Viscious Nature - Chapter 14 - Withered Manhood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Chapter 14 - Withered Manhood - “Shhhhh, its okay honey, we can do this, you and I together.” Her hand slides up his shaft, her fingers nowhere near encompassing the girth of his cock

Chapter 14- Withered Manhood

“Yes Jed, we were naked but he didn’t have intercourse with me.”, MaryAnn stops for a moment wondering how she was going to inform Jed of what was going on without upsetting him more. Although she isn’t truly in love with him, his dong is huge and he really knows how to please her, she doesn’t want to lose that which she has never before had in her life, someone that can make her orgasm each and every time they sleep with one another.

“Damn it Jed, you are making this worse than it has to be. I can’t explain to you exactly what you saw. Chucky lives in a small town, the only man that loved him is gone, he was lonely and needed a friend. One thing led to another and we landed in bed.”

“Fuckin’ aye you did! What else is there to say then?” Jed hitches his thumbs in his pants. He’s pissed but he can see that his lady is begining to regret being in bed with that prick next to her.

“Fuck”, a whisper barely heard. “You’ll just have to see for yourself. Chuck drop your pants.” She’s not going to lose her daily orgasms over something as stupid as this and she can tell that Jed is going to play this out and make her feel as bad as he can as long as he can.

Although quite comfortable being naked in front of men, men that can appreciate his body, just dropping his pants in front of someone that degrades gays and would most likely prefer to shoot him on the spot rather than see his body parts was almost too much. Chuck fidgets with the top button but just can’t find the resolution to follow through with MaryAnn’s request.

“Damn it Chuck, you are a good friend and I don’t mind helping you but I am not going to lose the one man that has a cock long enough to do me from behind without being a gymnast and can still get me off. Drop those pants now.” The words slipped from her tongue just the way she was thinking them. She shook her head first in surprise and then in disappointment knowing full well that Jed could turn this to his advantage.

Before another word could be spoken, Chuck’s pants drop and Jed’s lower jaw hits the floor. Jed thought he had seen everything, gay’s, dikes, transvestites, war, the dead, all of it. What he hadn’t expected from Chucky was exactly what was presented to him. A man tall enough to have to duck to get into his house door, full grown, hair on his arms and a penis the size of what you might find on a six year old boy. Thin and as long as string bean, his nuts no larger than a couple of cashews, just not possible.

“It’s not functional.” The only words to leave Chuck’s mouth.

It seemed like minutes that Jed was staring, comprehension of what he was seeing just not sinking in. He caught that man in bed with his lady but just as she said, that little prick couldn’t pierce an empty banana peel if his life depended on it.

“You see?” MaryAnn is anxiously waiting, hoping to hear that Jed understands. “You see don’t you? What could he have done with me?”

“Well,… What the hell were you doing then?” the statement was almost automatic, a thought expressed in involuntary words.

“I needed a friend to give me some attention is all. We talked and she held me and we ended up in bed.” Chuck tried to explain but fell short on the words.

“He told me that he can’t get an erection, the only way he can cum is when he is being ‘done’.” She puts some emphasis on the word “done” to make sure that Jed is on the same page. “He can ejaculate but needs help to get there. I just wanted to see as much as I wanted to help. You walked in just after he came.” There it is, she got it out.

Consternation written all over his face, Jed was at a loss for words and MaryAnn could tell she got him just where she needed him to be. As much as she needed his thick long meat in her, she also needed him to know that she has more cravings than he can provide but that she isn’t willing to lose him over it.

She steps to him, her chubby hand landing on the crotch of his pants as she leans over to whisper to him. “Do you remember the first time we were here? Remember how you slid you cock into my ass for the first time, how I screamed when you slid into me and then came all over your arm when you finished me off with your fist?”

She could feel an immediate reaction in his pants, that soft slab of meat swelling, straightening to the sound of her lovely voice.

As mean and belligerent with words as Jed can be, the touch of a woman is the one thing that can calm him down, his cock sincerely doing ALL of the thinking for him. His eyes no long on Chucky but averted down to her ample cleavage, the other man in the room and the hurt of the past is completely forgotten.

