The Making of Wren

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When Wren is suddenly kidnapped and sold to a mysterious man, her life seems to be in the midst of sexual, lust filled ruin. She finds herself ever stuck between fighting for her freedom, or giving into his will.

Table of Contents

The Making of Wren

*This work of fiction in no way condones sexual violence, trafficking, or other forms of oppression. This book is an entirely romanticize... Read Chapter

The Auction

Voices, voices very far away drifted into my ears slowly and languidly as a lazy tide might. My vision blurred back into my eyes as they ... Read Chapter


I was bored. Mav had nothing new yet. I yawned as I watched two rail thin coked up girls from last week being ushered onto the stage. I... Read Chapter

Yes Sir

I woke up slowly and realized immediately I was freezing. I sat up as my head cleared and looked around. I sat in a grand room filled w... Read Chapter

A New Life

I wanted to crawl right out of my heated skin. Why was my body reacting to him? He smiled down at me and began to pet my hair with one ... Read Chapter

Enjoy it

His lips just moved further down. I struggled even though I knew it was nearly useless. His hands trailed down my shoulders and cuppe... Read Chapter


I awoke to the sound of a lock turning. I sat up quickly to see the door to my room being opened and Jasper walked in. I gulped and clutc... Read Chapter

Let Go

He helped me to my feet from the bench and I tried to get my bearings. The intense orgasm made the drug’s effects that much stronger. I... Read Chapter


Sorry for the long wait! life has been crazy, and I have not had a moment for me and my keyboard. Anyway, enjoy! Read Chapter


His hand now rested gently on my throat. I felt how vulnerable I was. He wasn’t quite squeezing, but his grip was firm. “I- I can... Read Chapter


Once satisfied, he pulled me from off of my sore knees. I stood, and he turned me to face him. He wore a sly grin as he used his thumb to... Read Chapter

Remember, I own you

He tossed me over his shoulder, and I began pounding at his back with my fists. I had been so close! How could he just come capture me to... Read Chapter

Wax knives

AN: I am so sorry I have not been posting much guys. I just started school and life has been insane BUT here it is! Chapter 13. I will al... Read Chapter


I’m not sure when I fell asleep, but I was woken with a sharp smack to my right breast. I jolted in my chains and looked up into Jasper... Read Chapter

Where am I?

 I woke suddenly with screams. It had come so suddenly. I shook, and I felt quick movement beside me I couldn’t quite process. Eve... Read Chapter

black box

My stomach tangled up in tight knots, and I was almost sure I had heard him wrong. This could not be. I could not be in Austria. My mouth... Read Chapter

An Outfit

As we left the store, he had my leash wrapped tighter around his hand keeping me close to his side as we walked down the alley towards wh... Read Chapter

Go Get Ready

On the way home, we didn’t say much. Jasper had put the mystery box in the trunk, so investigating it would be futile. Once we got to t... Read Chapter

After Party

My heart was hammering in my chest as the doorbell rang and he got up to answer it. I sat in the living room as he hadn’t dragged me al... Read Chapter

Maybe it's okay

Jasper got up and crossed to the other side of the living room. I was still lying on the couch, panting heavily. My body shook, and my li... Read Chapter

Truth hurts

Light filtered gently in through the bedroom curtains and warmed my face. I rolled over and opened my eyes to find Jasper looking at me. ... Read Chapter

Within His Jaws

  Lying tangled up together on the banks of the still calm water I was awash with sensation, questions, and conflict. Jasper was... Read Chapter

Take me like that

He gave me a smug wolfish grin that made me blush at my brazen answer. He planted one deep kiss on my lips before sitting up. “On y... Read Chapter


The next morning, I woke and groaned in sore pain. My ass protested as I rolled over, making me terribly aware of how well it had been us... Read Chapter

I'm free!

His promise rang in my mind as his hands began kneading my breasts. I felt as though cold water had been poured all over me. He was right... Read Chapter

Save Me

My feet slipped and slid beneath me trying to gain my balance as I was still locked in the steel grip of the man who moments earlier was ... Read Chapter


His words rung through my ears, and I couldn’t say that they shocked me. I knew I would be in immense trouble if he found me. I had bro... Read Chapter


There I lay; tied to the bed, legs spread, thighs wet, mind awash with a numb sinking feeling. I was sinking into the mattress being drag... Read Chapter

Come Back to Me

A shorter one, but setting up for some MAJOR plot twists! Enjoy Read Chapter

You Will Not Betray Him

I couldn't leave you all on that cliffhanger for too long! So, here it is. Chapter 30! Read Chapter


For the next few days that phone call swirled about in my head. I couldn’t place how I felt about it. Every morning when I woke up in m... Read Chapter

Take me home

I've been updating a lot recently, and I am particularly proud of this chapter. Are you shocked by her decision? Think she'll go through with it? Read Chapter


It's been an incredibly long and wild ride.
A most sincere thank you to all of my readers throughout the years. I cannot tell any of you what this story truly and so deeply means to me, and the kind and positive responses I have gotten mean the world.
I hope you sincerely enjoy this closing chapter. Read Chapter