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What would you do if your dad was the devil? What would you do if you found out he was coming to visit on you 17th birthday to discuss something with you? Emo Tavin doesn't know the answers either. His mother seems happy that her husband is coming over, but he hates his father and doesn't want anything to do with him. What will happen on his birthday?


What would you do if your dad was the devil? What would you do if you found out he was coming to visit on you 17th birthday to discuss something with you? Emo Tavin doesn't know the answers either. His mother seems happy that her husband is coming over, but he hates his father and doesn't want anything to do with him. What will happen on his birthday?

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What would you do if your dad was the devil? What would you do if you found out he was coming to visit on you 17th birthday to discuss something with you? Emo Talvin doens't know the answers either. His mother seems happy that her husband is coming over, but he hates his father and doesn't want anything to do with him. What will happen on his birthday?

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Chapter 1: Heaven and Hell

Mom's fist pounded the table impatiently and I looked up surprised by the sudden action.

“Are you listening Emo!” she asked me tiredly. I shook my head and took another bite of my hot sauce coated mashed potatoes. An ill at ease breath escaped her mouth as she place a trembling hand on her forehead in an irritated manner. I hadn't ignored her on purpose, I just dazed off for a moment. I didn't like to see her mad so this time I looked up as she reluctantly repeated herself.

“Your father is coming to visit tomorrow since it's your 17th birthday.” I froze at her words as a cold chill ran down my spine.

“Dad, my dad, is coming here?' I repeated hoping I had heard her wrong. Mom nodded and took her hand from her head.

“He says he has something important to tell you.” was her reply to my anxiety. I just looked at with my mouth gaping open in disbelief.

“How can you let him come here!? Are you crazy?” I panicked. Mom just gave me an enervated look before answering in a her usual quiet voice.

“Your father has the right to come to his family's house.”

“Which family would you be talking about.” I grumbled making her mad. How could she let him come here? I was almost back to a normal life and he was swooping in once again to steal that from me. Ever since I was five I never understand why Mom got together with the devil in the first place, much less have a kid with him. I mean what could an average 20 year old nurse and the ruler of Hell possibly have in common? I'm just thankful I wasn't born with red wings, horns and a forked tail.

“Emo, you can't treat your father like a monster forever.” Mom lectured me taking a sip of her routined after work coffee.

“Treat him like one? He is a monster, actually worse than that, he's the lord of monsters!” I criticized.

“You can't judge him, you're his son after all. Plus you haven't seen him since you were five years old.” she pointed out.

“Thanks for bringing back the memory of that traumatizing moment.” I felt her brush a hand through my long spiked onyx hair after I said this and I looked back at her face.

“I know that you two don't have a very good relationship, but I would like you to just hear him out and give him a chance.” Mom begged with importune eyes. She was really being unfair to me. Why did I have to be forced to get along with the king of Hell just because my mom has a very abnormal taste in guys? It's not like I asked to be his son.

“Fine, but I can't promise anything.” I sighed in defeat. Mom hugged me happily, but I still couldn't bring myself to share he good feelings. Why, after all these years, would Dad decide to come visit on this specific birthday? I mean he never came to my others, or even sent me a courtesy gift. What was so special about this year?

When we pulled apart Mom served me some more steak. I added more Habanero hot sauce to that also. This, for some reason, brought an amused smile to Mom's face.

“Emo, you're more like your father than you know.” I looked at her piqued for a second then went back to eating. I wasn't like him at all.

After dinner Mom suggested we order a movie from On Demand. I agreed, not having anything else to do, and we eventually decided on The Prince of Persia movie. It was about a guy who finds a knife that can take you back in time or something like that. It sounded pretty good I guess. About halfway through the movie I got thirsty and headed in the kitchen for a can of Pepsi.

“Hey Mom, you want a drink while I'm out here?” I yelled to her.

“A water would be nice.” she answered and I grabbed a Dasani lemon flavored water from the fridge. When I got back to the couch I handed Mom her drink them popped open my soda can.

