Undying Memory

Undying Memory Undying Memory

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Naruto feels disconnected with Sasuke Uchiha after some misunderstandings, and ends up in the arms of a certain red-head, Gaara, but will he ever forget the Uchiha? GaaNaru, and slight SasuNaru. WARNING: The origin of this story is with the main pairing being NaruSasu, but I am only posting the GaaNaru scene. There will be oral stuff between two guys, you have been warned. NOTE: For some odd reason, Booksie doesn't want to separate my phrases in the story, so please excuse that. And, it is unedited because I'm just that lazy, so excuse that, as well.


Naruto feels disconnected with Sasuke Uchiha after some misunderstandings, and ends up in the arms of a certain red-head, Gaara, but will he ever forget the Uchiha? GaaNaru, and slight SasuNaru.

WARNING: The origin of this story is with the main pairing being NaruSasu, but I am only posting the GaaNaru scene. There will be oral stuff between two guys, you have been warned.

NOTE: For some odd reason, Booksie doesn't want to separate my phrases in the story, so please excuse that. And, it is unedited because I'm just that lazy, so excuse that, as well.


Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012



Gaara stared at the handsome blond. He was confused. Utterly confused. He breathed in a large amount of air and closed his eyes. A part of him felt jealous of that Uchiha that triggered so much emotion in his old friend, and another part of him wanted to grab a knife and cut the blond all over. And all because Sabaku no Gaara had fallen in love. And he fell hard. Guess it's what you would call a one-time love. Naruto managed to dig deep within him, to reach what no other man could do. But...Naruto is beginning to fall, and he wouldn't allow him to succeed in that--no, he wanted Naruto to look at him like he was the only one. Yes, because he was the only one who knew all of Naruto. Because he loved him like no other. Because he would die for him; would kill for him. And if he had to fight with all he's got to get Naruto, there was no doubt that he would.

Naruto looked at Gaara's emerald eyes with such need. A need to know answers he didn't have. Gaara, he was always there wasn't he? He was there every step of the way. Gaara wouldn't leave him, Gaara wouldn't deceive him. Because Gaara knew him, just like he knew himself. Why hadn't he noticed before? The best for him was... Sasuke, why? He was beginning to trust him, to open up for him, just like he did for...Gaara. It always resulted with the red-head, hmm?

Naruto pulled Gaara down, their noses softly touching. "Gaara, I want to forget." He closed his eyes, and pushed further; bringing his lips to meet those of Gaara's. They moved their lips softly and slowly, getting used to the sensation. Naruto arched his back slightly and put more force into the sweet kiss. Wrapping his arms around the pale neck, he was pulled upwards.

Gaara wrapped an arm around the blond's waist while the other sustained his head. Turning his head slightly to the side, he nibbled on the blond's lower lip, which reluctantly parted. The red-head slipped his tongue in Naruto hot mouth and pulled their bodies closer together. He'd give Naruto what he desired. He would do anything to get the blond's attention on him. Only on him. He would make him forget about the bastard who so easily caused more pain to Naruto.

Naruto moaned slightly when he felt a tongue inside his mouth. Gaara wanted him--needed him! But...he needed more. He wanted more. God, these things he felt inside him were so...warm. Gaara...more. He brought his hands down to Gaara's waist and turned him around; pinning him to the gondola-shaped glass window. He roughly pushed the red-head's tongue back in his own mouth with his own. He tasted every corner his mouth; earning a low groan from the man beneath him. He cupped Gaara's cheeks to apply grater pressure in the pale man's mouth. This felt so right, so natural...just like it did with...Sasuke. Only difference was that Gaara wouldn't betray him. Well, it wasn't like he had anything with the damn Uchiha. In fact, it was better that way.

Giving one more push on Gaara's lips, he pulled away. He placed one hand on the window, looked down, and back at Gaara who was steadying his breaths with ease. Something that he didn't see often happened; Gaara smiled.

