Lust, Impulse and Regret

Lust, Impulse and Regret

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


The sex was quick and hot. The regret still tugs at me.Hindsight is 20-20.


The sex was quick and hot. The regret still tugs at me.Hindsight is 20-20.


Submitted: March 04, 2015

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Submitted: March 04, 2015



This happened before she quit her job and married some lucky European bastard. Before my friend Hal tried his luck with her. It happened when she was still the lovely, bored receptionist/manager of the guesthouse near the beach in Cambodia.

I'd scored a long term deal on a corner room on the third floor. It was basic, and had no cooking facilities,but it did have a small fridge and two windows for a nice breeze. At $120 per month, it was a bargain for a place just two blocks from the sea.

Ah, Sana. I can still see her shiny black hair,her crooked smile and her lovely hands.She was 24, half Cambodian-half Vietnamese with alluring curved eyes,a quiet,cool demeanor and a smart head on her shoulders. She'd been working there for years, and the western owners relied on her people skills,as well as her language skills.

She could speak Khmer,Vietnamese and English, so she was the best contact person for foreigners and locals staying at the guest house.There was another gal assisting Sana, but she wasn't nearly as capable.

I'd pass by the reception area daily,and Sana always had a smile and a hello for me. I liked her, and was attracted. The combination reception desk/bar was outside, under a tin roof at the front of the building.

Many foreigners sat drinking and trying to hook up with her, but she didn't respond. She always had a ready made excuse with a smile. I didn't try her because I was a care-free solo caballero, and she witnessed my female companions entering or leaving with me. I was obviously not what Sana was looking for. Or was I?

The months melted away, and I enjoyed the beach for swims, barbecued fish at local street restaurants,walks on quiet roads,hanging out with friends as well as some night life. I rarely sat at the reception/bar of the guest house,but when I did Sana always seemed interested in me.

She told me she hated cigarettes and heavy drinkers, so there went 90% of the guys hitting on her. I was a non smoker,and part time drinker. 

Sana asked more than once,

"Why don't you want a girlfriend?"

My response was always the same: "Because they want young,handsome guys with money."  

As I was leaving one day,I noticed Sana had set up a badminton kit in the front driveway area, and needed a partner to play with,so I played with her.

We ran,we jumped, we whipped around. Our hearts were pumping and smiles flashing. It was fun,but challenging for me because we were barefoot and sometimes I stepped on small rocks or twigs. She had very long hair,which she tied into a ponytail, always wore shorts and her legs were nicely shaped.

"Mel, why you so slow?" she teased.

I was 50, yet, in fairly good shape, because I exercised and walked often, but Sana was a powerhouse. One evening, I came home with a bottle of good whisky, which a tuk-tuk driver sold me.He wanted to get rid of it,so I got it at a great price.Maybe some tourist left it?  

Stopping by the reception area, I asked if I could borrow a glass with ice. I wanted to take it to my room so I could sample the stuff.

"I will bring it to your room in a few minutes, ok?"


I walked up to my room, switched the fan on and plopped on the bed. Soon came a knock, and I jumped up and opened the door.

There was Sana with a whiskey glass and two ice cubes. She walked inside and placed it on the table near the TV. She glowed in black shorts and a sleeveless floral blouse. Now, I don't know what made me think that on that particular evening I could pull off a spontaneous manly move, but the urge overwhelmed me when Sana was in my room.

She didn't HAVE to bring me the glass and ice,so I figured maybe she was telling me something. She turned to leave,when I reached for her,putting my hand behing her lower back and pulling her close to me. The stars must have been  aligned just so, because IT WORKED.

In a nanosecond we were kissing, tongues flicking,seeking,swirling,like we were starving for it. This was the real deal,underneath the politeness, the chats and her professionalism. It was the culmination of months of repressed feelings, and it was suddenly gushing like a waterfall.

She pulled away just long enough to kick the door shut and return to my mouth. This normally reserved lady was a surprise. She licked my mouth, my cheek, my neck. My cock was poking at her crotch. Sana reached down and felt it through my cargo shorts.

"Big already!"

My hands slipped up her shorts and she quickly unbuttoned them. They fell to the floor. This was happening so fast and so furiously, it was like a cyclone. I pulled my shorts off and pushed her against the wall,her head thumped and I licked her neck, and sucked her ear lobe.

More kissing. She was a good passionate kisser and that is something I value. My middle finger reached down and rubbed the wetness of her panty crotch. Our hearts were on turbo and I dropped to my knees, putting my nose in her crotch. I inhaled her scent and began licking her panties.

She sighed,and I pulled them off, revealing a nicely trimmed soft black patch and her lips were coming to life. What if someone came looking for her? I attacked her pussy with my tongue as her hips lunged forward, her shoulders and head banged the wall. She put two fingers on the top of her mound and pulled up, revealing her pink clit and I was all over it.

She grabbed my hair, and her tunnel widened. It was starting to slurp. Is this really happening? (Yes, now do this quickly and shut up! No more foreplay,no bed, just this wall!) My cock was raging, the head dripping with pre-cum, as she guided it into her pussy. 

Maybe I was mistaken, but it seemed she had been hungry for this for a long time. I believe we both felt the sexual tension building in the air  for months. Now we were expressing ourselves. I lifted her butt while plunging in and out and she tried to control her vocal noises. Our tongues played and explored while I smashed her against that wall near the bathroom.

"Fuck me Mel !... Don't come inside!"


"You like me?"



"Why you have many ladies?"


All of about 5 minutes had elapsed,when I pulled out,and she was reaching for her panties on the floor. I shot onto the wall next to her, and she turned to watch in amusement. "Bad boy!" she pointed at the wall. We were both sweating and our lungs heaving. Sana pulled on her panties and black shorts,and then we kissed again.

"I must go," she said and then she was gone.

I closed the door and stood staring at it, thinking about what had just happened. Now I knew. Still, I was a fool, and, instead of rushing downstairs and out to the reception area to beg her to be my girlfriend, I poured a two fingers splash of whisky,slid it around the half melted ice,and slugged it down.

A few months passed, and she was cheerful as always and polite, but she must have long given up on me. Eventually,I moved to Phnom Penh and Sana and I emailed each other a few times. Then we lost touch. Later, my friend Hal wanted to rub my face in it. If HE couldn't have Sana, then, neither could I.  

"Did you hear, Sana quit the guesthouse and married a European guy?"

It was then that I felt the ache in my heart. A few years later, as I passed by, I saw her buying some fabric from a small shop. I slipped back so she wouldn't see me. She looked happy and healthy, and more beautiful than ever. If only I had.....Oh well, such is life.

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