“What did I miss?” I asked staring at the screen.

“His uncle sent a man with a killer snake and some ninjas after him.” Mom explained also not looking away form the TV. Nodding, even thought I knew she wouldn't see, I kept watching. I must of dozed off a little while after that since I woke up to the music of the end credits of the movie. I looked over lazily at Mom, who was also fast asleep. I stood up from my stiff position and stretched before leaning over her and shaking her shoulder gradually.

“Mom, wake up. We fell asleep.”

“Oh, I guess we did. Better get to bed.” was her response as she yawned. We headed to our rooms both wishing each other a good night beforehand. I fell into my bed and covered my still fully dressed body with my blanket before falling back into a deep slumber.

I woke up feeling cold, starving, and with a sore body. I groaned annoyed before yanking the blue wool cover over my head. I was officially 17 years old as of 6:66 this morning, though it irritates me to think about how I was born on the Devil's numbers. Also I hate the fact that my birthday is, in fact, November 6th. Could it be any more obvious that my biological father in Satin.

Taking in a deep breath I unenthusiasticly climbed out of the warmth of my bed and stretched my stiff muscles.Why is it so cold this morning? I asked myself as I made my way to the bathroom. I'm happy that my birthday is at least on a Saturday this year, school would have bummed me even further then the existing despondency I was going through knowing my father was coming over. I shook the thought form my head and entered the bathroom. Mom had a thing about making each room have its own theme so the bathroom was covered in apples. Apple scented candles, red towels, apple soap, apple shampoo and conditioner, about anything that smelled of apples was in our bathroom. I didn't really hate apples so it didn't bug me, but I still wouldn't bring friends over to see it.

I turned the hot water on in the shower before shutting the curtain to let it heat up. The tiled floor creaked as I undressed, though removing my clothes only made me shiver even more from the frigid air. Once I was completely naked I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror as I was about to enter the shower. I looked more tired than usual with my black hair disheveled from sleep. My light grey eyes, which Mom says I inherited form my father, were encircled with left over eyeliner that hadn't been wiped off last night. The florescent bathroom light didn't make my pale skin look any better and made my eyes and pink lips, with a hoop lip piercing on the left side, stand out too much. I had tried to darken my skin once, by tanning at the beach like my friend Gabriel suggested, but no amount of sunlight seemed to darken it even a little to my disappointment. Sighing to myself, I looked away from my reflection and entered the steam filled shower. A shiver ran down my body as the hot water relaxed my tense and frozen muscles. This cold was impossible, I mean I know it's November, but usually it doesn't start getting this cold in Maine until about January.

I squirted some apple and aloe shampoo conditioner blend into my palm the sudsed my hair. I made sure to scrub my scalp to get all the hair supplies out of it, then rinsed out the suds. I then moved onto my body. Once I deemed myself clean enough I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. I wrapped a red towel around my waist before drying my hair with another one. Once again I looked at my reflection and this time my eyeliner was smeared across my eyes messily. I wiped the rest of unsightly makeup from my eyes the walked to the medican cabinet. Grabbing my stick of eyeliner out of it I began to fix my eyes. When my liner was ready I left the bathroom and headed for my room. I threw on a pair of black, perfectly worn, jeans and a black grim reaper T-shirt. I took the towel back to the bathroom and while there I styled my hair in a gothic spiky fashion.

“Emo, are you up? I made breakfast.” Mom yelled up the stairs from the living room.

“Yeah Mom, I'll be right down.” I replied throwing the used towel in the hamper. I wasn't surprised, Mom always made me a birthday breakfast every year. I wonder if Gabriel would come over this year again? It had really surprised me last year when he showed up out of nowhere that morning saying he wanted to celebrate my birthday with us. I wasn't used to having friends over my house since I only had one. For some reason people my age seem to drift away from me, maybe they could sense who my family was? By the time I had reached 7th grade I gave up on the hope of finding friends, until a boy with silver blond hair and blue eyes, wearing a white button up shirt and blue jeans, appeared at my table at lunch. I was in shock for the first few months, not really sure if I could believe I had an actual friend, but we've always been together since then. Even though we appear to be complete opposites our friendship has lasted, for this I am grateful. I don't think I would have made it through high school without Gabriel.

