A Box Of Wine And Two GILFS

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Marge, sitting on the sofa flipping through the tv channels while she sipped some wine. She was waiting for her friend Kim to stop by. Both women became good friends over the years. They were both the same age, 59. Marge had short blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice body. She kept herself in good shape. At 59, she had nice firm tits, shapely bubble ass, firm waist.

Her friend Kim also kept in good shape. Actually, they take the same yoga class together. And they jog and take power walks, sometimes bike around the lake at the park.

Kim had grey hair, shoulder length with bangs over her forehead. Brown eyes and pouty lips. A few inches taller than Marge with a thin waist smaller ass and tits. Both women could still make guys notice them as they go down the street.

As Marge was getting ready to pour some more wine she heard a knock at her door. Getting up from the sofa, she went to answer it. Marge was wearing a tight lavender sweater with black yoga pants with black stockings underneath and no shoes.

Opening the door, she saw Kim. Kim was wearing red blouse with white jeans with brown stockings underneath and sneakers.

"Come on in. I got the wine ready to go." said Marge.

Kim walked into the living room and sat on the sofa next to Marge. Pouring the wine into the glass, Marge handed the glass to Kim. Kim put her pouty lips to the glass and took a large gulp. "Shit, I needed that. Busy day at work." She then took another gulp of wine then asked Marge if she could take off her shoes. Marge said, " Sure, go ahead."

Kim took off her shoes and began to rub her stocking feet. "I've been on my feet all day. Going from one office to another in high heels." As Kim rubbed her foot with one hand, she took another swig of wine from her glass.

"I feel guilty. I was off today and just did some house work and food shopping." said Marge as she drank more wine.

"Bitch!" Kim said as she had Marge pour her some more wine. As Marge filled her glass again, she said to Kim, "Swing your legs around, I will give you a foot rub."

"Your sure?" asked Kim.

"Yea, come on. Give me those tired feet."

Kim moved further down the sofa and swung her legs around. Her nylon cover feet were on Marge's lap. Marge began to gently rub her friends feet. Marge pressed firmly upon her friends nylon covered feet. Rubbing her toes, then around the ball of her foot, down the sole towards the heel and back again. She then did the same to the other foot. Then back again

"Ohh, girl. That feels so good." Kim oozed from her lips as she drank some more wine.

Marge kept rubbing her friends feet while the two of them talked and drank more wine. After a few minutes, Kim asked Marge if she wanted a foot rub?

"Ok, we can do our feet together at the same time."

Marge swung her legs around towards Kim's chest. Both women began to give each other foot massages. Kim in her brown stocking feet. Marge in her black stocking feet. In between the foot rubs, they would each stop to drink more wine.

Fifteen minutes of lying on the couch rubbing each others feet, the wine was starting to hit them. Marge began to tickle Kim's foot.

"Stop that!" Kim said between giggles.

Marge stopped, but then started to tickle Kim's foot again.

"I know how to make you stop. " said Kim.

Kim stuck her nylon covered toes into Marge's mouth. "You like that!?"

"Two can do that!" That's when Marge stuck her nylon covered toes into Kim's mouth. Kim playfully bit down on Marge's toes.

"Oww, bitch! That's how it's gonna be!?" Marge grabbed Kim's foot and did the same.

"Oh, that's not fair!" Kim squealed. But she too had Marge's toes in mouth still. This went on for a few minutes, the two GILFS, biting each others nylon covered toes.

But Marge got a little kinky. Maybe the wine was setting in. Marge began to suck on Kim's nylon covered toes.

"Oh, kinky toe stuff. I like that." said Kim with a slight drunken giggle. She to began to suck on Marge's nylon covered toes. Then she took her tongue and ran it up and down the bottom of Marge's foot. Marge in turn did the same to Kim's foot.

This went on for a few minutes. Both women going from one foot to the other, licking and sucking on each others nylon covered feet.

They both got up and started to tickle each other. Kim had her fingers under Marge's sweater, tickling her stomach. The back of her hands were feeling up Marge' tits.

Marge had Kim by the waist, one hand was tearing off her blouse to expose Kim's tits wearing a white bra.

The two GILFS had their arms wrapped around each other, twisting and turning. Laughing all the time.

Marge was able to get Kim on the sofa. Marge got on top of Kim and sat on her lap. They were face to face.

"Ohh, get of me!" giggled Kim.

Marge had her hands on Kim's wrists. She to was giggling. By now, all the wine was gone. Soon, Kim stopped struggling as did Marge. They looked at each other for a few seconds. Marge inched closer to Kim. Kim inched closer to Marge. Their lips touch, gently at first. Then more pressure, more passion. Tongues soon got into the act. Twisting and turning. Darting in and out. Darting in circles around each other.

