the brooks point incident

the brooks point incident the brooks point incident

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


John is starting his life over alone and in a one bedroom apartment, but soon finds that the apartment building is also inhabited by vampires. comments welcome


John is starting his life over alone and in a one bedroom apartment, but soon finds that the apartment building is also inhabited by vampires. comments welcome


Submitted: November 24, 2012

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Submitted: November 24, 2012



So this is starting over. John thought as he looked around the nearly empty one bedroom apartment. He stood at the bar that separated the living room and the kitchen looking at the couch, the small entertainment center with the 19" TV and the DVD player. There was no end tables or coffee table, and no pictures hanging on the wall.

He was starting over, and the life he had led before was one he wished to forget. Sure he loved his ex-wife and kids, but the drugs had ruined every ounce of that life.

In the divorce settlement, he was not granted custody, which was no surprise to him, or any visitation what-so-ever. Which had seemed to just brightens the kids' day.

John walked around the bar and sat on the couch. He turned on the television and flipped through the stations as quickly as he could. He had no interest in watching anything at all, but he needed something to distract his mind.

Before he could flip through every channel, he gave up the fight with his self loathing and turned the television off. John stared at the blank screen trying to think of a time when he, Julia, Matt and Danielle had been a happy family, but all that came to mind was the drug induced hazy that he had lived in for the past three years.

In all truth, the drug induced hazy he was still living in.  His drug use had dwindled drastically, but it was still a major part of his life.

John leaned his head back and stared absently at the ceiling.

What the fuck are you doing John? He asked himself.

Fucking up your life.

Was the answer he heard repeating in his head in the voice of Julia, what had once been the voice of reason in his life.

He had had it all at one time in his life. A great job at one of the top banks in the state, a huge home with a large backyard for the kids, friends. But one night with the wrong crowd had started his downward spiral that he seemed to still be sliding down.

Tomorrow he would look for work, any kind of work he could find, no matter how meaningless. He needed a job, he had spent the last of the money he was left after the divorce to rent this small cramped apartment

John sighed heavily before the darkness of sleep swept over him.


John awoke with a start. He was still in the same position he had fallen asleep in, and his neck was stiff. He leaned his head forward and rubbed his neck. The apartment was eerily silent, and dark. John didn't know what time he had fallen asleep, but it was early. He remembered flipping through more than one talk show, so it had to be before or a little after noon.

The only light in the apartment was from the street light shining in through the window.

John looked to the television and saw himself reflected, but there was something else in the reflection of the television. In the television, he could see a young boy, the boy looked no older then 5 or 6, dressed in a tattered white T-shirt, spotted with yellow stains. There was also darker stains around the collar. The boy had long blond hair that looked like it had been ages since it's last washing, and the boys skin was drawn tight around his cheeks and sunken around his eyes. John jumped off the couch and turned to the couch. He was alone in the apartment. John closed his eyes and shook his head. When he opened his eyes again, the couch was still empty, but a shape at the window caught his eye.

It was the boy.

John looked to the window to see the boy standing at the left edge of the window. The boy quickly turned and walked away.

John quickly made his way around the couch and shot across the living room to the front door. He knew the boy couldn't have gotten far, but he had gotten far enough away from the door that it wouldn't hit him.

He opened the door and looked down the balcony that ran the length of the apartment complex. The balcony was empty.

The only place the boy could've gone was down the stairs, so John ran to the stairs three doors down from him.

When he reached the stairs, he quickly turned only to take a step back, nearly throwing himself over the railing. Coming at him was a woman, he hadn't expected anyone to be coming up the stairs this late, or was it late, he didn't even know what time it was.

"You scared the shit out of me," the woman laughed.

"Sorry," John laughed back. He hadn't really looked at the woman yet, until now.

What he saw made him completely forget about the boy. This woman was breathtaking. She had long straight blondish-brown hair, and light blue eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness around them. She was wearing tight blue jeans, and a white button up shirt. The top two buttons of the shirt were undone, revealing the cleavage of the largest breast he had ever seen in his life. He had no idea who this woman was, but the sex crazed head between his legs told him he was going to know this woman inside and out.

John realized that neither had said a word to each other, and that he was staring. He smiled at her again and held his hand out to her.

"Sorry," he said. "I'm John Reynolds."

She took his hand. "Lorna Estees," She said smiling.

John lost all train of thought.

"Umm," He started but couldn't think of anything else to say. "Do you know what time it is?" he finally said, and felt stupid immediately. Here he was talking to the most beautiful and most sexually alluring woman he had ever seen and all he could think of the say was ask the time.

"It's 2:30 in the morning."

"Shit," he said. He had been asleep for over twelve hours.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was so late," he said. "I'm sorry, you must've been on your way to bed."

"No," she said. "I keep late hours."


"Oh," he said. "Well, I'll let you go. Besides, I have to get to bed."

That was far from the truth, he was far from tired. He just felt like an idiot, and couldn't come up with anything close to a pleasant conversation. All he could think about was the cleavage and what was under the shirt. He had to escape with what little dignity he had left.

"Okay," she said.

John nodded and turned away from Lorna. Halfway to his door, he was stopped by her voice.

"It was nice meeting you John," she called after him.

John stopped and turned to her. "It was nice meeting you too," he said with a smile.

"Maybe we could meet again when we can talk a little longer."

John smiled at her again. "That would be nice."

"How about tomorrow night about ten?"

Was she asking him out? He had no idea, but he knew he should jump on this right now.

"Sounds good," he said.

"Which one's yours?" she asked.

"207." he answered. His heart racing.

Lorna nodded and lifted a hand in a wave. "See you tomorrow then."

John nodded before turning shyly away from her. He reached his apartment and stepped in. Once the door was safely shut behind him, John did the one dumb thing all men do when he thinks no one is watching.

He did a ten second victory dance.

John had gone straight to the bedroom and laid down after meeting Lorna, but his long afternoon nap kept sleep from coming. He lay in his bed tossing and turning, closing his eyes, hoping sleep would come if he forced it, but nothing came of it.

