Tales from Whipping Willow

Tales from Whipping Willow

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Sir Niko (Nee Koh) and Sassbrat live in Whipping Willow, a private, gated, lifestyle exclusive community founded by Sir Niko 10 years ago. It's a haven of pleasure and pain.


Sir Niko (Nee Koh) and Sassbrat live in Whipping Willow, a private, gated, lifestyle exclusive community founded by Sir Niko 10 years ago. It's a haven of pleasure and pain.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Sassbrat

Author Chapter Note

Sassbrat (Jayde) talked back to Sir Niko. She shouldn't have. <br /> <br /> This is going to be more of a series of short stories.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 26, 2010

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 26, 2010



He paced around the chair. I was in time out. "Sassbrat, that's your name for today, tell me why you're in time out?"

"I sassed you, Sir." I fidgeted. I don't know what came over me. I knew better than to talk back.

He put his finger under my chin and pulled my face upward. "Kneel."

I slid onto the floor and got into position.


"Suck it. Apparently, you need something in your mouth to keep it from getting you into trouble." He pressed his hard cock to my trembling lips. This was just the beginning. He did this when I talked back.

I wrapped my warm lips around his swollen head and hummed, trying to distract him.

Wrong move.

He really enjoyed this, but he knew exactly what I was up to.


He gently tapped me on the head. That was my queue to stop or else. I was just delaying and stacking more punishment on myself. I obeyed and continued nursing his cock.

He controlled his responses well, to a point. "What you did calls for drastic measures." He took a deep breath, "Public punishment."

He pulled his cock from my mouth. "You'll finish this later, young lady." He did it on purpose, not allowing me to finish. He knew that later he'd more than fill my mouth with his hot come.

Oh noooo....Public punishment. The humiliation. Why can't I just control my mouth?

He zipped his pants up, spun around and walked out the back door. I followed him, my heart racing and my palms sweating.

The air was warm and just a bit windy. A few puffy white clouds dotted the bright blue sky.

My reverie came to an abrupt end. "Take off everything except your panties." Removing my panties was his job. It made his cock even harder when yanks my panties down and exposes my ass for punishment.

I stood, head lowered, body in position. I removed my black satin mini skirt and matching cami. I unfastened my zebra striped bra, letting it fall at my feet with the rest of my clothes. I was naked except for the black lace panties that covered what dignity I had left.

"Tell me again why you're being punished."



I jumped and screeched. His stinging swats blistered my ass.

"I-I talked back to you, Sir."

My legs shook.

"That's the third time this week. A Punishment Party is in order." He grabbed my hand, pulling me to the end of the picnic table. "Bend over. Stay. I'm going to call the group together."

I had no choice but to do as I was told. I'd tried running the first time, but Ilearned that was NOT the thing to do.

ThePunishment Partyis reserved for whenI push him too far. Most of the public punishmentsare just he and I, but the neighbors who happen to be outside look on. To top it all off, one of the couples will win the right to punish me, however they see fit.

Holy crap! I should just sew my mouth shut.

The grass rustled as he walked away. By the sound of it, he was headed toward the 'tool shed'. It really wasn't a tool shed it was more of a toy shed; whips, paddles, butt plugs and all manner of humiliating and punishing devices adorned the walls and shelves.

He fussed about in the shed, mumbling. Icouldn't hear exactly what he said but I didn't need to. It meant only one thing, I was in for it.

He placed the items he'd chosen on the picnic table where I could see them.

The dildo drill grinned back at me, or so it seemed. It's a strange device, part power drill and part dildo. It rams me hard and fast. He only uses this to punish my ass, which it does really well. A rather large butt plug sat smugly beside it.

He flipped out his cell. "Madame Crimson, Sir Niko. Assemble the group. Punishment Party. My place. Immediately.” That’s all it took, one call. That set the wheels in motion. One person calls the other and so on.

“Open your mouth.” He slid the dildo end of the drill in my mouth. “This is all the lubrication you’re going to get, so lube it well.” I wetted it the best I could. He pulled it from my mouth and pulled down my panties. “Offer up.”

I stepped out of my panties, straddled my legs as far as I could and pushed my ass out and up, offering it for his use.

“This is just the beginning.” He parted my ass cheeks and pushed the dildo inside.

Whirr, buzz, whirr, buzz.

The dildo drill rammed my ass rapid fire. I squirmed and squealed.

“Stop squirming. You disrespected me. This is what you get.” I did the best I could to stop moving. My ass hurt and the humiliation ate at me. Tears streamed down my cheeks. He continued his assault with the drill in full view of the neighbors.

