The Second Chance

The Second Chance

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Two women reconnect after a few years and sparks fly.


Two women reconnect after a few years and sparks fly.


Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016




I stood before the painting, admiring the shapes, forms, colours.  It was a breathtakingly surreal piece.  So vibrant.

I could hear the background noises as people meandered about the gallery. Muffled discussions taking place as artworks were picked apart or praised by pseudo experts. 

I sipped on my wine and moved to the next piece.

My friends were scattered throughout the gallery, each of them taking their time to appreciate the beauty of this artists work.  I walked over to stand next to Sarah as she mulled over a sculpture made in various metals.

“You like it?” She asked.

“Yes, it’s interesting” I replied.

We stood for a while longer and then continued to explore the rest of the show.

After a short while, we found ourselves standing in a group. We were all busy, chatting away, discussing the art we’d all been enjoying when out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of a woman staring at me.  I turned my head to see a short brunette, long wavy hair, beautiful brown eyes, half smiling at me as my eyes met hers.

Recognition flashed across my mind.  It was a woman I hadn’t seen in a few years.  My smile widened and I found myself crossing the room towards her. 

“Well hello there Gabby…” she said as I came to a stop besides her.

“It’s been a long time.” I replied.

“Just over 4 years.  How have you been?” she enquired. 

Her name is Marianna and she's 32 years old.  An artist in her own right and a very successful one at that. We'd met through some mutal friends about 8 years ago. The strange thing is that we've never been in the same room until now.  Our friendship was established online. We'd spent hours talking on skype, on the telephone, via emails and texts but we've never met in person until right this moment.  Truth be told, we'd both wanted to meet sooner but circumstances and life always seemed to get in the way. 

There was no doubting the connection between us. It was always electric and standing here in her presence, I was acutely aware that nothing there had changed.  The hairs on my arms and the back of neck were all standing up.  My eyes were fixed on her lips as she spoke. 

I was remembering the emotions she'd inspired, the bond we'd formed.  How intensely we'd felt for each other despite never having previoulsy spent anytime in each others physical presence.  I wondered if she was remembering it too. 

"Hey, where's your mind drifting off to?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, I was just remembering the times we'd spent talking and..."

"and... yes, the 'and' was always very good" she said, laughing and smiling a very sexy smile at the same time.

I knew exactly what she was referring too. 

Things had often become very hot and heavy between us in the past.  Anyone who's ever had one of these internet experiences will know what I'm talking about.  Distance is a thing of the past these days and emotional and sexual connection can be very easily made, as long as you have a web camera and very few inhibitions.

"I can't believe you're standing here in the same room with me." I said, surprised. "I never imagined we'd run into each other."

"Neither did I but, I'm very happy to see you." she said, so softly that her words felt like a caress. I was having a hard time keeping myself upright at this point. My whole body was reacting in such a profoundly intense way to her nearness.

We found a quiet corner and spent the next hour catching up. She talked about her life and shared the cliff note version of everything she'd been doing since we last spoke. I reciprocated with all my own news and going's on. When we finally paused to look around, we realised the gallery was emptying and that it was time to go. 

"Can I have your number?" she asked. "If it's ok with you, I'd like to call you and arrange something. I think we should stay in touch now that we're actually both in the same place at the same time for once."

"Of course, I'd like that very much" and I tapped my number into her phone contacts.

I was sending up a silent prayer that she'd call me SOON.  I was desperate to see her again. If it wasn't so late, I would have invited her to go for drinks somewhere just to stay in her company a while longer.

I leaned forwards to hug her goodnight as she leaned in to hug me back.  An explosion of senastions erupted as I found myself in her arms.  I exhaled a small moan as her hands touched the small of my back. 

"Dear God, I'm in trouble..... " I said to myself. 

With all the effort I could muster, I let go of her. Unsure if my legs would move, I tried to step back and head for the door. 

We said goodnight once more and parted ways... for now.



I was late again.  I ran into the gallery, threw my jacket at the poor coatcheck man standing near the door. He glared at me as I flew past him at break neck speed.  I spotted Marco and made my way through the crowd. 

"What time do you call this?" he asked, as I barely came to a stop in time before bumping into him. 

"It's champagne o'clock?" I replied, flashing him my - *I'm so sorry for being late for the 10000th time!* - smile.

