It happened behind the pavilion.

It happened behind the pavilion. It happened behind the pavilion.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A short story about Rosie a young out of work mother with a small child and no money, only her weekly giro cheque from the government and how she supplemented her benefits with working as a street girl and what happened to her on her first day.


A short story about Rosie a young out of work mother with a small child and no money, only her weekly giro cheque from the government and how she supplemented her benefits with working as a street girl and what happened to her on her first day.


Submitted: October 05, 2016

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Submitted: October 05, 2016



Rosie was sitting in her small one-bed council flat on an old worn out settee the local charity shop had given her with, along with a table and two chairs and a bed.  Money was tight . However, she was just about managing to make ends meet each week; that was until austerity kicked in and the government cut her weekly benefits right down to the bone. Now, as usual, it was only halfway through the week and already she had spent out. There was no food in the house and no money to buy any, even her only pleasure the TV had been repossessed because of none payment of the rental agreement.  The future looked bleak for Rosie and two-year-old son Tommy.  She was as so many in today's Britain a young out of work single mother with no prospects and reliant on state aid.

She had lost her job when Mr, Clark closed down the corner shop in the high street where she worked for just over a year as shelf-stacker and cleaner after leaving school with no qualifications and a new baby.  Her leaving present courtesy of “St Peter's Catholic School.” It was on a warm summer's afternoon shortly before the school holidays when Rosie followed four boys behind the school pavilion that looked out onto the playing fields.  She knew the boys well and had done it with them before; she rather enjoyed prick teasing the lads and touching their cocks as much as they enjoyed unbuttoning her school blouse revealing and squeezing her large ample breasts.  Sometimes she would allow them to put their hands under her dark navy blue skirt and explore her with their fingers.  Nothing ever came of their sex games and eventually they would all become bored and making their way home only to do it again on another day in the future.

It might be hard to believe with her naughty antics however, Rosie was still a virgin at 14-teen. That was until one day from behind the pavilion the school bullies Gary Martin, and his mate Panner Bates made an unwelcome appearance emerging from the bushes where they had been hiding. They had heard all about these sessions behind the pavilion and wanted a piece of the action. Some credit has to be given to the other boys who tried to protect their friend from Martin and Bates who both had a reputation for being handy with their fists.

The boys were no match for the aggressive attacking nature of the two bullies and were soon warned not to becoming involved, and instead, they were forced to watch in horror as their friend was pushed to the ground and beaten about the body. With Bates holding her down Martin ripped off her pants, and the two laughing young thugs repeatedly raped her. What started out as a bit of harmless, playful fun with the other boys swiftly turned into a nasty and severe crime one that ended up with Gary Martin and his mate being arrested for assault and rape and each sentenced to seven years in a young offender's institute.

Had it not for Colin Evens managing to slip away unnoticed while the pair were otherwise engaged and raise the alarm they might have got away with it, however, they were both apprehended by a group of teachers who came running across the playing fields catching them literally with their trousers down.

When Rosie's parents because aware of her condition they didn't want to know and disowned her.  Rather than give her their full support they blamed her.  In their minds, because of her previous activity behind the pavilion that was brought to their attention; they felt she lead the boys on, and her pregnancy was all her fault. Even though they knew about the rape, they still held her responsible for her situation. After yet another family row at half past six on a cold Friday night in mid-November and without warning they threw her out of the house and onto the street, with orders never to return, as she wouldn't be welcome in their house ever again.

Pregnant and frightened Rosie was just fourteen and a half when she found herself cold, hungry and walking the streets of the big city, not knowing where she was going and slowly giving. It was just passed midnight when she was stopped by a policeman and driven in his police car with a female social worker and placed in a council run home, where she had son Tommy a few months later.  Abandoned by her family and after spending some time in the council home and in spite of the threats and efforts by the council to persuade her to give up her baby for adoption finally she was moved from the home and into her one-bedroom council flat on a rundown estate in the middle of the town.

After losing her job at the corner shop, Rosie tried desperately to find work, not setting her sights too high, and after writing many letters, she finally managed to secure an interview at the local sweet factory for a part-time cleaner.  Although it would have paid her less, at that time than the minimum wage; if she could manage to secure the job, it would be an income and a stepping-stone possibly into more permanent employment there.  She was excited and optimistic hoping this small chance she had been given would change her and Tommy's lives for the better.

However, her optimism was short lived.  The interview didn't go well. She was even denied the opportunity to do that and instead told in no uncertain terms by a snotty stuck up women in a red trouser suit and who spoke with an upper-class accent and a gob full of bright white teeth. Because of a small tattoo of a little bird on her left hand, she was unsuitable for training and therefore would not be securing any position whatsoever within the company, and she made it clear, her decision was final.

That's when Rosie lost it, and her temper flared up.  Releasing much of her bent up anger she swore at the woman with her lashing tongue. 

“What training do you need misses, to clean out a shit-house? You silly cow!” She screamed at the startled woman who swiftly ran out of the room in a panic calling for security. Rosie was immediately removed from the office by a fat security guard and escorted down to his office in the reception area.