There was nothing for him to do in his new apartment. No one for him to call. There was nothing he could do to make himself tired, except what he was doing, and that was far from working.

John rolled over onto his belly and reached for the digital alarm clock on the floor. He lifted it and looked at the red glowing numbers.


He had only been laying here for forty five minutes. Time was dragging and his eyes were starting to get heavy, but every time he closed them, he felt restless.

"Damn it," he said to the empty room. He wished he had something, anything, to keep himself busy, and make him tired.

John dropped the alarm clock on the floor and climbed out of bed. He walked straight to the living room, laid on the couch, and turned on the television. He flipped through the channels, finding something that caught his interest every once in awhile, but not really stopping to watch anything. His main concern was falling asleep. He needed money and the only way to get that was to find a job, which was his plan for the day. But he couldn't get any sleep tonight, he might just sleep through the day and then what?

He was fucked, that's what.

John lay there on the couch flipping through channels for hours. Once the sun began shining through the large living room window, he started to feel drag of sleepiness.

He held the remote loosely in his hand, pointing it at the television, preparing to change the channel yet again. His sleep heavy eyes rolled lazily toward the window. He saw the light of day coming and had time for one short thought.

So much for the job hunt today.

Sleep kept his mind from expanding on the thought.

John woke up shortly after the sun set. He set up on the couch, feeling more rested then he had ever felt in his life. Sure the day was gone, and with it any chance of finding a job, but God he felt so good at the moment.

He stood up and went straight to the bathroom. He took a quick shower and tried to occupy himself in the empty apartment, but there was nothing for him to do, and nothing interesting on the television. So, he did the only thing he could think of to pass the time, he went for a walk.


Brooks Point was a small town, John doubted there were more than 600 people living in the entire community. Uptown Brooks Point was populated with empty brick buildings, but there was a pizza place, a liquor store, a post office, a small grocery store, and a gas station. At nine o'clock in the evening, the pizza place and grocery store were closing for the night. The only places open were the liquor store and the gas station.

John didn't feel like drinking, so he found himself walking through the front door of the gas station. He bought a bottle of water, and a pack of cigarettes, then as a last thought as for an application. The stop took all of a minute from the night.

He soon found himself walking down the main street smoking a cigarette and taking long drinks from the water bottle. Three blocks from the gas station, he came upon a park.

John walked across the grass to a pavilion. He sat at one of the four picnic tables under the pavilion and sat enjoying the night air.

Shortly after ten, John was climbing the stairs to the second floor of the apartment building. When he reached the landing at the top of the stairs, he turned towards his apartment to see Lorna standing at his door holding a large baking pan covered with aluminum foil. John stopped, he hadn't forgotten about Lorna, but he didn't actually think she would show up. Now he felt like a real shit.

Lorna smiled at him. "I was starting to wonder if you were going to show up."

"Shit," John whispered. "Sorry, I didn't think you were actually going to show up."

"Why wouldn't I?" she asked.

John couldn't answer that. At least not in a way that didn't sound corny. He just couldn't believe that a woman as beautiful as her would want anything to do with him. He felt and had proven to himself that he was a loser, and that's what he felt like.

"Not to sound like a bitch," she said still smiling. "But this is heavy."

"Oh," John said finally walking towards her and his apartment, digging the keys from his pocket as he closed in on her and the door.

Lorna stepped aside to allow him to open the door. Once the door was open, he turned to her.
"Let me take that."

"Thank you," she said handing the pan over to him. She was right, it was heavy, and just a little warm. John didn't know why, but she stood there looking at him a moment. "Go ahead," he said.

Lorna stepped in and turned the light on, John followed her in and set the pan on the bar. Lorna stepped up to the bar next to John and started taking the foil off the pan. John turned to her, she wasn't paying any attention to him. He took a moment and breathed in heavily. He could smell her and it was intoxicating.

With the pan unwrapped, she turned to him and smiled. John took a glance at the pan to see a large roast, potatoes and carrots inside. It had been a long time since he had a meal like this.

"I hope you like roast," she said.

"Love it," he answered back.

They both filled a plate and went straight to the table. After eating in silence for what felt like forever, Lorna finally spoke up.

"So what brings you to Brooks Point?"

John finished the bite he was chewing before answering her.

"Well," he started. "I'm actually starting my life over."

"Really," she said.

"Yeah, well, I just went through a bad divorce and lost everything," he said. He didn't go into all the details, but it was a relief to actually talk about his situation. He and his family hadn't lived too far from here, but he knew no one here and maybe talking to some one, even if it was this sexy stranger, was just what he needed. "So, here I am trying to better myself and make a new beginning."

Lorna gave a short laugh.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said. "Well, it's just that I'm doing the same thing. Well, not exactly, but I'm here to make a new start for myself."

John smiled. "Birds of a feather," he said.

"Right," she answered back.

John took another bite of his roast. "Not to be nosey," he said after swallowing the bite. "But, why were you out so late last night?"

Lorna smiled again. "I'm a bit of a night owl."

"That's funny," John said. "Because yesterday I slept all day and was up all night."

"It's the transition," Lorna said.

John sat quietly for a moment. He had no idea what the hell she was talking about. What transition? "Transition?" he finally said.

"Yeah," she said. "I mean you just came from a marriage and a stable environment, and now you don't have that. You just need to get used to this new life style."

She was right. He was a new man now and that's a big transition from being married with children. John nodded and took another bite. The two finished their meal with small talk between bites of the roast and potatoes.

After they had finished their meal, John lit his ritual after dinner cigarette. He didn't think anything about Lorna as he lit it, it was just habit. He was about to put it out, but Lorna didn't say anything about it, so he kept smoking.

As he smoked, Lorna stood and carried their plates to the sink. She then returned to the table and put the foil back over the top of the pan. With that done, she put the pan in the fridge and went straight to the sink and began running dish water.

"Here," John said putting out his half smoked cigarette and standing. He crossed to the sink next to Lorna. "I'll wash, you rinse."

