Nothing Left Untouched

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A story of desire and lust, fantasy run wild.

A whimper is heard, barely audible yet almost tangible in the thick evening air. Silence, … then a moan followed by more whimpering. The room is barely lit, only the light of the full moon night filtering through the leaves outside the bedroom window and yet figures can be seen, two laying entwined on the bed and a third behind them, nearly motionless they would have appeared as statues to someone that might casually look in.

She lay motionless with the exception of the rising and falling of her chest, exhaustion, you could smell it on the breeze that lightly drifted through the still room.

It had all started harmlessly, a few drinks while sitting on the plush couch, red wine that always seems to mellow the mood.  Hands started massaging her, probing her then groping her. It turned her on, it really turned her on, soon losing all apprehensions her clothes fall to the floor where she then lay, awaiting the pleasure so wanted and yet feared.

Her face is drenched with sweat, long hair matted to her neck and clinging to her shoulders. The hours had rolled by, her normally soft skin now sticky and schmaltzy from the perspiration and cum that have been smeared from her groin to her tits and chest. She is tired, wore out but there is no rest. Her body lay over that of a man, her chin in his shoulder, an arm under him and the other palm up on the bed. Her legs are spread, his between hers, his cock still in that burning slushy box.

They had taken her by the hand, a prick between her ass cheeks, the long rod sticking up and out such that it may have looked like a hot dog without condiments, and fingers searching her tightly trimmed bush, the three stumbled from the living room. The way to the bedroom was not lit but like a beacon in the night it was found without a flounder. The lustful hands, the hot flesh of their manhood against her, it is as near to ecstasy that a woman might get. She wants them, she can feel her juices soaking the inside of her pussy, her vulva already drenched, her lips slipping back and forth on each other is nearly enough in itself to make her cum.

Another moan escapes her from between her tightly clenched teeth, from a mouth filled with cotton by the exertions of the past hours. A moan not only from exhaustion but from the head of the second cock that had lefts its place from behind her where it had been next to the other rod still in her, leaving that slime drenched cunt to wander out and up, carrying a load of cum in front of it till it has found that brown eye. Too tired to fight, her muscle had opened easily though not willing to let that shaft, its head as hot as a black painted fence pole in the Arizona blazing sun, into her. A small cry escapes her dry lips, the fat body of his cum soaked, rock solid and numbed cock stretching her ass wide open, feeling as though someone were sliding a water melon into her.

They had tossed her gently to the bed dimly lit by a dying sun, one of them walking to the far side such that his cock faced her up turned face, the other watching from near the door his prick in hand. She grabs her lovers’ dick guiding it to her mouth, wrapping her luscious lips around it, sucking it deep into her throat. It tickles her but she has long become accustomed to keeping those reflexes at bay. Leaning hard against the wood frame of the tall bed, he grabs her legs just behind the knees and pulls her hips up in the air. Her hands go to the outside of her thighs where she helps hold herself in place, her legs spread wide, her vulva now flared open like the red peddles of tulips in their Spring blossom. His deft tongue dives into middle of that flower, its nectar smears across his mouth and chin then finds its way down his thirsty throat.

Her ass burns, that hot branding iron being pushed slowly inside her, she bites into the pillow and screams, muffled but still loud enough to ring in her own ears. His sword slips into her, to the hilt, a groan from the man behind her signaling his willingness for more as the silky smooth rectum encompasses him and that muscle clamps down onto the base of his sore prick. He is too deep, she can feel the inner folds of her ass stretch, the inner tissue tender and not yet slick enough to keep her flesh from naturally stretching. Without notice or hesitation, his ballooning cock is ripped from deep within her to then slam back in, a feeling as if his cock were speeding into the taut clench of a new lubed condom, the pressure of the thin membrane pressing equally at his appendage, evenly from all sides. She clenches her hands into fists, the one grabbing a hand full of sheets, the other scratching into the back of her lover. Again and again his hips ram at her buttocks, her butt cheeks racing from him in waves with the thundering of his thrusts.

Cock in hand, the other moves to the side of the bed intently watching the scene unfolding in front of him. The lovers head moves this way and that, a flash of his tongue every now and again drawing a wild path between the curvy legs that stretch up and behind him. His actions give the impression of a vampire over his kill, greedily licking every drop of the missed blood from his victims’ neck. Her puckered ass, untouched by the wandering tongue, high in the air and nearly at chest level, is pressing and relaxing with the motions of the man’s head, bulging from her crotch then relaxing. There is no rhythm to their actions but noticeably, the woman is gaining momentum, her gyrations more rhythmic as her orgasm slowly nears. Beating his cock now with the expectation of her climax, he slips a finger across her now protruding brown eye, it is slick, pulled tight and hard. A deep sigh rushes from her at that light touch, she exhales, her muscle relaxes and his finger slides in. She inhales, the air whistling through her teeth, her ass quivers and a gush of cum and piss flow from her cunt, around his finger then down the crack of her ass to trail over her back. Her whole body shakes with the orgasm that has taken her bodies control.