My nipples hardened. They hurt, being pressed against the rough wood of the picnic table. My clit throbbed. I gushed. Moisture trickled down my thighs.

The drill stopped and he pulled it from my sore ass. He plucked the large butt plug from the table. His fingers opened my ass to whoever cared to look. The licked my freshly violated hole. “There.” He seated in deep. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes, Sir Niko.” The ribs and nubs on the butt plug rubbed against my tender anal walls.


I remained in place, exposed and humiliated.

The kinky swarm of guests descended. I remained splayed and displayed for all to see. Heat flushed my face. I wanted to close my legs and run inside. I resisted the urge.

Madame Crimson and her sub Troy were the first to arrive. “Kneel behind this disobedient sub Troy. I want you to observe her humiliation.”

“Yes, Madame Crimson.”

She walked behind me. Her finger traced the offending object in my ass. “You’ve been very bad. What did you do?” She massaged my cheeks and squished them together which made my tender hole hurt worse.

“I talked back to Sir Niko, Madame Crimson.”

“You’re sorry now aren’t you, naughty girl?”

“Yes, Madame Crimson.”

“Too bad. It’s much too late for apologies. You see, Troy, what happens to naughty subs.”

“Yes, Madame Crimson.” I felt his gaze bore into my back end.

I swallowed hard. I’d been punished by her before and she always lived up to her name. If she won, my ass would be a deep crimson and I wouldn’t be able to sit for days. I could only hope Troy wouldn’t win the right for her to punish me.

Sir Niko addressed the crowd. “Thank you for coming. Sassbrat, Jayd’s new name for the day, sassed me again this morning. That’s the third time this week. And we all know that the third time is a charm for this naughty girl. Each sub will roll these five dice three times to get the best score possible. The scores will be tallied. The sub that throws the highest score wins the right for his/her couple to use all devices in the tool shed to teach miss sassy a lesson. Don’t limit yourselves. Use your imaginations.

The preparatory humiliation began. All of the guests paraded by one by one, touching and playing with my ass. They weren’t allowed to touch any other part of my body, yet.

Sir Niko took his turn as well and fingered my pussy. “She definitely needs discipline.” I felt him move to one side as he spread my cheeks and my netherlips exposing me to all gathered.

“Come here, Troy.”

“Yes, Sir Niko.”

I heard his steps come up behind me and stop.

“You may stick the object of your choice in either hole, but no body parts. That will be later.”

Troy parted my cheeks and removed the butt plug.

What he did next shocked me. No one, not even Sir Niko had ever done that to me before.

The smell of smoke wafted in the air.

I felt my cheeks part. Warm, soft smoke pushed up my ass. I writhed and moaned. I was so embarrassed. He pushed something in.

“I’d love to see your reaction when you watch your punishment review.”(Punishment parties were always recorded. Every Dom rec’d a copy. The reviews were watched later when everyone went home. “That cigarette looks great up your ass, bad girl.”

“You’re dismissed. Thank you Troy.”

“Thank you, Sir Niko.”

His footsteps hastened back to Madame Crimson.

“Only one couple will be chosen to exact Sassbrat’s punishment.” Sir Niko paced back and forth. Let’s start the dice rolling. In the event of a tie there will be a roll off.”

The cigarette continued to burn. Time stood still as they rolled and tallied the results. The subs that didn’t win knew they’d be punished later, when they got back home.

Master Min came up behind me, spread me wide and removed the cigarette. It was getting too close and would’ve burned me. I thanked him.

“You’re welcome, naughty girl. I wouldn’t want you to get burned except for when Sir Niko loans you out to me and I burn that ass red over my knees.”

“Yes, Master Min. I’ll be good.”

“I know you will, but you’ll be spanked anyway.”

“Yes, Master Min.”

“Ok. Game over. Relax. I’ll tally the results and be back in a few minutes.” Sir Niko took the tally sheets back to the ‘tool shed.’

The yard bustled with excitement. The party goers continued their taunts, waiting for my public punishment and further humiliation.

Too soon the results were in.

“The winning couple is…” A hush fell over the crowd. “Master Min and his slave Sage.”

I knew nothing about this couple. They were new to Whipping Willow. They looked harmless enough. I relaxed. Little did I know that my new found relief would be so misguided.

“Sassbrat, Master Min and Sage are the lucky winners. You’ll show him the proper respect.”