I made it down the stairs and found Mom pouring herself some coffee. She looked up at me and a smile pressed her lips.

“Happy Birthday!” her and another voice behind me said. I turned, not expecting the second greeting, to see Gabriel snap out of a startled look and grin at me with his perfect white teeth.

“Don't give me that look Emo. You're the one who sleeps in until 10 in the morning.” he teased me. I saw that my best friend was wearing a light blue shirt with Angel written on it and baggy light blue jeans. He looked like a popular sport player. I was still a little taken of guard by the expression he had had on, but I didn't dwell on it too long.

“It's my birthday, at the very least I should be able to sleep in a little.” I argued taking a seat at the table. Gabriel sat next to me on the right and Moms at to my left. We all reached for food to stuff on our plates. Mom had made ham steak, fried eggs, potatoes squares, toast, and freshly squeezed orange juice. My mouth watered just looking a it. In the center of the table were the condiments of hot sauce, ketchup, salt and pepper, and maple syrup.

“I got a little carried away this year.” Mom blushed embarrassed.

“Don't be ridiculous. It looks delicious.” I complimented snagging a piece of toast. She smiled at my statement and also grabbed some food.

“I'll say, Mrs. Tavin. I'm sad to say after last year I'm hooked on you birthday breakfasts.” Gabriel agreed with me. Mom looked happy and embarrassed at the same time, which made
me smile myself. I assembled all my food onto my glass plate then reached for the hot sauce. I covered my ham, eggs, and potatoes with it then placed the small bottle beside me on the table. I looked over at Gabriel and he had a weird look on his face as if he had just noticed I liked to put hot sauce on my food.

“Is something wrong?” I asked him confused by his reactions to me this morning.

“No” he said switching his expression to a smile. “Just thinking about something.” He was definatly acting weird today. I always felt that Gabriel had a presence like the sun. He made your day good just by sitting next to you, but now something about him was making me feel uneasy. I ignored it, going back to my food. I noticed that the kitchen wasn't cold like upstairs, maybe since Mom was just cooking?

“Hey Mom, is the heat broken? My room was freezing when I woke up.” I questioned her sipping some of my orange juice.

“No, the heater is working fine and I thought it was beautiful today.” she answered with a pondering look.

“Maybe it's just me.” I shrugged eating my potatoes now.

“Oh, by the way, your father says he'll be here around noon.” Mom added drinking more coffee. I gave her an unwanted conversation look and she sighed.

“Your father's coming over? I thought you said he was working over seas.” Gabriel asked interested now.

“Yeah, he says he wants to visit me on my birthday.” I lied acting normal.

“That sounds cool.” he smiled his usual toothy grin. I nodded while drinking some more of my juice. He didn't know how wrong he was.

After we all finished eating Mom said she had a gift to give me. I watched her go behind the microwave and produce a box wrapped in shiny red paper.

“Now my gifts radioactive.” I joked as she handing me the present. She chuckled and I started unwrapping. When I opened the box I smiled at the Trip Black Zip Chain Arm Warmers from Hot Topic.

“Awesome.” Gabriel said before I could. They were awesome. I put them on and they fit perfectly. I stood up from my seat and hugged Mom.

“They're perfect.” I thanked her and she hugged me back more then happily.

“I'm glad you like them. It took me forever to pick them out.” I nodded then turned to Gabriel when he fake coughed for my attention. He passed me a much smaller box wrapped in purple and white striped paper. When I unwrapped it I stared in awe at the silver ring hanging form a silver chain. On the side of the ring Allies was written in 2 languages, one I couldn't name.

