The Stranger

The Stranger

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: May 31, 2016

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Submitted: May 31, 2016



I saw her again today.

The woman with the long, jet black hair and piercing brown eyes.  There was something familiar about her but I could never quite put my finger on it.

I'd just paid for my coffee and was putting away my change. I looked up and there she was, heading past me to join the end of the line.

She held my gaze, smiling at me as if she knew something I didn't. 

I'd seen her around a few times, each time in a different location, each time she'd made her presence well and truely felt. The last time, she was with some friends in Camden market.  We'd brushed past each other and I felt her fingers purposely trail across the back of my hand.  He little finger hooked under mine and she pulled back my arm as she passed me by. 

Who was she? What was this game we seemed to be playing? Cat and mouse? I felt decidedly mouse-like and it was extremely unnerving. 

I walked to the ladies room at the back of the cafe. Thankfully it was empty.  I placed my bag and my coffee next to the sink and proceeded to splash some water on my face. 

What's the deal with this woman?  

I reached out to my right, eyes closed, fumbling blindly for the paper towels.  Before I could lay my hands on them, I felt a presence at my side. I was being pushed upright and gently manouvered back against the wall. 

It's her. 

I felt the water run down may face and drip off my chin on to my tshirt. 

She was standing so close to me I could smell her perfume. I wanted to open my eyes and look at her but I couldn't. I just stood there. Waiting. Inhaling.

I felt her warm breath on my face. 

"What are you thinking?" she asked, so softly that I barely heard the words.

I opened my eyes.

What am I thinking? WHO ARE YOU?

She was barely an inch from my face. I could see tiny flecks of yellow in her big brown eyes.  She had long thick eye lashes and a cute button nose that under any other circumstances would make you pucker up and kiss it.  Her hands were against the wall behind me, one on each side of my waist, holding me in place. I'd have to push past her to get away. Not that I had any intention of trying to escape. I wanted to know who she was, what was going on with us and why did she seem so familiar?

She leaned closer and brushed her cheek against mine.  Her soft hair tickled my nose.  She turned her head slightly and whispered: 

"Do you remember me?"

Scanning my memories and still coming up blank. 

"No, I'm sorry...who..when?" I was at a loss.

Her smile widened, flashing her perfect white teeth.

"I'll forgive you because it has been a long time. Do you remember Sebastian?" she asked.

Memories came flooding back. Sebastian was my best friend and housemate all the way through university. We'd lost touch somewhat since we'd graduated but the last I heard, he was living in New York, working for some corporate financial consultants.

"Yes of course I remember him. How do you know him?" I asked.

"He's my brother." she replied.  I gasped.  No... It couldn't be her.  The pimply faced little sister?

Oh my God!

"Luciana?" I asked sheepishly. My mind frantically trying to wrap itself around the idea that the spotty teenage girl I once knew had grown into this beautiful woman standing before me.

"Yes, it's me" she replied, laughing much harder now.

I was in shock.

I remembered all the times that Luce (the shortened version of her name) had shown up at our house, a ball of teenage hormones.  Bouncing around the place like some hyperactive ping pong ball.  Always nagging and wanting to tag along with us wherever we went.  She was a constant pain in my neck in those days.  The 6 year age gap, although not a big deal in adulthood was infinitely more of a thing when I was in university and she was still in highschool.   I'd come home to catch her emptying out my closet, trying on my clothes, my shoes, my makeup or we'd come home after the bar's had closed and she'd be sleeping in my bed, half naked. Sebastian used to constantly make jokes and tease me about the crush his little sister had on me, something I always downplayed and pretty much ignored. 

"Wow, you've grown..." was all I could say. I felt like a complete idiot standing there, back against the wall, being more than a little sexually aroused by a woman who was once nothing more to me than an irritating teenager.

She threw her head back as she laughed at me again.

I silently chastized myself for not recognizing her sooner.  I was sure I would have, except for the fact that she'd changed so much in the last 8 years or so.  I doubted that anyone from back then would have known her today.  I looked at her closely.  Her skin was perfect, not a blemish in sight. A far cry from the spotty young thing I remembered.  Her hair was much, much longer.  She'd always kept it short when she was a teenager. That short, tomboyish girl was long gone and the tall, feminine woman standing before me had filled out in all the right places.  Her breasts were ample and firm, her small waist curved out into perfectly rounded hips.  She dressed with such style and class now that the memories of that teenage girl, always lounging about in her sweats, were slowly dropping away. 

"Sebastian would love this." she said "If he could see the look on your face, he'd tease you for a week".

She was so right.  There would be endless amounts of teasing.  I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud. 

"You've really caught me off guard. I'm sorry I didn't recognize you sooner." I apologized.

"Oh it's ok. This is priceless." she joked.

She hadn't moved away from me.  I was still standing with my back against the wall, still pinned inside her arms and I was more than a little unsure what my next move should be.  Moments ago, I had wanted her but now that I knew who she was, I wasn't even sure if I should be thinking about her, my best friends little sister in 'that' way.  I leaned my head back into the wall. 

In all honesty, If the roles had been reversed, I'd probably be feeling a certain amount of satisfaction too.  I gave her hard time back then. I knew how she felt and I wouldn't give her the time of day.

"I've waited a long time for this...." she said as she pressed the length of her body against me.

"Revenge is sweet huh?" I replied, as I felt a wave of heat rush through my body. 

"Exactly..." she answered "You drove me crazy when I was younger. Imagine how it felt when I saw you again for the first time after all those years and you didn't recognize me? I knew I had an opportunity to exact a little revenge."

I felt a twinge of guilt mingled with another surge of heat as she pressed her thigh between my legs.

"So what are you thinking?" My turn to ask.  I admit, I was goading her a little.  It was getting harder to breathe. I involuntarily reached my hands around to the small of her back and pulled her into me. My body seemed sure of what it wanted even if my brain was being overrun by mixed emotions.

"Right now, I'm thinking how much I enjoy watching you try to reconcile the younger me with the adult me." she replied, sarcastically. 

I laughed again (mostly to try and mask the moan that I let out at the feeling of her thigh between my legs). 

She was as funny as she was observant.  It was confusing, there was no getting away from it but, the more time she was spending touching me, the less time I was spending thinking about her younger self.

"I think we should stop this before someone comes in here, don't you?" I suggested.

She was laughing again.  I wasn't sure if I liked being the comic relief but there didn't seem to be anything I could do about it.

"I think you're right." she replied and with that she stepped backwards, releasing me. "How about we grab a coffee and catch up?" she asked. Her hand on the door handle, holding it slightly ajar.

"Sure, why not." I agreed, happy that she's suggested we spend a little more time together.  I wasn't ready for this reunion to end.





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