Getting Wilde

Getting Wilde

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Janelle is newly divorced and having a celebration of one until the handsome Eric sits down beside her at a bar. The bourbon flows and the conversation is intoxicating. How will this night end?


Janelle is newly divorced and having a celebration of one until the handsome Eric sits down beside her at a bar. The bourbon flows and the conversation is intoxicating. How will this night end?


Submitted: December 01, 2015

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Submitted: December 01, 2015




A Quick Adult Romance

By Sharae Lyles


From The Start


When After Five Bar and Cigar Lounge opened near her apartment building six months ago, Janelle Abrams had been thrilled. That was the same day she had officially filed for divorce after two years in a marriage that never should have happened to begin with. Marrying Keith had been the biggest mistake of her life...she had learned the hard way that when it came to him, the saying “once a cheat, always a cheat” definitely applied. It seemed fitting that since today the divorce was finalized, she pop in and celebrate her newfound marital status. She had been there plenty of times since the grand opening. The owner and bartenders knew her by name and loved her because she was a generous tipper thanks to the excellent bourbon and fine cigars they provided. It was just after seven when she entered the lounge...the scent of some of the best cigars in the world immediately invaded her nostrils and she smiled. One thing she could thank that ex-husband of hers for was the introduction to the world of cigars. She really loved the lounge and it’s dimly lit interior. Black leather couches, high round glass table tops with black chairs, and red-brown wooden floors. In the middle was a huge circular bar with some of the most top notch liquor that Janelle had ever seen or tasted, but the A.H. Hirsch Reserve was her bourbon of choice.

“Ms. Abrams! Great to see you again,” Milo the bartender greeted her fondly as she took her seat at the bar. “I’m guessing you’ll be having the usual this evening?”

“You’d be guessing correctly, Milo. And I know I usually wait for my Royale, but I’ll take that now as well. I’m celebrating tonight.”

Milo raised a quizzical eyebrow as he poured the brown liquid into a snifter.

“Celebrating? What’s the occasion? Not a birthday I hope, because I wouldn’t want you here celebrating alone.”

“Nope, my birthday is a few months away. I’m celebrating my freedom! I am finally happily divorced. It took longer than I would have liked since we had some financial issues that needed to be sorted out, but better late than never,” she told him before taking a generous sip of the sixteen year old bourbon.

He smiled and then left her for a few moments to get her cigar of choice from behind the glass case. It was then that she noticed a man at the far end of the bar watching her and now that she thought of it, she had seen the man here before. They had shared only brief nods and polite smiles. He had never approached her or vice versa. This place had been like a safe haven for her during her divorce proceedings, and coming here to socialize with anyone besides the bartender hadn’t been high up on her list. She was feeling differently tonight, however. She actually looked more closely at him and took everything in. He was definitely not a man she would have usually found herself drawn to because he was white. But, this man...he took her breath away and made her blush like she was ten years old. He had dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes that stared back at her. A neatly trimmed goatee simply added to his attractiveness. As a matter of fact, attractive didn’t even begin to describe this man...he was enticing. Neither one of them broke eye contact, and finally he smiled at her. A heart stopping smile that she couldn’t help but to return. Suddenly, he got up from the chair he had been sitting in and made his way over to her and took a seat beside her at the bar. He must have been about six foot two. Tall and strapping. She could tell he worked out, but probably didn’t really need to.

“I’m sorry. Maybe I should have asked before taking this seat,” he spoke in a deep voice that wrapped around her like silk.

“It’s a little presumptuous of me. But, I’ve seen you here a few times and you’re always alone. I thought maybe you’d allow me to join you, buy you a drink?”

Janelle normally would have politely declined. Her entire relationship and marriage to Keith had made her a little weary, but for some reason she was feeling bold and spontaneous. She wanted to be that Janelle she used to be before her fiasco of a marriage and decided right then not to allow her ex-husband to turn her into a bitter old maid. She turned towards the handsome stranger and gave him another genuine smile.

“I’d love that,” she responded in a voice she hoped sounded as sensual as she suddenly felt.

“I’m Eric Wilde.”

“Janelle Abrams.”


Something’s Happening

Two hours and 3 glasses of bourbon later, Janelle and Eric had become quite acquainted. She learned that he was a computer programmer and she shared with him that she was a career counselor. He had never been married, had no kids...loved to travel and watch sports. She told him of her likes and dislikes as well, but stopped shy of telling him she had only been divorced for about 6 hours now. However, Eric had overheard her discussion.

