Lunch can be so Tasty

Lunch can be so Tasty Lunch can be so Tasty

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two people who have known each other for some time finally meet for lunch, which turns into something rather more interesting, to their mutual enjoyment..


Two people who have known each other for some time finally meet for lunch, which turns into something rather more interesting, to their mutual enjoyment..


Submitted: March 15, 2013

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Submitted: March 15, 2013



Lunch can be so Tasty

“Hello Judy!” I exclaimed as I walked up to the small, pretty woman with shoulder length chestnut hair, dressed in a light yellow blouse and black slacks, who was waiting for me outside the pub. “You’re looking very good today.”

“Hello Ted.” replied Judy, blushing and holding out her hands and grasping mine. We had known each other for a couple of years, since she and her boss had paid my office a visit to open a line of communication. We had hit it off at once, she had suggested we have lunch together then, and on several occasions since, but we never had. Until today.

I ushered Judy into the pub, she turned into the booth area, chose the end booth and slid in. I sat next to her. We were followed by the waitress, who took our order, a pint of on-tap Strongbow cider each and, as it was Friday, the pub’s signature fish and chips.

“So,” grinned Judy at me, “we finally made it, we’re actually having lunch together. See, I told you when we first met that it would be a good idea. What took us so long?”

“I haven’t a clue.” I replied. “It just seemed as though every time I thought of it I was already doing something else but, as you said, we’re here at last, so let’s enjoy ourselves. At the risk of repeating myself, you’re looking very pretty today, Judy.”

“Why thank you, kind sir.” she replied with a blush and a grin. “You look pretty good yourself, Ted.” With that, we each took a long draught of our ice-cold cider, which stopped our breath for a few seconds. We would have to be careful, Strongbow cider is very strong, and has a delicious kick, and we each had a pint to take care of!

As we waited for our fish and chips, we sipped our cider and chatted about our jobs. We both worked in the same field, so had a lot to talk about, had many friends and co-workers in common, so the time flew until the waitress returned with our meals in two wicker baskets.

We ate our food and continued sipping until we began to develop a buzz, and our conversation began to loosen up, becoming a lot more personal. Funny how alcohol does that to you! Judy was a long-time divorcée with two teenaged children, and I wondered, quite innocently, how she made out for sex. It turned out that she had a good friend with whom she got together from time to time, whenever the itch needed to be scratched

As we chatted we moved closer together on the seat until we were sitting, shoulder to shoulder and thigh to thigh. I felt her hand rub and then squeeze my leg, very high up on my thigh, as she looked directly into my eyes, a smile on her lips. I think I mentioned earlier that Judy was very pretty, small, petite with small breasts. This latter point obviously bothered her, because from absolutely nowhere, she said “My breasts are too small. I wish they were bigger.”

When I’d caught my breath, I grinned at her and told her “My dad always taught me that I should never argue with a lady, but in this case, I just have to make an exception. I disagree with you. In my humble opinion, your breasts are just about perfect. Size isn’t everything, and they look delicious to me. Funny thing is, as you must know, men have similar worries about size.”

“So, they’re ‘just about’ perfect, are they? What do you think they need to make them perfect? And yes, I know just how worried men get about size, but I’ve always found that it’s not how big it is, but how well you use it.” As she said this, she grinned evilly, and her hand slid further up my thigh until it was just grazing my balls.

I took a deep breath. “All I meant by ‘just about’,” I stuttered, conscious that my cock was straining against the front of my pants, almost touching her roving fingers, “was that they haven’t passed the touch and taste test, very important factors in establishing breast quality. Visually, they look beautiful, and I can just imagine them nestling in silk.”

Judy burst out laughing. “Don’t I wish! I buy plain, cotton underwear from the budget department store around the corner, and it does just fine. But silk does sound like fun. So, tell me more about the touch and taste test? It sounds quite intriguing.”

“It’s hard to explain.” I grinned. “It really is much easier to demonstrate, but this certainly isn’t the most convenient place for that. People would be stacked up outside the window cheering us on. Maybe people we know and work with.”

“I agree.” giggled Judy. “That wouldn’t work at all. Any other suggestions? You’ve got me very interested now, and I think I’m finding out just how absorbent cotton is! But everything has its limitations.”

She was serious, and from the messages I was getting from below my belt line, I was pretty serious too. With a perfectly straight face, I whispered in her ear, “You know the Holiday Inn a block away? Why don’t we play hooky the rest of the afternoon and get a room. That way we can both answer the size question in one swell foop. Sorry, too much cider, one fell swoop.”

She looked at me, gave me a quick kiss and giggled. “You’re cute. How fast can we get out of here? Do you need to call work to tell them you won’t be back? I don’t.”

“I don’t either.” I replied. “We’re out of here.” We paid our bills at the bar, crossed the road, a traffic-free zone, and within five minutes had registered at the Holiday Inn and were entering our room. The receptionist hadn’t even blinked when we signed in, which wasn’t surprising as this area was a red light district at night, so guests arriving with no luggage and practically panting probably wasn’t too unusual.