He laughed, and reached out to hug me.

"You're utterly hopeless!" he said as he squeezed me tightly. 

Marco was the Artist Du Jour in the gallery.  His paintings adorned the walls of the space beautifully. 

"How's it going so far?" I enquired.

"I've already sold 5 pieces, so I'd say very well" he beamed, smiling a huge smile.

I wasn't at all surprised. His work was stunning. We'd been friends forever and I'd always been happy to hear he was selling so well.

"I need a drink..." I stated and scanned the room for champagne. I caught the eye of the waiter and waved him over to me.  As he made his way through the crowd, I followed his progress. It was then that I spotted a familar face just to his right.

My jaw dropped slightly as recognition registered with a rather hefty shock to my brain. Could it really be her? I walked closer, sidestepping the waiter and forgetting all about my need for champagne. I stopped a few meters from where she stood talking to a group of women that I assumed were her friends. 

It's her.  It's really her. 

My heart was beating ten to the dozen in sheer excitement.  As if she could sense me looking at her, I watched as she turned her face towards me.  My smile widened as I saw recognition cross her face with as much surprise as it had mine a few moments ago.  She was smiling back at me and slowly walking towards me. 

"Get a grip!!!" I was yelling inside my head. 

"Well hello there Gabby...." I said as she came to a stop besides me. 

I could smell her perfume. My senses were realing.  She's really here.  This woman had been the object of my fantasies for so long I'd all but given up hope of ever meeting her face to face.

"I can't believe you're standing here in the same room with me." she said. "I never imagined we'd run into each other."

"Neither did I but, I'm very happy to see you." I replied.  My words were barely audible as I forced them out. 

We walked to the nearest and emptiest corner of the gallery and sat down to catch up. I found myself babbling on about the last few years, trying to catch her up on all the details of my life since we last spoke.  She in turn, shared similar information with me.  Finally, we both managed to take a brief look around and noticed it was time to go.  I didn't want to leave her yet but it was late and so I asked for her number. 

As she held my phone in her hands to enter the digits, I decided I would call her in the morning and invite her out for dinner that same night.

We said goodnight and as if we read each others minds, we both moved in for a hug at the same time.  I wrapped my arms around her, my hands instictively resting on the small of her back.  I heard a small moan escape from her as I pulled her a little closer. 

Jesus...!!!!  That moan of hers made me instantly wet. I wanted to kiss her in that moment more than anything I've ever wanted in my life.  We slowly realeased each other and I begrudginly took one step back as we said goodnight once more.  I watched as she made her way to the exit, thinking to myself that tomorrow was going to be a very, very good day.




I reached out to the bedside table and grabbed my phone.  It was 7.34am and I was late.

I'd arrived home from the gallery at just after midnight.  I'd tossed and turned all night as I tried to sleep. My mind was filled with thoughts of Marianna. What were the odds we'd ever randomly bump into each other that way?

I dragged myself out of bed and headed for the shower.  As I stood under the jets of warm water,   hands on the wall, head bent forwards, I wondered would she call me today? I couldn't get her out of my mind.  She was as beautiful as ever. Her dark eyes, her smile, the way she tilted her head slightly to the side when she was being playful. 

Thinking about her was driving me crazy! 

I rushed myself through the rest of my morning shower, as tempted as I was to touch myself and spend an hour in there enjoying where the thoughts of Marianna would take me, I was VERY late.

40 minutes later, I was dried, dressed, caffienated and on the way to the office. 

The traffic was bad as usual.  I connected my phone to its resident in car cable and hit the play button.  The first song began to play. 

Mikky Echo - Love You Crazy..... the lyrics pounded into my brain.

"Everybody's sayin' seize the day
All I hear when they say seize the day is your name...."

I chuckled to myself as Mikky continued to belt out a more than appropriate song.

"One taste, I'm a full blown addict
Now I keep comin' back, gotta have it
Gotta have it, gotta have it...."

This was going to be the longest drive to work I'd ever taken.  I was grateful that my schedule was almost non existant today.  I could spend the day staring into space without interuption, which was a good thing, as I highly doubted I'd be able to focus and get anything productive done.

I turned up the music and continued to inch the car forwards...



Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee!

