Viscous Nature - Chapter 24 - Lovers Intimate Triangle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Chapter 24 - Lovers Triangle - That sight fascinated her, it aroused her, thinking of the girth of that Brat slipping between her thighs.

This story contains extreme sexual content, delves into the feelings of love, lust, hatred and sinisterly evil fate, to lastly climax in an end worth waiting for, whereby each chapter will build upon the other and hopefully create that necessary emotional attachment.

Chapter 24 – Lovers Intimate Triangle

MaryAnn loves sex, she loves it in every form that she can get it. Even before becoming a teenager she had discovered the pleasure of stroking her vagina, lovingly petting it until it tickled so much that she couldn’t stand it any longer. It was her twenty one year old cousin Derek at the time that taught her how to play with herself. She loved him very much, he was her favorite cousin but didn’t realize his intentions at time, playing innocently with her, wrestling on the carpeted floor of the living room when her parents were around then sitting her on his lap where he would stroke her thighs and groin when they were not. The petting really felt good but it was confusing for her, it didn’t feel right. Most of the time when he would hold her, she would feel that something in his pants, that was hard as stone would press onto her again and again. She knew of course that boys were different than her, she had brothers and had seen their penises but they were tiny and she never made that connection.

Her cousin never went further than hugging and petting her and stopped altogether as she got older but that feeling between her legs that his stroking had caused was something she could not forget and began to explore more and more over the years, finding that the more it tickled the slicker he pussy would get. Sliding her finger between her lips brought her even more pleasure, to the point that she would use two hands, one slipping fingers into her body while the other whisked rapidly across that fleshy bump that was so helplessly exposed when those lips of hers were spread. She came her first time at the age of sixteen, an experience that she will never forget. By that time she was looking for anything that might be used to press deeper inside of her, to spread her budding womanhood wider, anything that would caress that so called “G” spot of which she took so much pleasure.

It had all started with a pen that she got as a present from a friend at school. It was one of those big fat pens with four buttons at the top that lets you choose between black, blue, red or green ink about as round as nickel and not so pointed at the end. She was in class sitting at her desk and the history teacher going on and on in such a monotonous tone that she would have fallen asleep but for the tickle between her legs, an itch that she relieved by inconspicuously rubbing the pen up and down the length of its shaft on the inseam of her pants. It was at that moment, feeling that soft smooth surface, that she thought she might use it to delve deeper inside herself. That thought had her so hot she began pressing the shaft quite vigorously between her clothed pussy lips, her panties now engulfed and causing her quite an irritation.

That day she couldn’t wait to get home to try her new idea and confined to her bedroom, the parents and brothers not home, she slid it deep inside her and found that it was good, its smooth body slipping without a hitch. It went deeper and stretched her nicely but it couldn’t replace the feeling of her probing fingers.

Days later, on a Saturday, her mom asked that she prepare hot dogs for lunch. She had put water on the stove, removed the package of dogs from the fridge and sliced open the plastic covering. Pulling out that first wiener, it was thin, thinner than her pen but slick and long and cold, the inkling arose that she might try one, so soft and the way it would bend when held at one end. It was the thought of using food to fulfill her sexual needs, something that she would eventually eat that somewhat turned her off to the idea, which was until she was standing over the pot watching those hot dogs in the boiling water, seeing how they swelled the longer they were submerged. That sight fascinated her, it aroused her, thinking of the girth of that Brat slipping between her thighs. It was so tantalizing that she turned off the stove and pulled one from the boiling water with a spoon carefully placing it on a paper towel, wrapping it and then proceeded to her bedroom not caring that her father sat in front of the TV watching a ball game as she dashed passed him.

It was hot, so hot that she had to toss it from hand to hand at first but it cooled quickly with some ernest blowing. She found that it was dry to the touch but oh so warm and thick. Placing one end in her mouth, she dropped her pants and sat on the edge of her bed. She took it from between her teeth then carefully rubbed it against her vaginal lips already drenched at the thought of sinking that warm meat inside her. With a little positioning of her hips she slid it in. It was a sensual feeling, a warm sensual feeling that turned her on like no other but disappointment soon followed, not three strokes of that big dog in her tight cunt and it cracked. At that very moment, the calling of her mother caught her off guard. Half of the hot dog still insider her, she squeezed as if she had to go pee and fumbled to get it out and was just able to get her pants buttoned when her mom opened her door. “I’m coming mom.” From that day on MaryAnn knew what she wanted but could not find anything around the house or in the stores that might alleviate this new found feeling, the feeling of lust.