“You need this baby?” His words flutter like butterflies to her ears.

She need not hear more, that strong man’s one weakness, her wet sopping cunt, was hers as well. His hand dives into her stretched pants behind her finding all kinds of ass, delves deeper, down between her ass cheeks where is arm disappears. A damp spot he finds, his fingers now wet as the panties that engulf his hand, he slips his fingertips into her plum ass.

“Your turn to watch.” throwing his words at Chucky as he turns his lady in the direction of his parents’ old bedroom.

Chuck, no longer anxious is full of amusement at how fast a nasty man can change in the light of a woman, follows the other two, with his pants down, the cloth bond around his ankles only accentuate his already womanly gate.

She undresses Jed slowly letting her tongue wander his body. Her light touch and soothing voice have put him in a near trance, the throbbing of his almost nine inch sausage arcing from his body like a bent tree limb failing to defy earth’s gravity taking hold of his small brain. Still red with the pounding he had just given his couch, his manhood yearned with hunger for round two.

Chuck watches as the two undress, how they are so attuned to one another’s bodies, the way they slide into bed with limbs half entwined, never off balance as though done a thousand times. There is no heat between his legs, no swelling, no urge to sink what manhood he has into the warm wet body of the woman before him, not any woman at all. The tingling that he does feel at the tip of his dick is minor and indication that he too would need more, the stimulation of the one G-spot a man has, his one hope at anything resembling an orgasm, the massaging of his prostate.

She kneels between Jed's wide spread legs and takes the head of his upturned cock between her lips. It is the size of the head of a cat, wide and flat and when inserted into her mouth, enough to keep her from breathing if she were not to use her nose. She bobs up and down on her tiger, Jeds’ hands going to each side of her head, pulling her down further, wanting deeper into that loving mouth of which that tongue so gingerly massages the underside of his massive member.

She lifts a hand from her man’s side to beckon to Chuck to join them and it doesn’t go unnoticed. His clothes placed in a pile at the end of the bed, Chuck climbs in behind her his hands running up her back pressing into fat and muscle where he wraps his fingers up and over her shoulders to clamp onto straining muscle.

“What the fuck is this?” Jed asks nearly chocking on his own slobber.

“Take it easy honey, he’s not going to hurt you.”, Words as though spoken by an unseen angel. Her mouth wraps around his meat yet again but with a flicking tongue. He arcs his back in pleasure pressing hard at her face as she strokes his ham with both hands.

Chuck lays his chest on her back, wrapping his arms around her full body taking her massive tits in his hands where he begins to knead them as a baker might his bread dough.

His body on her back, his heat seething into her flesh, his hands milking her tits, she is aroused such that she creams all that lay between her legs. Her warm juices course from that sodden cunt to wander down her belly and over each inner thigh.

She can’t stand the call of her body any longer, every muscle twitching with anticipation she climbs up on Jed, his cock still in one hand she guides its immense head to her vagina, wiggling it back and forth, soaking it with her love then sits on it.

Chuck can feel her bodies need his legs between hers, the quivering in her buttocks and spatter from her luscious cunt sprinkling onto his knees as it jets from her with each spasm. His hand follows her, palm and fingers flat against her open ass rubbing that knotted asshole till she finally sets herself upon that bulging tree stump. His fingers feel her thick folds part widely, letting his heavy member glide easily within.

Fingers drenched with her ongoing cum, Chuck puts his wet hand to his ass and sinks them in. He sinks his fingers into the only hole that can bring him sexual pleasure, the only spot where his mind may in any way comprehend what ecstasy might feel like. He fingers his own ass as he moves his other hand between the bodies before him so that he might stroke that huge cock that relentlessly hammers at the cunt atop it.

Jed is at first abashed, then almost livid with the touch of a man on the most private part of his body but for only an instant as that is all it took for Chucks firm knowing grip to pulsate a pleasure onto his appendage that he had never experienced. A compression and contraction combined with the hot slick drenched box of his lady, it was more than a man might dream of when fucking a woman, a feeling that only ones own masterful hand and wild imagination might bring when masturbating.

