Why didn't she listen

Why didn't she listen

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


There was serious rail crash and Jodie had trouble getting home from work, her boss invites her to stay the night at her house. Previously she had been warned by co workers not to get involved with the boss, by the end of the night she wished that she had listened to them.


There was serious rail crash and Jodie had trouble getting home from work, her boss invites her to stay the night at her house. Previously she had been warned by co workers not to get involved with the boss, by the end of the night she wished that she had listened to them.


Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



Getting ready to leave work that day, worried about how she was going to get home from work, Jodie really didn’t know what she was going to do. There had been a serious crash on the rail lines and they had been closed down and she really didn’t want to take two buses to get home, the buses didn’t stop near her home so there would have been a long walk after and it was pouring with rain. Jodie put her jacket on while googling bed and breakfasts in the area close to work so at least she would have somewhere to stay for the night.

Sitting back down at her desk, she didn’t realise that she was the only one left in the office apart from her boss, Angela.

“Jodie what are you still doing here?” Angela asked as she was checking everywhere was secure before she left the building.

Jodie told her about the rail crash and trying to find somewhere to stay for the night.

“You can come and stay at my place if you want, I’ve got plenty of room,” Angela said as she stood by the door, gesturing Jodie towards her.

Jodie was surprised, she didn’t know Angela that well, she had only worked for her for a few of weeks and a couple of co-workers that had worked there for years had warned her not to get involved with her. 

Jodie stood up to leave the office, “I’ll be ok thank you, I don’t want to be any bother.”

As she walked past Angela, she held Jodie by the arm, looking offended, “It’ll be no bother,” she said as she smiled at her, “come and keep me company for the night, I know I haven’t had much time to get to know you since you started here so here’s our chance.”

Jodie sighed and puffed her cheeks out, she really didn’t want to go and stay at her house but didn’t want to say no again, she already had offended her, “ok, thank you, I promise I won’t get in your way.”

“Don’t be silly,” Angela laughed, “we can have a girly night in, it’ll be fun.”

Jodie followed her boss into the parking lot and got in her car, she sat in the passenger seat waiting for Angela to get in. Angela opened the car door and reached onto the back seat and picked up some flat shoes, “I can’t drive with heels on,” she laughed, “excuse me while I make a phone call, won’t be a min,” she said as she closed the door.

Jodie sat patiently watching her boss talking on her mobile, a couple of times she looked across at Jodie and smiled. Jodie smiled back thinking to herself that Angela wasn’t as bad as other workers made her out to be.

Angela finished her call and opened the car door again, she took off her heels and threw them into the back of the car then raised one of her legs to rest it on the driver’s seat to put her flat shoe on. Jodie nearly fainted as she looked across at her, as she raised her leg to rest it on the seat, her skirt rode up and she could see that she had no pants on underneath. Jodie stared at Angela’s shaved slit then turned away quick to look out of the window as she got in the car.

“Are you ok Jodie,” Angela asked as the started up the engine.

Jodie could feel her cheeks burning with embarrassment, “yes, I’m ok,” she nodded nervously.

Angela smiled as they drove off, she knew that Jodie had seen up her skirt.

On the way to Angela’s house, she told Jodie that her husband was going out for the night and wouldn’t be back till late and he wouldn’t mind her staying over for the night. Jodie felt nervous but kept shrugging it off, Angela was being so nice to her she appreciated her helping her.

On the drive there, the rain got heavier, they could barely see where they were driving. They pulled up outside the house and between getting out of the car and the front door they got soaked as Angela fumbled around in her bag, trying to find her door keys.

Eventually entering the house, they were both soaking wet. Angela began to walk up the stairs, “come with me Jodie, I’ll get you something dry to put on, I’ll have your clothes dried by the morning for you.”

Jodie followed her boss up the stairs, she showed her the spare room that she would be sleeping in and passed her towels. Jodie stripped off and dried herself, she wrapped a towel around her hair and body then went outside the room to shout Angela to ask where the clothes were.

As she walked out of the bedroom, there was a man walking up the stairs, “hello beautiful, who are you?” he asked as he looked her up and down.

Before she could say anything, Angela came out of her bedroom with a dressing gown on and passed her spare one to Jodie, “Jodie this is my husband Jack,” she then looked at Jack, “I hope you haven’t been flirting with my new girl,” she said as she began to kiss him.