As she grew older, her mom placed more and more responsibilities on her. Her chores early on were only to clean her room, soon to help with the meals on the weekends and finally helping clean the whole house. Normally mom and dad’s bedroom was off limits but their door open one day, she noticed a pile of dirty clothes in the corner and innocently thought she would help by taking them to the wash room. While picking up the clothes she found something beneath the bed half covered by the garments she was piling in front of her. It is something that she had never seen before but new immediately what it was and its purpose. She had heard from friends at school and even at home the words dildo and vibrator. Words, although described in detail and what they were meant for, she couldn’t comprehend, at least not until she touched that soft pliable instrument that then lay before her.

She picked it up, the clothes forgotten, and held it with admiration, the soft tacky texture of its translucent body, it’s bulging head thick as a small egg with what looked like a motor inside. Its length was longer than her hand and it shocked her to think that that whole thing might disappear inside of her. She took it to her room, this time locking the door and as so many times before she slipped her pants off and began to pleasure herself with her new found toy. That big head finally slid into her after lots of massaging along her slit and a bit of spittle to get that sticky surface slippery. It hurt when it finally entered her that thick head spreading her wider than she had ever been, a sensation that she can still feel to this day if the thought crosses her mind. Once inside and moving in and out, a feeling beyond anything she had tried before overcame her. She lay back on her bed playing that toy as if she had known all along how it should be done. She could feel her stomach begin to quiver and her thighs tremble but even with tightly closed eyes and the thought of what might be coming she could not reach that climax. Slippery with the sauce of her young cunt, the vibrator slipped from her grip and while trying to get a firm hold of it she accidently turned it on. It only took moments of those soothing vibrations caressing her innards to send her over the edge. Her body quaked with such intensity that she was hooked from that day on, she would never be able to get enough again.

It seemed to her that every waking moment her thoughts would be on sex, what size that boy at school, any of the boys at school, might have in their pants. How good this teacher or that teacher might be. She consumed books, any and all that she could get her hands on that had even the slightest hint of sex as part of its content. Since she did not always have access to her mom’s toys she would experiment, all the while the length and girth of those objects she found were increasing. Eventually she started rubbing her sphincter and that too would elicit an enjoyable sensation all of its own and although the thought of entering that forbidden hole kept her from investigating deeper for the longest time, she finally overcame her inhibitions and had yet another way to bring herself to orgasm.

Now middle aged, her libido has done nothing but increase. She has felt at times insatiable, no longer finding satisfaction in the average man for over time her toys had grown so much in size that it was only size that mattered. It also made little difference to her whether it was her cunt or her ass that was being ravaged, or both, as long as she was filled, she could will herself to a climax and more often than not, to several. What disturbed her was that her craving for intimacy had more than a few times driven her potential partners away. That she might be sick had entered her mind often but was soon forgotten when that next urge would consume her thoughts.

She had positioned herself beside both men, stroking Jed’s cock as he hammered at his first male ass, a caressing that she knew Jed would enjoy and tickle out that next volcanic burst of Siemen. Every now and again she would slip a finger or two into Chuck’s ass, it was tight as a bow string and his body would tense each time. Chuck’s reaction to her insertions was so touching, like a woman receiving the tip of a man’s hard cock for the first time in months yelping and flinching with each inch, that excited her. She couldn’t help but finger her own ass now, the more Chuck and Jed were stimulated, the closer they were to reaching their orgasms the deeper she stuck her fingers in, the more fingers she stuck in. Soon, her ass was as loose and sodden as her cunt after Jed’s thrashing on, her whole pudgy little hand gliding in that her fingers might tickle her Ovaries.

It didn’t take long, Jed was experiencing firsthand what he had often daydreamed of, even if always for the purpose of vengeance, and it was good. He could feel the pressure rising in his nuts, the urge to explode yet again. “Squeal you bitch” his voice hoarse with his exertions.

Chucky throws his ass back on top of Jed’s fat pole again and again, rubbing his deformed genitals with such speed that his hand was but a blur, “eeehhhh” a short shallow breath that his oxygen starved body couldn’t afford came from his dry lips.