Lorna smiled at him.

There was only two plates, two forks, and two glasses, dishes would take all of two minutes. John washed the first glass and handed it to Lorna. She turned on the water and used the sprayer to rinse the glass out. As she sprayed the glass, a few drops splashed John.

"Sorry," Lorna laughed.

"It's okay," John said. "Just be a little more careful."

"So I don't do this?" she said spraying John in the face, soaking him from nose to chin. John stood there a moment smiling a lipless smile.

"Yeah," he finally said and reached for the sprayer. "Give me that."

John grabbed Lorna's wrist playfully and Lorna put the sprayer behind her back. John was now nose to nose with her. He felt his heart race, and the beginning of an erection.

"Now I've got you right where I want you," she said before she leaned in and gave him a passionate kiss.

Her lips were soft and warm, and her free hand felt good as she placed it on his lower back. John closed his eyes and let her kiss him before his conscience spoke up.

"Wait," he said pulling back from her. "Don't take this the wrong way, but should we really be doing this?"

"Why not?" she asked leaning in to kiss him again. John pulled back further.

"Well, we just met. You really don't know me."

"I am a grown woman," she said smiling. "And quite capable of making my own decisions."

Lorna leaned in to kiss him again. John didn't pull away from her this time. As she kissed him, Lorna let go of the sprayer, letting dangle over the edge of the sink, and wrapped her arms around John's neck. John followed her lead and wrapped his arms around her waist.

In a matter of seconds, Lorna jumped up and wrapped her legs around John. John placed his hands under her rear to support her. Lorna pulled away from him and quickly pulled his shirt over his head. Once his shirt was off, Lorna planted a short kiss on his lips before putting her lips against his ear.

"Take me to your bedroom," she whispered.

John didn't have to be told twice. He turned and carried her to the bedroom. With every step he took, Lorna planted light kisses on his chest and shoulders and neck. When they reached the bed, John gently set her on the foot of the bed. Lorna let go of John and backed up until she was against the head board. She then took her own shirt off. She wasn't wearing a bra and John could do nothing but stare at her breast.

John crawled onto the bed and crawled until he was over her. He kissed her again. As he kissed her, his hands were busy unbuttoning her pants. With her pants unbuttoned, he pulled away from her and slowly slid her pants off.

Lorna now sat completely nude and breath-taking. She was chewing on her bottom lip and her legs were bent at the knee. John could only stare at her, his body felt paralyzed. The paralysis broke and he leaned forward, planting kisses on her knee, then moving slowly toward her inner thigh. Lorna closed her eyes and moaned as John slowly made his way to her crotch. When he reached her crotch, he slowly ran his tongue up both sides of her vagina. He felt her move with him every time his lips touched her skin.

After feeling like he had tortured her enough, John ran his tongue the full length of her moist vagina. Lorna took a loud breath and arched her back. He let his tongue explore her for a moment before finding the soft smooth skin of her clitoris. As he sucked it into his mouth, she inhaled deeply, making a hissing noise.

As John sucked her in and out of his mouth, he unbuttoned his own pants and began sliding them off. When he felt his pants bundled up at his feet, he kicked them onto the floor. The sound of the loose change in the pocket rattled as they hit the floor, but John was so engrossed in the matter at hand, he didn't notice.

It wasn't long before Lorna was moving her hips up and down in sync with the work he was doing with his mouth. Her moans filled the room, and her legs would squeeze his head when he would let her clitoris slid from his mouth and run his tongue the length of her.

Once his lips started to numb, he felt something soft and round touching the tip of his penis. It began to slowly slide down his shaft and he suddenly realized what it was. It was her toe. As her toe moved further down, he felt the ball of her foot against him. This new sensation excited him to no end. Soon the soft skin of the arch of her foot was quickly moving up and down his penis, then joined by the other foot.

John and his ex-wife had never done things like this, hell, he was lucky if she let him take her doggy-style. She was strictly a missionary girl, and no oral sex what-so-ever. And now here he was doing something new, and he loved it.

He soon found himself moving his hips with her foot. He felt ridiculous, but Lorna kept going, and kept moaning, so he didn't stop until he felt himself orgasm. He knew that he had exploded everywhere, even on her foot.

John took a moment and lifted his head enough to look over her stomach and breast to her face. She had her eyes closed and was still chewing on her bottom lip. If she had noticed the warm sticky stuff on her foot, she either didn't care or that's what she wanted.

Either way, John lowered his head and went back to work. It wasn't long before Lorna grabbed a handful of his hair in both hands, pushing his face further into her, and her hips began to move faster and harder. A matter of moments later, Lorna stiffened and orgasmed herself. John felt his mouth fill with her and revealed in it.

Lorna then collapsed under him and he sat up. Looking at her, he felt his erection returning. Lorna sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him close to her.

"That was the greatest thing I ever felt," she whispered breathlessly. "If that was foreplay, I can't wait for the real thing."

John smiled. "I'll do my best."

Lorna smiled. "I know you will," she said before kissing him. As she kissed him, she lay back, pulling him down with her.

John pressed himself against her, and felt her open up to him. Slowly and gently he entered her. Lorna arched her back and inhaled deeply. He started out slow, working his way towards harder and deeper thrust as he felt she was ready for it. Once he was going with all his might, the room filled his her moans and the sounds of their hips coming together.

After what felt like ages of pleasure, Lorna wrapped her lips around his shoulder and bit down hard. John moaned in pain and pulled back. In the dark room he saw Lorna's face, there were two thin trickles of blood running down the corners of her mouth. Lorna opened her eyes when he stopped.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"You bit me," John said breathlessly.

Lorna looked at his shoulder, her eyes widening. "Sorry," she said and leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss on the bite.

John smiled. "It's okay, that just means I'm doing something right."

Lorna smiled back. "Dam right you are."

John ignored the pain in his shoulder and Went back to the full thrust he had just paused from. The short pause was a nice distraction, it made the sex that much longer.