“I got one too so now we're both each others allies.” Gabriel said showing me the twin ring hanging form the chain around his own neck. I picked up the necklace and put it around my neck, feeling it thump against my chest as I let it fall.

“Thanks. It's awesome.” I grinned and he nodded. Mom came over and examined the piece of jewelry.

“What language is this one written in?” she asked my unsaid question.

“Latin. My father showed me a jewelry maker who specializes in that language.” Gabriel replied.

“Cool.” I said and Mom clapped her hands together. Gabriel and I looked at her at the same time.

“Emo, your father will be here in one hour so I'm sorry to say that Gabriel has to leave.” she told us guiltily.

“No problem, Mrs. Tavin. I'll see you later Emo.” my best friend said goodbye then walked towards the door. As he was about to open the door I walked over to him.

“I'm meet you at the old playground in the park tonight okay.” I set the meeting.

“Definitely.” he agreed before leaving the house with a friendly wave. I sighed as the person I wanted to stay left and the person I didn't want to see was on his way. Mom told em to come help her clean up and I followed her voice to the kitchen. Then out of nowhere a sudden chill crawled up my spine. What was that? I had a very bad feeling that someone was watching me, but why?

“Emo” Mom said again.

“Coming.” I said quietly before entering the kitchen, ignoring to feeling.

“Could you take the trash over to the bin.” she asked holding up a full medium sized black trash bag. I nodded a yes before grabbing the bag. I carried it through the living room and out the front door. Shutting the door behind me I lugged the trash over to the bin at the end of our driveway. Just as I placed the bag into the metal container another chill ran up my spine, only this one was stronger. I stumbled a little from the sudden shock, but kept myself up on my feet. What was this menacing premonition? I heard the flapping of wings then something hit me from behind and wrapped around my upper body. I fell to the ground with a thud shocked by what just happened. I looked at my body and saw I was being tied up my a rope seemingly made from light itself. What the hell was going on? Someone walked up beside me and I looked up confused and scared. My eyes widened at the sight of the man standing above me. He stared at me with icy blue eyes filled with hatred. His pale face was framed with long blond hair that flowed down to his chest and back. The robes silk armor he wore was pure white and the most shocking of all were the matching snowy bird wings tucked behind his figure. angel? Seriously!? All I could do was look stupidly at one of god's messengers.

“Son of Satin, I have finally found out. Now it is time to end this.” The man said in a voice that sounded as cold as his eyes. The angel raised his hand into the air and a sword of light formed in his grasp. Oh god! He was going to kill me! As he lowered the holy weapon, ready to strike, I closed my eyes in terror. I was dead! Then a voice rang through the air, a voice that I'de grown used to since that day in 7th grade. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Gabriel standing before me, blocking the weapon from hitting me. He was no longer wearing the outfit he had just left with, but almost the same clothes as the man, only his were a shining silver instead of white. On his back were two large majestic dove wings, glowing so pure from the light of the sun that it almost blinded me. It reminded me of the full moon. I saw the older looking angel's face turn to fear and he stepped back form Gabriel.

“Archangel Gabriel.” he whispered in shock before bowing on the ground. I was so confused, Gabriel was an angel, an archangel? I couldn't find my voice to speak at all. I just watched as the angel picked itself off the ground and gave Gabriel an unsure look.

Hamaliel, angel of logic, this boy is under my protection.” Gabriel announced with a serious expression.

“But Gabriel, he is the son of Lucifer.” The angel named Hamaliel protested with a calm countenance. Gabriel nodded his head and sighed.

“I am well aware of that. His aura was so strong today I doubt anyone could miss it.” he uttered. I didn't understand what they were talking about, but I really didn't want to stay tied on the ground next to an angel that just tried to kill me. Gabriel looked back at me, as if hearing my thoughts, with an apologetic smile then the rope of light around me faded into the air, back to sunlight. I sat up quickly and just stared at my best friend unsure of what to do in the situation at hand.