It hurts, it is as though she were being put on a stake from middle evil times. The weariness of just minutes ago races from her body replaced by the anguish of the punishment she is receiving, a glowing fire that sears from within her. She lunges forward, a thwarted attempt as four hands hold her fast. She rises half way to her knees to no avail, her lover’s arms firmly clenching hers to his body and the other man’s hands pressing her shoulders to the bed, effectively pinning her as if she were tied in place. Her ass now spread wide, her box filled with her lovers thumping sausage, the man’s cock dives deep within her, delving into her rectum like a foot being inserted into a thick soft winter sock that is never ending, snuggly stretching it out, the now slickened tissue caressing the head of his cock as it snakes its way into her.

Her lover lets go of her legs, chuckling at the jet of piss that hit him squarely on the chin, her hips fall into the willing hands of their visitor. His hands wrap around her legs, pulling her till she is square to his hips. A swift shift, down and back, and the head of his cock finds her warm wet cunt, simply sliding in as though it had always belonged there. A short ‘woow’, soft and welcoming greats the entrance of the thick body of his dick as it digs deeper into her ravenous box. Slow purposeful thrusts, the motion of an engine warming up, he slips in and out of her, feeling her warm wet juices cover his rod, then collect on the circumference of her strained cunt forming a creamy white translucent film on his hardened dick. Her hips lift to the rhythm of his piston, allowing him to penetrate his full length into her, till his scrotum is half way inside her. The lips of her mouth never left her lovers’ penis, saliva running from her mouth to cover her face like the cream pouring from her cunt has engulfed her crotch.

He pounds her ass without skipping a beat, the strong tight muscle stroking his aching cock, it is a feeling that even masturbation cannot reproduce. The sensation of the embrace of that distended muscle, the thick presence of the lovers’ shaft in her ravaged cunt and the caressing of the head of his swollen cock provided by her rectum has his nerve ends tickling yet again, his dick twitching in anticipation with every lunge. A thick accumulation of gooey paste forms around her anus, the amassing of secretions from both his prick and her body’s natural lubricant with the expectation to crap. Her muscle loosens letting him slide easily in and out, the pain begins to fade. The dick in her ass is pressing the head of her lovers’ pole onto just the right spot. Instead of the stabbing pain felt just moments ago, a glowing warm sensation seeps into her groin, her hips now buck at the two logs between her legs, feeding a fire of the welcome kind.

His dick in her mouth, the saliva, a foaming sopping mass across her face, he can feel the urge to explode growing in him. She knows her lover and the hesitation in his thrusts, a load of cum is near, a load that she knows will soon spray across her face and pool in her hair. His cock digs deep to the back of her throat; she extends her tongue to let him in further. Her throats firm ribbed cartilage hugs his shaft, squeezing and compressing it. The presence of the other man in the room, the newness of the situation and the sight of his woman being taken before his eyes have excited him like a sixteen year old boy experiencing his first woman in her mid-twenties, he drives hard at her face and blasts his wad down her esophagus, a stream of cum that surely flew straight into the stomach of his loving lady, an ejaculation that he had not intended to release so easily but was still just as satisfying. She chokes and gags on his cum spitting out his cock and a mouthful of saliva mixed with cum, the acid taste of his semen burning her tonsils.

She rides the two men as though she were riding a mechanical bull, slow and purposeful, her body forward and hips down as she pulls from their greedy loins pressing her lovers’ cock firmly onto her hot G-spot, then back and up with her hips as she pushes on them, driving them inside her, and down hard again getting every inch in that she can. Slower at first but ever increasing in speed and intensity, her enthusiasm fires both men on, their cocks slamming devastating blows at her incoming crotch, the smacking of their damp skin, the slushy sound of her loose holes relaxing with her oncoming orgasm loud as the thundering wind of a tornado in their ears.

Not finished with her coughing on the wad of cum she was forced to swallow, her body is rocked by a massive bash to her spread groin, the visitor now animated by the sight he had been presented with, he piles himself on top of her, firm muscular arms stretching her legs so far apart a gymnast might be shamed, slamming at her plump sopping cunt with the force of a battering ram. She cums, a volcanic reaction to the abuse her body has taken, the thought of being raped by two men intent on their own satisfaction using her body whilst she lay there helpless. There was no need for ropes or chains, cuffs or whips, the two men, without knowing had played themselves right into a fantasy of hers. Her mind utterly dominated by the prospect, she continues to cum, to squirt onto that pounding cock at each thrust, her body nearly convulsing with the intensity of the moment.