My earlier benefactor reappeared at my side. He was tall, handsome and a bit foreboding as he leaned down close to my face. “Sassbrat, I’m, Master Min. I’ll be your Punish Master.” He probed my pussy and explored my body. “It’s unfortunate that we meet under such circumstances. Your pain is my gain.” My ass clenched and my body shook.

“M-master Min how may I be of service?” Sir Niko had drilled the response into me.

Master Min fondled my ass. “First display yourself to me.”

I reached behind me and opened myself to him.

“You’ve been sassy. Is that true?”

I was so embarrassed, spread eagle, displayed for all to see.


My cheeks bounced and burned, fiery hot from Master Min’s fierce blows.

“Answer me or I’ll thrash not only your ass but your asshole as well.”

I choked, “Y-yes Master Min. I talked back to Sir Niko.”

“Will you learn from this? What do I need to do?” He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

“I won’t do it again Master Min. Mercy, please.” He released my head.

“No mercy. This is the third time this week. Get on your knees and face me. Make sure you’re in the correct position. You do NOT want to displease me.” I’d been on the picnic table so long I was stiff. I pushed myself up and kneeled at his feet.

“Sage, come here.”A slender, beautiful brunette kneeled in front of him right beside me. “Gel treatment.”

“Yes, Master Min, as you wish.”

Sage held out her hands. Master Min put some tiny gels pills in her palms.

“Sassbrat, look at me.” I obeyed. “Turn around, spread your legs, ass in the air, shoulders to the ground. Now.”

I scampered and got into position.

“Good girl, Sassbrat. Sage, insert the gels.”

“Yes, Master Min.”

Sage examined me. Hot breath grazed my ear. “You’ve been a very bad girl. Master Min will leave a lasting impression. Prepare yourself.” She relished in my humiliation.

She inserted the gels in my pussy and ass. The burn spread from the inside out. “Keep your legs spread. Master’s orders.”

I writhed. My pussy dripped and my clit throbbed. I tried to crawl away.

“Sassbrat. Stop. Stay! Sage get the paddle and beat her butt.”

I knew that tone. I stopped in my tracks.

“Yes, Master Min.”

I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Get back into position with your ass in the air.” I got back into position awaiting my punishment.

Sage returned from the shed and kneeled. She had the paddle with the heart shaped holes in it.

“Get into place Sage. Kiss each cheek then blister her butt good. Make me proud.”

She rose from the ground and got behind me. Soft lips pressed against my cheeks.

Whap!Whap!Whap! Whap!Whap!Whap!

She rained down stinging blows on my upturned ass. She let me have it in no uncertain terms. I jumped and screeched.

“Shhh…” Sage stroked my face.

I wanted to scream, but I didn’t. It would’ve been much worse for me if I had.


My legs trembled. Something in the way she spoke and swung the paddle told me that if she punished me right, Master Min would reward her well.

“Enough Sage. Put the paddle down. You’ve made me proud. Go kneel beside Madame Crimson.”

She acknowledged his command and patted my burning as. “Master Min will finish your punishment.

Sage had blistered my butt good. I knew I wouldn’t be sitting for at least a day. She had a fierce swing, for a sub.

“Sassbrat, to the tree.”

“Yes, Master Min.” I walked with, with great pain, to the tree.

“Niko, would get me the ropes and shackles please.”

“With pleasure, Min.”

Soon Sir Niko returned with the rope, shackles and the stakes.

“Up against the tree, Master Min ordered. “Arms up, legs spread.” The tapped the inside of feet. I did as I was told.

He wrapped my wrists with the soft rope. He flung it over a large limb above my head and secured them.

Sir Niko drove the stakes into the ground beside my feet.

Master Min secured my ankles to the stakes with the gleaming steel shackles.

“I took the liberty of bringing one of my ice condoms. I put it in our cooler covered in ice to keep it hard. Just in case I won the chance to punish you.” He felt up every inch of my body. “I’ll be right back.”

WTF is an ice condom?

Master Min came back holding the ice condom. He leaned in close, “The key to the shackles was put into a condom filled with water and frozen. It’s double wrapped to protect you from freezer burn.” The crowd chuckled. I wasn’t amused.

I shivered visibly shaken. “A condom made of ice?”

“Yes, Sassbrat. The key, along with a length of pull string, was frozen in the condom. The only was to be released from the shackles will be up your ass. When it melts, you’ll be able to retrieve the key.”

I was speechless.

“Suck on this.” Master Min put the ice condom to my mouth.

I did as I was told. It was cold and big. He pulled it from my mouth spread my ass cheeks and pushed it inside. I tried to wiggle to escape but it was hopeless.