The two had finally used up the last bit of energy they had just as the sun appeared on the horizon. John rolled over and Lorna cuddled up close to him.

"That was the greatest thing I ever felt in my life," she said kissing his chest and neck.

"I tried," John smiled and kissed the top of her head.

Soon the two were fast asleep.


John woke up long after the sun had set and the night sky covered Brooks Point. He rubbed his eyes and looked to the other side of the bed. Lorna was gone. In her place was a single piece of paper. John sat up and picked the paper off the pillow.

I'm sorry, but I had to leave. Don't think bad of me, I promise I'll be back to see you some time tonight. Last night was great, but maybe we can have a better night tonight.



John read it twice, smiling both times. He liked the fact that she wanted more of him, but the love at the end scared him. He didn't love Lorna, sure she was beautiful, and great in bed, but that wasn't enough to call it love, hell, he didn't even know her. They had just met two nights ago.

After the second time reading the note, he let it fall to the floor as he sat on the edge of the bed. He stood and picked his pants off the floor, reached in the pocket and pulled out his cigarettes and lighter.

As he walked to the bathroom, he lit the cigarette. He stopped long enough at the bathroom door to flip the light on, then crossed to the mirror.

Just as he had expected, there were teeth marks on his shoulder where Lorna had bit him last night. The marks weren't deep enough to need stitches, but they were deep enough to bleed. John wetted a rag and wiped the dried blood from his shoulder. As he wiped the dried blood away, more blood dripped from the teeth marks.

John opened the medicine cabinet and looked for a bandage. There was only a tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, a razor and shaving cream. No bandages here.

"Shit," he whispered and turned away from the mirror. He went straight to the bedroom and picked his pants off the floor again. He reached into the other pocket and pulled out what little money he had left. A five and a handful of change. Not enough for cigarettes and a box of bandages.

John slid his pants on and headed for the kitchen. He didn't have bandages, but maybe a paper towel would do the job for now.

After using masking tape and a paper towel as a make shift bandage, John left the apartment and headed straight for the gas station.

John had intended the stop to take no more then a minute. He was just going to get a pack of smokes and leave, but once he opened the door and saw the policeman standing at the counter talking to the woman at the cash register and the old farmer leaning back against the counter, he knew that this was going to take longer.

He stepped up behind the policeman and couldn't help but listen in to what was being said.

"Yup," the policeman said. "We found them on top of the play set that was installed last year."
"Oh my," the cashier said. "Those poor kids."

The policeman looked at John and stepped aside. John asked for a pack of cigarettes, and the policeman kept talking.

"Both were sixteen years old," he said.

"And you say their throats were tore out?" the old farmer asked.

"Yeah," the policeman said. "Not exactly the kind of thing you want to see first thing in the morning."

John took his cigarettes and turned away as the policeman told his tale of murder in a small town. John had been there last night, but he couldn't remember seeing any teenagers.


An hour later, John found himself sitting on the couch with the television on, but not watching it, and a cigarette burning in an ashtray, but not smoking it. His mind was on other things. He remembered being at the park last night, but he didn't remember leaving the park. From the time he tossed his finished cigarette away to the time he reached the apartment building was a blank.
Behind him the door to the apartment opened and Lorna walked in, but John was too immersed in his own thoughts to notice until she was straddling his lap and had her arms wrapped around his neck.

"Hello John," she said before kissing him.

John absently kissed her back. Lorna pulled away from him and cocked her head.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Did you hear what happened at the park this morning?" he asked.


"They found two kids with their throats ripped out."

"That's gross," she said wrinkling her nose.

"That's not the worst part," John said. "I was there last night."

"At the park?"

John nodded.

"So, that doesn't mean anything."

"But I don't remember leaving the park."

Lorna sighed. "So, what?" she said. "You think you did it?"

John shrugged his shoulders. "I don't think I did, but like I said, I can't remember."

Lorna smiled. "Well, that's what you sound like your trying to say."

John leaned his head back against the couch. "I don't know what I'm trying say."

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw movement outside his window. He turned to the window to see the little boy from his first night in the apartment standing in the same spot he had been. This time, a little girl, as pale and homely as the boy, with long curly blond hair stood on the opposite side.

"What the fuck?" John said sitting up under Lorna.

"What?" Lorna asked.

"That kid is back," John said pointing at the window.

Lorna turned to the window. The kids looked at Lorna a moment before turning and walking away. She turned back to John. "That's just Paul and Gail," she said. "They live around here."

John turned to Lorna. "And their parents let them roam the streets at this time of night."

Lorna rolled her eyes. "Their mother is a drunk, who sleeps most of the time. So, the kids roam the street and people in around town feed them and sometimes even let them stay at the home for a night."

"And nobody's called family services?"

"Why?" Lorna asked. "Every one is like family around here. Besides, the kids are kinda every ones, and nobody wants them taken away. Hell, I've even took them in a couple of times. They are harmless."

"I just think it's a little crazy," John said. He wants far from father of the year, but he couldn't stand the thought of kids going through what poor little Paul and Gail were going through.

Lorna leaned forward and kissed him. "Forget about them," she whispered. "Their fine."

John only looked at her, and for some reason he did. He suddenly felt that since she said so, the kids were fine and there was nothing to worry about. But there was and he knew that too. He just didn't care right now.

Lorna leaned in further and set her lips on John's ear. "I couldn't stop thinking about you all day," she whispered.

Her warm breath against his ear sent chills up his spine and he felt the erection beginning. He tried to fight it, but couldn't. Lorna really knew how to get to him.

"It seems like you have been too," she said. John could hear the smile in her voice. Lorna kissed his ear, then began to kiss her way to his lips. When she reached his lips, John reached around and cup the lower curve of her ass.

Lorna stiffened and squeezed his upper arms. She was ready to go and John wasn't about to waste time. He stood up from the couch, Lorna wrapped her legs around him as he carried her to the bedroom.