"I need a triple shot please." My morning order placed, I paid and moved to sit in my usual seat, outside on the patio.

I'd been up all night.  The minutes crawl by surprisingly slowly when you're sitting in the dark willing the sun to come up. It was now all of 8.34am and in 26 more minutes, it would be time to make the call.

"Good morning sunshine, did you sleep well?" Marco pulled up a chair across the table from me and plopped himself down.

"Not a wink." I replied, sipping on my triple shot.

"Did you call her yet?" he enquired, curiosity written all over his face.

"Not yet, but I will soon."

We briefly discussed his exhibition the previous night.  He was overjoyed that he'd sold all but 3 of his pieces.  I was happy for him.  Last nights show had been 11 months in the making and he'd deserved every bit of success. 

"Ok, it's time.  Will you excuse me for a few minutes?" I smiled as I stood up and walked over to the little patch of garden and sat on the bench. My fingers fumbled slightly with my phone as I pulled up her contact number and hit the green button to dial.

After a few rings, she answered....


I was already smiling.

"Good morning, how are you?" I asked

"Hey you, I'm good. Still stuck in the car. The traffic is horrendous. What ya doin'?" she asked.

"I'm at the cafe, two thirds the way through my first triple shot of the morning.  Where exactly are you?"  Since she was still in her car, I wondered if I could tempt to play hookie for the day and come have a coffee with me.

"I'm somewhere on Melrose. I think I'll be here for a while. Why?" I could hear her smile down the phone.

"I was just thinking that maybe you could take a detour and come have a coffee with me? Wait out the traffic since you aren't moving too quickly anyway?" I laughed.

"Hmmm. You know what? That sounds like a great idea. Give me 15 minutes, I'll find a way out of this traffic."

I grinned so wide at this point, my face actually twinged.

"OK, great." I gave her the name and address of the cafe.  "I'll wait for you outside.  See you soon!"  and I hung up the phone.

I was all smiles as I walked back to Marco.  The excitement bubbling up in the pit of my stomach.

"She's on her way here huh?" he chuckled.

"Yup, she'll be here soon." I was beaming.

"In that case, I'll make myself scarce.  You two girls have a good day and call me when you can ok? I want details!" and with that Marco was gone. 

He always did know when to make an exit, one of the many reasons I loved him so much.






She called.

I was overjoyed, excited, anxious, slightly sweaty, lightheaded.... Just call me Doctor Dipshit here. Self diagnosing 300 various states of pure adrenaline rush.


Must get out of this traffic.  I could see a turn coming up. I'd be at her cafe of choice within 15 munutes if the side streets weren't gridlocked. I pulled off Melrose and was relieved to be on an empty street. 

10 minutes later, I was there. Of all the things in L.A I hate,  valet parking was not one of them. The thought of having to drive around and look for my my own parking spot right know was too much to endure.  I jumped out, handed over my keys and was in the cafe in no time at all. 

I could see her sitting out on the patio section, smiling at me as I walked towards her.

"That was fast" she said.

"Lucky is more like it.  I was only a couple of blocks from here when you called". Traffic had worked in my favour for sure today and I vowed never to complain about L.A gridlock again.

She looked sensational. Her hair down, hanging losely over her shoulders.  She was wearing a white low neck tshirt and jeans. I could see the curve of her breasts, her soft skin....

"Eyes up lady" she said, laughing.

I looked at her face, blushing slighty as I laughed with her.

"Sorry, I was just appreciating the view." I joked.

"Oh I'm not complaining. You look fabulous by the way. Is that your usual office attire?"

I was wearing a pair of black pants and a light blue blouse. To be completely honest, I was under dressed by my usual standards but I was in no fit state this morning to go through the closet and select and iron and ready myself properly.

"No, not really.  I grabbed what was already wearable this morning and ran out the door."

We chatted for a while about Marco's show and shared the fact that neither of us had slept much the night before. It was incredible being in her company again.  I decided that I wasn't going to make the office today.  I didn't want to be anywhere except with this amazing woman.

"So I was thinking, do you have plans today?" I enquired.

She was still smiling at me.  God, that smile....

"No, nothing that I can't put off. What did you have in mind?" she replied.

"It's a beautiful day.  Maybe we could spend it toghether if you have no concrete plans?" I asked, hoping she'd be willing to drop everything and hang out with me.

