Underground Lovers

Underground Lovers

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two women who meet by chance on an underground train, begin a steamy affair that takes them both by complete surprise.


Two women who meet by chance on an underground train, begin a steamy affair that takes them both by complete surprise.


Submitted: September 04, 2015

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Submitted: September 04, 2015



It had been a while since I’d taken the underground. My car was still in the garage for repairs after having been rear ended by one of London’s more agressive cab drivers during the lunch hour rush.  As I stood on the platform, crammed closely to my fellow commuters who all seemed intent on jostling for the best position to board, I remembered why. London Underground at rush hour, notoriously hectic and noisy. Everyone around me appeared to be less than cheerful at the prospect of trying to cram like sardines into the train car. After what seemed like an eternity, the train finally arrived and we all piled in. The few empty seats that remained were quickly snapped up and the rest of us were forced to fight for the best standing room only positions with any kind of hand rail or handle to hold on to. I managed to fight my way through the crowd to the doors joining the cars together. Breathing slightly easier once I’d settled as mostly all the other commuters favoured staying nearer the exit doors. I took advantage of elbow room to text my friends who were, by now, waiting for me at the bar. I was late, again. Never intentionally but somehow, I always managed to be busy or distracted long enough to lose track of time.

Retrieving my phone from my pocket, I quickly searched Kate’s number and typed out:
“I’m on the way. Should be with you gals in about 45 minutes. xoxo”

Kate and I had been friends for about 8 years. We’d met at one of London’s many Gay Pride events. Within a few hours of chatting, we’d established a pretty decent connection which had bound us ever since. She and her girlfriend had become a part of my extended family over the years. We’d holiday together, dine together, generally hang out during down time from our respective busy careers.

My phone vibrated in my hand. I looked down at the screen to read:
“We’re not going anywhere, the gangs all here. See you soon babe. Love ya! xoxo”

Relief. I'd always felt a little guilty that I could never seem to get anywhere on time, despite my best intentions.

I slid my phone back into my pocket and finally glanced around the train car at the usual nondescript faces in the crowd. Almost everyone wearing earphones, isolating themselves from the masses with their own carefully chosen playlists. Heads bopping to random music selections, eyes down, focussed on their phone screens so as to avoid any kind of human contact.

Through the crowd my eyes settled on a woman in a very fashionable Rastafarian type wooly hat. It sat atop her had, perfectly framing a beautiful face. I could see that the blue hat matched her eyes as she stared directly back at me. A few strands of black hair escaping from the sides, nonchalantly clinging to her cheek. She really was quite stunning. As I continued to watch her, her lips pulled back into a sexy smile. She nodded a hello in recognition of my attention which in turn made me smile back. Of all the places to encounter a woman such as her, the London underground… I chuckled to myself at that thought. She began to push her way through the crowd, I could hear her “Excuse me, sorry.. coming through” until she stood right in front of me, one hand extended in a friendly greeting.

“Hi, I’m Tamera, and you are?”

I reached out to return the hand shake and replied:

“Nice to meet you Tamera, I’m Alex.”

“Alex?” she asked in a curious tone.

“Short for Alexandra” I answered as I took the time to take her in. She smelled like my favourite perfume. J’adore by Dior. Clearly a woman of great taste, she had just inadvertantly scored points in my estimation.

“Ah I see, beautiful name. Where are you heading right now?” she inquired with a cheeky grin crossing her face.

I smiled and answered “Thank you, I’m on the way to meet friends for some drinks in Shoreditch, you?”

“That depends…” she replied.

“On what?” I admit at this point that my senses were reeling at being so close to this gorgeous woman.

“On whether or not you ask me to join you.” she replied, her smile getting bigger by the second.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, partly due to the fact that her audacity and sense of humour were equal to mine and partly because I wanted nothing more than her company. I was already totally intrigued by this beautiful and confident woman.

“If you have the time, I gladly invite you to come along. It’s not everyday I meet such a beautiful woman on the underground.”

Her smile widened “Wow, Thank you for the compliment. It’s not everyday I see such a beautiful woman travelling down here either. I’d love to join you. I’m actually heading to Shoreditch. Small world.”

“You are? What a happy coincidence” Small world indeed, I thought to myself.

“Yes, I live there. Not 15 minutes from the station.”

The word “Fate” crossed my mind at this point. Not that I’m a huge believe in predestined events but it certainly was a happy coincidence. One that I was hoping to take full advantage of.