Sitting in his swivel chair in front of his desk looking her up and down for a few minutes before he spoke. “What do you think I should do with you then?  Do I call the police and have you arrested and thrown into prison?  Or just maybe I will let you go if you are nice to me.”  He said rubbing his crotch with his stubby little fingers.

Rosie knew what he meant.  She could see the shape of his knob through his tight cotton trousers as he rubbed it up and down; it didn't look all that impressive to her, certainly not something to get all cagey or scream about, in fact, she thought she had seen bigger and better on the boys at the school.  “I don't do that!” She said and then as an afterthought added.  “Well not for nothing, I don't!”

In truth, she had never done it for money this would be a first for her. “I see we are both on the same page; you will do it for money then; is that what you're saying?  Rosie hesitated and then nodded.

“I suppose so.” She said looking down at the floor. 

“That's the right answer sweetheart now all we have to do is determine how much I am going to pay you for a nice blowjob and fuck.  Remember I can still put you in the nick if I want to.”  He said arrogantly swivelling in his chair as if he was on a power trip and getting some perverted pleasure out of degrading and humiliating her.

“I'll tell you what I am going to do with you, honey.” He said looking her in the face. “I'll give you a nice new crisp ten-pound note, and you being a deadbeat no-hoper will accept it.  I don't expect you see many of these, do you?  Waving the tenner in her face?  “Out of interest, what do you usually charge girly, a fiver?  I bet you have to give them change out of that. He said sarcastically laughing at his joke. “Wow!  What a deal you're being offered today, the sale of the fucking century.”  Rosie just stood there thinking to herself.

“Do I want to do this? God how I hate this fat pig.” She was just about to tell him to get lost when he spoke again.

“I'll tell you what I want you to do for my lovely new crisp ten-pound note.  I want you to stripped off and give me a nice blowjob and then a shag.  When you have done that, and I'm satisfied I will hand over this very easily earned tenner and you can spend it on what you like.  How happy will that make you and your drug pushing mates?” 

“I don't take drugs, and you sure want plenty for a miserable tenner, don't you?”  Rosie replied despondently looking him in the face.

She thought just how repugnant this fat slob was and knew in her heart of hearts she should just walk out of this situation. Still hesitant, still wanting to tell him, no, but for some reason, even the thought of a ten-pound note in her hand was better than nothing at this time. It would be another two days now before she could expect her giro cheque to arrive, that was assuming it wasn’t late again, as it usually was. She had no food in the flat for Tommy or herself. She was still pondering when he spoke again.

“It's a buyer's market out there sweetie.”  He said laughing.  “Now you're not going to become a sweet smelling toilet cleaner, how useless are you?  You can't even get a job cleaning out fucking crap holes just shows what sort of girl you are.  I hope you haven't got some disease; I would hate to get knob-rot from a little tramp like you." 

This should have been the catalyst that spurred her onto having the courage to tell him to piss off and stuff his miserable tenner up his arse, and walk out of the office with her head held high, but she didn’t.

“Do you agree, or not?  It's no skin off my nose if I call the police and have you arrested for attacking a member of staff and a security officer I will add that charge to the charge sheet. I doubt you will even be allowed home for a few years. What will your baby do then?” 

“How do you know I've got a baby?”  Rosie snapped indignantly.

“Well it stands to reason, scrubbers like you always have babies hanging off um, am I right?"

“Mind your own business; it got fuck all to do with you anyway.” She snapped back.

Rosie knew this fat bastard was right.  He did have the upper hand it was true; she did have a baby to consider and a tenner today and with no food in the house would come in very useful. She began removing her clothes as the guy got up from his chair and locked the door.  Soon she was naked and standing in front of him, as he looked her up and down.

“I thought you would be better under your clothes than that. Still, I guess you will have to do.” He said as he pulled her towards him and sat back on the chair. 

She felt sick and humiliated as his fat greasy hands started to grope her tits and arse, his stubby fingers being forced up between her legs and into her vagina.  At one point he even tried to kiss her, she managed to move her head out of the way of his stinking yellow toothed gob, and he only managed to kiss her on the back of her neck.

“On your knees slag and get sucking and you had better make it worth the money.”  He said showing just a hint of compassion, throwing a small cushion from the back of his chair onto the floor in front of her for her to kneel on.

She quickly and vigorously pulled his zipper down, not even thinking she might catch his cock in the teeth, not that it would have bothered her if she had. The guy was taken by surprised at the speed she got his zipper open.

“Fuck me!” He exclaimed. Take your fucking time, will you? You could have caught me then. If you fucking well hurt me down there mate I’ll backhand you so fucking hard you will see into next fucking week, so be warned."

“Stop complaining you? You big baby.”  She said as she placed her right hand inside his wide-open trouser and released his cock, as he relaxed in his chair.

“Just be a bit more fucking careful that’s all.”  He moaned.

He didn't have underwear on, and there was a horrible smell of stale piss and worse coming from between his legs.  Rosie knew she had got to bite the bullet and force herself to go through with it. She wanted to get back home as quickly as possible to Tommy who she left with her friend Clair for a couple of hours. It was as expected; he only had a tiny stubby penis that was now erect.  Inserting it into her mouth, she began sucking; this wasn’t something new to her, she had given oral sex before to one of her passed boyfriend, but he was someone she loved and not with a fat ugly pig like this security guy.

