To Remember You

To Remember You To Remember You

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



It's a little strange how they always found their way back into each other's arms... NaruSasu



It's a little strange how they always found their way back into each other's arms... NaruSasu


Submitted: April 02, 2013

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Submitted: April 02, 2013




To Remember You

The skies roared with an intensity of a trillion rockets being launched all at once. Thick rain made its entry to Earth with no hesitation, and wet anything it touched and changed good luck to bad.

The sirens cried in rushed speed. They never got to hear them; how fortunate they were. The rain died down hours later, although, it never quite did for them, for they were still at the center of the storm yet to disappear.

The whispers were like a plague all over. Except it never reached the right ears. It went on for months and the storm, well, it was little from over.

"Oh my," they gasped. "What were they thinking?"

"Hmph. Stupid bunch of kids... Probably were drunk and lost control of the wheel..."

"Yeah... Do you think they're dead?"

"That would be the best; driving drunk in the middle of the storm... That's like begging for something to happen."

"I don't know... Maybe it was just bad luck?"

"I doubt it. They'll be lucky if they get out of this one. Hm."

Unknown to the rest of his familiars, for the past few months, Naruto Uzumaki, age twenty-four, has been lying on a hospital bed with crude wires all over him. From what he knew, he'd been in a fatal car accident and had been on the brink of death, and due to that, he has been living with questions he would ask himself and receive no certain answer. Where his only response he ever got was the echoed voice of his being reflected back. That frustrated him dearly. The doctors told him he was a very lucky man, but he, in all honesty, did not feel all that lucky.

He didn't see how anyone could.

Being stuck in a white room with nothing to do wasn't all that exciting. The pale walls seemed to have all its life drained. They felt completely empty. And quite honestly, he started to wonder and believe he had no purpose in the world.

With no purpose in life. The room served to depress.

He remembered, the time he awoke and confusion overpowered his mind and stability. He felt on guard, like a prey watching out for any predators that may provoke harm in any way. He didn't know what, when, where, why, who, and how at the time, still doesn't. He could barely feel the muscles in his body. "Where the hell am I?" he would often ask himself. Giving up, he'd let himself fall back into a spell of sleep.

He'd hear the footsteps of someone coming in during the night while he was trying to go back to his empty dreams. He wouldn't even dare open his eyes; he didn't want to know anything - not yet, at least. But despite all that, one thing he was certain of was that just like the porcelain walls, he was the same - dead.Empty.

Only during the cool nights would the whiteness turn a midnight-blue color and seem not so hollow. It'd give his mind a break from the constant headaches. The constant attempts at figuring out how he ended up in the depressed room to begin with. How all the whole problem ever began.

But it was whenever Naruto would look at himself in the mirror that he would often wonder what his purpose in life was. His drive to live. But all he saw was a lifeless living vessel in his reflection. It was the destiny of a lost soul. It was quite the bother to remove all of his wire tubes, but he knew that if he didn't, it would only be a matter time before he felt suffocated.

The light that trickled down from the clear-glass windows hit the side of his face with an intense heat, like being slapped in the face multiple times harshly. The room lit up, and he looked down. At least the outside world seemed happy.

The blond looked at his hands. There was something his body was craving - lusting. What, he couldn't figure out. It was every time his sapphire eyes stared at his hands that they would twitch and Naruto knew - something was missing. Whatever it was he was lusting for, he wanted it so badly right now. Oh God, he thought, please. Give it to me. Because if there was something he was certain of, it was that he needed that something to live for again, that is, if he ever had another reason to before. But it wasn't much what he was asking. It was just the candy a kid begged his parents for to make him happy and put him in a state of energy and ignorance.

The white door to his room opened and in came a man with silver hair that spiked up at one side and fell down on the other, covering one of his eyes. His pale skin blended in almost perfectly with his white coat. He looked up at the blond, a small smile gracing his lips (one he always gave his patients). He didn't come in much to Naruto's room, but every time he did, there was always a strange aura that would arise from him. One of lost hope. The blond's long, thin scars on his arms seemed to be healed, the scratches on his face seemed to almost disappear. His skin was still pale and he looked tired, with slight shadows under his eyes, like he had stayed awake for days on - maybe he did.

The blond looked up at the man with indifference. He clenched the white sheets of his bed and brought down his gaze away from the gray-haired man. He knew the routine well. He knew what he was going to say, he knew what he was going to answer. He'd leave and so would he.

"Mr. Uzumaki. How are you feeling?" he asked in a cheery voice as he made his way over to the blond. "Better, I presume?" He reached his pale hands to Naruto's neck pulse and wrote something down on his clipboard. He looked over at the blond when he didn't receive an answer from him. He almost never did, but when he did speak, it was always the same question. It was seven months since the blond-haired man arrived at Konoha Hospital. And ever since, little progress has been made to regain the man's memory. The only thing he remembered was his name. There was no way to get a hold of any family members since supposedly none were available in Kyoto, Japan. And either way, they didn't have any way to find out if a friend of theirs was available somewhere nearby, no device was left to do such a thing. And ever since the blond woke up three months ago, he looked as if he had already died on the inside. He was lucky. Very rightly lucky. Because unlike him, the other man hadn't woken up.

Naruto smiled brightly as he ruffled the hair of his lover, Sasuke Uchiha. There was no doubt in his eyes that he was incredibly happy. His diamond eyes were full of life, and most importantly, of love. The blond came closer to the raven-haired man on the black couch. His pale features gave an incredibly perfect gleam to his raven hair. His onyx eyes bore into Naruto's in annoyance. It drove Naruto insane at times.

"Aww, c'mon. You know you love it, Bastard," he said with a slight chuckle. He ran his tan fingers over the Raven's cheek as Sasuke closed his eyes, melting into the blond's touch. Just from the feel of his touch, he was vulnerable. After so long, he found his other half. Naruto, he thought.

Sasuke took Naruto's hand in his own and opened his eyes to stare at the blond's blue orbs, a kind smile evident on his lips. The light from the room faded slowly and gave a fair silhouette to the linings of their bodies as they came closer, the tips of their noses softly touching.

A soft breeze flew in through the open window as the white curtains swayed back and forth, and their hair blew to the side slightly. It was getting cold, they realized. Naruto closed his eyes and pushed the Uchiha down on the couch, his right leg in between the raven-haired man's thighs. The heat level went up, their breathing became thick and slow. The room slowly becoming darker, they both relied on their sense of touch to confirm they were there. It was so foreign, the world, without each other.

