose again.

"AAHHH John....I'm ccuummiinngg!! OOHH...SHIT!!"

With Carol riding John hard, John holding on to her tits, Carol came for the second time. She threw back her head and let out a couple of yelps. Her big tits going along with her orgasm. The smell of sex and sweat filling the air in the room.

Carol fell on top of John. John put his arms around Carol as she rested her head on his skinny shoulder breathing heavy.

After a few minutes, she raised her head and said, " Aw shit. That was fucking good." John held on to her and they kissed.

"I want to make you feel good John."

John got up from the bed and had Carol sit on the edge of the bed. John said, " I want you to take your lips and your tongue and make love to my dick. Make me cum."

Carol took a hold of John's dick and gave it a few strokes. She could smell her sweat and pussy juice on it. Soon she will be tasting it.

Sucking on his hard cock, taking all 8+ inches in her mouth, she ran her fingers through his pubic hair.

"AHH...yea...suck my cock Carol....make me cum."

Carol slurped and sucked on John's hard cock as she fingered his tight balls. Then take it out to stroke it, then back to sucking on it. John would thrust his hips to face fuck her.

"MMM...Your cock is so fucking big." Carol groaned in between sucks.

John could feel his sperm getting ready to shoot out of his hard dick. "AAHH Carol...I'm gonna cum!"

John took his dick out of Carol's mouth and began to stroke it. Carol, with her mouth open waited to receive his seed.

"OOHH...fuck...yea...take it....take my cum!"

Sperm shot out of John's dick and onto Carol's face. Some landed in her mouth, but most was on her nose cheeks and chin. Carol used a hand to rub the cum off her face and licked her fingers.

Carol stood up and she and John embraced and kissed each other long and deeply. Sweat, pussy juice and sperm mixed into the kisses.

They went to take a long shower together. Rubbing each others bodies with soap. John's skinny body being lathered up by Carol. Her large body, needing more attention which John didn't mind. He gave special attention to her big ass.

Rubbing the bar of soap on her ass crack. Then getting on his knees and separating her large ass cheeks so he could eat out her ass. Carol loved that as she fingered her pussy.

John would then rub his hard dick along Carol's ass crack. Then find the right time to insert his dick into her ass and give her ass a good fucking in the shower.

As the water flowed off their bodies, John pounded her ass good.

Carol, playing with her pussy came for a third time.

John could feel his dick ready to release another load. He filled up Carol's ass with a second spurt of his man juice.

Both turning towards each other, the fell into each others arms, panting for breath as the water cascaded over their bodies.

After the shower, drying off, they went to bed and held each other and slept for several hours.

Submitted: August 07, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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That wss some fuckfest mister Wood. By the time he started fucking her ass in the shower I had some 'wood' of my own here with its own kind of sap leaking out.
Well written story sir.

Sat, August 8th, 2020 9:44am


Glad you liked the story. Big women need lovin to.

Sat, August 8th, 2020 3:39am

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