Viscous Nature - Chapter 26 - Chelsea's Freedom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This story contains extreme sexual content, delves into the feelings of love, lust, hatred and sinisterly evil fate, to lastly climax in an end worth waiting for, whereby each chapter will build upon the other and hopefully create that necessary emotional attachment.

Chapter 26 - Chelsea's Freedom - Chelsea could already see her laying on that king sized bed, naked with curvy butt in the air and her firm breasts peeking out from under her.

Chapter 26 – Chelsea’s Freedom

“Shit, I am running so late. Glad I told them I might not make it tonight.” Her thoughts rewind the words that she had just stated and corrects herself, it’s already tomorrow. Throwing her backpack into the back seat of her car she swings her body into the driver’s seat pulling out of her driveway with such momentum one would have thought that she was upset,… and she was.

The wife of a verbally abusive man, a severely jealous man, Chelsea has been in a marriage that had started well but over time deteriorated and her hopes of improvement diminished. Domenic was a caring father and protective of the family but desired, no he demanded that he be the center of everyone’s attention. To look at or talk to another person, especially if the conversation didn’t fall into his category of normal, was to invite his wrath and spite to surface. Moreover, if the conversation with friends had been in any way shape or form of sexual nature or content, the ensuing argument that would follow,… nothing short of being severely raped could be expected once in the confines of their bedroom.

She has endured the constant petty fighting, the ridicule and belittling all because her beloved Domenic would apologize for his fits, begging to be forgiven and that he would in the future better himself. Over the last years it has gotten worse and often she had thought of leaving him. He attributes his rise in anger over her desire for more freedom, to want to go out every now and again with her friends for a drink, to visit with her family, alone. Regardless, she got both wishes but it was worse than pulling teeth. Fight after fight, hearing how she wants to tear the family apart, the staying out late and how the children might interpret her absence, that he is apparently not good enough for her and on and on. She was near the boiling point and desperately needed a reprieve.

Leaving the county line behind her, the nose of her car pointed in a northerly direction she reflects on her relationship with her husband. Jealousy was the root issue at hand. When Domenic and her had met and been together for just a few months she had a girlfriend over, the wine flowed freely and the topics of discussion were fun. Too drunk to drive, they bade Angie to spend the night in their one room apartment. Eventually the three landed in bed where her friends’ shirt willingly slipped from her slender form to expose two very well formed breasts of which the nipples protruded like twin light house towers on a cold windy lake. It was the first time that Chelsea had been confronted with the opportunity to love and be loved by a woman, a woman she found extraordinarily attractive, desirable and willing and what’s more, the woman was a good friend. She had often thought of being with another woman and what it would be like but had never been presented with the opportunity that she was then confronted with. To her astonishment, Domenic was abhorred by the sight of Angie topless lying next to her, apparently by the very idea of having to be intimate with another woman other than herself. At least that is what she thought at the time and calmed him by saying that there need not be any intimacy at all and the three slept. It wasn’t until recently, her mind striving to understand how the future may look that it came to her, Domenic was not upset about the thought of having intercourse with another woman, he was deeply disturbed by the fact that he would be sharing what considers his with another person. She is convinced; he looks upon her not as his wife. She was his prize, his possession and she will not be shared.

Chelsea, sitting in her car navigating the roads in the dark early morning hours, the frustration of the evening after hours of being turned over and over looking for a fault that might be hers, finds herself now reminiscing on pleasanter days. Her thoughts entrapped by the image of the woman that just a few months ago had transferred into her department. She is cute, more than cute. At first glance or even after staring one would guess her age to be not more than eighteen. She has long blond hair simply put into a pony tail most of the time, her lean aristocratic facial features pale and sharp, her slender figure hidden by the slacks and blouses that she wears on those days the company requires them. Simply put, she is sexy. Everyone in the office, in all of the offices would look at her when she walks through especially on those Thursday’s and Friday’s which were ‘Jeans’ days. She had a preference for tight pants which enhanced her lean legs and pronounced her ass and the tight fitting T-shirts or sweaters that revealed a thin waist and perky breasts would cause heads to turn, men and women alike. To think that this woman would have any interest in her was unfathomable and yet true.

She had worked hard on getting that lady’s attention since the very first day. Chenny was a work-aholic and it was almost absurd and embarrassing the amount of effort and convincing it took to get her from her desk but she has done it, this wonderful and beautiful woman was now going to lunch with her every day. The thoughts that would cross her mind while talking with her, sitting across from each other where their feet might now and again touch would drive her wild, literally soaking her thin panties. These were feelings for a woman that she has only had at one other time and she was again feeling very aroused by the thoughts coursing through her head.