John set her on the foot of the bed and slowly slid her pants off of her, getting to his knees and kissing her hip and upper thighs as he did so. Once her pants were piled on the floor, John took his own pants off. He remained on his knees, and raised high enough to kiss her, sliding himself between her legs.

Once he could feel her moist crotch against the tip of his penis, he looked down and watched as he entered her. Lorna stiffened and moaned, hugging him tight and pulling him closer to her. John pulled far enough away that he could look down and watch himself sliding inside her, then back out again.

He didn't know why it excited him so much, but it did. It aroused more when Lorna began moving her own hips against him.

John had no concept of time at the moment, but once the sun began brightening the room as it rose over the horizon, he finally climaxed, and Lorna soon followed. He had no idea what time it was when he had come home, and no idea what time they had come into the bedroom, but it didn't feel like it had even been an hour.

Either way, they were both pleased and exhausted. Lorna lay down, and John climbed onto the bed to lay next to her. As soon as he lay down, Lorna wrapped her left arm around him and laid her head on his chest. She gave him a light kiss on the chest before darkness started to fill his mind.

"I love you," he heard Lorna whisper, but he was already so far in sleep, he thought he dreamt it. So, he paid it no more attention.


As John slept, his dreams were killed with high pitched hissing, gargled screams, and a loud slurping sound. He sat up in bed, the sun coming in through the bedroom window nearly blinded him. John stood up from the bed and felt his way to the bathroom, his eyes closed against the burning light with every step.

When he reached the bathroom, he shut the door and reached for the light switch, but stopped. He opened his eyes to find that it was bright enough in the bathroom that he didn't need to turn on the light.

John crossed to the toilet and relieved himself. After flushing, he walked back towards the door, stopping and glancing at himself in the mirror. The cuts on his shoulder from this morning where Lorna had bit him were nothing more then barely visible pink lines on his skin.

That was impossible. They were pretty deep this morning and now he couldn't even see them. This had to be a dream, it was the only explanation. John opened the door, closing his eyes against the light that filled the apartment and made his way back to the bedroom.

When he reached the bedroom, the first thing he did was take the comforter that lay wadded on the floor and drape it over the curtain rod. The bedroom darkened enough that he could finally open his eyes. His eyes feel right on the form of Lorna.

She was facing him, the sheet covering her chest and belly, and her right leg draped over the sheet. John circled the bed, never taking his eye from Lorna. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't stop staring at her ass. It amazed him how the curve of her ass seemed to slope perfectly into the small of her back. In all his nakedness, there was nothing holding back the erection he could feel growing.

He slowly climbed into the bed facing Lorna, keeping a few inches between them so's not to drive himself crazy with the feel of her soft silky skin against him. He lay there staring at her, wanting to touch her, but fighting back the urge.

Shortly after he had climbed into bed with her, Lorna backed herself up against him. His heart raced and he could feel the lower curve of her ass against the tip of his penis.

John was now shaking with excitement. He had never had anal sex with a woman in his life and always wanted to try it to find out what all the guys were talking about. But he also knew how much women hated that. So, he fought hard to keep from doing anything.

Lorna had made the first move moments ago by backing into him, and she did it again by pressing her ass against his crotch. John felt his penis push between her butt cheeks until he could feel her tight anus against his shaft. Lorna lifted her hips slightly and moved the head of his penis to her anus. John could do nothing more then lay there, heart racing from the anticipation of what may come.

He could feel her anus tightening and contracting against him, almost beckoning him to enter. John couldn't take anymore. He gently pushed his hips forward and felt himself entering her. Lorna turned her head and buried her face in the pillow.

John lay a hand on her hip as he slid in and out of her. Lorna quickly grabbed his hand and held it tight as she rolled over onto her belly, pulling John with her. John propped himself up and found a momentum that pleased him, and from the sounds of it, pleased her as well.

The anticipation had been too much and he climaxed quickly, but Lorna wouldn't let him stop, until she finished. It wasn't long before she climaxed too.

Lorna lowered her hips to the bed, releasing John. John lay on his back next to her, breathing heavily. As soon as he was down, Lorna rested her head on his chest and the two were deep asleep shortly after.


John woke up alone again. There was a note on the other pillow, but John didn't pick it up, instead he stood up from the bed and went straight for the bathroom. John stood at the mirror and stared at his shoulder in the reflection. The pink marks were now gone.

After leaving the bathroom last night, he had forgotten about the marks, just as he had forgotten leaving the park, and the two kids last night. He realized that Lorna was making him forget nearly everything. Was she hypnotizing him and making him do things he wouldn't normally do? He suddenly felt the way he did when he was experiencing a high from the numerous drugs he was consuming before the divorce.

Maybe it was time to cut Lorna out of his life.

John quickly stepped into the shower and cleaned himself as quickly as possible.
After the shower, he took his usual walk to the gas station, but when he reached the gas station, he found that he couldn't get in.

Yellow police tape blocked off the entrance to the gas station, and a crowd stood around the tape trying to catch a glimpse inside. John tried to push his way through the crowd to get a look inside, but no one would move. Finally a large woman shifted slightly, giving him a short glimpse inside.

The window of the front door, and nearly everything inside, were covered in a thin film of dried blood.

John's heart raced. He tried to think back to last night. He remembered coming here and hearing the policeman talking, but, just as with the park, he couldn't remember leaving. He quickly turned away from the gas station and walked back to the apartment, concentrating on every detail so's not to black out and find out more people were killed.

The whole was back, all he could wonder was if he had done the things that had happened over the past two nights.

John reached the apartment building and took the steps three at a time until he reached the top, then nearly sprinted for the door to his apartment. He would lock himself in, and maybe no one would be found dead tomorrow. He stepped into his apartment and quickly closed the door behind him and locked it.

John turned to see Lorna standing at the bar, a look of surprise on her face. He jumped at the sight of her and felt his legs give from under him. To steady himself, he leaned back against the door.

"You scared the shit out of me," he said defensively.

"Sorry," Lorna said taking a step towards him.

John held a hand up to her. "Please don't come any closer."