Jack kissed her back then smiled at Jodie, “Don’t worry I don’t bite,” he then turned to Angela, “I doubt I’ll be back tonight, you girls have fun,” he said as he walked back down the stairs to leave.

Jodie still felt nervous as she watched Jack leave the house, “I thought you said you had some spare clothes for me?” she said to Angela.

“Oh don’t bother, you’ll be ok in that dressing gown,” she said as she picked Jodie’s wet clothes up off the floor, “I’ll go and put these in the dryer, come down when you’re ready.”

Jodie nervously went back into the bedroom and put the dressing gown on then sat on the bed. She really didn’t want to be there; it didn’t feel right.

When she went downstairs, Angela was in the kitchen making them something to eat, “I’m sorry it’s only a microwave meal, I thought I’d be on my own with Jack playing poker, he never comes back till the early hours.”

Jodie followed Angela into the living room, she sat down on the sofa as Angela passed her the plate.

They sat talking for a while after they had eaten and Angela poured herself a vodka and coke, “do you want one?” she asked Jodie.

Jodie shook her head, “no thank you, I don’t drink spirits.”

Angela looked surprised, “how old are you, ten, go on live a little,” she laughed as she passed Jodie a drink.

Jodie took the drink and sipped it, it didn’t taste too bad so carried on drinking.

“So how old are you Jodie,” Angela asked as she sat on the other side of the sofa.

“I was twenty-one last week.”

Angela rolled her head back on the sofa, “Oh I’d love to be twenty-one again,” she sighed.

“How old are you,” Jodie asked.

“I’m thirty-eight now, have you got a boyfriend?” Angela asked as she stood up to pour another drink. This time though, she brought the bottle of vodka back with her and put it on the small table next to her.

“No, I haven’t got a boyfriend.”

“A girlfriend then?” Angela laughed.

Jodie choked on her drink, “no.”

Ange poured more vodka into Jodie’s glass, “bet you can’t knock that back,” she laughed then knocked her drink back in one go. She then looked at Jodie, “go on live a little, your acting like an old woman.”

Jodie, didn’t like being called that, that’s what her friends called her when they went out drinking, because she was a lightweight drinker. Jodie then knocked the vodka back, she choked a little then giggled.

Angela poured her another straight vodka, “you’re a beautiful girl Jodie, I bet you’ve had lots of boyfriends, haven’t you?”

Jodie began to giggle, “I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

Angela’s eyes widened, “so you’re a virgin?” she smiled.

Jodie’s head had begun to spin a little now, it felt good being able to tell someone that, she had always been embarrassed about being a virgin at her age, she had told her friends that she wasn’t one because they had all had sex and she hadn’t, “yes, I am.” She said as she knocked another vodka back.

Angela poured her another drink and stood up, “I’ve just remembered, I’ve got another call to make, help yourself to another drink if you want to.”

Angel went into the kitchen and rang her husband to tell him that Jodie was a virgin and he told her that he would be home soon.

For the next hour Angela and Jodie talked and giggled like two schoolgirls and Jodie was getting drunk.

“It’s getting late now so I think we had better go to bed, we have work tomorrow,” Angela said as she stood up and pulled Jodie off the sofa.

As Jodie stood up, she giggled and fell against Angel, “I’m sorry, I’m a bit drunk, I told you I was a lightweight,” she slurred.

“Don’t worry about it,” smiled Angela, “I’ll help you up the stairs,” she said as she wrapped her arm around Jodie’s waist and walked her out of the room.

Jodie was too drunk to notice that Angela had taken her into her bedroom, not the spare one.

Angela slipped Jodie’s night gown off her and lay her naked body on the bed then took her gown off and straddled over her.

“What are you doing?” slurred Jodie.

“Shhh, relax Jodie,” Angela said as she began to rub her pussy against Jodie’s.

Jodie tried to push her off but Angela grabbed her arms and held them against the bed. Angela moaned gently as she held her down and carried on rubbing herself against her. Jodie suddenly felt confused, as she began to tingle between her legs, it felt good, she began to relax and opened them a little wider to feel Angela more against her. Angela let go of her arms and began to squeeze Jodie’s breasts, Jodie gasped as she pinched her nipples and pushed herself up grinding herself against Angela’s pussy. A sudden gush of hot juice poured out of Angela as she moaned loud with pleasure, rubbing herself harder against Jodie’s clit. She began to wildly kiss Jodie, then rolled on her back, “Sit on my face,” she ordered as she pulled Jodie over her.

