The Shower Room is A Blood Bath

The Shower Room is A Blood Bath The Shower Room is A Blood Bath

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A very odd dream I had last night. I don't care if you juddge me lol. Hope you enjoy the story though ;P


A very odd dream I had last night. I don't care if you juddge me lol. Hope you enjoy the story though ;P


Submitted: July 03, 2011

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Submitted: July 03, 2011



Hey. So this is a dream I had last night. Though I would turn it into a story and share it with you guys.


I walked slowly through the eerie, dimly lit girls change room, holding my breath as I prayed no other girls were in here. A light flickered and I jumped, my breath catching in my throat.

As I continued walking I watched the way the yellow lights were oddly cast against the red stone walls due to the filthy lampshades. Once I came to the hallway lined with showers I kicked the gross yellow doors open with my foot, making sure no one was hiding in them. This was my regular routine.

Finally when I came to the last showerar stall I ripped the fake out of order sign off the door I had placed there months ago and pushed the unlocked door open. I was greeted by a semi clean six foot by four foot shower that I had tried to keep only for myself.

The yellow lamp above made the off white shower tiles glow with extreme grotesque, even though I knew they were clean. I stepped inside and the shower stall door squealed as I quickly shut and locked it.

I shivered as I began stripping my clothes off. The air was cold, partially because I was in the closest shower to the giant metal air conditioning system that was always profusely buzzing. I can't remember a time when it hadn't been blowing cold air.

I wrapped my arms around my naked body as I took a step onto the slippery ceramic floor. I reached for the dull silver tap and spun it, letting water fall towards me. At first it was freezing cold, then slowly the water heated up, steam filling the small stall. I happily let it burn my flesh, imagining it washing away all my problems and faults.

I tilted my head back and shut my green eyes, letting the water and steam wash away all the black smeared makeup. I heard a thump that the rushing water barely drowned out. My stomach twisted and I slowly opened my eyes, looking through the steam. I stepped out of the shower and walked towards the door. Slowly I squinted, trying to see through the crack in the door.

"Is anyone there?" I called out quietly.

There was no reply and I saw nothing so I backed into the hot water and sighed, humming quietly to myself. I turned around to face the wall so I could get the front of my body warm.

Suddenly I felt something ice cold brush against my shoulder and I froze, my heart pounding ferociously. The same cold traveled down my back and touched me between the legs. I didn't jump, I didn't move. I couldn't even understand what was going on.

Suddenly I was spun around to face a man. He had long blonde hair tied back in a messy ponytail. I tried to scream put he jumped towards me and covered my mouth with his cold hand. He pushed the front of my body against the ceramic wall and I felt my entire backside become cold as he pressed against me. He spread my legs apart and my stomach lurched into my throat as he forced himself inside me.

"You're so warm." He murmured in my ear as he stoked the back of my wet neck.

I whimpered as I felt him deeper inside. I started loosing feeling in my body and I tried to slide away from him but I couldn't move. He reached around and touched my breasts. He groaned and began thrusting against me.

Suddenly I was lying on my back and he was on top of me. I screamed but it was abruptly cut off as his hands tightened around my throat. I gagged, trying to claw at his hands. It didn't seem to bother him, my struggles. He just kept thrusting into me.

"Stop screaming and I will stop choking you." He groaned.

I nodded.

He unwrapped his hands from around my throat and let them trail down my trembling body, over the side of my leg and between the lips of my privates. He rubbed me, trying to get me aroused. I let out a groan for his benefit, hoping that he would be satisfied and leave me alone.

He didn't, he just humped me harder. He let his cold lips travel up the middle of my torso and rested on my breast. He kissed my nipple and sucked on it, then moved to the other one.

"Please stop!" I screamed, biting my lip afterwards.

He stopped, his head raising. He looked into my eyes and I shivered, feeling the evil that was coming off him. He smiled and suddenly I felt something sharp slash against my neck. I screamed louder as blood rushed and mixed with the water around me. The man laughed at me as I gagged, my own blood choking me. I reached up to touch the lethal wound that lined my neck.

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