The red-head placed a hand on Naruto's left cheek. "Naruto...I'll make you forget. Please, let me help you." When he didn't get a reply from the other, he let his hand drop, but was caught by Naruto. The blond smiled vaguely at him.

"Gaara...Gaara... Heh. You were always there. Ever since I lost them. When they would think I was inhuman for not feeling, you were there. You understood me...only you. Of course, I never really showed any affection because I never felt any." He said, placing his forehead against Gaara's.

Gaara closed his eyes. "Naruto...that's because I've been through the same thing. My own parents would call me a monster. You saved me, Uzumaki. You are my savor. Please, let me repay you." He reopened his eyes, and was met by two sapphire orbs. Yes, only Naruto could make him feel this vulnerable. But it was okay, because it was Naruto. Just Naruto.

"If anyone should be doing any repaying, it should be me." He pulled away from Gaara, and walked over to the door, and turned off the light switch, and locked the door. Gaara crooked his head to the side when Naruto stared at him.

The only light from outside, which was diminishing, gave Naruto a gray outlining to every curve of his body, and his features. His blond hair seemed to be darker, and his azure eyes were brighter than what they were just moments.

He slowly began to walk over to the blond man. The dim light giving an icy shade to his pale skin, and a brighter color to his wild red hair. He began to take off his grey tie, and threw it on the ground, as well as his belt. Naruto reached out a hand, and Gaara gladly took it. Instantly, he was pulled against a hard chest. The red-head could practically feel how tone the blond's abdomen was. Naruto sure was a lewd man; no wonder he barely went out. He would get molested by any living thing if he walked out of his sanctuary. Because in the eyes of others, Naruto Uzumaki was God.

Naruto looked at Gaara in the eyes. "Make me forget. Make me feel wanted. Gaara..." He whispered at the other man. He leaned in to place a kiss on Gaara's pale lips, while his hand unbuttoned his shirt. The green-eyed man wrapped his arms around the blond's neck, pulling him closer to him. Once Naruto was done, he brought his hands to Gaara's shoulders and slid the dress shirt down; still not releasing the man's lips. He pulled apart, and looked over Gaara's upper body. He truly was beautiful. She smiled, and brought his hands to the pale chest, and down further.

Gaara closed his eyes; taking in the sensation of the blond's hands on him. "Naruto..." He grabbed the tan hands and looked up at Naruto, who simply stared at him. Nodding his head, Gaara slid down to his knees and began to unbuckle Naruto's belt; throwing it to the side. He unzipped his pants, and pulled them down a little, along with his underpants. He stared at what lay before him, and looked up at Naruto who was intensely staring at him. A tint of pink on his cheeks. That made Gaara feel a puncture in his heart, and took Naruto's penis in his hand; massaging it lightly. Seeing that it was beginning to harden, he took it in his mouth.

Naruto let out a deep, low moan. He was actually receiving pleasure from that simple action. Maybe...maybe Gaara is the one he needed to open up all along. Why he hadn't realized before, he had no idea whatsoever. Heh. He sure was acting out of character today. Maybe all this nonsense was finally getting to him.

Moving his head back and forth, the red-head started to pump the blond's penis with his hand. He ran his wet tongue over the tip of Naruto's head. Naruto... He tasted so good. He was real. Naruto was real. Naruto was the one who saw the real him, and for that, he fell hard for him, but never gave any indication of his kept feelings. He knew that Naruto would deny him...because he hadn't opened...until now. And he fully intended on taking this such sudden opportunity.

If that Uchiha thought he had Naruto wrapped around his little finger just began he was beginning to carve into Naruto's flesh, he had another thing coming. Because the only capable and allowed to enter the God's sole being was him. And he would eliminate anyone if he had to. _______________________________________

"You're a disgrace to our family name! You should have died along with your mother, you filthy monster!" A brown haired man slapped the small red-head in face. Hatred taking over his brown eyes as he reprimanded his unworthy son. "She wasn't the one who should have died. It was supposed to be you. Gaara, you were the one who killed her; your own mother." He kneeled down to Gaara who was laying over the ground with blood leaking from the corner of his mouth, and whispered in his ear.