"You belong to no one, Uchiha," he said in a low but stern voice as their lips brushed against each other. He thrust his lips a little, enough to make the Uchiha let out a soft groan. Rare situations on their parts sometimes led to more... serious schemes. The Uchiha parted his lips as if to say something as the blond pushed down on him even more.

"Except you," he whispered, wrapping his slender arms around the blond's neck, pulling him closer. Naruto smirked and brought his lips to the Uchiha's with need and ownership. Naruto pulled at the Raven's bottom lip with his teeth, hard enough that a leak of blood came off Sasuke's provocative mouth. He quickly sucked away at the now bruised lip.

"You're learning. You belong only to me and no one else. You're mine, Sasuke," he said softly as he pushed his tongue in the Raven's mouth when his lips parted slightly. Sasuke gasped as he arched his hips upward. Naruto couldn't help but cup the firm ass of his lover. Their hips rocketed against each other and they both moaned at the friction. "And I intend to keep it that way."

He pulled away from the kiss as he moved to the Raven's pale neck, Sasuke arching his neck to the side for more access as Naruto sucked hard enough to leave a mark. He traced a trail with the tip of his tongue down to Sasuke's collarbone. Sasuke melted into the touch. He felt his body go wild with sensations he could hardly contain.

And it was then that Sasuke remembered why he always fell many times for the blond; because no matter how much he thought he loved Naruto, there was always something that made him fall even harder, so much that if Sasuke and Naruto met in another lifetime, he didn't doubt for a second he would crave to be in those tan arms of his lover.

Naruto looked up at the silver-haired man. "When am I allowed to leave?" he asked, anxious to get the answer he so much pleaded for. But from the hollow way he asked, the silver-haired man assumed he was just sick of being in the room for far too long. How could anyone be one hundred percent sane is such a lifeless place? If it were him... He shook head slightly before answering the blond.

"I'm not sure. We'd prefer for you to regain your memory first, Mr. Uzumaki," he said kindly. Naruto nodded. What other choice did he have? "Is there something I could get you to entertain yourself?" he asked.

The blond took his gaze away from the man in front of him and clenched the white sheets tightly. I don't know, he thought, I don't know what. He brought one of his legs up to his chin, wrapping his arms around it. "A sketch book," he finally answered.

The silver-haired man nodded and left the room, closing the door behind him. It instantly became dead quiet. Naruto turned his head to the side and looked out the window; the sky was an incredible shade of blue, not a single cloud in sight.

When the door to his room opened again, he made no indication to remove his gaze. There was no need to.

"Here," said the same voice from before. He handed Naruto the sketch book and a few pencils. Naruto stared at the items and his hand began to shake as he reached to grasp it. There was something that instantly made him want it so bad. Desire became clear in his eyes, but for a particular reason this time. The silver-haired man made his way to the exit before he said, "Hope you enjoy yourself, Naruto." The blond instantly looked up: that was the first time he was ever called by his first name.

Again, he was felt alone in the lifeless room. He ran two fingers over the sketch book, taking in it's sensation. He flipped the cover to the first page. As he went over to touch the white paper, his hand began to tremble. He took in a deep breath. There was obviously something that was making him react like that. He reached for the yellow wooden pencil and brought the tip of the lead to the paper. Color, he thought, all it needs a little color. Anything. Just... color.

He closed his eyes as his hand began to move with the pencil on the paper. As he made the first line on the white paper, for some inexplicable reason, he felt relieved. Relieved he added color to the whiteness of the paper, relieved he added life.

Pale fingers typed furiously on the keyboard. Completely enthralled in what he was doing; he just wanted to leave as soon as possible. After moments of furious typing, he came to a stop and sighed. It was at times when his brother got more customers that he had more work to do. His brother, Itachi, was the head of the Uchiha Corporation, but the one who was always stuck with more work to do was none other than Sasuke Uchiha. And while Itachi got all the fame, he got all the fainting phony girls. Everywhere he walked, there was bound to be some damn girl to be all over him. It just annoyed the living hell out of him! But, his problem was that women wouldn't do for him. Guess you could say he played for the other team. Girls were to fickle, he'd say. And people would actually lick the sugar off his finger - imbeciles.

He packed his things, grabbed his suitcase and keys and started to head out the door. Thank God that the day was finally over. He stepped out of the black building and made his way towards the parking lot, where his black leopard car was parked.

"Hey! Hold up!"

The Raven stopped in his tracks and turned in a circle. He really hoped it wasn't a flailing girl. As the figure from afar came closer, the raven-haired man was able to make out the person coming his way. He knew one thing for sure: he had never met the other man before, but at the very first glimpse of the other's eyes, Sasuke knew. This man before him was gorgeous. His wild gold hair was spiked all over the place, his bronze skin, his tone body, but what mostly captivated the pale man was his eyes. His sapphire eyes that rivaled the sky. What a weird thing to think, he told himself.

The blond put his hands on his thighs as he tried to catch his breath. "Hey. Thanks for waiting." As his breathing calmed down, he stood straight, coming to his full height. Which was higher than Sasuke's. The blond man flashed him a beaming smile.

The Raven was slightly taken aback. A total stranger he had never seen before was... was... "Can I help you?" he asked cautiously. The blond man continued to smile and Sasuke knew (again); Sasuke knew this gorgeous man possessed the most beautiful smile he'd ever seen on anyone. How someone could have such beauty, was beyond him. But, unlike every other time he'd been in the presence of anyone, the Raven wanted this man. To mark him, feel him everywhere.

"Are you Itachi Uchiha?" asked the blond, completely unaware of the fact that he had just hit someone's pride. The Uchiha frowned. Of course, the beauty would never have approached him if he knew from the start that he was not the bastard of his brother, Itachi.

The blue-eyed man stared at the Uchiha, waiting for an answer. He heard Itachi was handsome, but not... not some god. It made the blond want to jump him that very second.

"No," said the Uchiha indifferently to the blond man. The blond was soon snapped out of his reveries and gaped at the Uchiha. This wasn't Itachi Uchiha? Then, was he really some god?

Sasuke watched carefully the reaction of the blond. He didn't really know to think of it. It was either a look of disappointment or gratitude.