“So, you’re newly divorced? I wasn’t trying to eavesdrop, but I just happened to catch a little of your conversation with Milo. That is one of the reasons I never approached you when you first started coming here. I’m pretty good at reading people and their body language. Yours screamed, “fuck off,” he said with a deep laugh and Janelle couldn’t help but join him.

“I thought maybe you were just married and didn’t want any man hitting on you. Now, I see that you were just mad with the male population in general. Right?”

She took another sip of her drink, giving herself just a moment to consider how to respond.

“I guess that’s what it was. That relationship changed me and not for the better. I don’t want to be that person anymore. I don’t want my body language to read “fuck off” for another second. That’s not me.”

Eric was watching as she spoke. Those blue eyes seemed to be looking deep into her soul and it scared her, yet intrigued her at the same time. She had never felt such an attraction to anyone...not even Keith who she had loved with a vengeance at one time in her life.

“Janelle, can I be blunt with you?” Eric asked as he leaned closer to her and took her hand in his.

He was so intense and she actually found that even more alluring.

“Yes, of course.”

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. From the moment you walked through those doors six months ago, I was drawn to you,” he used his other hand to reach out and touch her long wavy black hair that was parted down the middle.

“Beautiful golden brown complexion, light brown eyes, a luscious kissable mouth. I know you are very fresh out of your marriage, but I have to get to know you. I want you like I have never wanted another woman in my life. And talking with you like this makes me even more sure.”

Janelle was speechless and that wasn’t something that happened often. Eric, his presence, his words...he was doing something to her and she liked it. She felt a tug of desire deep within her and she knew she wanted him too. She didn’t even care if it was too soon or how crazy it might be. They were both adults. They both knew what they wanted and needed.

“Listen, Eric, I live about 10 minutes away. Would you like to continue this conversation at my place? I have a mini bar there or I can make us something quick to eat.”

She could have sworn she saw a mischievous look in his eyes. They were thinking the same thing. They knew exactly how this night would end.

“I’ll take care of the check and meet you in the parking lot,” he told her.

Before either of them could get up from their seat, he leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. Just a brief sign of what was to come.



Give Me You

Once Janelle and Eric were safely inside her apartment, she offered him a seat on her couch while she took off her red bottom heels and left them beside her front door. She was starting to feel a bit nervous again as she made her way to the kitchen to pour herself a much needed glass of Merlot.

“Would you like some wine or anything,” she asked him as she pulled a glass down from the cabinet?

“Sure, I’ll have what you’re having.”

She wasn’t sure, but she sensed he might also be just as nervous as she was feeling. She knew exactly what he was here for...they both did. Would one of them come to their senses? She made her way into the living room and sat beside him on her comfortable red couch. He smiled his thanks as she handed him the glass of wine, and when their eyes met she knew there was no going back. She wanted him and she would just deal with the consequences later. After a few moments spent sitting in silence while sipping on their Merlot, Eric sat his glass on the glass table and grasped her hand in his.

“You’re so quiet. Tell me what’s on your mind.” He stroked the back of her hand with his finger and even that slight touch sent a quiver through her entire body. She wanted him like crazy and didn’t think she could wait another second. Her throat was suddenly dry, so she sipped her Merlot before responding to his question.

“Let me ask you something, Eric...what kind of woman are you usually attracted to?”

“Are you asking race wise? Because I can’t say you are the first black woman I’ve been interested in.”

“No, though that is interesting. But, I mean are you attracted to a woman who’s maybe a little I can be blunt at times and it’s not always well received.”

Before he replied, Eric took her wine glass and placed it on the table beside his.

He stared into her eyes so deeply she almost felt he could see directly into her soul.

“Janelle, I like a woman who can be herself. I sense the real you has been locked away for some time now thanks to your ex-husband. I want to know what you want, what you need, and what you feel. I want you to be yourself.”

“That’s easy. I want you. And I need to feel you inside of me. I don’t care if it’s crazy or too soon. If I can’t have you now, I think I’ll lose the last bit of sanity I have left.”

Eric’s eyes darkened at her confession and before she knew it, he had gathered her in his arms...his lips were soft, warm, and so inviting. Their tongues swirled and danced together and the taste of merlot sent her spiraling. She was lost in him just like that. She began to unbutton the simple white dress shirt he’d been wearing, pushing the material from his shoulders. She ran her hands over his beautiful chest which was sprinkled with black hair as their kissing continued. He lifted her up so that she was straddling him on the strong, yet still so gentle.