Lorna stopped. "Okay?"

John felt he could stand on his own, so he stepped away from the door. "Look, you're a beautiful woman and I love being around you."

Lorna smiled. "I feel the same about you."

"But a lot of strange things have been going on around me since you showed up," he started. "Like the park, there are three people dead at the gas station, which is where I was last night, and the fact that..."

John stopped.


"You bit me the other night," John started. "It was deep and bleeding, but last night it was nearly gone. Then when I got up this morning, it was gone."

"What am I suppose top say?" Lorna asked. "That I'm a vampire and I turned you into one."

"Is that the truth?" John asked.

"If it was," Lorna said slowly walking towards him. "Wouldn't it be wonderful? We could spend eternity together."

Lorna was now inches from him. She reached out and rested her arms on his shoulders.

"What if I said I don't want to live forever?" John asked. He wanted nothing more then to push her arms off him.

"I'd say you're crazy," she said with a smile.

John was about to open his mouth and say something when Lorna grabbed his shoulders. She lifted him slightly and threw him backwards. His back hit the door and splintered it. He could feel sharp edges of the wood rip through his shirt and stick into his skin.

Next, John's back connected with the railing along the walkway of the second floor. He felt his spine first bend backwards, then he felt each disk in his lower back explode. The pain flashed white in his head momentarily. Then he felt each nerve in his back stretch and snap in less the a second. After the nerves ripped, he felt himself turning upside down as he flipped over the rail, then falling. When he hit the ground, the top of his head connected with the sidewalk. He felt the skin of his head split open, followed by the cracking of his skull.

John lay there bleeding and wanting nothing more then to scream at the pain that now filled his body. He couldn't move any part of his body, or find his voice to scream. Moments after the fall ended, John could feel the splinters of his shattered disk following their previous trek back to their original position and reforming. He could feel each and every nerve probing inside his body to find the each and reconnect. In his head, he could feel the skull tightening as it healed the crack. He could feel the open cut on his head heal, and the sharp splinters of wood sticking out of his body were slowly being pushed out and his flesh heal around them.

He lay there wanting only for the pain to go away.

Lorna suddenly appeared, straddling his chest and pinning his shoulders down with her knees. "Sorry honey, but you no longer have the choice of wether or not you live forever."

"You did this to me," he said through clenched teeth.

"Just accept the gift you've been given," she said with a smile. "I'll help you through it."

John felt his strength come back and the pain of rehealing ended. "Fuck you," he said. He rolled over, knocking Lorna off him. Lorna now lay on the ground and John slowly stood over her. "Don't you ever come near me again," he told her pointing at her for emphasis before turning and walking away from her.

Lorna remained on the ground and watched John walk away.

When John had gotten in his car and drove away from the apartment building, he had no idea where he was going. He just had to get away from Lorna. His mind was a jumble of thoughts, all returning to the fact that his life was forever changed, literally. There was no way of changing the fact that he was a vampire and, according to what he knew from the movies, the never died.

He didn't want to live forever, he'd had enough pain and suffering to go on any more. And as bad a person he was, the thought of killing people to drink their blood was a moral war inside. Not that he was a religious man, but things like this really made one think. At one point in his life, the thought of living forever may have appealed to him, every one has that fantasy, but the older you get and the more hurt and stupid mistakes just made you think twice.

Now, here he was with that curse, and he had to find a way to end it.

For a moment, John let the world around him make itself aware of itself. He immediately knew where he was and what he was about to do. He had driven this road hundreds of times. It was the street he and his family had lived on.

John stomped the brakes, the tires squeaked a moment and John pulled the car over to the curb. A block and a half up he could see his old mail box and the flowers planted at their base. John sat and stared at the mailbox a moment trying to figure out why he had come here.

Did he come here to kill his wife and kids?

No, he was a fuck up for a husband, and an incompetent father, but he wasn't a killer. There had to be another reason.

It suddenly donned on him. He want this curse to end and he had to find a way to do it, so where is the best place for information like that?

The ever trusty internet, and this was the only place he knew of that he could get on-line.

He looked at the clock on the radio. It was 1:35. Every one in the house would be asleep, and he knew just how to get in without a key.

Years of being locked out of the when he was out getting high and not coming home until three in the morning had made him a master of breaking into his own house. He had always used a screwdriver, pried the door from the jam slightly and turned, popping the latch and opening the door. That was exactly what he would do tonight.

John went to the garage, which was never locked, and rummaged around the junk piled on the work bench until he found a flathead screwdriver. With screwdriver in hand, he walked around to the back of the house.

Two minutes later, he was sitting quietly at the computer in the family room.

John wasn't very computer literate, but he knew enough to get by. He clicked on the search box and typed in two words: Chatrooms, vampires.

After clicking on the search button, a long list of sites appeared. John spent the next few minutes scamming the list until one caught his eye.

The site was called The Lair, and was hosted by some one named VLADXVI. John clicked on the link and the screen was immediately replaced by a cartoon vampire, blood dripping from his long fangs, dressed in tight black clothes, a long cape flowed behind him and his white hair was forever caught blowing in the wind. Besides the vampire, the only other thing on the screen were the words Mythology and Chat flashing in bright red letters.

John moved the cursor to Chat. His finger hovered over the mouse button a moment before he finally pressed it. The screen was replaced with a chat room. VLADXVI must have been very popular, there were 35 other people in the room.

John sat back and watched the conversation, with no interest. They were mostly talking about what they were doing, one guy was trying to get any women in the room to cyber with him. The site was a complete joke. He was about to close out when VLADXVI finally acknowledged him.

VLADXVI: Y go quiet JOHN101?

John stared for a moment. He had no idea where to start.

JOHN101: I just had some vampire questions. I thought maybe I could get answers here.

VLADXVI: Ask away.

JOHN101: How do you kill a vampire?

There. Why not start with the real question on his mind.

VLADXVI: That depends on your school of thought. The Hollywood way is a stake through the heart, sunlight, garlic, and even forcing the vampire to look into a mirror.