The blond shut his mouth and stared sternly at the pale man. "Then, do you know where I can find him?" he asked.

"No," was his instant reply. He turned away from the blond and began to walk away. There was no reason for him to react this way. He didn't even know the guy.

"Oh. But you work with him, right? Do you think you can help me out instead? Are you related to him?" the blond asked. Please say yes, he thought, say yes.

The Raven turned around to face the blond again. "Come back tomorrow. My shift is over. Besides, I'm sure you'd rather discuss your case with him. And, yes. I'm his brother." He stared at the blue orbs that captivated him so much. Deep inside, he wanted the blond to say, 'No, not with him. With you.' That was wishful thinking only.

"Nah. You're much hotter, so I'd rather do it with you," the blond said, rubbing the nape of neck, smiling. His words had much deeper intentions and meaning than what Sasuke could decipher. Not that the Raven would figure it out or anything in the first place.

Sasuke widen his eyes slightly, taken aback. It wasn't every day that someone would say such things to you, and, quite frankly, he wished he wasn't just hearing this. "Excuse me?" he asked cautiously.

The blond shrugged his broad shoulders like there was nothing wrong with what he said. And there wasn't. It was the palpable truth. Just like it was palpable that death was inevitable. He sighed, not really knowing what to say to the pale man next. Damn, it's not like me to be at a loss for words, he thought. He stared back at the Uchiha and walked up closer to him.

Sasuke went back a little. His breath hitched as the blond came only a few inches away from him. The Raven could so thoroughly breathe the essence that emitted from the blond man. And oh God, he smelled incredibly good. Enough to make the Raven want to grab onto the blond and nuzzle his face in the blond's neck, breathing in the smell of him, and feeling every nook, every... Oh God, I'm losing my mind.

This man... This man... This man was not - couldn't possibly be - real. No being was this perfect. The Raven's façade held no emotion, while on the inside, he was going wild; he was a hurricane. He was so close... So possibly close.

"I said you're fucking hot, Mr. Uchiha. So... deliciously... hot," he said softly, his face mere inches away from the pale man's own. The blond licked his lips. Before the Raven could get a word through, the blond said, "Just kidding. I'm just teasing ya. But seriously, you gonna help me out? It'd mean a lot." He grinned widely at Sasuke.

The Uchiha frowned. What the hell was I thinking? he thought. He's an idiot. Correction: an unbelievablybeautiful idiot. He sighed. "What exactly is it that you need?" He couldn't believe he was actually giving in to the blond.

"Well, how about I tell you at my place? It'll take some time, so..." he said, scratching his head.

Sasuke turned his head towards the building, the rays of the sun contrasting on the clear glass. What really caught the Raven's attention was how the light on the glass reflected over to...the blond, his hair looking like gold, and his eyes shining like diamonds.

"You really are a nuisance, you know that?" he asked, turning his head to face the blond. The tan man only smiled back at him. "And I just met you."

"Eh. You get used to it after a while."

Sasuke snorted softly. This man really was an oddity he's never seen before, and that... amused him. It amused him so much. So, so much because... because it shed light on his lonely heart. Because at that moment, the Raven knew something had changed within him. Something he didn't know what, but he was certain it was all the blond's doing.

And most importantly, he didn't know what to make of all of this.

Naruto opened his eyes. His blue eyes scanning the paper skeptically. He moved the pencil softly over the paper, adding more depth to what it was he was creating. He... There was just something that completely took over him when he first touched the paper. Its nothingness urging to take hold of and bring it to life so desperately. Because for Naruto, life was precious; seeing as with each second that passed, the life he presumed he once held, was slowly leaking out of him and leaving him empty on the inside.

Finally freezing in his drawing, he slowly removed the beige colored pencil from his hand and placed it on his sheet-covered thighs. His seemingly dead eyes stared at the sight before him. He hesitantly reached his index finger to trace over what he had created and closed his eyes, taking in a big breath as flashes of images became apparent in his mind. His chest ached with desire, with longing. To what exactly, he had no evident clue whatsoever. And, out of all things he could have drawn...

The blond man reopened his eyes to, once again, look over at his creation that brought odd, but yet knowing, to him. And the longer he stared at the drawing the stronger his desire grew. So, he, again, grabbed hold of the pencil, and, flipping to a new lifeless page, began to draw, soon ending up with the same result. There was a strange addiction that he didn't know why it was consuming him, why a simple picture he had imprinted on paper made him ache with want - with longing. Why this man was provoking remarkable sensations within his own self. Like, he, somehow, knew this man from somewhere, and it was vaguely poking itself in him to make him realize; of what, Naruto, the blue-eyed man, had no idea, and that alone, vexed him to no end. It was, like, trying to find your way back home when every time you looked around, everything was exactly the same. Just like a camouflage.

At this moment, the only thing the blond was aware of was, that whoever this man was, he was achingly beautiful. And so, unaware of time in the room with the essence of sickness and nausea, Naruto found himself with no room left in his pad anymore. Every single sheet was covered, and every single sheet... had the same thing on it: the beautiful dark-haired man. He groaned silently as he gripped the white sheets tightly and closed his eyes. There was no telling when the silver haired man would appear again, since in this deadly room, time was only an illusion, so there was no way for the blond to ask of him for more drawing pads, and quite frankly, he didn't want to walk out of his room; he didn't want to see past this room because...

Because he was afraid of breaking down.

"Don't be afraid," he whispered so low he could barely hear it. His sapphire eyes snapped open as he let out a small gasp, unknown to why he had just said that. He placed a finger to his lips. Now, he was certain there was something calling out to him. His soul, burning with a flame that couldn't seem to reach the blond's eyes, his heart, because at the moment, Naruto Uzumaki has lost sight of his own path. Because Naruto Uzumaki is, as of yet, blind.

Naruto pouted. "Wait, so are you going to help me, or what?" he asked after a moment of silence. The Raven turned to him with an expressionless face.

He smirked. "No," came the simple reply. The blond man frowned at the Raven, which in turn gave Sasuke something to play around with.

"You really are a bastard," muttered the blond man. Sasuke, who had been enjoying teasing the blond man, looked at blue eyes with a surprised face, well, as surprised as any Uchiha could get. Hell no. No one ever dared to approach him with such bold rudeness. He was an Uchiha that could have any man or woman at his feet with a simple glance.