We talked for the duration of the train ride and the short walk to the bar. Tamara was clearly an intelligent woman, a trait that I’ve always found sexy as hell in a woman. A 28 year old, recently graduated Doctor, specialised in general practice.  Born and raised in London, like myself. Well travelled. Adventurous from what I could gather. We shared the usual details about our respective lives, and I was struck by the ease in which we seemed to get along. It wasn’t until we reached the bar and had to walk in that I realised we’d been holding hands all the way there.

“I think we should let go of each other long enough to get through the door don’t you?” I joked.

Tamera instantly looked down at our clasped hands and laughed. “If we must but, I might take hold of you again inside.”

“You’ll get no complaint from me…after you.” I replied, still smiling as the words passed my lips and we entered the bar.

The bar was typically busy for a Friday evening. I’d spotted many of the regulars within the first minute. It was noisy and boisterous, the resident DJ was playing her remix of YesYou - Even When ft Noah Slee & L D R U. The atmosphere was electric.

Scanning the room, I managed to locate my friends in the far right corner, as always, hogging the comfy seated area, filled with plush white leather sofas and chairs, surrounding long clear glass tables, which were currently filled with various cocktails and an ice bucket containing a bottle of what I assumed was Champagne.

I felt Tamera take my hand again as we made our way through the crowd. Kate caught my eye as we neared the table. She’d noticed I wasn’t alone, her head tilted slightly to the right as she smiled in recognition and curiosity.

“Hey girls, Sorry I’m so late.” I apologised as I stepped up to the table. “This is Tamera, she’ll be joining us this evening”. I paused and waited for reactions.

Tamara took it totally in her stride and introduced herself properly to each of the girls in turn. Kate, Jackie (Kate’s Girlfriend), Rachel, Amanda and Ellie (Amanda’s Girlfriend).  With all the introductions complete, Kate leaned in and began her inquisition.

“So? Wow, she’s hot. Where’d you meet her? Holy shit, gorgeous! When did this happen?” she quizzed.

I laughed. I explained the brief ride on the underground. Laughed harder at Kate’s reaction and poured myself and Tamera a glass of Champagne. As I passed the glass, Tamera leaned in close to thank me. Her breath on my neck caught me totally off guard. This woman was assaulting my senses on a level I’d never experienced. The mere closeness of her body to mine was intoxicating.

“I like your friends. They’re extremely warm and welcoming.” she whispered.

I smiled at her. “They’re all very intriged by you.”

“I’m sure they are. I don’t imagine it’s everyday their friend shows up with a strange woman in tow.” she laughed as she spoke. It was true but I didn’t expect her to have that opinion considering I’d just met her and had invited her along within 10 minutes.  

“Clearly, there’s something special about you. I can’t quite put my finger on it yet but whatever it is, it feels good.” I responded. The smile permanently fixed on my face.

She leaned forwards and gently kissed me. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me. Her soft lips brushed against mine. My eyes involuntarily closed and before I knew what was happening, our arms were around each other.  What was meant to be a tender kiss evolved into something that would normally be reserved for the bedroom. My head was spinning, my breathing erratic, my body was on fire. It took all my willpower to gently pull away.  Her arms still wrapped around my waist, I opened my my eyes. The expression on her face was so intense it took my breath away all over again.

“I had to kiss you. I’ve never wanted anything so much…” she said. “Is that ok?”

I was speechless. All I could do was nod. I wanted her. If that kiss had happened somewhere more private, I was 100% sure it would have gone further. I looked around to find Kate and all the girls staring at us both, grinning like Cheshire cats. I couldn’t help buy laugh.

“I think we’re being watched” I said to Tamera who quickly released me, with exception of one arm behind my back, maintaining the contact I was craving so desperately.  “I apologise, she’s too hot to ignore ladies.” I said, as everyone laughed and shouted “Get a room!”

The night progressed. We drank champagne, laughed with the girls, talked and shared stories. When the bar finally began to empty, I found myself feeling apprehensive at thought of saying goodnight to Tamera. I didn’t want the night to end. My head was filled with images of this incredible woman laying naked with me.

“What’s on your mind?” she asked me. “Will you come home with me? I can’t let you go just yet.”

“Yes. Now.” The words were out before I could think twice. I said goodnight as fast as possible to my friends and lead Tamera outside. “Which way?” I asked.

