Phnom Penh Hotel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Stuck in a hotel in Phnom Penh, where a local freelance girl rocked my world.

I was stuck in The Flamingo Hotel in Phnom Penh waiting on my American bank to send me a replacement debit card,so I could live my normal simple life back at the old guesthouse four hours south of the city. If I was actually able to reach "customer service" reps, (at midnight local time) they were arrogant ass hats, giving me the run around. If I could have reached through the phone line I would have smashed some faces.

I was desperate, money running out.To them, I was some angry character across the globe. Someone to amuse them while they were bored.They probably laughed in their smug little cubicles somewhere in Jerkwater USA, while I became each day closer to living on the street. "Customer service."

I chose The Flamingo because I wanted to be in a simple, central location for the parcel delivery service, so they COULDN'T fuck it up. I tried to make things easy for them,while they made a clusterfuck for me. I tried to put it out of my mind - look at things in perspective - be realistic. Other than the US bank customer service cock suckers, daily life was rather nice at the popular hotel. It was off season, the room, with king size bed, mini fridge and cable TV was fine. The CUSTOMER SERVICE was great. Staff were friendly, attentive and charming.

Downstairs featured the usual reception desk with round clocks mounted high on the wall near photos of the Khmer royal family. They showed the current times in Tokyo, New York, Beijing and London. The lobby was adorned with large,beautiful polished solid wood furniture carved into dragons and tea gardens. On the other side of a wooden and ivy wall, sat a bar, a few pool tables,a small dead restaurant and a few TVs mounted on the walls usually set on Khmer music video channels. The bartenders were lovely young Khmer girls, and they were bored most of the time.

There were four of them. They couldn't pronounce Mel, my name.They called me Mee-o or E-mail. Anyway, one night as I was nursing a whisky coke, a group of Khmer girls walked in off the street and started playing pool. I had them tagged. They were freelancers.One gal seemed to be the leader of their pack. She was sharp, experienced and verbally snipped at the others when they said something stupid.

All the girls were lovely, but my attention was drawn to their rebel leader. She wore peach colored shorts, a white sleeveless blouse, had dark brown skin, lipstick, a nice body and a cute blast of a laugh. "Hee-hee-ha-ha-ho," she blurted, when someone blew a shot.She was around 25, had personality plus, strutting around, making faces,etc. I turned my stool to watch them, and rebel leader smiled at me. After a game ended, she motioned for me to come and play.

She was skilled,and handily beat me with a hearty "Hee-hee-ha-haa," and high fives to her pals.

"What's your name?" I asked.

"Maria,and you?"





"OK, can I buy you a drink?"

"Yes," she got a vodka and orange.

Her friends continued at the pool table. Maria sat with me at the bar. We clinked glasses.

"Jol Kah Muay," I said  (good luck.)

"Joy muay" (I want to fuck you.) "HA-HA-HEE!"

Hmm...there was something about Maria. It was her boldness, her funny,sexy smile and her tight petite body. Khmer girls have several names. Most birth names are very long,and difficult to pronounce,so they give themselves shorter,sometimes western names. Maria. She seemed like a good time, and, after all, my balls were backed up from a long dry spell. We sipped and chatted, joked, I put a hand on her cool knee. I didn't have much money for selfish old sex, but decided to try to negotiate something I could afford. She agreed, and with a few words, her friends disappeared,and we were in the elevator.

As soon as the doors closed,she turned to face me and we kissed. She tasted like lipstick,vodka, and a tinge of sweat. The night was hot and humid, but inside the elevator,the air conditioning felt great.Suddenly, her hand lurched and pushed the stop button. Ha, this chick was a true romantic! I could see our reflections in the silver metal walls. Immediately, my cock was walking in my walking shorts.I rarely wear boxers, as I prefer the freedom. That started when I was about 14. I looked around for a CCTV camera, but found none.

Maria unzipped, and out it popped. My face in the reflection was comical. There was a wordless conversation with myself.The expression seemed to say "Yeah, I know...can you believe this?" Down slid Maria onto the carpeted floor and my hands were stroking the back of her soft hair. She took my shaft,lifting it and licked at the under side, sending blood rushing to my head. She giggled, and licked again,getting an immediate hiss from me, and then slid my cock into her wine colored lips.

"Please don't come," I begged my reflection in the silver wall.The face looking at me seemed unsure. "Oom,Oom,Oom." Maria had skills. She was bold, fun loving and genuinely horny. What more could I ask for? Some pay-for-play girls are mechanical -  all about getting the dough and getting the hell out, but every now and then ----I held Maria's cheeks in my hands as she took my man root.

"Fuck my mouth," she quipped. "Oom,oom, gawk, oom." She had a small mouth.

Every fiber in my body was eager now. This was gonna be a good night. Suddenly there were muffled talking sounds coming from below. We straightened up - had to take the party elsewhere. I pushed the button,and we arrived on the correct floor. My cock was hard, unapologetic. I arranged it to stand straight, and flat against my belly, pulling my shirt to cover the package. The heat was burning.  We walked down the carpeted hall, smiles on our faces and entered the room, shoes left at the door. I pulled the red  curtains, and Maria jumped onto the bed, giggling. I joined her and we kissed.