Sweat drips from every pore of their aching bodies, running as if from torrential rains from him to her then slipping as from a river over a cliff in rain forest from her to her lover. Their skin slips and slides on each other, the smacking of sticky flesh replaced by the splashing of friends in a swimming pool. She can feel her climax coming, coming too soon. She wants to feel the two men thrashing her body, feel them cum inside her first, simultaneously, feel the hot spew of their jizz brand the insides of her body before she extinguishes those flames with the last flood of cum her battered body can muster.

His body stiffens, his back arching as his hands dig into the cheeks of her ass, the muscles in his arms bulging, the strain in his face pulling the tendons of his neck taut, the veins of his body drawing distinct ridges across his flesh like highways on a road map. Motionless for what seems and eternity, his cock like a hot iron turned to marble inside her loving cunt. The eternity ends quickly, his pole pulled from her with one swift jerk of his hips to be grabbed in his fist, balled tight. His eyebrows, barely seen in the fading light, furrow together, his lips pull back exposing gritted teeth, he unloads onto her heaving belly and across her tits, again and again, the cum skipping across her skin to pool at her throat.

She rests her body on that of her lovers, no longer bucking at the onslaught to her cunt and ass. She wants them first, she knows they are willing but numb. Her hand slips to her back, her fingers find the soft hole of her ass and she slides three in. It works, even though she feels again as though someone were driving a car up her ass, her lover’s teeth chattered, his fingers pulling at her nipples clench, he explodes into her, his hips driving at her such that her knees rise from the bed and the cock of the man behind her nearly slips from her ass. A massive surge of cum streams from her cunt to his belly, with every subsequent upward heave of his body sending a new wave of cum from within to follow the path of the last.

They both climb into bed with her, her lover pulling her on top of him, her back to his chest as the other moves between their legs. A pillow is pulled behind her head and she reaches between her legs to guide her lover’s dick back into pussy. She wants his dick to mingle with the cum of the other, to know that two men are taking her at the same time, her clit tingles at the thought sending shocks of weakness down to her toes. Cock in hand yet again, the other man watches as the woman’s crack before him is widened, cunt lips swollen and pressing against her thighs, clit pulled down taut as her lover’s vase shaped rod pistons inside of her.

The lover’s cock, raging into her cunt with the spasms of his climax push his submerged cock to this side and that, his rod crammed to the hilt in her lush ass, it was all he could do to keep from being ejected as wave upon wave of cum is hurled into her throaty box. The slamming of her lovers’ last throws of ecstasy, the sight of the woman’s ass penetrated by his throbbing cock, checks indented by the girth of his manhood, the woman’s fingers sliding into her shithole to keep his worn appendage company is once more too much. Her rectum cuddling the head of his dick, pulling back and forth across him as if milking him,… his mind goes blank of all else, nothing but the caressing is left for his mind’s eye. With purpose, his thrusting increases, pulling his cock from her, exposing her gaping ass, red folds of willing flesh flash into sight, beckoning to him to enter yet again, her anal muscle widens to an “O” massaging his prick as it spreads her apart yet again. He grabs a hand full of her hair, his other hand her shoulder, pulls her head high and her body hard onto his lusting shaft. Again and again he violently rams her slack mushy ass. His body shakes, his scrotum convulses, his cock slams deep into her, puking the last of its guts.

He lies over the top of them, thick arms supporting his body, grinding his groin against her upturned mound. She feels his dick press hard against her clit, her lover’s fingers pulling at her breasts and pinching her mountainous nipples, it nearly hurts and yet the pain stimulates her. The act of being taken, being punished, used and raped thrills her. She bucks at his cock, her lovers’ sausage bending with the winds of her storm. She thunders her hips at both men, first up and then down, both G-spot and clit mauled by her lust. Her lover presses her legs together, his to the outside of hers supporting her full weight across his body, those voluptuous thighs now encompassing the visitors rod. He fucks at her groin, her thighs like the inside of a woman’s cunt, wet, smooth and deep, his soft meaty head clashing against her clit like the waves of storm upon a cliffy beach.

Her legs spread yet wider from his exertions, cunt and ass helplessly exposed, his worn cock sinks into her, cum blasting into her rectum, she can feel it’s warm wetness spreading around his cock and deep inside her.  Her nipples twisted and bulging from the attack of her lover, her ass spread wide by the hands of the man behind her, her body totally savaged and tormented, drenched and bruised, she cums. Trembling with exhaustion, ass cheeks twitching from fatigue a torrent of slobbering and bubbling cum is ejected from both holes of her groin, a frothing lather of brown white gel oozing its way from body to body to finally be soaked into the bed covers below.