We were both extremely nervous, although I suspected that we had both been thinking about this possibility long before we met today. I knew I had, and the signals I’d been receiving from Judy told me that she had too.

As the door closed behind us, we looked at each other and I took her hands in mine. “Judy, are you sure you want to do this? If you have any doubts at all we can leave right now and no harm done.”

“Ted, I’ve been wanting to do this for two years. If you think I’m going to chicken out now, forget it. Do you want to back out?”

“I’m not leaving here until I’ve at least established the absolute perfection of your breasts, Judy. Believe it or not, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, and I’m certainly not backing out now.”

I led her to the king bed, sat, removed our glasses and placed them on the end table, pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. Because of our relative heights, our faces were on the same level, so our kiss was wonderful and prolonged. Judy smelled delicious, tasted better, and we allowed our tongues to meet, to merge, to entwine, each of us moaning with a growing lust and deep enjoyment. I kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her lips again, her nose, her ears, everything about her was so new, so delicious, we had been looking forward to this for so long.

I pulled back from her, just a little. “I think it’s about time I conducted a little investigation. No, I didn’t mean to say that, really, I didn’t mean to say little.”

“You’re an idiot!” she giggled. “Stop talking and do it, I can’t wait any longer.”

I had to giggle too, and began to unbutton her blouse, slowly, one button at a time, until I reached the waist of her pants, pulled her blouse out of her pants and slid it off her shoulders. No doubt about it, she was wearing a plain cotton bra, not even padded, which meant that her breasts were probably a little larger than I had imagined. I touched them, stroked, them feeling the firmness of the flesh under the soft cotton. She gasped at my touch, and as I watched, I saw her nipples pucker and harden, tenting the thin material, inviting my thumbs to gently rub them, which they were only too happy to do.

I reached round behind her slim body found the clasp of her bra and unfastened it, allowing it to fall forward off her shoulders. I was right, her breasts, though small, were beautiful. They had developed a bit of a droop, not surprising at our age, but were otherwise firm and oh so soft. Her areolas were unusually large, puckered, pebbled and puffy, a beautifully deep pink, her nipples, also unusually large and long, and a darker pink, thrust forward, begging me to take one in my mouth, to suckle it, to nibble on it. How could I resist such an invitation!

Judy whimpered as I suckled, nibbled, loving the sensations that were flooding from her breast, deep into the pit of her stomach. As I suckled, my hands had closed on the globes of her very cute bottom, very firm bottom, and they kneaded the firm flesh with joy.

I disengaged from her nipple, looked into her eyes and grinned “Judy, you’ll be very pleased to learn that you’ve passed the touch and taste test with flying colours. Your breasts really are beautiful, completely beautiful, feel magnificent, so very soft, and taste wonderful. I just love your big, big nipples. But now that I know how lovely your breasts are, I must find out more. There’s a wonderful aroma rising from between your legs and it’s intoxicating. I just have to do some more exploring.”

“Don’t you dare even think about stopping!” she gasped as my fingers unfastened her slacks and pulled down the zipper.

Her aroma increased in volume, increasing our passion even further, if that was possible. I eased her slacks down over her thighs, over her calves, until she kicked them off impatiently. Yes, her panties were plain, white cotton, as she’d claimed, and were very, very wet between her legs, the source of the beautiful smell.

I touched her mound, her very wet mound, and she gasped. I peeled down her panties, which were kicked off in frustration, to reveal a very prominent mound, totally smooth and clean shaven, her lips swollen and split, her deep dark slit, pearled with her juices, very obvious and inviting.

I fell t my knees, pulled her to me, inserted my tongue into her slit, which drew a small scream from Judy, and found the hard shaft, yes, shaft, not button, of a very large clit, which slid into my mouth so very easily.

Judy shuddered, moaning loudly as my tongue caressed the head of her clit, licking it, sucking it, again and again, harder and harder, until her climax rolled over her, she screamed loudly, and exploded in an enormous, orgasm, her sweet cum spraying over my face.

She collapsed onto me and we fell back onto the bed, my arms holding her shuddering, whimpering body tight.

“Dear God, Ted, I think you just killed me!” she muttered as she clutched me, gasping for breath. “And I haven’t even had a chance to take your measurement yet, in fact you’re still dressed. Once I can move again I must do something about that.”

We lay and cuddled for a while, whispering to each other, touching each other, loving the feeling of closeness, of comfort, of happiness.

“Your time’s come, Ted.” whispered Judy, a smile in her voice, and stood up, pulling me with her. I towered over her, but she reached up and unbuttoned my shirt before pulling it off my shoulders. My belt came next, followed by my trousers, which she yanked down my legs and off, revealing a very hard erection encased in a pair of black, microfiber briefs, which followed my trousers. As my briefs dropped, my thick, eight inch cock snapped forward, almost hitting her in the face,

“My!” she exclaimed. “There’s sure no problem with size! As long as you can use it, it’s going to be some wonderful afternoon! I can’t wait to feel that inside me.”

She dropped to her knees, grasped the shaft of my cock and tentatively licked the fat purple head that was peeking out of the stretched foreskin. I had been tumescent for so long now I was going to have to be very careful. The very last thing I wanted was to shoot my load before I was inside her.