Angela grabbed Jodie by the hips and pulled her down on her face and stuck her tongue deep inside her, Jodie rolled her head back and moaned loud with pleasure and rocked her body over Angela’s face as her tongue swirled around inside her while she rubbed her finger on her clit. Jodie’s body felt like it was on fire, her body tensed as her orgasm exploded through her body and cum all over Angela’s face.

Angela lapped up her cum, with Jodie being a virgin, she was the sweetest woman she had ever tasted. Angela pushed Jodie back down on the bed and sucked hard on her nipples as she gently thrust her fingers into Jodie’s hole, she didn’t want to break Jodie’s virginity with her fingers, she wanted her husband to take that.

Jodie moved around gasping and moaning with pleasure as Angela’s fingers moved gently inside her, bringing her to another orgasm. Angela pulled her fingers out and thrust one finger into Jodie’s back hole, Jodie cried in pain and tried to move away, Angela held her down, pulled her finger out then thrust two fingers knuckle deep inside her, then three fingers worked their way into her ass, pushing deeper into her as Angela flicked her tongue over her clit. Pain slowly turned to pleasure, Jodie howled as her ass was roughly finger fucked.

Jack had just arrived home, his dick was rock hard as he walked up the stairs listening Jodie crying with pleasure in his bedroom. He took his clothes off and stood at the bedroom door stroking his cock while watching his wife eat Jodie’s pussy as she fingered her ass.

Angela notice her husband by the door and smiled as she lay across Jodie’s body to block her view.

“Are you alright Jodie?” she asked as she wiped her hair from her face.

“I don’t know,” she said as tears were streaming down the sides of her face, even though she had enjoyed what her and Angela had done, she was still feeling confused.

“You know I haven’t taken your virginity with what we have just done don’t you,” she said softly.

Jodie relaxed and felt relieved that she hadn’t.

Angela then smiled, “that’s not for me to take, that’s going to be for my husband.”

Jodie panicked as she felt her legs being opened by someone, she tried moving away but Angela lay across her chest holding her down slyly smiling at her.

Jack held her legs wide open, “I’m having a taste of this virgin before I break it,” he said as he ran his tongue into Jodie’s slit.

Jodie tried to scream but Angela put her hand over her mouth, “tastes sweet doesn’t it?” she shouted to Jack.

“mmmmm,” he responded as his tongue pushed deeper into Jodie.

Jodie was crying as she tried to fight the burning sensation building up inside her, Jacks tongue brutally licked her clit as he held her lips apart waiting for her to cum. Jodie muffled a scream into Angela’s hand as an orgasm shot through her body, Jack stuck his tongue into her drinking every bit of her.

Angela kept her hand over Jodie’s mouth as Jack got up off the bed, he pulled Jodie’s arms up and tied them to the bed then forced a gag into her mouth. Angel took a vibrator out of the cupboard and sat on the chair and shoved it into herself.

Jodie tried to kick Jack as he grabbed her legs and opened them wide, he kneeled between her legs, smiling as he stroked his hard cock, he then looked at Angel.

“Go on, fuck the dumb bitch,” she cried as she rammed her vibrator deeper into herself.

Jack lay on Jodie and pushed his rock hard shaft into her. Pain seared inside Jodie, she felt her virginity snap inside and tried to scream but the gag muffled her sounds.

Jack gripped her tight and thrust into her, pushing deeper with each thrust, Angela moaned and squealed with delight, turning her vibrator onto full speed as she watched her husband fuck Jodie. Sweating and groaning Jack drove harder into her, Jodie’s body shook as another orgasm raged through her. Pounding deeper into her, his body tensed, he groaned and cum hard inside her, jerking into her until every last bit drained from him.

Angel went downstairs and got Jodie’s clothes out of the dryer and took them to her, “Get dressed and go home, no one will ever believe you if you tell them,” she said as she untied her from the bed.

Jodie got dressed as quick as she could, Angela rang for a taxi and gave her thirty pounds, “that should cover your fare,” she said as she opened her front door to let her out. “See you at work tomorrow,” she shouted as Jodie got into the taxi. Jodie still a bit drunk and confused when she left her bosses house, why didn’t she listen to the workers that warned her about Angela.

The staff that had warned Jodie about Angela knew why Jodie didn’t turn up for work the next day, the manager tried to phone her but the number had been cut off, Jodie never went back there.

Much to Angela’s delight a young man was hired the following week to take Jodie’s place at work, he too left after a few weeks.

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