"Excuse me?" he bit out, coming out in disbelief. Damn it. He didn't mean it to come out like that. No, he meant for it to come out with venom, vigor. The blond stared at him for a while before smirking a little too much for Sasuke's own likeness. And at that moment, something told the Raven that he was in for a run.

The blond kept his smirk on as he slowly came closer to the Uchiha, all the way until their faces were mere inches away. A gasp caught itself in Sasuke's throat, and, God, he thanked Him for it not escaping his lips. He knew the blond idiot wouldn't simply let it slide without embarrassing the Raven.

The blond's smirk grew as he leaned in to whisper in the Uchiha's ear, "You, my friend, are a complete bastard." He heard the blond chuckle softly as his eyes widen. He... He actually dared! The little asshole. Oh, he was going to - No, he was an Uchiha, therefore he would not succumb to such childish impulses. And out of all people, it had to be an idiot that could literally push his buttons. Oh, the shame, the horror.

"I think you should reconsider your words, Dobe. I do not think you want to leave with a broken nose," the Uchiha said in a sugary tone that made his hands fist up. "But now that I think about it, maybe you do." He smirked.

"What was that? I thought I heard you say something about braking my nose?" the blond pressed on, pulling back from the Uchiha's ear to clash with two black pools that made his breath hitch.

"Hn," said the Uchiha. He spread his arms and breathed in through his nostrils.

"What?" the blond asked, smirking. "I thought I heard you say something." The blond put a hand to his ear, smirking at the annoyed Uchiha.

Sasuke frowned, and instantly gritted his teeth. This idiot actually dared to mock him. Now, that was not what he expected at all. "You're enjoying yourself, aren't you? You think this is somehow funny, am I right? Well, I will have you know that there is a limit to everything, and I am slowly reaching mine. So, I suggest you turn around and leave before I have you commit Seppuku and then cut your head off," the Uchiha threatened. The blond stared at him with widened eyes, before slowly narrowing them and his lips slowly curving upwards, chuckling slowly.

The blond couldn't believe it. Ah, this Uchiha was someone to bet your money over and over again and always expect a new surprise each time. The chuckling soon turned into utter laughter as he threw his head back, laughing like he hadn't done in such a long time. And damn, it felt good. Relaxing. He shut his blue eyes as the skies began to grunt loudly.

He clenched on his stomach as his laughter subsided and droplets of clear rain began to fall down at him. He snapped his blue eyes to the Raven and met black pools that seemed to suck you in. "You know, Bastard, you really are something," the blond inquired, smiling brightly as the rain came down hard and was soon cascading over him, soaking him wet. "I think I'm starting to like you."

Sasuke grunted as he felt the rain drop down at him, making his clothes stick to his skin. And it was all the idiot's damn fault. And most of all, the blond had managed to catch a glimpse of surprise in his eyes. He watched the blond laugh, his laughter being one soothing to the ear.

"Hn. Dobe," he said simply, not really knowing what else to say. What could he say to a person like the blond dobe? He really had no idea whatsoever. He looked at his watch on his wrist and looked up at the gray sky, the droplets hitting his face full force as he turned around to leave.

"Hey, wait! I still need your help, you know!" the blond yelled at the retrieving back of an Uchiha. He swore, all Uchiha were the fucking same with their cocky attitude, black hair, onyx eyes, pale skin, pink, plump lips, smooth walk, low voice... Every quality that could have you wanting more of them after the first time you laid eyes on them, craving for them to... The blond shook his head to rid himself of those ridiculous thoughts. But was just what he had heard about them.

"I don't have time for you," came the whispered reply of the far-away Raven as he dug into his pockets for his keys and got in his black car. Sasuke was at a lost for words. The blond was... incredible in so many ways. And God forbid, but... he wanted to take him. To feel his hot breath against his skin, soft whispers in his ears as those hot lips nibbled on his neck, to taste those lips; to feel them against his own, to have tan hands ignite a fire all over his body, for those sapphire eyes to stare at him with hunger, with lust. The Uchiha couldn't believe he was actually thinking of the blond, if he had never done so before with anyone else in his entire life. And most of all, Sasuke wanted that contagious laughter of the blond's in his life.

He pushed in his car key but the vehicle wouldn't turn on, much to his dismay. It seemed that the world wasn't on his side this time. He was soaked, he was just made the fool of an idiot himself and now he couldn't even get the hell away from it. Fuck, he thought, I officially hate my life. He sighed and rested his forehead on his steering wheel.

A knock to his window made him look up to see a dripping wet blond that was panting heavily. If the Raven was a lesser man, he would have licked his lips at just the provoking sight. "Hey, Bastard, open up." Sasuke just glared at the blond when deep inside him, all he wanted to do at that moment was shove him in his car, place a red ribbon on his head and take he and himself home.

"C'mon, don't be like that," the blond said, sounding like he was done playing. The Uchiha grunted before sliding his window down. He stared at the blond, drops of rain coming in from the outside.

"What." he bit out harshly.

The blond pulled his hands up in surrender. "Whoa, there. Look, obviously, your car is a little drunk, and won't take you home to mommy and daddy, so why don't I give you a ride? I doubt your brother would come get you in this weather, and I most surely doubt you'll walk home, judging by how prissy you are," he inquired. He ran a hand through his dam hair and face. His shirt was beginning to stick to his skin, outlining the tone muscles that were hidden underneath the shirt.

Sasuke just stared. Just stared as if asking the blond if he was aware of his stupidity. He had to retrain himself from opening that goddamn door and jumping the blond, beating him to a pulp right then and there. "Hn. And what makes you think my car doesn't work, Dobe?" he replied, glaring at the blond.

"Heh. Please, like you would have just decided to sit there and wait for me to catch up to you? Right... very Uchiha-like. So, get that ass off the seat and I'll drive you home." He pulled a hand forward to offer his help.

Sasuke stared at the tan, wet hand in front of him. Should he take it? If he did, that would mean defeat to the blond, but if he didn't... Screw it, he needed to get home and this blond idiot was offering. "Hn," he said, opening the door and walking past the blond.

"Great way of showing gratitude, Bastard," Naruto bit out, following behind Sasuke. He walked up to an orange Honda and watched as Sasuke just stared, dumbfounded. "What's wrong, Bastard?"

"Hell no. I'm not going to be seen in that." He glared at the blond, who just shrugged in response and got in the car, starting the engine.