"I'd love that. I just need to stop by my Gallery quickly first.  Would you come with me?" She asked, still flashing me that smile of hers.  I would have agreed to anything she asked just to stay in her company at this point...

"Of course. I'd love to see your gallery anyway so it would be a pleasure."

An hour later, we were pulling up outside her gallery in my car.



I held the door and ushered her into the gallery.  I watched her walk inside. Her long legs, the curve of her hips, her long black hair hanging half way down her back.  She was beyond stunning. The door made a faint swoosh as it closed behind us and she looked back at me to make sure I was still here. 

"Where too?" she asked.  I stopped staring at her tight ass just as she turned towards me.  Almost busted there. I smiled to myself and quickly picked up my pace, enough to lead the way through the gallery to my office.

"This won't take long" I reasurred her. "We just have to wait for Steph to get here and let her know the place is in her hands today and then we can go. I need to give her the paperwork for the next exhibition.  An hour tops."

Steph had been with me since I first opened the gallery.  She was a very capable assistant.  Usually punctual but today, she was running late it seemed as she was nowhere in sight.

"That's fine.  Can I take a look around while we wait?" she asked.

"Of course, you go ahead. I'll be right here when you're done." and off she went.  I could see her make her way through the gallery from my office window.  She had always loved art, a quality that I very much appreciated in her, among so many other things.

I dug out the neccessary papers for Steph and put them in an evelope on her desk. Jotted a quick note instructing her to take care of it today and email the arrangements once she was done.

I was surprised to feel a hand on my back as I stood up from leaning over the far side of Steph's desk. I hadn't heard her approach but she was definately there.

"I love your gallery" she said softly.  I turned my head to the left slightly until I could I could see her face.

"I'm glad you do...." I was finding it very to breathe at this point, let alone form a coherent sentence. She was so close to me, I could feel the heat from her body through my clothes.

"Turn around..." she said.  I did as I was ordered.

Her hands were resting on my hips.  She stepped a little closer and suddenly I was pinned against Steph's desk.

I don't know exactly when the kiss began, all I know is that her lips were on mine and my head was exploding. She was playfully licking my bottom lip with her tongue, her eyes closed. My hands were white knuckle holding on to the desk for dear life as she slowy pushed her tongue inside my mouth.

A wave of heat washed over me and I was suddenly on fire.

I could feel her push my legs open with her knee as she moved herself closer until the length of her body was touching mine. Her breasts were pressed firmly against me. I couldn't think straight, my head was swimming as I realised my nipples felt like they were trying to punch holes in my clothes to get to her.

I felt her hands move to the bottom of my back and pull me tightly to her.  My clit throbbed as it came into contact with her. I was swollen to the point that I could feel the fabric of my panties rubbing against me.  Never in my life had I wanted to be naked so much... I was so desperate to feel her skin on mine.

It was then that a noise from the doorway jolted me back to reality...

"Ummm... excuse me, I seem to be interupting something...." said Steph. 

I turned to see her face was bright red and the poor woman clearly didn't know whether to turn tail and run or just stand there and wait for us both to extractate ourselves from each others arms.

"Good morning Steph..." I said.  Gabby had taken a step backwards and was laughing as she watched me slide off the edge of Steph's desk and stand up properly. She turned and held out a hand towards to Steph.

"Good morning.  I apologise for the innapropriate use of your desk Steph" and she laughed even louder.  Steph nodded and smiled, instantly put at ease by Gabby's friendly nature.  She walked to her desk and dropped her bag onto the floor near her chair.

"It's fine. I'm just relieved I wasn't 10 minutes later or lord knows what I'd be walking into."

My legs were still shaking as walked over to my own desk.  Gabby had moved to the chair next to the window and had seated herself. Her eyes were burning holes into my face. I glanced over and saw her watching me as I tried my best to explain everything I needed Steph to do in my absence.  She wasn't making it easy at all. My lips still burned from that kiss and every inch of my body was still tingling and yearning for more of her touch.

"Ok, I think that's everything.  I'll be on my cell if you need me." I reached for Gabby's hand and we were off. I was practically dragging her out of my office.  I wanted to get somewhere and be alone with her, FAST.