“Archangel Gabriel, forgive my pertinence, but the logical thing to do right now is to kill that boy before.....”

“That's the problem with you Hamaliel, you always have to think about things logically. I know what I'm doing, trust me.” Gabriel interrupted then helped me off the ground. I didn't know what was going on, but I had a feeling I didn't want to.

“But he is going to......” Before Hamaliel could finish a blast of scorching heat seemed to blow past us. The sensation of the blast was very powerful and....familiar? Gabriel and Hamaliel both looked shocked and on guard at the presence.

“Well well, look what we have here, a couple of birds picking on my son.” The dark echoing voice made my heart skip a beat, and by the looks on their faces, the angel's as well. I turned around to see a man standing a few feet away. He wore a black business suit, looking like it was made of satin, and a fiery tie. His hair was dark onyx and shaggy, looking like he had just gotten out of bed. His skin was deathly pale and made the greyness of his eyes almost shimmer like fire, a stare that penetrated your very soul and burned it away. He had my grey then this man was......?

“Lucifer....” Hamaliel whispered with fear and hatred resonating from deep in his words. Gabriel said nothing, just watched my father in a blank and all seeing peer. The devil took a step closer to us and I saw the angel's bodies cringe at the movement. Hamaliel spread his large wings then flew into the sky and vanished into the clouds, but Gabriel stayed. Dad walked ever closer until he stood two feet from Gabriel and me.

“Do you wish to be punished for toying with my family.” he smirked at my friend. Gabriel said nothing still. Dad lifted a hand through Gabriel back with a force of fiery wind, sending back about three feet. Gabriel was still standing, but the wind had burnt some of the skin on his arms. He still didn't fight back. As I saw my father raising a hand to strike again I ran in front of my best friend and blocked him. It was my turn to protect him. I felt the allies ring bounce on my chest as I blocked Gabriel with my body. Dad stopped and looked at me curiously.

“Don't hurt my friends.” I ordered with a glare. He gave me a surprised look then an amused smile spread across his features.

“I apologies Emo. I didn't realize you two were friends. Forgive my rudeness Gabriel.” Lucifer said looking like he was trying to fight back a laugh.

“It's fine.” Gabriel replied looking uncomfortable behind me. I was really disoriented right now. I turned around to stare at my best friend and saw his wounds.

“Are you okay?” I asked worried. Gabriel looked at his wounds then back at me with a smile on his face.

“I'll be okay. Angels heal fast.” he told me happily. How can he smile like that after what just happened? I'm still irritated by the fact that my best friend is the Archangel Gabriel. As if my family life wasn't screwed up enough, no my friends aren't human either. Why can't I be normal?

“Shall we go inside.” Dad suggested. I sighed and nodded before walking up the driveway back to the house, with Lucifer and Gabriel following right behind. When I entered the house Mom placed her hands over her mouth in an excited manner and ran to my father to embrace him.

“Lucifer! I thought you weren't going to be here for another half hour.” Mom questioned, but looked too happy from seeing Dad to care.

“I decided to come a little early to surprise you two.” he explained kissing her on the lips briefly. Gross, I really didn't need to see that. I walked past them and sat on the couch suddenly feeling exhausted. Gabriel joined me and gave me a concerned look.

“What?” I asked for the second time this morning.

“You look troubled.” he answered.

“Well gee, I wonder why?” I responded with sarcasm. Gabriel just brushed it off and smiled his usual smile at me.

“It's actually a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Every time I start high school again I have to make knew friends, erase the memories of my old friends, and hide the fact that I'm one of gods four most powerful Archangels. Fortunately you're not human so I can tell you the truth.” he informed me upbeatly.

“I am to human.” I argued vexed. Gabriel looked confused by my reaction, but said nothing.

“Gabriel, I'm so surprised. I never would have suspected you of being the Gabriel.” Mom said sitting next to us on the couch.

“Thousands of years of practice.” Gabriel joked back and I groaned.