"Well, it's either you get in or you walk home, Bastard," he heard the blond say.

Sasuke sighed. He wanted nothing more than to be hit by a lightning bolt at that very moment. He opened the passenger door and got in. It would all be okay. If someone saw, he could just pass it on with the simple answer that he was 'forced' into the horrendous thing for a car. Yup, that would do it.

"Well, glad you made up your mind, Bastard. Name's Naruto, by the way," the blond addressed as Naruto said, driving away. Naruto tapped his steering wheel, waiting for the Raven to introduce himself.


"Yeah, pain in the ass meeting you, too. But seriously, do you go by Machiavelli's Five Principles or something?'' he asked, frowning.

"For you, yes."

"Bastard." He chuckled and began to drive away, turning on the radio. He looked over at the Raven, a scowl on his face. "What's wrong? Don't like the song, Bastard? Heh," he mocked.

The bastard said nothing.

"Yeah, I knew you'd like it, too,". He said, bopping his blond head to the tune.

The silver-haired man went inside a room with a pink-haired nurse behind him. "You brought the medicine, correct?" he asked her. Hatake walked over to the sleeping man, and wrote down something in his board, looking at the sleeping form of the man. He had a feeling that very soon, he might wake, and that would probably be the best case scenario, since it may trigger Naruto's memory in a way. But he could only hope.

The nurse nodded. "Of course. Everything is set, Dr. Hatake." She walked over to him, handing him a clear bag with fluid. Hatake took it, grabbing a needle and sticking in the bag and next to the man's arm.

"Thank you. I can only hope this will decrease the comma's length, and he'll wake up." Hatake said softly, turning to the nurse with a forced smile. "Sakura, I'm leaving you in charge of him, alright? He'll need a medication change every two hours. Is that all right with you?" He put his pen in his coat pocket.

Sakura stared at the sleeping man and nodded towards Hatake. "You can leave it to me, Dr. Hatake. I'll make sure he gets the attention he needs." She smiled towards the silver-haired man. Ever since the patient arrived, she felt attracted to him. She wished for nothing more than for him to wake up and hopefully end up getting closer to the man.

"This man is his only possible chance at remembering," he whispered to himself. In the time span that he has known Naruto, he grew to like him, and wanted nothing than the better for he and this man. "Then I'll leave you to it, Sakura. And please, call me "Kakashi"."

Naruto continued to weave his pencil all over the pad, pouring his whole heart into what he was drawing. But, he couldn't help but think, if you really are real, then who are you? Who the fuck are you? A drop of liquid landed on the pad and he brought his hand to touch his eyes, only to notice he had begun to cry. He knew it was because of this man, because he felt like there was something he was supposed to know, remember. He wanted to know. He really did.

He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. He, now more than ever, wanted to so dearly break away, wither into thin air than be stuck like a rat in a mousetrap.

He licked away the tears that made their way over to his pale lips. He flipped to the last page and, once again, began to draw. Weaving his pencil on the pad, he stopped shortly, hand shaking slightly. Who? he thought to himself.

To the right of his drawing, he noticed it was different. The dark-haired man was no longer at the center but at the left corner, as if it weren't supposed to he alone in the portrait.

"Augh," he let out softly, out of pain. The headache had come back. He clenched his head with both hands, trying to cease the pain invading him. He slid his eyes shut. "Aaaah!" His screams became scarce. The pencil he was holding between his finger fell on the pad, and he brought his face and upper body to his thighs. Why is this happening to me? he thought desperately.

The doors suddenly swung open; a nurse quickly rushed inside as Kakashi soon was in the blond's room. "Hold him!" Kakashi made his way over to Naruto as the screams got louder. It killed to see the blond like that.

"Aaaaaaah! Make it stop! Make it stop! Please! It hurts! Aaaaah!"

The nurse struggled to get a hold of the blond since Naruto wouldn't let go of his head. Kakashi took out a needle shot as he brought it closer to Naruto. "Hold him!"

"It hurts!"

I know, Naruto, Kakashi thought as he plunged the needle to Naruto's arm in a swift movement. He held it in as the blond's screams were reduced to whispers and his hands let go of his head. He fell down back on the bed, eyes slightly open. "Make it stop. I don't want to hurt anymore..." he whispered as his eyes finally slit shut.

Kakashi rubbed his eyes and sighed, a chuckle of relief escaping. "This is the first it's happened like this. I can't let it happen again; you," he said, "come in and check on him every hour from now on. Is that clear?" His voice was of one that wouldn't allow for a 'no.'

The nurse jumped. "Yes, of course!"

"Good." He looked over at the blond. He really wished this whole nightmare would soon end and everything could go back to normal as soon as possible. It was just tormenting to see the young man in that situation. It was just incredibly cruel.

He took sight of the pad resting atop of the blond and went to grab for it, and what it contained surprised him dearly. His eyes widen for a second before flipping through all the pages, noticing that all contained the same drawing of a man, and each one was identical except for the last one; which was only the location. It just couldn't be... Apparently, the Uzumaki had reflected the memories of his subconscious without really knowing what he was doing. It just happened to be that he drew... him. Maybe Naruto really wasn't at a fall. Now, more than ever, he believed that if he could only get the blond to see the other man, it was highly likely that he would regain his memory.

He narrowed his eyes as he placed the pad back on Naruto's lap and looked over at the almost forgotten nurse. "Let's allow him to rest. Come now," he said, walking to the door as the nurse obediently followed behind and shut the door behind her.

Naruto walked over to the receptionist with glasses, grin in place. He wore a purple dress shirt, a white coat, pants and shoes. The first few buttons of his shirt left open, revealing tempting tan flesh.

The pretty receptionist with blue hair looked up from her work and smiled friendly at the blond. "May I help you, Sir?" she asked kindly, like probably every assistant on their job would.

He smiled at her. "Sure can, Beautiful," he flirted, bringing his arm on the desk as the woman just stared at the blond.

"What may I do for you?"

Naruto quirked an eyebrow. Not even a blush... "I'm looking for Itachi Uchiha. Is he here? I have matters to discuss with him," he said in a serious tone, losing all of its amusement. He looked at the time on his watch, and sighed.

