Viscious Nature - Chapter 3 - His Mind's Eye

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This story contains extreme sexual content, delves into the feelings of love, lust, hatred and sinisterly evil fate, to lastly climax in an end worth waiting for, whereby each chapter will build upon the other and hopefully create that necessary emotional attachment.

Chapter 3 - A swelling can be felt in his pants, a good feeling, a feeling he often has and is often accompanied by a subconscious urge to rub and provoke a full blown erection that would require the attention of his wife.

Chapter 3 – His Minds Eye

Night has fallen completely and the grey road ahead fills the windshield with complete darkness such that the centerline now juts out like a somber column of stone. Only the small red tail lights of the few vehicles ahead let on that the road doesn't drop into nothingness. For an instant the brake lights of those vehicles far ahead flare into saucer sized strobes indicating that something is amiss but shortly thereafter return to the dots that have been followed for the past hour. A cop maybe? Of course that is always a possibility but as he drives past that point where he had seen the others hesitation the cause becomes apparent, road kill. A fully mature buck, a six pointer had obviously met his fate with something larger than the standard sedan. Its twisted body and the thirty yard long trail of smeared blood would indicate that a truck was the culprit.

His awareness relaxes again, his thoughts return to a night not long ago. A swelling can be felt in his pants, a good feeling, a feeling he often has and is often accompanied by a subconscious urge to rub and provoke a full blown erection that would require the attention of his wife. His left hand wanders to his pants, to his warm crotch where his palm would rest on the length of his hardening manhood to press down as his fingers slide over and encompass his clothed scrotum. His palm then return to his belt line and again press downwards to repeat the action resulting in an expected outcome, an erection that yearns to delve into the folds of a warm and welcoming female body, to explore her hidden secrets until human bodily eruptions bring their bodies to a state of ecstasy.

Normally the sight of his wife scantily clad is enough to invoke a sexual arousal in him, seeing her wander before him in panties that creep between her butt cheeks and hint at her tight vagina exposed in that diamond shaped cleavage between long slender thighs turns him on every time. Just the thought of her passing before him with her hair up in a bun above her long sensual neck and supple naked shoulders, her small perky breasts bobbing up and down summon that warm feeling between his loins. She is everything that he had ever wanted in a woman and he melts like butter by her very touch.

This evening however his mind’s eye is consumed by the thought of an erotic encounter. A scene in which his wife is laying on her back in all of her womanly appeal, legs spread wide as a beautiful lady laps vigorously at her clit with an experienced tongue has him formally on fire and squirming in his driver’s seat. He has been put in just such a position to watch before and to relive this experience has had his imagination running on overdrive more than often in the recent past.

The truck, slightly off course, has the rear dually wheels running over the white solid line of the highway and onto the deep slotted strip in the roads surface designed to awaken sleepy drivers that are destined to have a close up meeting with nature beyond the asphalt boundary. The loud rumble of the tire and inherent vibration of the vehicle have their intended affect on him. Though by no means asleep, his concentration is brought back to the task at hand and the steering wheel is whipped back to the left with the deft movement of a long time driver. The truck swerves slightly back to the left and into the middle of the slow lane.

Funny, the dog lets out a long snort as if to protest the disturbance but doesn’t even take the time to open her eyes. The long drives that she has been on in her short life have attuned her to the different distractions that may occur while on the road. Life has been way too good to her!

The physical action required to put the vehicle back on the pavement had interrupted his day dream but only marginally. With a long look at his wife over his right shoulder, he leans over and lovingly slides a hand up her thigh till it lands on her shallow breathing belly.

A long sigh escapes her lips as her sleepy eyes open and look at him, “Are you alright, Honey?”

“Just a bit tired.” He replies, not being completely truthful. His thumb slips below her belt line to snake through her tightly cropped bush.

A weak smile forms across her lips and she adjusts her butt such that her leg rides a bit up onto the console and he puts his thumb right over her cleanly shaven vagina slighting splitting the slickened folds. “Looks like we should try and get to the campground a little quicker?” Her smile spreads even further as those words softly leave her lips.