"Have fun you two..." Steph called out to us as we made our way towards the exit and out into the sunlight.

"My place isn't far from here. " I said as we reached her car.  "Will you come with me now, please? I want to be alone with you...."

"I thought you'd never ask." was all she said as she unlocked the doors and we both jumped inside.





I drove as quickly as I could, following her instructions on which turns to take.  I couldn’t look at her. I knew if I did we’d wrap my car around a tree or a post or something.  My mind was racing, my body aching for her.  After what seemed like hours we pulled into the garage underneath her apartment building. I parked the car and turned off the engine. Before the keys were in my bag, she was out of the door on her side and opening mine for me.

“Get out…” she said as I unbuckled my seatbelt.

I swung my legs to the side and as my feet hit the floor, she was kissing me.  Her hands, either side of my face, her fingers playing in my hair.  Instinctively, I spread my legs and wrapped my arms around her back, pulling her into me.

Her tongue entered my mouth and I lost my mind. My hands on her ass, I wrapped my legs around her and let her devour me with her kisses. I felt her hands move over my body. She’d somehow managed to unbutton my blouse and lift up my bra, her fingers massaged my nipples, pinching and playing… my senses were exploding. 

“Marianna… “ I tried to speak, but as I did she sucked my nipple into her mouth and my words became moans of pleasure.  I arched my back, all my weight now perched precariously on the edge of the car set. I held on to the steering wheel with one hand and the back of her neck with other.  My legs still wrapped around her waist as she sucked and licked my nipple until it was so hard that every touch of her tongue and mouth shot through my body like electricity.

Her fingers were between my legs, she was rubbing my pussy, the barrier of my clothing was annoying me, I wanted to feel her inside me.  I could feel my own wetness spreading and soaking through the fabric as she moved up and down.

In the distance, a car engine came to life.  The sound drew nearer and nearer until out the corner of my eye, I could see it inch slowly by.  Marianna looked to her right as the driver of the car stared back at her.  I saw the woman’s face turn red as she realised what we were doing and her foot hit the accelerator, revving her engine as she frantically attempted to speed away.

“I think we should take this somewhere more private….” Marianna said, half amused at the poor woman’s attempt to escape the sight of us both hanging out of my car door in the middle of such an overtly sexual act.

I laughed.  “I think you might be right…”

Marianna kissed me softly on the lips and then stood up straight.  “Let’s go up to my place ok?” she spoke as she took a step backwards.

“OK, but I’m not sure if my legs will work just yet…” I replied and laughed as I tried to stand. 

I was so wet. My panties were fit for nothing at this point. My clit was so hard and so swollen that as I finally stood on my feet, I could barely close my legs to put one foot in front of the other.  I locked the car door as Marianna took my hand and lead me towards the elevator.


The damned elevator was taking forever. I’d pushed the button and pushed and pushed. I could hear it descending but it wasn't moving fast enough. My lips were still burning from her kisses and the scent of her skin lingered… she tasted so sweet.  Her hand was still in mine as the doors finally opened and we stepped inside.

“Which floor?” I heard her ask.  I realised I was staring at her breasts.  Those nipples, still hard beneath the fabric of her blouse were tormenting me. 

“Marianna? Which floor?”  She was laughing at me.

“Six.”  I watched her push the button. 

The doors closed and I felt the elevator start to move.  She stepped forwards, forcing me to step back against the wall.  The hand rail dug into the small of my back. I felt her hands on my hips as she pressed herself against me.  Her head tilted to the right as she leaned forwards and kissed my neck just below my ear.  What started out as a gentle kiss slowly turned into sucking and then I could feel her teeth scrape over my skin.  My hands were holding onto the rail at my sides as she bit harder into my neck. I heard myself moan as she moved ever lower to my shoulder.  She was driving me crazy. 

Why was this damn thing moving so slowly?? I wanted her so badly.

The doors of the elevator finally opened.

“To the left…” I said, as we exited and headed for my apartment.  I took my keys from my pocket and stepped in front of her to open the door.  After a few seconds fumbling to get the key into the lock, we finally stepped inside.  I walked to the table and dropped the keys into the little bowl as she closed it behind us.

Before I could turn to face her, she was behind me. Her body pressed into my back. I could see her reflection in the mirror above the hall table.  Our eyes locked as her right arm wrapped around my waist, her hand pressed against my lower abdomen, just inches above my pussy.