The blue-haired woman nodded at him. "Hold on a moment, please," she said softly as she took the phone and dialed a number rather quickly. "Uchiha-sama, I have someone here who wishes to see you." She waited for a reply. "He says it's really important, and that he will not leave until you see him... Yes... Very well. Good day, Uchiha-sama." She hung up the phone and looked over at the blond. "He says he'll see you. He's on the fourth floor, room no. 53."

The blond grinned at her as he clapped his hands and took hold of the suitcase he had placed on the floor beside him and began walking towards the elevator. "Thanks, Beautiful!" he called out before getting inside the elevator and waving at her. She only responded by a giving him a sly smile.

Upon reaching the fourth floor, he got out and took in his new surroundings and scratched the back of his head. "Tch. Now, what room number did the lady say he was in again?" He began to walk straight as he looked from side to side, noticing that there weren't many rooms on this floor. He stopped by one to the right (the fifth room on that floor) and scrunched his nose as he tried to read the wording on the side of the door and almost jumped in glee as he brought his hand to knock on the shiny wood door.

"Come in," came the deep voice from the other side. Naruto grinned even wider (if possible) and turned the knob, walking in. He was met by two sets of coal eyes staring at him. He suddenly felt his grin cease as he noticed who was the man across from the almost-identical, but older, man.

He walked in further and took his gaze away from the young man.

"Please, take a seat. I'm Itachi Uchiha, and this here," he motioned his hand towards the other, "is my younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha," the man now known as Itachi introduced as he stood, indicating Naruto to take the offered seat beside the younger Uchiha.

Naruto nodded. He smirked as the Raven glared at him. "Thank you, Uchiha-san. Pleasure to meet you. I came here last week to look for you, but it seems you weren't available at the time, so I thought I'd try again today. Guess my whim was right to do so," he said, smiling a little to much for comfort. He took his seat as he placed his suitcase beside him.

Itachi nodded, and looked over at his brother, who was concentrating on glaring at the blond who seemed to have yet to notice. He looked at the blond as blue eyes gleamed in kindness. Itachi smiled, falsely, of course. "Yes, I am deeply sorry. And please, the pleasure is all mine. What did you say your name was again?" he asked, leaning in closer. When his receptionist, Konan, said someone wished to see him, he'd assumed it would be some middle-aged man demanding something imprudent of him, but he guessed he was proven wrong. He was gifted with the presence of a beauty unlike any other he had ever seem. Looking over at the blond's clothes; he knew white was often hard to pull off, but he believed that this blond did it better than any other man could. And should he mention, those ocean eyes that were the most beautiful and clear eyes he had ever seen; this man was one pulled out of a fantasy dream. He really wouldn't mind keeping him for himself at all. And from the looks of it, his little brother and this man have met before, and what better way to annoy him?

Naruto smiled back. "No worries, Uchiha-san. I'm Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto knew the Uchiha were known for their extraordinary looks, but this was just surreal. Unlike the Bastard, the eldest Uchiha had this dangerous aura around him, this sexy gleam in him that could make anyone weak to their knees, make anyone surrender themselves to him in an instant. He had to be careful with him.

The light from outside the large windows dimmed. Itachi widened his eyes slightly and no more than for a mere second. "Uzumaki, you say?" Itachi was stunned, to say the least. So, this man was the president of the Uzumaki Corp. that was competing against the Uchiha Corporation for as long as he has known... Interesting, he thought. They were right: the Uzumaki were gorgeous people. Only difference between the Uchiha is that it's said that they are more bright, in appearance, of course.

"That's right."

"An even greater pleasure to be meeting my competitor, then. Don't you agree, Sasuke?" he asked in a low voice. He smirked over at his brother who only scoffed in response.

"Hn. There's nothing great in meeting a moron, Aniki," he said glumly. He swore, life was really hating him. He was doing fine without having to see this blond moron again. True, that if he was an Uzumaki, he must be incredibly intelligent since he had managed and almost succeeded in surpassing the Uchiha all on his on. Amazingly, both clans had been on a tie for the longest of time. But that still didn't take away he being an idiot one bit. He had to be honest with himself, though; the blond moron was like a plague. Without wanting, blue eyes would appear in his mind and distract him. Because deep inside, he wished to see him again. Heh, he was surprised when through that door he came walking in a godly way. And damn, that blond idiot sure did know how to fit in clothes. He restrained from drooling and licking his lips when his eyes landed upon tan flesh. He was just tempting him...

Itachi leaned in slightly. He stared at Sasuke fiercely. "Come here, Sasuke," he said sternly. Sasuke winced. If there was one thing Itachi disliked, it was child-like behaviors and especially when it came from an Uchiha. This, he did not forgive. Usually, his brother was calm, cool, and collected.

Sasuke sighed as he leaned over to his brother. Itachi brought his thumb and fore finger to Sasuke's forehead and flicked him hard enough to hear the thump. Sasuke grunted in pain and annoyance.

Naruto held in a laugh. Obviously, the eldest Uchiha held the full authority.

"Do not be so rude, Otouto. Show some respect," he said. He looked over at the blond. "My apologies, Uzumaki-san," he apologized for the Raven.

Naruto shrugged. "It's fine. I kind of expected that kind of response from him. I mean, he wouldn't even help me find you. I even gave him a ride home when his car broke down. But you know, I was fine with that. I'm an understanding person, so I don't mind too much," he said, sucking up to himself, and hoping to deceive Itachi for Sasuke's coming pain. Hey, part of what he said was true.

Itachi looked over at Sasuke who frowned. Fucking liar, the Raven thought to himself. He couldn't believe the idiot was making himself the victim in all of this.

"Brother, I believe you owe Uzumaki-san an apology." He crossed his arms over his chest. "Well? I'm waiting, Sasuke," he said sternly.

Sasuke grunted. He would get the blond for this. "I'm... sorry," he said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, I forgive you," the blond said, smirking.

Itachi smirked. It looked like the blond and he had some things in common. One being that they liked to tease his dear brother to annoyance. He was beginning to like this Uzumaki, despite being his foe in business. "So, Uzumaki-san," he began.

"Call me Naruto," the blond said.

First name basis, huh? Itachi thought. "Okay, Naruto-kun, what is your reason for being here?" Itachi asked softly, liking the presence of the blond man.

Naruto widen his eyes, only to narrow them afterwards. "Oh, right! Sorry, Itachi-kun. I almost forgot at having such a handsome man in front of me," he said seductively. He didn't miss the surprisement from the younger Uchiha from the corner of his eye as he took hold of his suit case.

