Dirty Detour

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Upon exiting a mini mart in Thailand, I was distracted, and found myself in a threesome with a girl named Meow.

Dirty Detour


She was smoking a joint under the shade of a travel shop's awning - this Thai girl. It was sizzling hot, and not even 10 am. I exited the mini mart next door with a bottled water and vitamin pack. We made eye contact, then I concentrated on slugging down water. Sweat still hung on my forehead. When I looked up, she had moved closer, and pointed the joint at me.

I smiled, she reached out, and I took a hit, while scanning her quickly. She was  pretty, with dark golden skin, cat eyes, and wavy hair that fell past her hips. Her legs contrasted the little white shorts, and she flashed the famous Thai smile.

"What's your name?" I asked.


I smiled at the name.She WAS like a sleek cat.

"And you?" she asked.



"Close enough."

Thais had trouble pronouncing Mel. I was 47. Two years earlier I'd bailed San Diego and wanted to get far away. Escape was what I needed after the family turned on each other, bickering over money when mom passed on. As soon as I stepped from the taxi in Bangkok, I knew my life was about to enter an exciting new  dimension. Now I was smoking a joint in a small alley in Thailand with a cute, leggy pussycat. I was charmed by the candor of this girl. Then I realized why.

"I go with you," she said, grinning.

Aha, a freelancer. I pondered. I felt the mojo, and for me, sex was more pleasurable and intense during morning hours. Bonus - I'd just swallowed vitamins.

" Where?" I asked.

She pointed towards Second Road, the next street over.

I nodded and we walked away from the beach. We crossed Second Road, and took an alley leading to a beat up apartment complex. As we neared the entrance, I noticed some hot dolls hanging out, playing cards on stone tables. They laughed, joked, nibbled on snacks. As we passed there were a few quips in Thai, and a smile or two directed at me.

"Sawaddee Kup!" I said, and we walked on. I reckoned most of the girls were freelancers and bar girls. Nice to know. At Meow's door she kicked off her sandals,and I left my flip flops. It was the custom.

We entered a dimly lit room and she closed the door behind us. No window, just round holes along the top of the wall for air. A single light bulb hung from the center of the ceiling.The walls were peeling and there were posters of Thai singers, a waterfall scene. Framed photos of family and friends crowded a dresser table. It was a mess...clothes thrown about, stacks of boxes, some in-line skates, lots of sexy heels and shoes.

The bed was unmade and stuffed animals lay around looking straight at the ceiling in shock. I sat on the edge of the bed. Meow showered and stepped out with a towel around her waist. Her small breasts were perky. She lit a joint and took a hit, set it in a tray. I showered, stepped out. She was talking to someone through the door. (Shit, a boyfriend?) No. It was a female voice. They spoke like long time friends, and then Meow turned to me.

"You want two ladies?" Again, the bright Thai smile.

"Um...YEA !"

We negotiated price. It was reasonable. Once away from the controlling bars, these chicks did their own business. Sweet. I'd been living in the country a few years, and knew the deal. She opened the door and in swung her friend, smiling. The two of them chattered in Thai.

"Ha-low, my name Nat."

"Hi, I'm Mel."





I heard girls outside the door, whispering and giggling. My cock stiffened. Meow sidled up and we kissed. I sucked her lower lip.

She moved to my chest, kissed it, then little nibbles down my stomach, removed towel, and kissed the purple head. Meow was a skilled kitty cat! Her friend grinned, watching. She  stripped off, and headed to the shower. I watched her walk, as my cock was being serviced. Nat was pretty, with light brown skin, a long torso, and a curve in her hips. How could I be living this life?

Meow slobbered on my cock. I moaned so the nosey girls outside the door could hear. All these babes were "sisters" and knew each other well..worked the same gigs. It's normal life in most of the outside world. Still, it was amusing and exciting to me.

"Come," said Meow, pointing for me to lie back on the bed.

She wasn't done with the blow job. Her wild hair was all over the place and her head was up and down like a machine. Was it the weed? Soon, Nat stood outside the bathroom drying herself, and commenting in Thai. Her tits were handful sized, and the nipples like little brown candies. She took the joint from the tray, fired it, took a puff. Nat pulled off her towel, got onto the bed and pointed at Meow with a chuckle.

"She very like you na!"

She stroked my chest, then started kissing me, while Meow went to town on my rod. I pointed at Nat - then gestured towards my mouth.

"I want to taste your pussy, darling." 

She got on her knees,straddled my head, and grabbed the headboard. What kind of lucky bastard was I? I step into a mini mart to get water, now there's a babe on my face and one sucking my cock. Nat's knees slid outward bringing her pussy down. Jeezis! She moved her mound, and I couldn't keep my head still. Licking, and sucking lotus flowers is pure joy.  I flicked, nibbled and lapped as she ground her goodies into my nose,tongue and chin.