“Follow me…” she replied. She silently led me through the streets until we reached her house. It couldn’t have been more than a 10 minute walk but it felt like we’d walked for an hour.

As we reached her front door, she stood facing away from me as she fumbled in her pocket to find her keys. I stepped forwards and pressed myself against her back. She froze as I reached my arms around her waist. Gently, I pulled her shirt out from her jeans and slid my hands underneath, my fingers trailing deliberately across her skin, upwards to her breasts.

My fingers found her already hard nipples with ease. She pushed herself back into me.  Her ass pressing into my groin as I squeezed on her breats.  I could hear her breathing become laboured as squeezed harder.  She managed to open the door with her keys while her other hand remained wrapped around me making sure I didn't ull away. 

Door open, we stepped into her hall way.  She threw her keys on the floor and turned to face me, her arms around my neck as she kicked the door closed behind us. 

"You are so hot...." She whispered.  "I wanted you the moment I saw you on the train."

The feeling was mutual. 

I began to undress her slowly.  Kissing her neck as I unbuttoned her shirt.  She smelled so good.  Her skin was hot under my lips.  Hand hands in my hair, she leaned back against the wall and allowed me to do as I pleased.

I kissed my way down across her flat stomach, opening her jeans and sliding them down and off over her feet.  She was standing there now, back against the wall with her shirt open, wearing no bra and just her tiny white panties.  I burried my face in them, nuzzling her through the fabric.  She was already wet...I could smell her sweet scent through the lace.  I licked her through the flimsy fabric and her legs parted, she thrust herself hard onto my face. 

"Take them off... " she whispered.

I obliged and slid them down her legs. 

I took a second to look at her.  She looked incredible in the light shining in through the glass.  A look of longing on her face, I took her leg and lifted it up over my shoulder and kissed the inside of her thigh, trailing my tounge upwards, I could barely wait to taste her.  I licked her lips, tracing them slowly, she was so wet and as I slid my tongue across her clit, she arched her back. Her hands reached out to grab anything near by to steady herself.  Her hips began to move back and forth on my tounge as found my way inside her. I could feel her juices drip over chin.  I buried my face in her and lapped her up like a kitten would a bowl of cream. Her moans were driving me crazy, I could feel my heart try to beat its way out of my chest.  I knew I was soaking wet at this point, I could feel the familar creaminess form in my own panties.  Before she could cum, I stood and took her by the hand.

"Where's your bedroom?" I asked, leading her into the house...

"Up... Up there, first door on the left" she said replied as we climbed the stairs.

Her hands were on my ass as we walked. She was driving me crazy. As we walked, I stripped, leaving a trail of clothes behind me.  By the time we reached her bedroom, I was completely naked.

"I've never enjoyed walking to my room that much before" she commented with a huge grin. 

I laughed. "Come here". She did as I asked. I removed the rest of her clothes and manouvered her to the edge of the bed.

I kissed her as we lay down. The feeling of her naked body under mine was beyond equisite. I pressed my thigh between her legs and pushed up.  I could instantly feel her wetness on my skin. She spread her legs wider as I began to grind against her. Her fingers slid between my legs and as she touched my pussy, I moaned so loud it didn't sound like It came from me.

"You're so wet..." she commented. 

"I've been wet since you shook my hand on the train" I replied, smiling at her.

Her fingers began to rub on my clit and I lost all train of thought. I was lost to the heat building between my legs.  I kissed her neck as she rubbed harder and faster, my hips grinding harder against her, my thigh rubbing her clit in time with her fingers against me. 

"I'm gonna cum...oh god..." She moaned, and I was right there with her....

I pushed so hard onto her fingers that she slid inside me.  My head thrown back, her hips pushing hard onto my thigh, as we both came together.

"Jesus..." was all I could say after my body stopped shaking. She held onto me tighty. I let my weight drop onto her.

"No, Tamera" she said, laughing her infectious laugh again.

Her hands had found their way onto my ass and she was gently massaging me. 

"OK, TAMERA" I said, emphasising her name in jest. "You keep doing that and we'll be going again..."

"I'm counting on it..." she replied and then she rolled me over on to my back. Her body between my legs as she kissed her way across my chest until she took my nipple in her mouth.

I closed my eyes and let my body feel every touch.... it was going to be long night.  A very good, very wet night.






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