Itachi was surprised. But, he liked the game this man was playing at. He wasn't giving any complaints. "Oh, really? Why, thank you," he said, smirking.

Naruto leaned in closer. "Oh, it is only the truth, Itachi-kun. You are... unbelieveingly gorgeous; there's no point in denying it." Itachi also leaned in closer.

"Quite the looker yourself, Naruto-kun," he said when their faces came only mere inches away. "And you are absolutely right, Naruto-kun. Why deny it?" Both smirked as they leaned in and their lips met in a soft kiss before pulling away.

Itachi licked his lips as a pale hand took hold of the blond's chin, and once more clashed his lips with the blond's plump ones.

Sasuke could not believe what he was seeing. He felt his heart ache at the mere sight. Fuck, he didn't know why it bothered him so much! Why his heart would race at the sight of the blond, why his throat would get knots, and why he couldn't take his mind off of the idiot. They weren't anything, so why? Why?! Was this even further punishment? Was it? Was seeing someone else kiss the blond punishment for what he did? For his supposed sin of liking that fucking blond idiot?

He really wanted to kill himself.

He knew Itachi was doing this on purpose. Heck, even the blond was doing this on purpose. But why? Was it to annoy him? Well, they were succeeding, that was for sure.

Itachi pulled away and smirked at the blond who smirked back. The blond was even more beautiful than he thought. He was afraid he would actually start to take this man seriously when he wasn't certain what the Uzumaki's intentions were exactly. "So, Naruto-kun, why is it that you wished to see me?"

Naruto sat back down on his chair and brought his case to his lap, opening it, his face becoming serious before smirking again. He took out some papers and placed them in front of the eldest Uchiha to see. "I need you to sign these papers, see."

Itachi took the papers in his hand, and frowned. "What's it for?" the brunette asked.

Naruto crooked his head to the side in confusion. "Well, why don't you read it? You can't always trust what others say, you know," he said.

Itachi frowned but he had to admit the blond had a point. His eyes scanned the papers. That looked like a lot of reading.

He looked up when the blond's voice came into play again.

"You don't have to sign them right away. Read them, think it over, and then we'll discuss it together. But trust me, I think this might work in both our favors if we want, that is." He rubbed the back of his head as he stood and stretched out his muscles.

Itachi also stood. "Very well, Naruto-kun. Shall we meet over here again in two days, same time?" he asked.

Naruto soothed his coat. "Great. Well, I'll leave you to it, then. Nice meeting you, Itachi-kun," he said, reaching out his hand for Itachi to take. He did and they shook hands.

"Very nice, indeed. Sasuke, please escort Naruto here out."

"Oh, it really is fine. I can do it myself," he offered.

"No. He'll take you back. It's the least he could do," Itachi insisted.

Sasuke grunted. "I really do hate you." He stood, looking over to Naruto who smiled innocently. They began to walk to the door and were soon out.

Itachi sat back down and rubbed his temples. He really was fucking tired.

Sasuke and Naruto reached the exit of the building, and Naruto turned back to the receptionist who was looking something over in the computer. "Bye, Beautiful!" Konan looked up and went back to her work at hand. "Ouch, that hurt me," he said sarcastically.

"You have no limits, do you?" Sasuke asked, opening the door for Naruto to leave.

Naruto turned to look at Sasuke. "Well, for you I don't, Bastard. But what's wrong? Why the slum face?" Naruto asked, feigning not knowing.

Sasuke shook his head. "You're disgraceful. You have no bounds. Just leave already or your idiocy will rub off on me," the Raven said, motioning for Naruto to walk out the door.

Naruto laughed. "You're pretty funny. Don't know how you can joke with a straight face, though."

"Because I'm not a moron like you," he cornered. It was unbelievable how the idiot acted as if nothing happened back there, and it pissed him off greatly, he swore.

"Ouch. Right at the heart," he joked, earning a glare from the Raven. How he loved to tease him. It was great.

"Ha, ha, ha. Excuse me if I don't die from laughing," he said sarcastically. "Now, leave, and if possible, forever."

Naruto put on a serious face, which made Sasuke quirk an eyebrow. "So, "Sasuke", huh? That's a nice name, Bastard," he said, his tone losing all amusement. He took the Uchiha by the wrist and pulled him outside, pinning him to a wall behind the building.

"Hey, what's the big deal?" The Raven tried to struggle to get out from beneath the blond.

"You don't like me," the blond said softly, staring at the Uchiha with pain-filled eyes that made Sasuke's heart race. "I get that. But don't ignore me. I don't like that."

"What are you talking about? We barely know each other. And how could I like you? You're a pain in the ass, and dare I say, an absolute idiot. But hey, Itachi seemed to like you, and it looked like you liked him, too, no? How could you not, you kissed him in front of my face! What, were you trying to tell me something? That he's better than me? Don't worry, I know that. You didn't have to rub it in my face," Sasuke said, panting slightly from how much he said. Never in his whole life had he snapped like that before. It... just... He couldn't take it anymore, and it just happened that Naruto managed to make him burst. This idiot... This fucking idiot made him discover and experience feelings he hadn't fully let out or accepted before. Anger, jealousy, sadness, annoyance, happiness... All coming out at once. He really hated him.

Naruto widen his eyes at the Uchiha's "little" outburst. That... made him happy dearly. "That's the second time you say more than three words. Hey, I didn't mean to hurt you. It's true, I don't know you that long, but ever since we met, I haven't been able get you out of my mind. Damn it, it all was all too much. I had to see you. And Itachi isn't better than you. He isn't. You may be better than him. I kissed him... But I only did it to get your attention. I'm sorry; forgive me, Sasuke. Sasuke... Sasuke... Sasuke..." Naruto closed his eyes as he leaned down closer to Sasuke, their noses barely touching.

Sasuke stood frozen as Naruto leaned down. Attention? He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath to calm his nerves. His heart began to race as he felt the blond so close to him, so fucking close. His hands were quivering with impatience. And God forbid, he wanted to devour the idiot whole in that instant.

Naruto opened his eyes to stare at Sasuke's coal eyes. He placed his right hand on the Uchiha's left cheek. "Sasuke..." He leaned down completely and brought his lips to clash with the Raven's own. His moved his lips slowly at first, like he was afraid Sasuke would pull away from him.