His cock and balls slide along the length of her thighs like a boy might slide down a wet slide at an amusement park, the head of his cock slapping at her clit. Again the tingling, the shocks, the waves of pleasure race from her midsection down her legs, to her nipples and the top of her head, another storm is rising. The feeling is stimulating for him but not nearly satisfying. He raises his hips, the length of his cock no longer pushing between her thighs; the angle now pressing the head of his cock down onto the exposed portion of the sunken prick of her lover, guiding his every stroke such that it enters slightly into her sodden cunt like that boy at the amusement park might splash in the water at the end of that slide. She jumps the first time, her cunt screaming at the intrusion of a second massive organ barreling into her but with each invasion she loosens, consciously willing her box to open and accept what is to come.

The bed shakes, quaking with the trembling of the three exhausted bodies it carries. The air in the room is still and stagnant, the smell of their bodily excretions hanging in the air, sweet and pungent. She collapses onto the chest of her lover, the other gently letting her hair loose as she falls. Her legs are stretched wide apart, aching from holding so long but she is reluctant to move, the massaging throb of the cocks within her still spilling their last drops of life inside, a feeling both gentle and relieving, a feeling of being,… needed.

Slow deliberate and powerful, he pushes onto and into her. She whimpers in pain and lust, the storm that had died down as her box was first assaulted by two cocks is now raging again. Each thrust of his hips, the choking hand of her lover over her throat, the crushing weight of his chest on hers, no breath, no air, she feels herself going, slipping into the realm beyond, where the only thing alive is the excruciatingly good feeling of the orgasm electrifying every nerve of her body. Her face, red and hot, her body quivering with the lack of oxygen, the climax washes over her, her cunt going numb and relaxed as her slick sauce rushes from her, slushing onto those cocks that yet hunger for her. He slips in, drowning his prick into the taut cunt, slipping in next to the lovers’ prick where the two dance, sloshing and slurping, to the woman’s low playing music.

Submitted: August 17, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Dean Talbot. All rights reserved.

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Over 4000 reads and no comments? Embarrassed to admit they read this? *Laughs* I read it and I am commenting. It was very explicit, yes. I guess that was the point. Did a good job. Not sure how to criticize something like this. Maybe I should have waited until night time to read it. I don't know. Going to go read more. I like your style even if it is a bit on the hard core side like this one. Maybe someday I will be brave and post mine. But then I might lose readers. Who knows! Who cares?

Fri, October 12th, 2012 3:49pm


Paige, you are a sweetheart and I like you already!! You are right, a lot of people are apparently afraid to comment on material of true sexual nature but they sure do like to read the stuff! If you are looking for a writer that can truly capture your attention with the erotic stuff, see Peytonblack. This woman can write.

Thanks again for the comment! The rest of material for the moment belong to a novel that I am working on. There are a few severely explicit chapters in it but for the most part it is to be a horror story.

Again, thanks for your comment and compliment!

Fri, October 12th, 2012 9:07am

King webstar Da 1st

Well I liked it too. Great job lol Awesome comparisons in it too.
If I didn't have fans of all ages I would post my adult poems too.

Keep writing and best of luck with your book

Love Da KinG

Tue, October 16th, 2012 6:44am


Thanks for the comment and compliment!

Tue, October 16th, 2012 7:42am


I've never been able to finish reading this, I've tried a couple times now but its so detailed its like its right infront of me. I will finish it one day and ill let you know what I think. Its very detailed I love it, the way you write is so different from any I've ever read, well done, :D

Sun, October 28th, 2012 8:19pm


Thank you for the comment! The story did get a bit dragged out, I have to admit. Hopefully it makes some sense! I did write a bit non-conventionally.

Mon, October 29th, 2012 4:16am


I finalluy finished it, just now. Its very very detailed and very crude but its one of the bed eroticas I've read so far. I love the fact that throughout the whole story the lovers and the girl do not speak once. I like the way you haven't described what the characters look like, therefore its left to my imagination. Over all I loved it!:D

Mon, November 12th, 2012 10:27pm


I am glad to see that you finally finished!! Yes, I wrote the story such that it left as much to the imagination as possible and yet be as detailed as possible.

That you have described this as one of the "best" (bed - lol!) eroticas that you have read is flattering!

Thanks so much! :)

Mon, November 12th, 2012 7:26pm


I'll comment, & I'll like, even though the reference to rape is something that I abhorr... I cannot condone this activity, the hard part of my decision to comment is that you paint so pletifully the picture that she's not only a willingly accepting "Victim", she seems to have an insesant desire for it to continue, so I'm choosing to believe that it's by her choice, & she's pretending the "Rape" part to lessen her ultimate guilt from having participated in the debauchery. Who knows...

Tue, December 18th, 2012 10:33am


Well, I hope that I can alleviate some of you concern, the lady absolutely wanted to be part of the threesome. She just didn't know what she was in for.

Thanks for the comment and taking the time to read an analyze the story!

Sun, January 27th, 2013 5:56am

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