She stared intently at me in the mirror, watching my facial expressions, searching for reactions to her touch. 

A wave of heat seemed to shoot from her finger tips, down between my legs. My head instinctively tilted backwards and I faintly heard myself moan as my eyes closed for a brief moment.

When I looked again, she was smiling a wicked smile.  She was getting exactly the reaction she wanted from me.

“You like that huh?” I asked, playfully. Knowing full well that she was loving every second of this.

“Oh yes…” she replied, her grin widening like the cat that was about to lick the hell out of my cream.

I realised in that moment that she’d taken off her blouse and bra. Her free hand was lifting up the back of my shirt.  I felt her press against me.  Her hard nipples pushed against my bare skin.  I wanted more… oh god, so much more.  Frantically, I pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it to the side. I tried to turn and face her, to kiss those nipples again but she had other ideas.  She pushed harder into my back, trapping me between her body and the table.

I felt her snap open the buttons on my jeans and slide her hand inside.  She was setting me on fire and there was nothing I could do except stand there and watch her in the mirror. 

Her fingers were rubbing me through the thin fabric of my soaking wet panties. I leaned forwards and placed both my hands on the table, desperately trying to prop myself up as my legs turned to jelly under her touch.  She’d looped her fingers under the lace and was gently pulling the flimsy material up, the friction against my clit was almost unbearable, a wave of pleasure shot through me as she pulled tighter…

“Gabby, please….” I heard the words but it didn’t sound like me.  It was as if I’d disconnected from my own body.

My heart was beating so fast and so hard I could feel it thump against my ribs inside my chest.  My skin felt like it was burning and my legs almost gave way underneath me as I felt her slowly and deliberately slide her fingers inside my pussy. 

“Oh my god… “ I moaned, my eyes closed again as I completely surrendered to the sensations of her fingers filling me up.

Her lips were on my neck, her kisses leaving a trail of heat in their wake. He other hand cupped my breast, her fingers massaging my nipple.  Her hips pushed into my ass, I could feel her grinding against me as she worked he fingers in and out of me, deeper and deeper. 

I couldn’t breathe.

"You're so wet Marianna...." she whispered into my ear. 

"Mmmmm..." I moaned my response.  I couldn't form a word.  Hearing her voice as she was fucking me so damn hard... I lost it, completely.  She was making me cum, right there, standing against the table in the hall way.  She touched that place inside me and I felt myself open up to her.  My legs automatically spread further apart as I reached down and cupped her hand with mine,  pushing her deeper inside me. 

She was right, I was dripping wet.

I felt my own juices run onto the tips of my fingers as she continued to fuck me.  Harder, faster, as deep as she could go…. Her fingers buried to her knuckles inside me, pounding in and out as I exploded with such a force that I threw myself back against her.

“Ohhh Gab….. “

I couldn’t even finish her name, I was cumming... wave upon wave, exploding through me so damn hard it was all I could do to stay on my feet.  I was trembling, shaking, convulsing against her.  My eyes closed tightly, my mind lost in the sensations of her body so close to mine. I felt her fingers inside me stop moving as she waited for me to be still.


I heard her speak but I couldn't make my lips move to reply, not just yet. I was slowly coming back down to earth. I felt her slide her fingers out from inside me, running them up over my lips to my clit. She paused there, just long enough to send another jolt through my body.

“Marianna…” she said, again.

I opened my eyes. I was still leaning backwards against her.  I realised that all my weight was on her and she was literally all that was holding me upright at that moment. I looked at her in the mirror.

She was smiling at me.

"Yes..." was all I could muster. 

“Can you walk?” she asked, laughing that satisfied laugh of hers.

“I think so.” I replied, laughing with her.

“Good, the bed is this way…” she said as she stepped back and took my hand.



I lead her into the bedroom.

My fingers were still wet from being inside her.  I raised them to my mouth and sucked on them.  Her creamy juices tasted both sweet and salty.  I wanted more but judging by the look on her face as she watched me remove my fingers from my mouth, I was going to have to wait a while.

“Do I taste good?” she asked in a low husky voice.

“Mmhmm” I nodded as I licked my fingers just to tease her once more.