Sasuke widened his eyes as he felt lips against his own. The kiss was so gentle that it was almost cruel. It was too much. He closed his eyes and let himself be swept away by the kiss. He found his arms to be placed around broad shoulders as the blond pulled him in by the waist, adding more force to the kiss.

Sasuke let out a moan, parting his lips slightly. Naruto took that as an invitation and slipped his tongue inside Sasuke's mouth. They both moaned as Sasuke put little resistance and let the blond lead - dominate.

Sasuke was dreaming - he was sure of it; just a few minutes ago, the blond idiot was kissing his older brother, and now, he was having a heated make-out session with said idiot. And just like he had expected, he was spectacular. It made him wonder how he could have gone his whole life without this man in his life. But now, he knew that whatever happened, he couldn't possibly go without him (well, for now, at least).

Naruto dug a tan hand through raven hair, tilting the Raven's head upwards. And all too soon, the blond pulled away, pressing his forehead against the Uchiha's as they both panted heavily.

"Naruto, what...?" The Raven stared into those blue eyes. Naruto smiled.

"I'm sorry, I just... I couldn't help myself. And," he leaned in closer again to Sasuke, "I still can't." And his lips were on the Uchiha's again, attacking with no mercy.

Sasuke pulled away as he narrowed his eyes. "Go out with me," Naruto's voice rang through his ears. Sasuke looked up, Naruto smiling down at him with `gentleness.


"A date. Go out with me, please," he said again.

Sasuke felt his heart race again. "Sure, Dobe," he finally answered, earning a wide grin from the blond again who was now pulling him along the parking lot. "Hey, Dobe, what are you doing?"

Naruto paid no mind and continued dragging him. He turned to look at Sasuke when they reached that car from hell. "Okay, look, yesterday, I was at this store and I decided to buy something for this kid I'm very fond of. Well, while I was looking for the right toy to buy, I came across this amazing thing, and I thought about you," Sasuke smiled, " so I wanted to get it for you, and I did." Naruto smiled and went to open the front door of his car to pull out a silver bag and handed it to the Uchiha.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked, taking the bag.

The Raven raised an eyebrow. "Geez, you Uchiha people really are the same. First with Itachi asking what those papers were for, now you. Why don't you have a look first? It'd save guys like me a hell of a lot of time," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. Sasuke chuckled slightly.

"Dobe." Sasuke took the bag, shaking his head at the blond. He looked inside and what he found surprised him. He had no words to express his feelings. He couldn't believe Naruto would give him this. He pulled out a small, soft, ugly frog. He held it in his hand as he swore he felt a vein on his forehead about to burst.

"Well, what do you think? Great, huh? I knew you'd like it," the blond said as Sasuke clenched the frog in one hand and turned around, walking away before he would kill the idiot. Yeah, "great," he thought.

The blond hesitated. "Hey, Sasuke, where are you going? Hey! Wait, what happened?! Sasuke! Okay, fine! I guess I'll just go to Itachi-kun, then! At least he'll give me the attention I deserve!" The blond smirked to himself, knowing - more like hoping - the Uchiha would stop. And he was right; the Uchiha came to a halt as he merely turned his head enough to see the blond from the corner of his right eye.

"Go sell your soul to the Devil for all I care," he said, making the blond gape.

"Damn, what did I do this time?" The blond scratched his head as he walked to the driver's door and got in. Ah, well.

Kiba Inuzuka, vice president of the Uzumaki Corp., sat at his office impatiently. It had been four months since his best friend, Naruto, was due for arrival. He had taken too much time, and had a feeling something wrong had happened to Sasuke and Naruto.

"Damn it, where the fuck are they? They won't even answer their phones," he said angrily. The pretty woman across him winced.

"Hey, calm down, Kiba," she tried. She understood the brunette man; she, too, had been wondering where the lovers were. Planned, they were to go to Kyoto for a couple of months (two months, exactly) and their homecoming was overdue.

Kiba had two red, upside-down triangle tattoos on his cheeks, fang-like teeth, and a natural tan. "How can you tell me to calm down, Karin? What if something happened, huh? You know what, I'm tired of waiting and doing nothing. I'm calling in at every damn hospital in Kyoto and see if they're there. If not, we'll have to talk to the Police Department to launch an investigation. I'm surprised you're not worrying; he's your cousin!" The brunette stood and walked over to the window as he put a hand on his chin, eyes narrowed. "Those idiots better appear soon," he whispered.

Karin pushed up her glasses. It wasn't that she wasn't worried over her cousin - she was (mostly of Sasuke) - but it was just that she could deal better with these type of situations, and quite honestly, she didn't care. "Maybe they took more time to themselves, Kiba. It would make sense," she let out softly. Kiba turned to her, eyes full of frustration at the woman's blunt attitude.

"If that were so, they would have let us know. They have their phones off; that can't possibly be a good sign. I've known Naruto my whole life, but he'd call in every once in a while to check in with us," he bit out. He walked over to the red-head as the light slowly faded from the room. He put a hand on the corner of his desk as he leaned in to bring his face mere inches away from the woman. "And if you won't help, then stay out of the way," he said coldly as he backed away and made his way to the door, walking out and closing the door harshly.

Karin removed her glasses as she was left alone. "And if you only would have been a bit nicer, Mutt, I would have told you where my dear cousin and my beautiful Sasuke-kun were. Unlike you, I did my homework and found out where they were," she whispered to herself as she smirked. But just like he told her, she would stay out of his way, well, for now. She could almost cry from the irony of it all. She, who didn't really worry much over the blond, found out where he was, and Kiba, the worried best friend, sat around doing nothing but bark and found nothing new of them.

"And I think I'll be paying them a visit. Cousin, he never was yours. He was always mine." She stood, brushing non-existant dust from her grey skirt. She bit her lower lip as she slowly walked over to the door and left.

Kakashi made his way past a few rooms across the blond's as he came to his destination and entered the room. It killed him - seeing the blond like that. He had actually come to believe he was getting better.

Which he was, on healthy terms. He walked over to the patient and changed the bag of liquid that was to the side.

It really was a mystery to him since forever. What kind of world people in a deep sleep created, their persona, their life - was it really all that different from the real world? Did they only dream of the ones important to them, did they doom the very existence of those who they hated, disliked?

He could only hope that when the Raven woke up, not all was for

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