“You are beautiful,” he whispered against her trembling lips as his hand reached behind her to unzip her black dress...tugging it down around her waist and exposing her purple lace bra.

His eyes were drawn to her ample size D breasts. She was curvy and he loved it. She was perfect in his eyes and the look he gave her assured of it. She undid the front clasp of the bra and his hands and mouth greedily reached for them. When he took one nipple into his mouth, she felt the wetness between her legs. He licked her right nipple in slow circles before taking it between his teeth, nibbling gently. His other hand was busy gently squeezing her soft breast in his strong hands, sometimes pulling at the nipple to make it more erect. He leaned over to the left nipple and once again licked in a circle, faster this time...around and around. Janelle threw her head back and moaned in total pleasure.

“Oh, Eric,” she whispered in a broken voice thick with arousal. If he was this amazing and they had barely begun, she could only imagine what would happen once they made their way into her bedroom.

She cupped his face in her hands and brought his lips back to hers for another kiss, this one just as deep as passionate as the other. She was wet and wanting.

She broke their kiss first. The look of disappointment in his eyes gave her satisfaction. She wanted to take control for just a little bit and show Eric what she could do.

“I want you to stick out your tongue,” she demanded in a sultry whisper.

He did as he was told and she at she touched her tongue to his...licking and sucking it very softly. She heard the deep growl that came from deep within him and she knew she had him exactly where she wanted him. Rising from his lap, she got down on her knees in front of him and began unbuckling his belt.

“Oh God...Janelle...what…,” he was panting so hard he couldn’t even speak.

Once she finally had his pants out of her way, she reached into his boxers and smiled in triumph noting how hard he already was. She’d done that and it made her delirious with power. She licked the tip of him and he immediately cried out in ecstasy. Her eyes were on him...his head was back, resting on the couch. His eyes were closed and his lips were slightly parted. He looked so vulnerable yet sexy at the same time. It turned her on more than she ever thought possible. She took the tip into her mouth, suckling it like a bottle. The moans coming from him bounced off the walls and the thought of her neighbors possibly hearing him turned her on even more. She didn’t know if it was the drinks or him, but she was quickly discovering a side of herself she had never known. She rarely ever performed oral sex on Keith. She hurriedly erased him from her mind and took Eric into her mouth completely. She made her mouth as wet as possible as she worked him up and down. So many incoherent expletives flew from his lips that she couldn’t even make most of them out. All she knew was that she was loving what she was giving him just as much as he loved receiving it.

“Janelle, have to stop or I won’t be able to hold back. I want to pleasure you, baby. Please.”

Reluctantly, she did as he asked, looking up at him again...watching him struggling to catch his breath. She loved it.

“How about we continue this in the bedroom,” he asked while helping her up from the floor,

“there are some things I’d love to do to you.”

She took him by the hand and they moved quickly upstairs to her bedroom. Eric shut the door behind them and within seconds he grabbed Janelle’s hips and spun her around to face him...she gasped because it was so unexpected. He gently pushed her towards the bed and sat her on the edge.

“You were magnificent downstairs. I don’t think I’ve ever had it done so damn good. Now, allow me to return the favor.”

Placing his hands on her hips, he prompted her to sit up a little so he could remove her purple lace panties. Janelle was almost dripping. She could hardly wait to have his lips on hers.

“Lay back and relax,” he whispered just before he took her sensitive bud between his lips and sucked with a gentle ease, almost lovingly. The moan that escaped from her was loud and long. How could just one touch ignite such a fire deep inside? She barely knew this man, yet he already seemed to know exactly what to do in order to send her tumbling over the edge. His tongue moved over her in circular good...just adding to the wetness that had been waiting for him since the moment they walked through her front door. When he took her between his lips again and sucked, the orgasm came so abruptly that she barely even knew what hit her. She damn near screamed his name as her body shook from the force of the climax that hit her.

“God, you taste so good, Janelle. I need to be inside of you and feel this wetness. Is that OK?”

She was too spent to give him a verbal response, so she nodded...still breathing heavily.

He removed the rest of his clothes while she scooted further back onto the bed to make room for him.

“Eric, I’m on birth control, but it’s been awhile since I had sex. Nine months to be exact. Keith and I had stopped being intimate and I learned it was because he’d started cheating again.”