She is quite aware of his sexual drive, the need to satisfy his overpowering urge for sexual satisfaction that can surface at any time of day or night. At times it can be annoying for her, mostly she feels compelled by love to extinguish his frequent fire although often she too feels the need to quench her own womanly desires with a bout of heated lovemaking. This evening, with the vibration of the truck on the concrete road and the rhythmic bounce caused by the endless creases between cement blocks has her tingling between her legs. It is not the same feeling as driving a car over a steep peek of a hill where weightlessness tickles her Clitoris to the point of goose bumps and causes her to have an involuntary shudder as the tingling wanders up her back, it is much more subtle and consistent and builds upon itself until it can no longer be ignored.

The warmth of his hand and slow deliberate gyrations of his thumb across her clit are doing her good. She can feel her juices begin to flow and lightly lubricate between his skin and hers, a sensation that increases her desire and has her twitching her hips up to meet the downward rotation of his gentle touch. She unbuckles her belt and flips open the button of her pants to let her own hand glide down to his, a couple of her fingers putting more pressure upon his thumb while the others slip between her pussy lips. She is no stranger to masturbation and when her craving arises she will not hesitate to guide herself to the womanly high, often times repeatedly until her thirst has been thoroughly quenched.

She can see the bulge in his pants, the low light of the different instruments in the cab illuminating enough that it could not be missed. It is huge and seems as though his penis should be peeking out from under his belt or bursting the zipper of his pants. She can feel his primal yearning rise in him as his thumb becomes soaked between her fingers and moist cunt. Leaning over she guides her left hand to the knot in his pants clamping her small fingers around his pole. Knowing his need for her only increases her longing for more.

Her short strokes over his clothed manhood have her elbow tapping the dogs’ nose. Curled up on the console between the two seats, the puppy has found that with this new annoyance there is not enough room to dose comfortably. She raises her head to her mom, her ears laid back and eyes wide with questioning disappointment. She snores her discontent and yawns, then attempts to get up just as the truck hits a northern Michigan pothole that nearly sends her to the floor behind the passenger seat. Collecting her legs below her she takes a small leap onto the rear bench seat and again curls up in the middle of her blanky to return to her blissful sleep.

Her firm yet gentle touch has him bucking his hips lightly at her hand. Although his clothing is a bit rough to the touch, the warmth of her hand and pressure running the length of his cock soon has his attention completely averted from guiding his pickup. As if the road didn’t even exist, he can see how he is penetrating that glistening vagina, its lips swollen and giving way to his pole as it presses deeper. The feeling of his hips pushing onto that crotch, forcing those legs to spread further as he strives to touch bottom in this heavenly pit has consumed his thoughts. He continues to buck at her hand with slow deliberate zeal.

Again a distraction, this time it is the lights of a car in his peripheral vision as it passes him on his left. His eyes wander to the dash board and sees that his speed has dropped below sixty mile per hour. Unconsciously his foot applies more pressure to the gas pedal and the truck noticeably accelerates.

“We will have to wait until we arrive before we continue with this Honey or we will never get there!” He says with a bit of a chuckle. “You almost had me there.”

“Where did I have you?” She asks with a big smile? “We haven’t done anything,… yet!”

“Uh huh, I can’t wait to see what you have in mind.” His thoughts returning to what may lie ahead this weekend.

“Honey, I am thirsty and I am sure that Wowi needs to pee. Can you stop at that next gas station?”

He thinks to himself, if things keep going as they are, we really won’t get there! “Sure, I think the next exit has a couple of gas stations.

The truck pulls off the highway onto the next off ramp and he figures that they have about another 20 minutes or so before they have arrived at the private campground. He can’t wait to have all of their belongs tossed into the thirty seven foot fifth wheel, the slides outs locked out and the heater cranked up so that they can hit the sack, not necessarily because of the promise of good sex before sleep but because it has been a long day at work and a long drive. He wants and needs his rest.

The off ramp ends at a stop light where he looks both ways and makes a left turn. He can already see the sign of two gas stations and he chooses the one on the left, its white and green lighted sign high above its large mini market indicating a larger selection of food and drink than the gas station on the right. There is little traffic at this intersection of the highway and no wonder since they are truly “out in the boonies”.

His thoughts distracted and the urge to stretch his aching legs have caused his erection to fade as he pulls off the side road heading for the store.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Dean Talbot. All rights reserved.

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awwwww ... how far is the campground from there? Just wondering .. :P

Mon, October 15th, 2012 7:14pm


Its a couple of hours drive and well known to me! LOL! I too have to rely on personal experience a lot of times!

Mon, October 15th, 2012 12:35pm

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