Judy continued to lick, then sucked softly at the head, taking it into her wide open mouth, her tongue rolling around it, digging under the foreskin, driving me wild. I reached down, lifted her up and lay back on the bed, pulling her with me. I kissed her deeply, my cock twitching against her lower stomach. “I want you so much, Judy.” I whispered in her ear. “I want to fuck you until you scream with joy. It’s time.”

I swung round on the bed, Judy straddled me, lifted my long, thick cock until the head was at the wet, wide mouth of her cunt, then lowered herself, so it vanished, inch by inch, slowly, until my cock hair was mashed against her smooth mound. She stopped moving, drew a long, shuddering breath. “Jesus Christ, Ted, you’re so fucking big. My cunt is stretched just about as far as it’ll go!”

I moved softly under her, inside her, another shuddering breath, she joined me, moving slowly, my cock just moving inside her, drawing a whimper from her as the feelings multiplied, echoed. As I slid in and out of her, I looked into her wide green eyes and caressed her beautiful breasts. She screamed as my cock touched her G-spot and she moved faster, her G-spot rubbed on each up-stroke, my pubic bone mashing her big hard clit at the same time.

Her whimpers grew louder, I felt the muscles of her vagina contract around my cock, as if to squeeze my seed from it until, with yet another loud scream, she came, and at the same time I released a jet of cum deep into body, followed by another, and another, and another. My screams joined hers, until she collapsed onto my chest, my cock still buried deep inside her.

“I felt it.” she sobbed. “I felt your seed spurt into me, I felt you impregnate me, and again, and again, and again. I’ve never felt that before, never knew how wonderful it could be. Thank you, Ted, thank you, my dear man. I just knew it would be special with you, and to think we waited two years.”

“We can be such fools.” I whispered in her ear, before kissing it softly. “Perhaps we can do it again a bit later. It was wonderful, but we’ve only just begun.”

My cock was beginning to soften until, with an audible ‘plop’ it slipped out of its warm, tight sheath, releasing a stream of our mingled cum to splash down over my lower stomach and balls.

We held each other, caressed each other, kissed, soft, loving kisses, and as I stroked her beautiful, sweet, small breasts, she was stroking me back to life, something that did not take long, as I still wanted her very much, wanted to love this woman until she screamed her release once more.

But first, I wanted to taste her, I wanted to taste her sweet juices, her sweet cum, so I kissed her, my kisses descending over her soft throat, her softer, firm breasts, hard nipples, trailing down her stomach to her smooth mound, with its gaping slit, into the slit, tasting our mingled cum, slurping the length of her soft folds, into her dripping cunt, sucking her long clit into my mouth as I inserted a wet finger into the puckered rosebud of her arsehole. Her trembling and bucking increased until, with another long scream, our neighbours must surely have called the police by now, she came again, her thick cum splattering my face until I was forced to move, or be drowned.

Judy trembled and shuddered in my arms as I held her tight. “I was right, I really was right.” she sobbed. “You really are trying to kill me. Oh where have you been all my life? You’re the most wonderful lover I’ve ever had, and on top of that, I like you, I really like you.”

“And I’m not finished.” I grinned from a cum-splattered face. “I have more planned for you, unless you’d like me to stop of course.”

“Don’t you dare!” she exclaimed. “I don’t think I’ll ever have enough of you. You’ve made love to me today better than any other man ever has, and I need more.”

“Oh yes, and how many other men have there been?” I asked, a huge grin on my face.

“That’s none of your business, Ted!” exclaimed Judy.

“Hey, you brought the subject up.” I laughed.


“Eight what?”

“I’ve slept with eight men in my life.”

“Is that including me?”

“Yes, that’s including you. What do you think I am, a sex maniac?”

“Well, on this afternoon’s evidence........”

“Don’t you dare go there!” she giggled, leaping on me, kissing me, licking the cum off my face. “So you’ve got more planned, eh? So, are you ready to go, or is it all talk?.” She reached down, grasped my hard cock and smiled. “Oh, I think you’re ready. Don’t just lie there, lover, get up and slip me that cock, I really need it.”

“Right, hands and knees.” I laughed. Judy did, got onto her hands and knees and backed up. I was right behind her, between her spread legs and was presented with a beautiful view of her gaping cunt, lips spread wide, still wet from our last encounter. I placed the tip of my cock at its mouth and in one hard thrust, drove it up to the hilt inside her and began thrusting hard. She wanted my cock, I was going to give it to her.

I built up a rhythm until she began to moan and whimper under me, and when I felt she was going to cum I withdrew quickly and drove my wet cock into her arsehole, which drew a scream. It didn’t take long for her to explode in another huge climax, sucking my cum out of my cock in streams at the same time.

Once again we collapsed into each other’s arms, shaking, trembling, trying hard to breathe. We did recover, and after another session of heavy petting and kissing time came, far too soon, for us to leave.

We dressed quickly, and went our separate ways, Judy back to her children, I to my wife, but not before we’d made arrangements to have lunch again the following Friday, another long lunch, another long and tasty lunch.

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