After a shower, she stood at the bathroom door drying her shiny,golden brown body, and sang a Khmer ditty. She seized my admiring eyes,as they honed in on her freshly shaven pussy mound. Maria was proud of her body. I wanted to taste her, and followed her every move with hungry eyes. She jumped onto the bed and began posing.

"You take picture?"


I quickly fumbled - found my point and shoot, and suddenly I was a porn producer/director.  Maria the STAR. She  loved my obvious admiration, and mlked it.

"Ooh,yeah,that's good,baby!"

The red curtains made a beautiful backdrop for my lusty superstar. Behind those red curtains,the windows were open. It was a typical sweltering night,and I didn't have an air con room,just a fan. The building next door was only 2 or 3 meters away. They must have been used to hearing the sounds of passion coming from this foreigner friendly hotel.

Just another night in the "kingdom of wonder." I was still clean, having showered a bit earlier. Maria was a natural performer,and couldn't stop smiling as she opened her small pussy lips, or bent over,or lay on her back,pulling her knees up to her small,perky breasts. My cock  danced, raged and oozed. Finally, I got naked and could wait no more.

"My boyyy!" she exclaimed, pointing at me with a grin.

"My Boy" is the brand name of a popular,condensed milk product in Cambodia. She was going to get some condensed milk, alright. I had Maria pull her knees up like in the photo I'd just taken, and paused, feeling my face hot as Satan's. My nose,lips and cheeks roamed the lovely terrain of her tight butt and little flower, Inhaling lightly, I moved toward her now protruding pussy lips, and right at the entrance was a single cream colored mini pearl. I'd love to add it to my morning coffee, I thought..It's raw, it's nature, and I'm an animal.

Maria was a most pleasant diversion.

"Myy BOYYY!"  She pointed at my hard cock, grinning. I didn't disturb the beautiful pearls near her pussy entrance. Instead, I kissed her clit and then sucked it with lips and teeth from it's little hood.

She made a little sing-songy sound, and then stretched her legs,still holding them together, and straight up, her little toes pointing at the faux chandelier. I ran my tongue from her butt cheek up,up, to her calf,then her ankle...I now stood on the bed. I repeated with her other leg, and then had to taste that growing little pearl. I licked,swallowed,and then lapped away from her tight ass to her clit.

While I diddled her ass, and tongue-fucked it, Maria's middle and third fingers were manipulating her clit, first slowly,then furiously.Now I relaxed my tongue,allowing it to expand every taste bud,as it moved like a slow motion slug around her ass,while watching her fingers dance and tug at her clit. She was naturally joyous, bless her heart.

Next, I replaced her fingers with my tongue and her head sank back. Now the smiles had turned to that precious look of ecstasy. I hoped she was forgetting the dramas of life as a freelancer in a developing country. On my knees I grabbed her ankles and opened her. My cock was threatening to slap me in the face, so I entered Maria slowly, deliciously, watching her every nuance as I slid in.

"Ooooooohmmmmm!" she said, our eyes locked.

Christ, I needed this. The ride was like a 1959 Cadillac floating over a bump in the highway. My body was impatient now,and switched into high gear. I went deep and hard,and Maria's eyes were slits. Then back to slowwwww. I took her feet,one by one and licked between her toes. "Eeeh," she chirped.

I pumped deep and hard again... "Wham!...OOF!..wham!"


My balls were beyond overflow. I told her to flip over into doggy mode. God,yes! This was going to send me into the stratosphere, after the fantastic foreplay which started in the elevator. I pumped her hard now and neared the inevitable.

"I'm gon-na cum!" and I pulled out.

"Where you want me to cum, baby?"

She didn't answer,but flipped onto her butt,opening her legs and massaged her clit. I moved on my knees to get closer.Two seconds later, it was an unstoppable force. It shot from the core of my soul hitting her with an audible sptt! on her chin,then shoulder blade,then onto her small breasts,dripping and hanging from one of her perky eraser nipples. "My Boy's" condensed milk contrasted nicely against her lovely brown skin, as I trembled and convulsed.


The little rebel girl grinned, observing the hot sticky celebration on her soft brown skin. The smile on her face was real. The kind of smile that communicated something simple and yet deep. It told me she enjoyed our romp as much as I did, and that it's not ALWAYS about the money. After showers, she put her number in my phone, I slipped the money into her shorts pocket.No words were spoken, and then she opened the mini fridge.

She grabbed a banana from the bunch I'd bought earlier, and ate. A twinge of sadness tugged at me, as I watched her printing traces of fresh lipstick on the banana. I didn't want Maria to leave. (Come on, man, be realistic,) I thought. Sometimes I hated that fucking voice in my head.

Submitted: March 18, 2015

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