If he was ever going to impress a woman it wasn't with the size of his cock, but even Rosie was impressed with the size of his balls. Although she didn't want to be doing anything for him, in a strange way she enjoyed feeling them and squeezing them, even contemplating squeezing them hard and making the fat slug suffer, but in the end and heeding his warning, she hadn’t got the guts.

He pushed her head away as he started to undo his belt.  She felt his cock as he dropped his trousers and sat back up on the chair fiddling about putting on a condom.

“I think I will put one of these fuckers on; I don’t know what disease speeding bastard has been in there before me.”

“You don’t have to do it, it’s not compulsory, it’s not something I’m lucking forward to with you, you know?”  She snapped back disgusted he should even think she had any disease.

“What do you want me to do then, let you got off scot-free? I can tell you girlie that ain’t never going to happen, so just shut your fucking gob and open your fucking legs.” He shouted at her as he lifted her up onto his lap penetrating her.

She could hardly feel him inside her. However, it was now a fact; a line had now been crossed, and she was having sex for money, well not exactly for money, as she hadn't received payment yet. After only a few thrusts she felt him cum, and she thought. “Thank God for that.” How she hated him, this smelly lump of shit, who had abused his position and taken advantage of her vulnerability with his threats, and a miserable tenner.  He shoved her off him.

“Okay bitch, you can get dressed now and fuck off from my office before I change my mind.”

“What about my money?”  Rosie protested as she whipped herself with a tissue from her bag and started getting dressed.

“Believe me, darling; there's no money coming your way: trust me!  You were fucking useless. I could have fucked a piece of dead meat for the price of a pint, and it would have been more responsive than you.  So just clear off while you have the chance.”  He said in a couldn't careless manner as he pulled up his pants and unlocked the door.

“You hadn't better say anything about this to anyone neither if you know what's good for you.  If you do, I'll have someone run a blade across your beautiful but stupid chops and then my lovely you will have your very own permanent smile.  Do we understand each other?”

Knowing she wasn't going to get anywhere with her protest, she begrudgingly accepted the situation.

“Fuck off! Don't keep going on about it; I won't forget this in a hurry.”  The guy laughed.

“Threatening me are you, you little scrubber?  You will get the fuck out of my office now, and don't come back.  Have you got it?”

She gave him the two finger sign and walked swiftly out of the room not looking back, his threatening words still ringing in her ears.  Having no money for the bus fare home meant she had a long walk that took her longer than expected.  When she arrived Tommy, her beautiful boy was standing up in his cot crying with his hands held out calling for her.  He had a little note pinned on his baby blue suit it was from Clair. 

“Sorry babe I had to shoot off, he’s been changed, and I have feed him for you.  I couldn't find his food, so we went down the shops; I have left a couple of tins of baby food in the cupboard.  See you later tomorrow love Clair!” 

The truth was Rosie had no food in the house for him or her.  The last few tins of baby foods she was able to afford Tommy had eaten. Now there was no chance of stealing anymore, not since the corner shop had changed hands and the new owner had installed security cameras everywhere. The food bank that was supposed to cater for needy people had been taken over by a few who were looking after their mates and turning other genuine people away. There was no chance of anything from there either.

Rosie knew she had to do something to sort out her and Tommy's life. She realized it was just no good sitting back and expecting the world to come to her.  No! She had got to start doing something for herself. 

Thinking about the fat security officer back at the sweet factory; he was somewhat willing to give her money for sex.  She had watched a documentary on TV before it was repossessed about prostitutes and call girl, some even earning as much as a thousand pounds a trick.  What other opportunities were there for her, other than selling her body? 

She couldn't think of any, in her mind, it was no worse than pinching food to feed her and her baby, either offence would have landed her up in court.  Perhaps the judge would be lenient with her for a first offence, not that she was planning on getting caught. That was assuming she decided to go though with it and follows what seemed at the time to be the only way out of her situation. 

Was it worth the risk?  Maybe if she could earn enough money to add to the pittance being receiving through the benefits system, then maybe she might be able to buy food for a full week, something she hadn't managed to do since the benefit caps was imposed some eight months ago.  In the morning her mind was made up, she was going to have a go at working the streets it was the only way she could see of ever getting out of the poverty trap.  It wasn't what she wanted, but times were tough now, and drastic measures had to be taken.

Rosie decided the best time to start her new venture was either Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights when possible clients had been paid and were out spending their money.  It was along Brook Street in the middle of the town where the girls worked.  She had seen them on a few occasions when working late at Mr, Clarke's shop in the High Street. Arranging with Clair for her to have Tommy at her house with her kids, making out she had managed to find a night cleaning job for three days a week.

It was a cold, wet Friday night at around nine when Rosie got off the bus and walked the last few hundred yards into Brook Street a long narrow street with shop either side.  Having an infant's school halfway along it the place became busy in the daytime, but at night it took on a more sinister appearance.  The council had turned off most of the streetlamps in their efforts to save money. Had it not been for the dim glow of the security shop light windows onto the pavement the place would have been in near total darkness.