They backed away and looked at each other. Kim said, " Shit, how long was that building up between us?"

Marge said, "Quite a long time from my point of view." Kim smiled and ran a hand down the left side of Marge's face. Marge got off of Kim and asked her to come to the bedroom. Kim got off the couch and took Marge's hand as they went to the bedroom together.

In the bedroom, they took off their clothes. To naked GILFS, embracing each other. Their arms around each other as they kiss. Breasts pressed against breasts. Thighs against thighs.

Kim broke off the kiss and began to suck on Marge's tits. First one then the other. Marge ran her fingers through Kim's long grey hair. Now Marge sucked and kissed Kim's breasts. "Ahh, suck those babies Marge." cooed Kim.

The two ended up on the bed. Gilf bodies intertwined with each other. Sucking on tits and exploring each other bodies with their hands. Kim worked her way down towards Marge's wet pussy and began to finger and lick it.

"UHHH!" That feels so fucking good." Marge said as she arched her hips slightly and grabbed some of the bed sheet. Kim ate Marge out good. But Marge wanted to be on Kim's snatch. So they ended up in a passionate 69. Both pussys being service with fingers, lips and tongues. Slight squeals and groans came from the women's pussy drenched lips.

After much pussy eating, the woman went into some serious tribbing. With Marge on top, she had her pussy swipe up and down on Kim's wet pussy. Kim had a hold of one of Marge's tits. A slight squeeze she would give. With Marge riding Kim, pussy to pussy, the friction increasing, as well as the squeals, grunts and groans from the women's mouths.

Marge got off of Kim. Now Kim was on top. She had Marge's legs spread wide. She was fucking her pussy with her pussy. Up and down she went. Reaching down to kiss Marge, to fuck her mouth with her tongue.

As the rubbing increased, pussy on pussy, clit on clit, the women were reaching orgasm.

Marge, on her back, "OHH shit Kim, keep rubbing, keep rubbing! I'm cumming I'm cumming AHH!"

Marge grabbed the bed board and let out moans and squeals from her orgasm. Kim rode Marge harder as their clits rubbed in orgasmic fervor.

Kim, still tribbing on Marge was near orgasm herself.

"Ahh, Ahh, AHH!!! Yes! Yes! UHH!!"

Kim spasmed as she came. Her pussy juices mixing with Marge's. Two GILFS in hot lesbian sex.

As Kim's orgasm came over her, she gave Marge a long deep passionate tongue fucking of her mouth. Marge accepted and replied in same.

The two women kissed and rolled around on the bed. The smell of GILF sex filled the room.

As they rested, holding each other, trading soft tongue licks to each other, they softly fell asleep in each others arms.

Submitted: June 24, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Dick Wood. All rights reserved.

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whoa hot

Wed, June 24th, 2020 10:34pm


Thanks for reading.

Wed, June 24th, 2020 4:27pm


Oh, how sweet...and sweaty
You are very descriptive, Dick. I think guys and girls read these sorts of stories differently. Guys like the raw sex, the physical descriptions, the emphatic orgasmic howls. Girls like the dialogue and intrigue behind what's going on. This sounds like a new discovery to these women, some pent up passion that neither was willing to admit until they both got kind of inebriated. What would interest me as much or more than the detail of their outfits or size of their boobs is what's going on in their heads when this close friendship suddenly slips into something so much more...

I'm talking about dialogue (not narration by the speaker). By the way, are these two married? Do they have boyfriends? Have they ever experimented with other women before? Those things interest me.

Fri, June 26th, 2020 3:01pm


First, thanks for reading. And yes, guys tend to go more for the action, the sex, the physical contact and not so much for dialogue as women do.
I thought about giving these ladies more of a back story. One could have been divorced. Maybe the other had a husband but was away and passion has gone out of their marriage. They could have been friends since college and maybe there they had a few lesbian experiences. Then after so many years of just being friends, being by themselves and with more dialogue they could have reminisced about their college experiences and then maybe enjoyed each other passionately.
I will try more dialogue in my next story before the clothes come off. :)

Fri, June 26th, 2020 8:25am

Amy F. Turner

WOW who knew a little wine could lead to hot sex with your bestie! Friends with benefits never looked so good at any age or the end of a hard day of work. Nice one, DW. :)

Mon, June 29th, 2020 1:37am


Thanks for reading.

Sun, June 28th, 2020 11:02pm

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