"No...I didn't kill her...it wasn't my fault!" Tears made themselves present. It wasn't true; he didn't kill his mother. It was all a lie. He wasn't a killer.

"Oh yes you did, monster. If it weren't for you, she'd still be alive. Smiling. But you just had to take that away from her, huh? You disgust me. Why don't you just die, you animal?!" Another slap to the face. He stood and made his way to Gaara's door. "The sooner you die, the better this world will get." He said before disappearing from the boy's view. Once gone, he curled up into a ball and cried. Why did they blame it all on him? It wasn't his fault...was it?

Moments later, a young blonde burst into the room to find a small boy with a knife at hand, and a teddy bear in the other. "Will mother be happy if I die? Will you mother?" He brought the knife to his wrist, but only managed a small cut due to the blonde rushing over to him and placing his hand holding the knife up in the air.

"Gaara! What the hell were you thinking?!" She scowled at him. She looked at him with worried eyes.

"I was going to make mother happy." He said, without looking at his older sister. For all he knew, he had earned her hatred as well. He could trust no one.

"Cutting yourself isn't going to make her happy. Here. Give me your arm." She reached a hand out to grab Gaara's injured one and looked at it. "It's not that serious; thank goodness." She tore a part of a sheet and wrapped it around the cut.

"Why?" He suddenly found himself asking. Temari looked at him with an arched eyebrow.

"Why, what?" She asked, tying the piece of sheet in a knot. She sat on her knees and waited for Gaara to make himself clear. "Well?"

"Why do you hate me?" ________________________________________

After a moment of pumping in and out, he heard the blond give way to a moan, that gave Gaara the indication that he was close. The blond put a hand over Gaara's head to sustain himself. Oh God, this has never happened before.


But oh God, he was close to whatever was itching for a release from him. Naruto arched his back as the red-head increased his pace and groaned loudly. It was embarrassing, to say the least. Never being in a situation such as this, the god couldn't help himself to feel a tad awkward. Especially when is was one of the closest person who was doing these things to you. He felt as if his guarding walls had ceased to exist, but he knew. Sooner or later, they would appear again and block out the tiniest of flies from going in.

It was all the same. Nothing changed. It will never change, but....if he was allowed these moment, he guessed it would only make it more sustainable.

This feeling streaming through his very veins like wildfire was intoxicating. The need to feel more was beginning to become unbearable. Soon, what was happening now, won't be enough. Not anymore.


Was this how he felt about him from the very moment he locked lips with the raven-haired man? From the first time? Was it meant to become something else later on? Although he denies it, he couldn't help but be somewhat jealous when Itachi had said he was cheating on him. Because from the fist moment, their souls connected. If the blond was certain of one thing, it was that it was far from being love. To that, he was utterly immune to. It was saddening, for sure. But what was he to do?

Of course, he knew he would eventually meet with Sasuke again, and he would probably end up demanding that they needed to talk. It was living to Naruto's reputation if he had to result to apologizing to the dark-eyed man.

"Gaara...stop," he moaned out husking. He was close. So fucking close, and if he didn't stop, he would...

"Aaah!" His scream turned into a low, deep moan as he came inside Gaara's mouth. His face flushed. Gaara puffed his cheeks a little before starting to swallow Naruto's hot semen in one gulp, but the fluid was too big, and a stream of white fluid dripped down from the corner of his mouth. Naruto stared down at Gaara, face flushed.

"Look what you made me do."

Gaara smirked as he wiped the remains of Naruto's semen with the back of his hands and stood. "Naruto, I'll make you forget. I have you only thinking of me. I promise." Naruto stared at Gaara's greens orbs.

"I'll hold you accountable of that," came the hoarse reply. Before the redhead could get another word in, Naruto's lips were on his, forcefully.

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