She took a small step forwards and pushed me back on to the bed.  She stood and stared at me for a few moments. Her eyes moving slowly from my feet, up and over the rest of my body.

“Where to begin?” she asked playfully

I propped myself up on my elbows.

“Do you really want me to make suggestions?” I asked.

She laughed and said “No, I think I got this one.” as she straddled my thighs with her beautifully lithe legs.

She leaned forwards and slowly traced her tongue over my collar bone from left to right.  As she moved her lips to my neck, I felt her hands move up my sides and gently cup my breasts.  Her fingers began to expertly massage and squeeze my hard nipples.  I threw my head back, eyes closed as the heat she created with her touch spread like fire through my already aroused body. 

Her lips moved over my skin, up to my earlobe. I felt a sharp pain as she sucked it into her mouth and then bit down hard. Somewhere off in the distance, I heard myself half moan and half gasp as the pain aroused me to new heights. She was driving me crazy.

I shifted my weight to one side and wrapped my free arm around her waist.  My hand on her ass, I tried to pull her towards me.  I wanted to feel her pussy on mine.  I wanted that creamy wetness pouring out of her and onto my swollen clit.

“No… You wait until I’m ready.”  she commanded.

“Please, I want to feel you, You’re driving me…” I tried to explain.

“I said NO.” and she pushed me hard until I lay flat on the bed.

Her mouth came down over mine, shutting me up before I could protest further. She forced her way passed my lips as she kissed me harder, her tongue deep in mouth, probing and taking charge until my head was spinning.  My breathing became so shallow I wondered if my heart was skipping beats and just when I thought I might pass out, she pulled away just long enough to swap her lips and tongue for her nipple. 

No time to think!! I was being assaulted by all of her at once.  I sucked her into my mouth, my hands moved instinctively to her hips but she was way ahead of me. I felt her grab my wrists and with one swift movement, she pinned arms up over my head, her shift in weight automatically forcing her nipple even deeper into my mouth.

“Suck it harder…” she commanded again.

My whole body instantly heated up another million degrees. My pussy muscles clenched about as tight as I’ve clenched anything in my entire life and my breath caught in my throat.  I’m not usually one for orders but Jesus H Christ!!!  Coming from her it was the biggest turn on ever.

She unexpectedly pulled herself out of my mouth, my teeth scraping her nipple as moved causing her to cry out a little. 

“Arghhh… you like hurting me too huh?” she asked, but I knew I wasn’t supposed to respond, which was OK with me. I had absolutely no control over my brain and I highly doubted I'd be able to form a sentence anyway.

I felt her inch her body upwards across my thighs, higher over my pelvis until she briefly paused on my stomach.  She wiggled her hips from side to side and I felt her pussy lips spread open against my skin. 

“FUCK ME!!”  I hadn’t said the words, at least I didn’t think I’d said the words.  I really couldn’t tell anymore. 

She moved again and I felt the wetness she left behind as she purposefully trailed herself up higher and higher.

I was screaming out inside my mind…

“Oh God…Please be going where i think you’re going…!!!”

She reached my breasts.  I couldn’t move. She still had my arms pinned above my head.  All I could do was watch as her glistening wet pussy as it moved closer towards me.  Closer towards my mouth.  Closer towards my tongue which was now licking my lips in eager anticipation.

I could feel her eyes on my face.  I knew she was watching me, I could feel her smile without even seeing it.  She was loving every second of this, having me powerless, pinned down and desperately wanting her.

I felt her shift her wait again and the word “Hallelujah!” popped into my head.  This was it…she was going to let me fuck her at last.  I was ready…YES…..OH YES….but NO!! 

What the Fu…??? 

“Marianna… what…?” I began to say.

“Be quiet!” she replied. “You won’t wait and you want to talk about it too? I’ll just have to shut you up again and teach you about patience.” Her grin was all over her face now.  The sexy bitch. I resolved to get my own back but for now, I seemed to playing right into her hands. 

She let go of my arms with one hand. The hand that remained pressed into both my wrists, making sure I still couldn’t move.  Her free hand moved down between her legs. 

“OK, that’s it! Touch yourself inches from my face and I’m flipping you over!!” I thought to myself, Seriously, I was at that point where teasing me was reaching the limit.