It was somewhat of a revelation for her while day dreaming about this woman that it was exactly these thoughts that got her in trouble one night when she had invited Chenny and her husband over for dinner. Domenic played the perfect husband as usual, barbequing the dinner, getting the drinks, just the perfect host. It was the wine that was her downfall and she knew it. It relaxed her, it chased her inhibitions away and she got physically close to her guest, dancing with her, touching her, everything she could do to convey her intimate interest whenever her Domenic wasn’t present. She didn’t care that Chenny’s husband, Bruce, was watching amused and laughing, his acceptance of her advances on his wife encouraged her even more. It was when she sat in Chenny’s lap that Domenic walked from the kitchen to the patio, his subtle gaze giving no hint at the fury behind his eyes. This was the first time that she had ever been struck by any man, two blows to her face. He was too cowardly to reveal his intent while the guests were present but once they left and the children were in bed,… Those blows had caused bruising that required her to lie at work, “I walked into the small edge of the bathroom door when I got up last night”, was her excuse. He of course apologized and even had gone so far as to say that the next time she may call the police. There will be no next time she thinks to herself.

“Fuck! That man can’t even keep his F-ing fingers out of my thoughts!” She yelled at the interior of her car, a big wet tear of pain rolling down her left cheek, an annoyance that she swiftly flicks from her face as she tries to concentrate on the blurry road before her. “I am going to have fun this weekend and I am going to forget your ass whatever it takes.”

She pulls her cell from the car console deftly flying through her address book until she finds Chenny’s number and presses the call button. Although it is after midnight, she knows that the phone that she is calling will not have its ring tone on, a bad habit that Chenny has and a pain in the ass if you really need to get a hold of her. The answering service comes on as expected and she waits for the tone that she may leave a message, “I am running late and I am sure you can think of the reasons why. I should be there about five in the morning, I hope you like your coffee early! See you guys in a bit.”

She remembers the pictures of their huge fifth wheel camper perched on hill where the ground had been leveled, a small brick wall that gradually got smaller as the ground climbed. The wooden Amish made table next to the entrance of the camper with its large brown umbrella and the fire pit off to the right ringed with natural stone, and woods all around it. Chenny has described this land as her little piece of heaven and now she was intent on putting some whipping cream and a cherry on top of that description.

Chelsea could already see her laying on that king sized bed, naked with curvy butt in the air and her firm breasts peeking out from under her. Her lady would be resting after taking shower that washed the sand from her body following a long day at the beach. The sun had kissed her skin leaving a light red tint along the slim lines where that skimpy bikini had revealed more than hidden. She could feel that girl’s silky skin beneath her fingers as she caressed that goddess like body and smell the scent of lavender and honey when she would bury her nose into her love’s hair covered shoulder.

Her legs stiffen, the muscles of her thighs tightening as she visualizes her naked body sliding over the top of her pretty lady until her mound would sit between those plush ass cheeks wiggling its way deep down to that moist warmth that was such a calling to her. Her nipples would teasing that shapely back brushing from left to right and back, getting them hard and fitful.

Chelsea’s body trembles at the thought and a wide smile beams across her face. It is time for me to break free. She feels this as much as she thinks it. 

The time on the road seems to fly by and yet take forever at once but before the first light of what is to be a gorgeous morning had fallen she pulls onto that last dirt road to her friends’ camp. A road that she finds to be choked with vehicles all with their lights glaring and a mass of people, some apparently gawking while others obviously on a mission. She had been looking at the addresses as she pulled up and it seemed as though this throng of people must be piled right in front of Chennys’ property.

Parking her car half way into the ditch at the side of the narrow dirt road she exits it. Chelsea, rather than calling to ensure that she is at the right address and knowing that the she would have to leave a nother message, grabs her back pack and slowly makes her way forward through the crowd. This throng of people has perked her curiosity and she wanted to see what all the commotion was about here out in the middle of nowhere. Being sure that her friends’ property is just up the road she could just as well knock on their door.

Submitted: September 28, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Dean Talbot. All rights reserved.

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Maybe I am a sucker for the underdog, but I think Chelsea is my favorite character. At least she is the one I've connected with. I am anxiously awaiting her fate. If she gets eaten I might have to stop reading. lol

Fri, September 28th, 2012 5:14pm


I am a sucker for underdogs as well! LOL! AND, no comment on her fate!!!! The end is drawing near.

Fri, September 28th, 2012 10:19am

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