He swatted my ass hard, “This is only a fraction of your punishment. It will stay until it melts.” I was in no position to argue.

“Flogger, please, Sage.”

She acknowledged his command and retrieved the flogger. “Return to your spot.” She trotted off and returned to her spot beside Madame Crimson.

Without warning the thrashes began. He criss crossed my shoulders, middle back and upper thighs, stopping to pay special attention to my ass. The backside of my body was burning from the thrashes of the flogger. “Now ten more on your bare, red bottom. What do you say?”

“Thank you, Master Min for my punishment.”

“Good girl.”

He wailed blows on my butt, harder than before, counting them down. My cheeks danced as my butt clinched around the frozen ‘treat’ inside my butt. It was so cold it hurt. But it was melting fast. “!0!” He shouted triumphantly. He reached over my head and released my hands. I lowered them slowly and hugged the tree to keep my balance.

Time passed while I waited for the condom to finally melt.

Master Min came up behind me. “I’m going to remove the condom and pull out the key. Hold still.” He spread me farther than I thought was necessary, but I remained silent. His fingers probed my ass while he removed the key and the deflated condom. My butt was so sore and cold. He released my ankles from the shackles. I felt a wave of relief thinking it was over. But that was short lived.

“The best is yet to come. Over the fuck bench now!”

I walked over and bent over the fuck bench.

“Sage. Get the ejaculating strap on and the pussy punisher strap on for me.”

She trotted off and retrieved them from a medical looking bag he sat beside his chair earlier.

“Here they are Master Min.” She held them out to him. “The ejaculating strap on is for you to use. Go stand at the front of the bench and wait.”

“With pleasure, Master.”

She took her place in front of me.

“Stay in position. I’m going to get my small crop. There are a couple places left to punish.”

Oh too soon he returned with the small crop. “Spread yourself. I’m going to blister your tender hole, your pussy and your clit.”

Trembling, I reached around and opened myself to him. I felt the warm air lick my exposed ass and pussy.


Quick terse spanks burned my tender hole. I squirmed and wiggled being careful not to let go.

“What did you do wrong?”

“I sassed Sir Niko.”

“That’s right, little one. Now that means I need to punish your pussy too. Keep it open wide. Spread your legs more.”

I complied the best I could.

More terse punishing blows blistered my netherlips.

“Now open up and expose your clit.”

This was so humiliating and I was so sore. But I did as I was told.

Three more crisp slaps punished my clit.

“Put your arms in position in front of you. Sage, drop your pants and put on the strap on.” Immediately her pants dropped and she strapped on the ejaculator.

I heard Master Min’s pants hit the ground as he strapped on the pussy punisher.

“Very good, Sage.”

Something cold spread around my hole. He pushed his cock in my ass and the punisher in my pussy.

“It burns Master Min. Please no!.”

“Be still, little one. I have to punish you properly.” I calmed myself the best I could. “Open your mouth.”

My lips parted. Sage shoved the ejaculating strap on in my mouth.

“Good girl.” He stroked my hair. I jumped when he shoved his cock and the punisher strap on into my sore holes. My eyes watered and my ass quaked.

Sage fucked my mouth slowly.

Back and forth they went violating my mouth, pussy and ass all at the same time.

Every hole ached.

“Ok Sage give her the juice.” The dildo spilled something the consistency of sperm down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed.

“Oh my gawd!” Master Min fucked me relentlessly from behind. “Good girl. Stay. I’m going to come up your pretty reddened ass.” He slammed into me his hot come filling my ass. He gave me a few more hard strokes for good measure and pulled out.

“Put yourself back together Sage and take your place again.”

“Yes, Master Min.”

“I’ll turn you over now to Niko. Remain in position.” I heard him pull up his pants and zip them up.

“Now young lady you’re going to come for me in front of everyone.”

“Yes, Sir Niko.”

“Open yourself to me. Expose your clit.”

With trembling hands I reached down and opened myself to him. He stood to one side so everyone could see. He pushed a finger into my pussy pressing on my g spot while he flicked my clit.

My legs shook as the pressure built.

“Come now.”

“Y-y-yess, Sir Niko. I’m coming, Please ram me hard. Please!” I begged as a totally mind blowing orgasm overtook me. I gushed and screamed in pleasure. All eyes were on me.

“Very good. You were sorely punished so I made you come in front of everyone for the finishing touch. You may get up and get dressed now.”

“Thank you, Sir Niko.”

Dinner will be served in 20 minutes. Stay and enjoy the atmosphere. I hope you all had a good time. Thank you, Master Min for being the Punish Master today.”

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