As she walked along the murky street, she wondered.  Would she be earning any money tonight or was it all going to be yet another a waste of time?  It looked easy on the TV, with girls picking up clients, but it was all so different now.  Now she was in the real world, not some producer's imagination of glamour, sex, and money.  There was nothing glamorous about walking along this wet dimly lit street skimpily dressed, being eyed up by the other young, and some not so young working girls as they huddled up in shop doorways trying to keep warm.  Waiting for some horny car driver eyeing them up and maybe call them over, or a passing drunk offer them a couple of quid for a feel or look at their tits, or even threaten them with violence if they didn't comply.  No! This was nothing like the sugary spice of the TV show. 

She wondered how many other girls had been taken in by the thoughts of an easily earned fortune, how many were like her all over the country trying for the first time to make money selling their bodies. Making her way to a vacant shop doorway, she stepped in out of the cold drizzling rain. She hadn't been standing there long, maybe about ten minutes or so, when a woman of about thirty pushed her way into the doorway.

“Hi, I'm Wendy, just five doors down,” she laughed. “I haven't seen you around here before, have I?” ”

“Hi, I'm Rosie. No, I haven't been here before, this is my first time I haven't done this sort of thing before.”  She said looking down at her shoes as if she was ashamed of her inexperienced.

“Don't tell me, its money troubles since your benefit's been slash, like most of us along this bloody street, isn't it?” Am I right?  Rosie nodded.

“Yes, you could say that; along with not being able to find a proper job.”  Wendy became a little irritated. 

“Believe me, honey, this is a proper job, and it's soddin hard work, don't be fooled into thinking this game is easy because it's not!” 

“I'm sorry!” Rosie snapped back. “I didn't mean this is easy, bad choice of words.” 

“Yeah okay no offence.  Look at those two young bitches down there.”

Through the dark, misty rain halfway down the street Rosie could just make out two young girls waving at the cars as they passed. 

“How old do you think they are?” Wendy asked, not waiting for an answer. 

“Ones fourteen and the other is fifteen,” She said disgustedly. “Somebody reported them to the police last week, and they picked them up, they were back on the street again in less than an hour boasting how they had shagged the copper.

“Did you know? Both of them go with the guy as a pair, it's getting a bit like bloody Tesco’s around here,” she laughed. “Buy one and get one free.” They both laughed. 

"Bloody kids!  I've had to drop my prices to fifteen pounds for a blowjob and twenty for straight sex. I used to get double that before those little sods showed up.” Anyway, honey I see some of my regulars driving round, so I had better get back to work and earn some money or face the wrath of the old man. I only came to warn you this is Mandy's doorway she's been working from here for the last few months, and she's a right nasty cow, best move on and keep out of her way if you take my advice.”

“Yeah thanks for that, but I'm not worried, I can look after myself anyway this isn't her private doorway is it?  She doesn't own the shop does she?”  Rosie said dismissive of the suggestion she should move on, but then realized she was being a bit too cocky so as an afterthought added.  “Thanks for good advice, though.”

Yeah well here's some more, you might need it. 

“Money first sex later. No two guys in one car neither, they just don't share the money or the woman, they end up fighting, and you end up with a busted lip, just not worth it.”

“I don’t need any of that, and that’s for sure,” Rosie said as she watched a car pull up opposite Wendy’s doorway.

“Believe me you don’t. Some of the other girls take it for granted as a part of the job, that's how they end up dead. Some blokes can be violent, I know, from my experiences, enough preaching, I’d better go now if you need rubbers or anything just let me know, I have plenty of stuff back at my room. Good luck for tonight.”

She said as she dashed out of the doorway and straight into the waiting car, she gave Rosie a little wave from the car as it speed off up the street.

Rosie watched with some amusement as the same rubbernecking drivers passed the doorways time and time again, she knew they were all looking at something they couldn't afford.  There were some that stopped further along the street picking up a few girls, but for her, nothing, no action. After about half an hour, a car stopped on the street in front of her.  Rosie thought great this is it, time to go and earn some money, but she was wrong. The backdoor of the car opened and a tall powerfully built woman of about thirty-five with bleached blond hair got out staring right at her as she walked swiftly up to the door. Rosie thought this must be Mandy; she wasn't impressed.

“You out now, move!"  She demanded. 

Rosie stood her ground she wasn't afraid of her, nothing like her bad attitude frightened her not after living in the council home for so long and where she had toughened up.

“Are you going to make me?” She replied with even more aggression.

She was ready for a fight and, if this ugly witch wanted to start one, then bring it on. She knew she could take her anytime, no problem.

“No! I'm not going to make you dearie. He is!” She said pointing back towards the car.

A tall, well-built bloke got out of the car and walked towards the doorway, standing menacingly in front of her.

“You! Sling your hook now and you don't come back if you know what's good for you. Have you got it? Move your arse!” He ordered.

She decided discretion was the better part of valour and started to make her way out of the doorway he pushed her.

“Get a fucking move on you scrubber, if I see you in here again.”  He stopped talking, being so thick he couldn't think of what to threaten her with,  “Well just you wait and see what will happen, that's all.” 