She can feel Chucks clench on Jed’s cock, his wrist rubbing and slapping her mushroom sized swollen clit with the bucking of her hips, the boulder sized cap on Jed’s penis pounding her cunt from the outside in, slamming her G-spot is all too much, sending her over the edge. She cums, she gushes her hot bodily fluid over both men just as Jed squirrels his meat deep into her, carpeting the inside of her cunt with thick jizz.

Jed and MaryAnn’s bodies slowly relax, recovering from the quaking convulsions to feel the bed being rocked behind them, Chuck fucking his own ass with three fingers while rubbing his groin with the sauce from their orgasms. Minutes go by, Chuck’s breathing erratic and labored, his arm worn and on fire from his exertions but all for naught as he searches for his own climax.

“Jed.” She whispers to her lover. “You have to do this for me. Help him, give him what he needs.”

“Are you,…” The words almost too loud, Jed then more quietly, “What are you asking? That I fuck him in the ass?”

“Yes, can you do that for me?” Chucks thrashing at himself slows as he catches the conversation, hoping beyond hope for that which might come. Not a vibrator, not a wine bottle or condom covered cucumber, but that huge, thick cum covered cock, that bulging barrel that would push him wide open, pressing deep into his ass, yes, please say yes.

MaryAnn gets off of her lover, his long schlang slinging snot as it slips from her.

“Turn around Chuck, bend your knees and get you butt down lower.” She has never seen a guy get fucked by another guy and as intriguing as it might seem to her it really weighed more on her to help Chuck, the one friend that has always been there for her through thick and thin. Grabbing Jed by the hand, she helps him from his laying position to his knees behind Chuck.

“Sorry, fuck, I can’t do this.” His voice wasn’t harsh or mad but confused. ”I can’t fuck another guy.” A half truth and he knows it because with every episode of revenge that he ever let play before his minds eye, from his days in junior high to this very day, he has fucked those men who abused him until they poured blood from their asses and couldn’t stand. He has dreamt it with such detail that all that was left was to live it out.

“I will help you, don’t worry.” Her soothing voice and loving clutch on his balls yet again firming his softened shaft.

“You know, I have fucked most everything that can walk, from chickens as a kid to goats as a teenager, to the donkeys my neighbors had in their barns but never a man.” His mind racing for a reason not to plug that gaping hole set before him.

“Shhhhh, its okay honey, we can do this, you and I together.” Her hand slides up his shaft, her fingers nowhere near encompassing the girth of his cock. Slick as it was, she gently pulls that head to Chucks ass, rubbing the tip over that open hole, making it pulsate, close and open, close and open.

Jed rubs his eyes and looks at the ass in front of him. It is hairless, smooth and as round as any ass on a woman that he has ever seen. Those long legs spread wide and not one hint of the cock below that has been pulled forward and out of sight. The stroking of his lady’s practiced hand, the hot hole pinching at the tip of his again hungering organ,… he presses in.

“Squeal like pig, I said squeal like pig you mother fucker!” Jed spits at the body in front of him.

The slopping cum still hanging from his member is more than enough to allow him to ease in. That hole is as tight as any that he has had, pulling hard at his skin as he slithers in. Chucks moan of pain and joy fill the room with every inch his body swallows.

“Eeeeehhhhhh, Eeeehhhhhh!!!!”, Long drawn out shrieks of an impaled pig ring out through the tiny room.

His rectum conforming to that mass of flesh entering like a muscled leg pressing into a skin hugging pants of under armor, it is a sense of pure pleasure that is only for Chucky, topped only by the waves of pressure thrown onto his prostate as that bulging mass rocks itself in and out. Chuck cums, a dry heave of his miniature nuts producing nothing but a thin sleek stream of fluid that is not much more than a dab of lotion in womans hand. His moan, that of a woman in deepest pleasure, the highest climax. A moan that does not go unanswered as Jed unloads yet again into the taut ass stroking his cock.

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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