JOHN101: And the other way?

VLADXVI: The only true way to kill a vampire is to destroy the heart, so a stake would do the trick.

JOHN101: what about sunlight? I thought that melted them.

VLADXVI: LOL. Sunlight doesn't kill vampires. Vampires are nocturnal, and have the night vision eyes, but it doesn't kill them. It just hurts their eyes. Just a way for Hollywood to distort the truth.

JOHN101: You talk as if they're real.

VLADXVI: And who's to say they ain't.

JOHN101: Okay, we got me there.

VLADXVI: So is that all you need John?

John thought for a moment. The whole reason he was here was to end the curse. Maybe this guy could help him. He had to at least try.

JOHN101: Just one more thing. How do you reverse the curse of the vampire?

VLADXVI: Many believe that if you kill the vampire who bite you, you'd turn human again.

JOHN101: Thanks.

VLADXVI: I'm not done though. There is a theory out there that Vampirism is actually a telekinetic virus and the only way to end the curse is to find the original host.

If John hadn't just had first hand knowledge that vampires really did exist, he'd think this guy was just talking out his ass. But at the same time, where was he getting his information. Was this guy a vampire too? He couldn't believe he was about to take this conversation where he was about to.

JOHN101: Can I ask you something else Vlad?

VLADXVI: Ask away.

JOHN101: How do you know these things? Are you a vampire?

VLADXVI: LOL. Come on John, you know as well as I do that vampires don't exist.

JOHN101: Then why do you talk like they do?

VLADXVI: In a way they do. Just look around you, there are real people who are so drawn to the idea of vampirism that they live the life style of a vampire. Until they either grow out of it, or die of old age.

JOHN101: But what about the idea of the telekinetic virus? Where does that come from?

VLADXVI: I read stories, the tabloid, and reports from this crazy guy who says he's the descent of the original Van Helsing. The original vampire hunter. He's a fake of course, but it's fun to lose yourself in the fantasy of it all.

John laughed under his breath. If this guy only knew.

JOHN101: Well thanks Vlad, you've been really helpful.

VLADXVI: YW. But if I may ask, what's this for?

John typed in the first thing that popped into his head.

JOHN101:I'm writing a vampire novel.

Without waiting for VLADXVI to write back, John closed out of the chatroom and shut the computer down.

When John finally got back to the apartment, the sun was starting to rise. He walked through the shattered door, thinking only momentarily that he should do something about it before walking straight for the bedroom.


Lorna was no where in sight. The best thing that had happened tonight. As soon as his head hit the pillow, he was asleep.

Outside, the sun rose, crossed the sky and set again. Inside, John slept.

Once the sun had set, John awoke and sat on the bed a moment before he come face to face with the reality of what had to be done. He had to kill Lorna.

When Lorna came through the shattered door later that night, John was sitting on the couch. His elbows rested on his knees, his hands were clasped in front of him, and he stared absently at the floor.

John didn't look at her as she came in.

As she tried stepping over the larger chunks of door, she nearly lost her balance. "I'm sorry about last night John," she said. "And I'll clean up the mess."

John finally turned his head toward her and gave a short laugh. He set his hands on the couch as he stood. When he was standing, he turned and walked around the opposite side of the couch. "I should kick you out after last night. That did hurt going through the door. Oh, and the landing didn't help any either."

"I know," she said looking away from him a moment. "I wasn't thinking when I did it, but I had to do something to make you believe what's happened to you."

"And there wasn't a less painful way to show me?"

John was now standing only inches from her.

"Look," she pleaded. "I can't say I'm sorry enough, but I am. I just..." she stopped and looked away again.

"You what?" John asked using his left hand to turn her face towards him.

"I think I'm in love with you," she finally said. "And I want to spend eternity with you."

"So that's why you bit me?"

"Yes," she said hesitantly.

John was stunned, here was a beautiful woman telling him she loved him, and only moments ago he was thinking about killing her. What was he to do?

Lorna wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in to kiss him, sealing her own fate as her lips met his.

When John had gotten up from the couch, he had picked up the one piece of the door he had picked up. It was 9 inches long and had a sharp point, sharp enough to pierce Lorna's heart. He had hidden the splinter in his right hand and when she leaned in to kiss him, he had lifted it and Lorna had leaned right into it.

Lorna gasped loudly and her eyes widened as the splinter pushed through her ribs and punctured her heart.  She pulled away from John enough to look down. In his hand she saw the splinter sticking from her chest, and the blood soaking her shirt around the entry point.

She looked back up at John, a tear cutting a trail down her left cheek, her eyes and mouth still opened wide. She stared at him a split second before hugging him tight, pushing the splinter deeper into her. She placed her lips against his ear and whispered softly to him.

John's eyes widened and his heart sank at the four words she whispered to him. Four words that would he knew would haunt him for the rest of his unnatural life.

Lorna then moved her lips from his ear to his lips. She gave John a final kiss before going limp in his arms.

 John looked at the dead body of Lorna, fighting the lump rising in his throat, then slowly lowered her to the floor.

John was knelling next to Lorna's lifeless body, her dying whisper echoed through his head. He tried, but nothing would silence those last four words.

I'm not a vampire.

And the worst part was, he didn't know if that was true or not. She had bit him. John had never felt so confused in his life. He knew he was a vampire, Lorna had proven that last night, and she was the only one who had bit him. So if she wasn't a vampire, who had turned him into one?

John didn't hear Paul and Gail walk into the apartment, but he felt their presence. John turned around, still on his knees so he was eye to eye with Paul. Paul was arms length away, and Gail stood behind him.

"You killed her," Paul said. His voice was high pitched and quiet, nearly bringing him to tears.

"She..." John started but didn't know how to finish. How could he tell these kids that she had allowed into her home that she was a vampire? There was no way. Before John could open his mouth to finish, Paul reached out and grabbed both sides of John's head. John was so surprised that he didn't have time to react before the apartment started to fade around him.