Mandy raised her eyes and shook her head as she turned to Rosie knowing he had made them both look foolish she said with a grin on her face and in a sort of jokey manner.

“Yeah you will just have to wait to see what will happen, to you, that’s all.”

Rosie grinned back, never the less she still move further along the street and away from the doorway as the guy got back into his car and roared off.  Just then another car pulled up. Mandy was soon out of the doorway, and looking through the open passenger window. Rosie heard the driver say.

“No! It’s not you, it's your friend, the other girl I want, please ask her to come over.” 

“Piss off then!” Mandy hissed as she moved away from the car. Passing Rosie rather sulkily.  “He wants you; God knows why, it's not for your Taylor number, even I can see that! " She said sarcastically as she made her way back to the doorway. 

Rosie didn't respond and walked up to the car. “Get in sweetheart, "the driver said impatiently. She got into the black Jaguar and introduced herself.

“Hi, I'm Rosie. What can I do for you?

“Hi, Rosie. He said as he watched her settle down in the seat. I’m just looking for a good night; I'm not looking for anything kinky, nothing like that, just straight sex with no extras. Is that okay with you?

“Yeah, that’s fine. Can we get the money sorted out before we go anywhere, though?” The driver looked her up and down.

“Put it this way honey, I can afford you, and if you want to stand around talking about it then it's best you get out, and I'll find another girl, they all know me round here.

“Remembering what Wendy had advised her, she insisted.

“Yes but I really would like to get the money side sorted out now before we leave if that’s all right?

“The reason I want to get going quickly, there's coppers everywhere tonight, so let's go or please just get out, and we can both move on with our lives, it's your choice.” 

“Yeah okay, no problem, you have a nice face,” She said knowing her judgement was now on the line, there was no turning back, hoping she was right and this guy wasn’t some woman beater or worse.

The car pulled away from the curb stopping at the top of the street and then turning right into the High Street.  Rosie was surprised when they pulled up on some waste ground at the back of Mr, Clark's old store.  She was sad to see the shop all boarded up and fleetingly remembered the good days and the laughs with Mr, Clark and the other two girls who used to work there. Little did she know at that time only a year or so later, she would be having paid sex at the back, how soon lives can change she thought. Her memories were interrupted, however, when the driver spoke.

“I’m Robert, and you are Rosie. You see I remembered. He joked.

“I know you girls like to sort the money out first so here you are; I think the usual rate is around forty for straight sex.  Is that all right? He said not waiting for an answer as he as he took the money from his trouser pocket and handed it to her.

Rosie knew her intuition was spot on and this guy was all right. She felt more relaxed and safer with him now. Also reflecting on the fat security guard who accused her of being like a piece of dead meat and that was the reason he hadn't paid her. In truth, he did have a point.  She was determined not to let the same thing happen again this time around. 

“That's fine Robert, thank you.” She said smiling at him, at the same time quickly stuffed two twenty pound notes into her small green and blue shoulder bag Clear had given her for her seventeenths birthday, which now seemed years ago, the bag now only containing few rubbers and tissues for the night.

“I like your bag. It will be crammed full of money tonight, mark my words. I don't normally do this in my car, however; my house in Evesham Mews is being refurbished at the moment. I will be glad when I can move back in; I'm getting a bit cheesed off with living in hotels from a suite case.” He moaned.

Rosie knew Evesham Mews was one of the most expensive parts of the town with a security check private gated road. You couldn't just buy a house there you had to pass the other resident's rigorous assessment of you before you were even allowed to look around a one, needless to say, most of the houses were handed down through families.

“Shell we get in the back? He asked. I know it’s a big car, but we will be more comfortable in the back.”  Rosie nodded as they opened their doors, and climbed into the back and making themselves comfortable on the black leather upholstery. Rosie had never been in such a posh expensive car before and was pleasantly surprised. 

“Wow! What a great car and the seats are really warm, being leather I was expecting them to be cold, like my friend leather sofa.”

“Yes I bought the car a few months ago, it’s the top of the range with all the extras, including heated rear seats as you have found out.” He laughed, “We don’t want to get chilled bums, do we? They both laughed.

Putting his left arm around her, he gently pulled her towards him stroking her hair; he began unbuttoning her blouse.  She warmly snuggled up to him laying her head on his chest. Slowly unzipping his trouser, she moved her hand inside his open flies. He twitched a little as she took a firm hold of his already hard standing penis. It was at that point she realized he had also been at work. Unbeknown to her he had unbuttoned her blouse, and now it was fully open, and her bra had also been skilfully removed, this guy had crept up on her, and as she moved she also became aware her tight dress was undone and partially pulled down.

“God she thought, “Robert sure knows where he wants to get too and fast.”

“Why don’t we shed a few pound and make ourselves cosier?” He said smiling at her as he gently pushed her away.

She smiled and nodded her agreement as she slipped out of the rest of her clothes, just leaving her tiny white panties on. It gave her some pleasure watching Robert as he took off his trouser and underpants. He was a real man, not some wannabe like the fat security officer.  Robert was all of twelve inches with a nice large pair of suckable ball hanging down.  She was pleased to see he wasn’t one of those guys with everything shaven and smelling of roses nether. Seeing him near naked, with just his open shirt hanging loosely over his shoulder she became aware she too was becoming excited.