I reached for her ass hole with my tongue. She looked down and smiled. Meanwhile, Meow was tireless,moving like a mad woman on my cock. Such energy! Was she for real? My concentration was now on Nat, pushing her clit, and sucking the juice from her hole. I pulled her down  -  my tongue poked her ass, nose in her pussy.

This sporty devil gently humped my face, with a style, while Meow licked my balls. I heard movement and whispers outside the door. When the moment was ripe, Nat was the first to say it.

"I want you fuck me now!"

Giggles in the hall.

Meow stopped licking, and Nat unmounted my face. I pushed Nat back onto the bed, got on my knees, took her ankles over my shoulders, and guided my cock closer to her swelling hole. "Slow - slow," said Nat, as I inserted. Her face was sweet as she looked at me, then her expression changed to lust mode.

"Uhhhhhmm!" Her head sank backwards.

Meow caressed my back, played with my ass hole and balls

"Fuck her, bad girl! " she sniped.

Giggles outside.

I shifted gear and machined into Nat now.

"Strong - YEAH!" blared Meow. She slapped my ass.

"OOF!..OOF!..OOF!" went Nat. The headboard knocked, thump, thump, thump.

Did I have the moxy for this today? The voice in my head instructed me - (Don't you dare release! ) I brought Nat's legs down flat, and pushed them together. When I entered, my cock was pushing in and up, ringing her clit.

Meow joined at the rear, full of surprises. She bent down and tongued and kissed my ass while I was going in and out of her sweet friend - Ohhh, It was delightful! Nat reached, grabbed the headboard, her hands facing away, as I thumped away, ringing her bell. The tongue in my ass drove every problem right out of my head, and I was in the clouds.  (Mel, CONCEN - TRATE!! )

"Fuck ME now DAHLEENG!" demanded Meow.

She pulled on her friend's arm to move her over, haha. It was HER turn, and she bent over, ass up. I was all smiles. Meow pointed behind.

"I want you fuck my ass !"

Christ, was I dreaming? My heart jumped. Down I went and licked and sucked. First I tongue fucked it, then got back into position. Spitting into my palm, I let it drip onto my fingers and circled her nether hole. Nat knelt beside me, put my arm around her waist. We kissed, tongues dancing. Then she went around to the other side. She seemed amused. I slid in slowly.

"Ohh!" said Meow.

Wildcat Meow had obviously been around the block, and liked back road bangin', bless her heart. I was still in a mild shock. I could make a habit out of this.

"Fuck that bad girl ass!" Nat blurted with a HAHA! I chuckled. I pulled Nat closer and we kissed. Two of my fingers went inside her pussy from behind. I reached for her cervix, but my wrist was at a disadvantage. She moaned on my mouth, and I rubbed her juices around her ass hole.

"Come ON, NA!" said the impatient voice from the pillow.

She wanted fulfillment on a grand scale. Nat bent down and spit on my cock.

"Bad girl!" she blurted, and grinned. 

"Mmmmmmph," Yeaah, Mmmmmmph!" went Meow, and the girls outside chuckled.

"Fuck - me - BAY - bee!" came the voice in the pillow, and her hands reached behind, pulling at my thigh.  THUMP...THUMP...THUMP!

It seemed I was outside myself watching the action, riding that ass in the dim room with the hanging light bulb, as the sun fried outside and Teddy bear and Doreamon stared in disbelief. Nat ran her hands around my ass and we kissed. I enjoyed kissing her. Then she slid off the bed and fired up the joint. I knew my balls were urging action.

"I'm gonna CUM honey!" 

"On your mouth darling?"

Nat got closer. I pulled out, and squeezed the shaft firmly. A few seconds passed, then Meow whipped around onto her knees. She pointed at her outstretched tongue. I stood up and over her. I was ready to go through the roof. My knees were shaking. The first wad hit the side of Meow's forehead, the next two went over her head, and subsequent spurts landed on her cheek and tongue.

"Oooooeeeeez!" I said. 

" Yeeeeeah!" said Nat.

"You luck-eeee NA!" (I WAS a lucky sonofabitch)

I knew I would be making my way back to THIS place again. I collapsed, as the girls showered. I was beat.

After my shower, I slipped the money into each girl's shorts. Nat kissed me.

"See you again dahling," and she sauntered out.

Meow grabbed my cell phone, entered her number, and looked into my eyes.

"Teerak, you call me NA?"

I smiled and wobbled out of the complex, past giggling, nosey, cute tenants. There were giggles and they looked at me. I smiled, trying to keep my week knees working properly. It was a scorching day in the tropics, and I was dehydrated. I made it across Second Road, through the long lot, and back to the same mini mart.

Submitted: February 22, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Deepbluecat. All rights reserved.

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Very hot, I think you increased the temperature by 25 degrees!

Tue, April 21st, 2015 8:40am


Thanks very much!

Thu, April 30th, 2015 5:38pm

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