Jed grabbed Chuck’s hips and thrust hard onto that ass spilling his cum deep inside. Sweat was pouring from his brow and as he finally relaxed, he wiped away what he could with a visibly shaky arm.

Jed’s softening cock, glistening in the dim light, slides from Chucks’ clean ass like a python slithering from some slimy hole. His body trembling from the strain, Jed sits back on his heals taking his throbbing member into his hand milking it, watching it as that left over translucent ooze pumps from the tip of his dick to then dribble to the covers between his legs.

“That was soooo good.” Chuck whispers to no one in particular, his ass still in the air and that hand that had pulled is boyhood forward and out of sight now fingering his sloppy gaping hole from between his spread legs.

“I want it like that too” MaryAnn pleads with Jed, who after just coming three times straight, the last in the ass of a man was seriously contemplating his definition of the word gay and how it might apply to him.

“I’m whooped baby”, he could barely get the words out, his lungs burning with the effort to get oxygen back into his deprived body.

“I know” she whispers and turns her ass to him taking his sloppy hand from his throbbing member to press it against her dripping box. “Stick it in” she moans to him.

He slips his hand easily inside her slippery cunt, his hand not much larger than hers, it is wholly engulfed by her warm peach colored flesh. A long deep groan of approval slips from her drooling lips.

Chuck, finally recovering from his own orgasm sits on the bed next to Jed with his legs crossed getting a full view of that huge buttock, its ass loose, no longer puckered but appearing as bright pink moist lips in a frown from the pressure of the arm within her devouring box. Sitting as he was, he was as tall as Jed on his knees, he extends his hand to her butt, spreading those cheeks even further to slip his thumb into her ass, fucking it slowly in rhythm with Jed’s hand.

MaryAnne bites her lower lip, anticipation written all over her face as she begins to play with that huge excited clit of hers. She bucks her ass at both men, she can feel Jed’s fist hit bottom, both hand and wrist swallowed by her yearning slit then grinds her groin on both men’s’ arms.

“Fill my ass, give it to me” She flusters to the men behind her.

Chucky pulls his thumb out and rubs his hand, front and back between her cheeks and thighs, piling what lubricant he could onto his soft dry skin. Getting to his knees, and pointing his fingers straight and tightly together, he pushed into her sulking hole, pushed to his knuckles where that muscle soon resembled lips forming an “O” as if in surprise. She grunts with satisfaction, it is tight, as tight as she has ever had it. “Fuck me she whispers.” With tightly shut eyes and the furrowed skin of her forehead confirming her delight.

Both men increase their tempos, Jed hitting bottom gently at first but with ever more force, Chucks hand slipping further into that tight ass with every thrust he soon finds his hand immersed and can feel Jeds fist sliding along his palm.

Her orgasm coming on strong, Jed’s fist sandwiched between her pelvic bone and Chuck’s arm, his knuckles slam her soft sensitive spot inside with every brutal pull of his arm, sending shock waves of pain and pleasure through her body. “I am cumming,… I am cumming” she half screams now throwing her body at those intruding appendages, Chuck slides nearly half the length of his forearm into her snug ass just as her body quakes with her fiery orgasm eliciting a short lived scream of pain and despair from her quivering lips.

Her head turned to the side, sweaty hair matted to the bed, she opens her eyes. Jed is looking down upon her satisfied chubby face to see her eyes slowly grow wide, her gaze not on him but behind him, her expression of fulfillment turning to one of shock and horror. Confused at what he is seeing, he looks in the direction that she is staring, to the one window of his parents’ bedroom. It was black as a billiard eight ball but for two spheres of yellow and red in the lower corner. He squints to identify what they are just as they seem to pull back and down out of sight.

With his hand still stuck in her sopping cunt the window explodes into shards of glass spraying the room with sharp slivers.

Submitted: September 19, 2012

© Copyright 2023 Dean Talbot. All rights reserved.

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It was them, just as I suspected. Your background story has a nice buildup… but the present? (I’m peeking through my fingers again.) Is that even possible?!!? Lol. I was so relieved that she saw the beast!! If you could see my face…

Thu, September 20th, 2012 2:11am


Thank you very much! :) Glad to see that there is a least a little suspense in my writing! I not sure if I want to clarify what possibility you are referring to?? If you are referring to what the woman is 'taking', I can assure you from some of the,... materials that I have seen, it is! Can't wait to see your next creation!

Wed, September 19th, 2012 7:40pm

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