Rosie knew this wasn't right and wasn't how it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be just a quick “wham bam thankyou ma'am.”  He pulled her tiny panties down as she slipped out of them and climbed astride him sitting on his lap facing him, her knees gripping the outer sides of his thighs. 

Kissing her on her lips and neck, he ran his hands over her body tweaking her already hard erect nipples provoking her vibrant young body to tingle with anticipation. Bending forward suckling on her breasts his tongue licking her large strawberry red nipples as she too became sexually alive.

Leaning forwarded with her arms around his neck she pulled herself hard onto him. Using her powerful leg muscles moving her pelvis up and down his body. He could feel the lips of her virgin sucking and kissing the sides of his massive penis; her clitoris felt hot as it danced on the shaft forcing his cock down onto his stomach as she moved; she knew she wouldn't require any lubricant, this time, she was ready for him.

It had been a long time since she had, had a boyfriend. Even he couldn't do to her, what Robert had succeeded in doing in less than ten minutes, in fact, no man had brought her to this point of ecstasy as quickly, only a short-lived relationship with another woman had done that, and that was a long time ago.

Feeling his hard penis underneath her as she moved her buttocks backward and forward, and with his hands around her waist, he manually lifted her up kissing her neck. The leather seats felt decidedly warmer or were the temperature changes due in part to his erect hard throbbing knob that with ease, he slid into her open wet welcoming pussy.

As they made love, he began fingering her arse. She was surprised; no one had ever done that to her before. The sensation was strange frightening and yet enjoyable all at the same time, those small touches and presses excited her so much, she just couldn't hold back.

As the rhythm became more erratic and yet controls their bodies in tune together. Robert knew she was ready, but decided to play a game with her, bringing her to the point of orgasm and then slowing it all down, only to bring her up once more. She had, however; reached the point of no-return. Pushing herself hard onto him and gripping his thighs tightly with her knees she squealed with delight, as her love juice flowed from her. The power of her orgasm was further heightened when Robert too reached climax, releasing his creamy white life giving sperm into her. Exhausted and yet relaxed and with him still inside her she laid on him kissing his neck.

“Thank you, darling, I think we both needed that.” He said as he sat back and wiped himself on a few tissues he took from the backseat glove compartment next to the TV. She snuggled up to him with her arm around his neck running her left hand up and down his body, just stroking the top of his still semi-erect penis. She knew he had more to give and she was determined to oblige. Sliding herself between the seat and on her knees, she took hold of his cock and began giving him oral sex. Feeling him tightening she knew he was ready and she enjoyed pleasing him once more.

 “According to the old movie, I think it’s at this point we both sit back relaxed and listen to music while enjoying a cigarette, isn’t it? Robert said with a grin on his face.

She huddled up to him and laughed. “We’ve done our smoking for the night.” They both laughed.

“Sadly baby all good things must come to end.” He reached into his glove box for the second time and handed her another forty pounds.

“Here you are, sweetheart, call it a little bonus, you have been great, best on the street. Do you mind if I drop you off at the underpass? I don't want to go around that area again not tonight. Is that alright?” He asked as they both started to get dressed.

The underpass linked the High Street, and Brook Street opposed to a couple of mile by car.

“No problem, it's only a short walk. Will I see you again?” She said buttoning up the last few button of her now crumpled blouse.

“I won't be around for a few weeks now. I’m off to America with my firm I own a small dealership in town. We are on a sort of trade mission.” He said as he started the car and pulled off the waste ground and they had soon stopped by the underpass.

“I'll see you later then?”  Rosie said, more optimistic that expecting.

“Yes maybe, as I said I'm always around.” He replied as she got out of the car and watched a little disappointed as it speed off up the road.

She walked out of the High Street and under the partially lit underpass that led to the beginning of Brook Street. Halfway along she noticed a couple of young teenagers leaning on the wall near the bottom as she approached one of them spoke to her.

“Have you had a good night darling let's see how much we've got in your bag.” He made a snatch for the bag; she held on to it firmly.

“Get off me you bastard!” She shouted, “Leave me alone, get off me.” His mate just stood there he didn't try and intervene; in fact, he looked a bit shocked at the behaviour of his mate.

“Leaver her alone Cyril, what the hell do you think you're doing?”

“I'm having her fucking bag that's what I am doing, now help me get it off her, don't just stand there like a dummy.”

“No way, I don't want note to do with it, go fuck yourself” He replied as he started to make his way back toward the High Street. 

“Gimmey that fucking bag,” Cyril demanded as he took a swing at her, she ducked and swiftly kicked him in the ball. In agony, he fell to his knees as she started to run the last few yard out of the underpass and into Brooks Street.

"You fucking bitch, I'll have you! Just you see if I don't.” He shouted after her as his mate walked back to him.

 “I told you to leave her alone, that's your trouble Cyril you never bloody listen, do you?”

“Go shag yourself, just piss off will you?” Cyril snapped, as he got up off the floor. “I'm going to have her, she's made a bad enemy with me, my time will come.