“That’s even better, baby. And let’s not mention him. I’m going to make you mine.”

He climbed on top of her and once again blessed her with a deep kiss that took her breath away and any thoughts of her ex vanished yet again. Eric positioned himself between her legs, breathing heavily...eyes low.

“Mmm, you’re so tight and perfect,” he whispered as he entered her with softly.

He moved slowly at first, back and forth, in and out...looking directly into her eyes that were no doubt clouded over with lust. He picked up the pace within a few strokes, and she rose her hips meeting him every step of the way.

“Shit, Janelle, I don’t think I can ever get enough of you.”

She wanted to respond, but once again words eluded her and all she could do was return his hungry look. He began to move even faster and each deep thrust sent her more and more into oblivion. She’d never get enough of him either...she had never felt anything close to the immense pleasure Eric was giving her right now. Just as she felt another orgasm approaching, he suddenly stopped, and Janelle’s eyes flew open gazing at him with a puzzled expression.

“I’d love for you to ride me,” he told her with a devilish grin. The request was so hot, so sexy and there was no way she could turn it down. She wanted to have that power she felt downstair when she performed orally and she knew she could have it again.

“My pleasure.”

He lay down beside her and she climbed on top of his waiting erection, sitting straight up and starting out with a slow up and down movement. He grasped her hips, assisting him as she rode his hardness like she never wanted to stop. When she was really starting to get into it, she adjusted herself so that she was riding him in reverse. The sounds coming from him urged her on and she rode faster...hotter.

“Shit, Janelle, don’t stop,” his voice was a raspy whisper. He really did make her feel as though she was the only woman who’d ever bought him so close to ecstasy. She felt his hands grip her hips tighter and suspected he was trying to slow her down or stop her completely.

“On your back,” he demanded yet again, and she did as she was told.

He lifted her legs and threw them over his shoulders...pushing himself inside of her with a force that felt so good it took her breath away. Their eyes connected, both filled with so much desire it was incredible. Janelle felt a delicious tremor run through her body and she yelled his name as she succumbed to another orgasm that was more powerful than the first. Seconds later, she watched as Eric joined her in his own pleasure...removing himself from her dampness, and emptying onto her stomach. He collapsed beside her for just a moment before hopping up from her bed and making his way into her bathroom, returning with a hunter green towel.

“Is is OK to use this? I want to wipe you off.”

“Yes, not a problem,” she told him with a shy smile. Even after all of that he could go back to being the gentleman she’d had a great conversation with at the bar. She had been worried at how he would act after the sex was over. He came back into the room with the wet towel and gently cleaned her stomach. He watched her the entire time and it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. She figured he too was curious about her she felt now that they had crossed that line.

Once he’d put the towel back in the bathroom, he rejoined her in bed and took her in his arms. He held her for a while and occasionally kissed the top of her head. It was so meaningful and heartfelt that it almost brought tears to her eyes. She just had to know what he was thinking and where they went from here.

“That was amazing, Eric. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more connected and in tune with any man in my life including my ex. I don’t know what it is. You just ignited something in me that I thought had died.”

“I feel the same way. You’re incredible. That ex of yours clearly doesn’t know what it means to have someone like you. It’s only been a few hours. I know you’ve already given me the most intimate part of you, but I’d also like it if in time you could give me your heart.”

Janelle’s eyes instantly teared up at his loving words and in that moment she knew. She didn’t care how soon it might seem to others...that the ink on the divorce papers of that sham of a marriage was barely dry. All that mattered at that moment was Eric and herself. She already felt safe with him, that she could trust him. She was willing and ready to take a chance.

“I’d really like that, Eric. I’d really like to give this a real shot. We may have done it a little backwards,” she laughed as she ran her hand down his chest, “but, that’s our business.”

Eric beamed at her and gave her a sweet kiss on the tip of her nose. He hugged her close again and she could hear his rapid heartbeat...their instant closeness was crazy but undeniable.

“Do you have any food in your kitchen,” he asked her? “I’d like to cook for you. I think we’ve both worked up a nice appetite. Not to mention we’ll need our strength for another round,” he joked with a wink.

She grinned at his innuendo...already looking forward to what was to come.

“I have some pasta and spaghetti is my favorite.”

“Perfect. My specialty!”

Janelle gave a content smile as she watched him rise from her bed and put on his black boxer briefs.

“Yes it is. Perfect.” 

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