“Well son, I can honestly say I never expected you to befriend an angel, an Archangel at that.” Dad commented taking a seat in the arm chair across from the couch.

“I didn't do it on purpose. I seriously want to get away from all this Hell and Heaven crap.” was my reply.

“Well with that aura of yours, that's not a simple goal to reach.” Dad said with a serious look.

“Aura? Oh yeah, Gabriel you said something about aura earlier too. What did you mean?” I asked. Gabriel looked at Lucifer then back at me, as if not sure whether he was allowed to answer of not.

“Well every demon and angel has an aura. It's a way to tell how powerful the person id, or of what race they are. I never felt one with you, until today. I have to admit I was really shocked when I felt it. I never expected my best friend to be the enemy.” he finally confessed. I just stared at him unsure of how to take what he just told me.

“What does that mean?” I finally questioned.

“It means you're a demon starting today.” Dad added sitting up straight and crossing his arms.

“How can that be?”

“You're 17 now. In Hell that makes you an adult, which means you'll become a full demon.” he clarified to my dismay.

“That isn't fair.” I complained looking at Mom for help. She just gave me an equally confused face. The room went silent after that, a premonition of something worse to come.

“There's something else isn't there.” I concluded.

“That's....what I came to talk to you about.” Dad admitted.

“What, no happy birthday.” I said with acid in my voice.

“I came to inform you that you are next in line for the throne.” he told me ignoring my comment. I froze in total shock, until Gabriel had to shake me to snap me out of it.

“The throne? You mean the Devil?” I needed him to clarify for me since my mind wasn't working right now. My father nodded with an all too serious look, which was too much for me.

“Next in in line..” I started to say over and over.

“Emo, are you okay?” Gabriel asked grabbing my shoulder. I looked at him wide eyed then felt my consciousness fading.

When I came to, everyone was gathered over me with worried faces. I rubbed my head, from the pain of the headache I'd had all morning, and groaned.

“You okay baby?” Mom asked helping me sit up.

“My head really hurts.” I whined leaning into her chest weakly.

“He's only half Demon so I'm not sure what to expect out of his change.” Dad said rubbing a hand through my hair in a surprisingly comforting manner.

“You've never had halflings in hell before?” gabriel questioned mystified.

“Well, we have, but most demon parents kill them before they reach the maturing age.” he informed and I shuddered at the thought.

“See Emo, your father isn't so bad is he.” Mom pointed out. I guess that's one strike away form him, but that doesn't make him a good father. An electric shock ran through my body and I gasped.

“So.....cold...” I trembled digging my nails into Mom's arm. She winced in pain.

“Julia, let me hold him. The change can make you very violent.” Dad warned Mom before she reluctantly passed her baby to another. My whole body was racking with pain and I felt like killing myself it hurt so much. I looked down in agony as claws sprouted from my finger tips, leaking blood all over the floor. I screamed violently and lashed out at the man holding me to him, but his grip remained strong.

“Gabriel, take Julia to another room.” Lucifer ordered followed by the sounds of muffled cries and footsteps. I sank my bloody claws into Dad's arms and yelled in agony once again. My muscles felt as if they were on fire as the pain flowed to my spine. I felt my mouth changing, growing fangs and a forked tongue. I tried to push the man away violently, but he still held onto me. Hot tears escaped my eyes due to the torture of burning through my system and I heard myself growling and panting like an animal, a demon.

“Don't worry Emo, it will be over soon.” Dad's voice said to me, but I was in no state of mind to listen to anything. Soon enough the fire swarmed my spine and I growled in anguish. The pressure built up and up until it all released in one burning, harrowing explosion, throwing blood all over the room. As the last tremors of fire and suffering escaped my body I went limp in father's arms. The only sounds were that of my and Dad's heavy breathing as he loosened his grip on me. I felt so tired, I just wanted to sleep. I found myself drifting away from reality until the darkness of my mind consumed me.

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