“Stop talking so bloody stupid. Come on, let's go down the pub before they shut, let's get something out of this crap night.” He said as he started to walk away for the second time, Cyril followed him out of the underpass and into the High Street.

Rosie ran into Brooks Street and was meet by Samantha one of the underage girls Wendy had told her about, seeing her in a disheveled state Samantha asked her.

“Are you alright, what's happened?”

“No not really, I’ve just been mugged; in the underpass, they tried to steal my bag.” She explained as Michel the other underage girl joined them.

“I don’t know why you use the underpass, it's rife for tosser like that hanging about if you want to get from here to the High Street then go through Anise garden, she doesn't mind; she was one of us in her day.” Michel said as Rosie took out her cheap phone.

“What you doing?” Samantha snapped.

I’m calling the police, that’s what I am doing, I have just been mugged you know?”

“If you call the old bill this fucking place will be swarming with them for over a month, and none of us will earn fuck all. Put the phone away; you didn’t lose anything. Did you? Just put it away and in future use Anise garden, like I just said.”

At that moment a car pulled up and both the girl rushed over to it, they didn’t speak to the driver, and without hesitation, they both jumped straight in and the car speed away. Rosie put her phone back in her bag, she knew the young girls were right, best not to fill the area with police, as she also needed to earn money. Continuing her walk toward the other end of the street she passed a doorway where another much older women in a gray coat and a cigarette in her mouth was standing; she called out.

“What’s happened? Has there been some trouble?”

“Yeah you could say that. It was a couple of thugs in the underpass tried to mug me, but they didn’t get anything, one of them was called Cyril.”

“Oh I know who you mean that’s Cyril and Darren, they’re always hanging around, bloody nuisances. You never want to walk that way especially not at this time of night, just go through Anise garden.” She said with an air of authority.

“Well I would if I knew where it bloody was, but I’m new to this game you know?” Rosie reply, a little annoyed that the woman had automatically assumed she knew about her situation.

The other women moved out of the doorway and stood beside her. She stank of beer and cigarettes, as she pointing up the street.

“It’s between Evens bakers and Banks sports shop, go down the passage, and you will come to a large steel gate that leads to Anise garden. Just go through the garden, and down her entry, it will bring you out on the High Street it’s only a couple of minutes away.”

“Yeah okay, thanks. I will do that then in the future.” Rosie had taken a dislike to the women and started to walk away, as the woman spoke again.

“You went with Robert tonight didn’t you? Did he say about his house in Evesham Mews he’s having done up and the new car he’s driving belong to him? I bet he didn’t tell you about the mobile home he rents from Hansom's farm did he?” She added. “Bloody dreamer and a bloody liar that one.”

“Not that it’s any business of yours. I did entertain Robert this evening, and yes he did tell me about his house and car. What’s it to you anyway?” Rosie asked with a hint of aggression as she looked into the woman’s leather skinned droopy-eyed face.

“Oh entertained him did we? The woman replied sarcastically. “We are getting posh around here aren’t we? No, it’s nothing to do with me, but what he told you is all-my-arse sweetie. He ain’t got no house or a garage his new car is on hires for just the night from the big garage on the hill. Blackstone Motors; I think they’re called. He’s just a cheap conman; that's all he is.”

Just then an old man who appeared slightly drunk walked towards them and spoke to the women.

“Are you fucking working Megan or are you just going to stand there yapping, while I’m stood here waiting for you?”

“Sorry Ben, I’m just coming,” Megan answered as she moved away from Rosie and back into the doorway with the man.

Rosie felt a little disgusted as they started kissing, she could see he was grouping her. “Dirty old buggers,” She thought.  Walking another few yards a car pulled up. Making her way over to it she looked into the open passenger window at the young man at the wheel; he seemed to be a decent enough man, and there was nothing wrong with adding to the eighty pounds Robert had given her after all this was the only reason she was there. Money was her driving force nothing else. She had already toughened up to the ways of the street, and now was growing in confidence.

“Are you looking for business, honey? She asked as she smiled and eyed him up.

“Yeah what do you charge for straight sex? I don’t want any extras.”

“I usually charge fifty pounds but for you and because you have a nice face I will make you happy for forty, how’s that sound?”

“That sound just great sweetheart, jump in.” he said smiling at her sort of pleased with the deal.

Rosie got into the car, and he handed her the money; he had obviously done this before. Soon they were parked in a lay-by on the road out of town. Unlike Robert the man didn’t stand on ceremony, pushing his front seat back.

“That will give us a bit more room.” He said as he unzipped his trousers and pulled them down over his knees, they both knew why they were there.

He lay back in the seat; he was already erect. Rosie took from her bag a rubber and with ease slipped it over his hard-standing cock and climbed onto him. Taking a firm hold of his penis she gave it a few gentle pulls before guiding it past her pants and inserting it into her. She only moved a few times up and down on him when she felt him cum; she was a bit surprised at how easy it had been to earn forty pounds and hoped they would all be like this idiot in the future.