She raised her ass up and took her weight on her legs.  Her hand.. the one I thought was about to touch her pussy took hold of my breast, her fingers squeezed my nipple. 

“If you move a muscle, I’ll move back down to your thighs and we’ll start again ok?” she said, looking into my eyes.

“OK..” I whimpered.  I didn’t want her to go back there, I wanted her in my mouth for fuck sake!!

She massaged and squeezed my breast hard, I closed my eyes for a moment and arched my back.  I was moaning, out loud this time.  I couldn’t help it.  Every touch of her fingers sent shock waves out to all the other parts of my body.  I could smell the scent of her wetness, so close to my face.  Just when I thought she couldn’t possibly tease me anymore, her hand moved and I felt her lower herself against me.  I snapped my eyes open in time to watch her spread her lips with her fingers and rub her clit up and down on my hard nipple. 

“oh my god…” I moaned

I pushed myself into her until my nipple was soaking wet. I could feel her juices spreading all over my skin. I felt her hips begin to move as her fingers still held her lips open to me.  I couldn’t take much more of this but I also couldn't take my eyes off the sight of her clit rubbing circles around my rock hard nipple… I was losing my damned mind!!!

Desperately, I strained my neck trying to reach her, my tongue barely a centimetre away from her clit as the word "PLEASE!?!" escaped my lips.

When I was sure I was going to burst into tears, actual real tears…she suddenly moved her hips. 

FINALLY, she was on me!!

She let go of my wrists and placed both her hands on the wall above my head.  I felt the full force of hips start to grind on my face as hungrily lapped and licked and sucked her clit as hard as I could. 

Her juice was flowing down my chin, pouring out of her and into my mouth. Down the back of my throat like sweet nectar.

I heard her moans get louder, feel her thighs grip tighter on me as I pushed my tongue deeper inside her.  My hands gripped her ass, squeezing and kneading.

I wanted her to cum in my mouth. NOW!

I pushed my face into her harder, my tongue depper inside her, my nose and chin pressed against every part of her that I could conceivably reach.  My hands were working her hips, guiding her, encouraging her to fuck me harder.  If I could have climbed inside her at that moment I would have done it.  It was then that I felt the familiar trembling of her muscles begin. The tiny little shakes that start out small.  With every thrust forwards onto my tongue, the trembling grew until I finally...with one last hard thrust onto my tounge, I felt her explode in my mouth.

She was cumming all over my face… her pussy muscles tightened around my tongue, her hips thrust so hard forwards that I could barely breathe as her whole body shook on top of me. 

“Oh god… Gabby…. “ she screamed as she squeezed her thighs tightly,  shuddered and rocked back and forth, pouring the last of her juices into my mouth. 

I was in heaven!!!  Feeling her cum so hard was better than I ever imagined.  I lay underneath her, still inside her and I must admit, I was feeling very pleased with myself. I didnt want her to move but after a few moments, I felt her hand knot tightly in my hair. She was holding my head firmly down as she lifted her self up from my face.  A few last drops of her juice fell onto my chin and I reached up quickly with my tongue to give her one last lick before she was too far away.

“Enough….” she cried out “Oh my god woman…”  as an after shock moved through her, causing her body to jerk slightly and her head to rest against the wall as she tried to raise herself up.

"What I do?" I joked before licking my lips again to enjoy the taste of her wetness that still lingered there. 

She slapped my arm gently instead of answering my question and laughed as she climbed off me to position her body at my side.  Once comfortable, she threw one leg across my stomach and her arm across my chest.  My nipples instantly stood to attention again at the sensation of her skin upon them.  I wondered if she'd be ready for round... whatever number round we were on soon? As I contemplated my next move, she spoke:

“You have an amazing tongue…” she whispered softly against my neck, sending shivers through me as her breath touched my skin.

“You have an incredibly wet pussy” I said, shooting her my pleased with myself smile.

"I do.. and I'm betting yours is wet too." she replied. Rather smugly I might add as I felt her hand move down across my stomach and between my legs.  I spread my legs a little, giving her more access just as her fingers found their way to my lips. 

“Mmmm Mar…” I tried to say her name but the word was cut off by her kiss at the same moment her fingers entered me…

“Here we go again…” the words locked inside my head as I surrendered to her touch once more.




























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