The apartment completely faded black, then the light came back, but he was no longer in the apartment. John was now standing on a wagon trail facing a small farm house. He didn't know how he knew, but he knew this place, and the time. It was Paul and Gail's home just outside Boston, the year was 1867.

John heard footsteps in the grass behind him and turned to see Lorna walking towards him carrying a wooden bucket. Water splashed over the edge of the bucket with every step. Lorna walked past him and John turned as she walked by. She couldn't see him.

John followed her as she walked into the house.

Inside, the farm house was one large room, with a ladder along the left wall leading up to a loft. John watched as Lorna set the bucket on the floor next to a large iron stove. There was a soft voice from the loft. Lorna stood and turned towards the loft. John couldn't take his eyes off her. Even in the low light of the farm house, she was so beautiful.

Lorna crossed to the ladder and climbed up to the loft. John followed her.

In the loft there were four beds. Two on each side of the loft. The two on the left side of the loft were occupied by two young children, the mother and father stood next to the beds looking down at the children solemnly.

John stepped to the bed as Lorna stood next to her mother and put her arm around her. Her mother looked to her, her eyes puffy from crying.

"Are they getting any better?" Lorna asked.

John stood between the beds and looked down to see Paul and Gail. They were thin, pale, and drenched with sweat. John could also see their breathing was shallow.

"No," the mother said and burst into tears again.

From outside came a loud scream. John walked to a small window and looked out to see a man and horse at the edge of the woods behind the house. The horse was black as night, and the rider was dressed in a long black cloak with the hood covering his head.

As John stared at the dark rider, he didn't know that behind him, Paul and Gail had sat up.

John heard the rustling of the covers behind him and turned just in time to see Paul and Gail attacking their mother and father.

Paul had his father's head bent to the side and had his face buried in his father's throat. Gail had pulled her mother down on the bed with her and lay on top of her as she tore her mother's throat out and drank deep the gushing blood.

When Paul and Gail finished with their parents, they both turned to Lorna who had backed herself against the wall beside John. The children leapt from the bed and pinned Lorna against the wall, but they didn't bite her. Instead, they tore flesh from their own wrist and both held their wrist against Lorna's mouth, wiping their blood over her lips.

As John watched Paul and Gail attacking Lorna, the world began to fade once again. When the light came back to the world again, John felt a moment of vertigo. John was now standing under the pavilion staring at himself four days ago.

Once the vertigo passed, he watched as his former self tossed away the cigarette he was smoking and stand. Then, he stopped and stood there stiff as a board, staring at the playground.

John turned to see what he had been staring at. It was the two teenagers.

They were walking his way, holding hands and giggling. Then they saw him standing there and turned and crossed to plastic play set in the center of the playground. As they climbed the ladder, John walked straight toward them.

John followed himself.

They both stopped at the bottom of the ladder and he watched as he turned around. John looked behind him and saw Paul and Gail standing behind him.

The two children climbed up the ladder. The real John stayed at the bottom of the ladder, but the other John climbed behind the children. When he reached the top, Paul and Gail already had the teenagers on their backs.

Paul and Gail had ripped the teenagers' throats open and was making loud sucking noises as they drank the blood pouring from the bodies below them.

Once again the world faded and reappeared. He was now standing in the gas station. The policeman, the old man, and the fat clerk were there, and he was getting ready to walk out the door. He stood next to himself and watched as he opened the door, letting Paul and Gail in. When they were in, He watched himself shut and lock the door.

He turned as Paul ran across to the policeman and tackled him. The policeman fell back into a shelf of candy, knocking it to the floor and sending candy bars skidding across the floor. There was a loud wet rip as Paul bite into the policeman's throat.

As Paul attacked the policeman, Gail jumped over the counter and knocked the clerk to the floor. John couldn't see what Gail was doing, but he could hear the clerk's gargled screams as Gail bit into her.

 The attack on the policeman and clerk was over in seconds. The old farmer, worried only about saving his own ass, ran toward the door, but John was ready for him. The farmer reached the door and grabbed the handle. He tried to push the door open, but it didn't budge.

Before he could push a second time, John watched as he grabbed the farmer around the collar of his flannel shirt and pulled him away from the door. There was a loud cracking as the force of John pulling the farmer from the door broke six of the man's fingers, the pinky finger of the farmer's left hand caught on a sharp edge and was severed at the first knuckle.

The farmer screamed as he flew backwards through the air. When the farmer landed, his head connected with the hard floor and his skull cracked open. The farmer's limp body lay on the floor twitching, and a pool of blood forming around his head.

When Paul and Gail drained their meals, they converged on the farmer, first licking up the blood from the floor, then going for the farmer's open head and drinking up the fresh blood.

The world began to fade again, and John hoped that when the world reappeared, he would be back in the apartment. He couldn't remember anything else. Then he thought about when he was bit, Paul hadn't shown him that yet. Either way, he would be back in the apartment.

But when the world came back, he was in the last place he wanted to be. It was the house his ex-wife lived at with their children.

"No," he whispered. He knew he was a bad father, there was no denying that, and he completely agreed with the courts on their decision not to allow him visitation of his children. But this was beyond him.

He was standing next to himself again, only this time, he was standing at the foot of the stairs looking up. Just beyond the top step, he could see the two doors opposite each other, the rooms his children were in, and he knew that just beyond the stairs was the door leading to his ex-wife's room.

Paul and Gail entered through the front door and stopped beside John. In a daze, John climbed the stairs, holding Paul and Gail's hands as they ascended the stairs. John followed them.

At the top of the stairs, John and the kids stopped. The old John just stood there as Paul and Gail opened the doors.

John couldn't watch as Paul Leapt onto the bed and bit into his son's throat and Gail did the same to his daughter. All he could do was close his eyes as the tears began to fall.

Paul and Gail came out of the rooms and took John's hands again as he led them to the door at the end of the short hall. John kept his eyes closed and fell to his knees.

"Stop," he screamed through the tears. "I've seen enough."

John opened his eyes again and was looking straig

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