“Thanks, sweetheart I needed that!” He said as Rosie got back into the passenger seat and he pulled up his pants. She smiled at him as he started the car and took her back to Brooks Street. Wendy was standing in the doorway, and she walked over to her.

Hi, honey. How you getting on, have you been busy?” Wendy asked. “I hear you went with Robert; he’s a nice man and very wealthy, I’ve been with him a few time now.”


“Yes I have been putting a few under me you might say.” They laughed.

“I was bloody mugged in the underpass, and yes I have been with Robert, what is it with him anyway? According to the old bag in the doorway, he’s nothing short of being a pauper and lives in some rented mobile home on Hansom's farm.”

Wendy looked at the doorway and shouted. “What do you know about him you old lesbian witch” The old woman put her arm out and gave them the one finger salute.

They both laughed as they said in unison. “And you!”

“She doesn’t know what she's talking about, I think it’s all the prick, it’s affected her brain, not that it had much to do.”

“Yes well I must say I found him a nice bloke and he paid in full with a bonus, I was well satisfied in more ways than one I can tell you. Mind you I am a bit disappointed now I know it was all an act, and he wasn’t as I first thought a rich man.”

“He's a very wealthy, don't you worry about that. My old man used to be copper, and I can tell you he owns the house in Evesham Mews that he rents out for three and a half grand a month. She is right he lives in a mobile home I have been there a couple of times, but it's not rented he owns it and the farm. The bloke who works for him and looks after the farm lives in the farmhouse with his wife and kids. He also owns Blackstone Motors; it’s the massive garage at the top of Spinner Hill. Whoever gets him up the aisle will never want for anything again.”

“If he’s got all that I don’t understand why he comes down here for girls, I would have thought the girls he uses would be five hundred pounds and more a night, no wonder he gave me a bonus.” Rosie moaned a bit disgruntled at the thought she might have missing out on a huge payday.

“He does go with them, but they are honey out of our league. He takes them on business trips and entertains them in some of the top hotels around the world. He only comes down here when he wants a bit of rough, and both you and me and fit the bill perfectly.” She laughed. “Maybe if we practiced using the right knife and fork along with asking for cars and holidays before playing with his little cock he would think more of us after all the jet set tarts have only got fanny's same as us. “They both laughed as Rosie added,

“Yea, but they might not be so worn out as our, and they might be studded with diamonds, and if you think he's only got a little cock you've been spoiled my girl, that's all I can say.” They both laughed.

A blue Rover parked by the curb and the driver signaled he wanted one of the girls to come over. Wendy looked at Rosie.

“You have this one I’ve got a taxi coming; I’m on my way home now.”

“Yeah thanks, this will be my last tonight,” She said as she made her way over to the car. The driver looked her up and down.

“Have you got a room where we can go? I don’t do it in the car.” He said with a take it or leave it sort of attitude.

“No sorry, I’ve not.” Rosie replied looking at him and wondering if she should take him back to her flat but decided against it. There wasn’t any need anyway, she was doing all right with money in her bag, she didn’t need him. She walked back to Wendy.

“Okay, thanks.” The guy said as the car pulled away and stopped further up the street.

“What’s up with him then are you to expensive for him?” Wendy said as she Rosie joined her.

“He never asked the price, only if I had a room or not, I thought about taking him back to my place but changed my mind, I didn’t want to start that game, not yet.”

“No you’re right, never take them back to your house, it like being at bloody work all day if you do.” They giggled. “I tell you what, if you like you can share my room, I rent it off a chap who knows my old man. Nineteen Highfield Road, it only a five-minute walk from here. What do you think?”

"Yes, that would be great, thanks," Rosie, replied enthusiastically.

“Well, my Taxi is here now. Are you here tomorrow? She asked.

“Yes, I will be here, got to try and pay a few bills.”

“Great! We can sort all out then; I will get another key cut for you, see you later.” Wendy said as she walked to the Taxi and got in, giving Rosie a little wave as it speed away.

Rosie gave a drunk quick hand-cranks in the shop doorway and realised it was about one in the morning. In any event, the street had become quite only the occasional car pulling up returning a girl back to the street. Rosie decided to make her way home; she had got to call round to Clair's and pick Tommy up.  She phoned for a Taxi, and it wasn't long before she was sitting in the back being driven to Clair's. When she got there, Clair told her Tommy was fast asleep, and it seemed a shame to wake him, and she would bring him round to her in the morning. Rosie got home about three; paying the Taxi driver with a quick feel and hand crank, he gave her his personal number if she needed a cab again rather than go to the office where there was a record of her call.

Rosie was pleased to be closing the door behind her after a long hard night. Going straight into the bathroom and had a long hot shower before getting her nightclothes on and making ready for bed. Sitting on the bed, she emptied the contents of her bag out and counted her night's takings. “Wow! She thought, Robert was right and her bag was full of money; one hundred and seventy pounds. Equivalent to three weeks worth of giros. As she climbed into bed looking around the room at little Tommy’s empty cot, she thought how much she missed him and how drab the room was. She decided the next day she and Clair would go shopping; she would buy Tommy some new clothes and some wallpaper and paint and do up the flat, that hadn’t had a makeover in years. Reflection on the night’s events, she went to sleep.

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