Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Submitted: June 02, 2016

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Submitted: June 02, 2016



Who she is, what she shows the world... Intrigues you.

You've watched her deflect advances. You've watched as women crash and burn.

Her detatchment draws you in, taunts you, challenges you.

You decide to set the wheels in motion. 

You orchestrate.

You manipulate.

You plot and scheme.

You ask around.

You've gathered what useful information you can on her, skillfully (you think) without leaving a trail of curious bodies.  Loose lips that could lead back to you before you have a chance to WIN.

It's all a game you see? 

The chase.

The ultimate rush.


You savour that sweet moment of victory.... and then you're gone. Yep, those notches on your bed post are really adding up.  You puff out that chest, pat yourself on the back and never look back at the destruction in your wake.


Tonight is the night. 

You get to the party late.  You never arrive early, never on time. It's important to make an entrance. You want all eyes on you when you walk in to a room.

She's standing by the window. 

She looks over as you stand in the door way.  The purposely noisy greeting exchanged between you and the host is suffient to get her attention.

You smile at her. You give her the playful nod. You make sure to look away before does, feining indifference.

You work the room. Flitting from woman to woman. 

You listen. You compliment. You interject when it suits your purpose. You walk away and forget everything you just heard.

They don't matter. You have a target. You're focussed.

An hour passes as you stealthily move closer to her.

You've exchanged a few glances with her, flashed a smile ot two and you feel confident.

Next comes the bump and apology. You have to get this just right so it appears accidental.

Nicely done.

She accepts your apology.

You turn on the charm. Not too much. Just enough to seem sincere.

You make her laugh.  She touches your arm and you move closer.  Capitalize on the moment.

You're sure she's eating out of the palm of your hand.

You suggest a more quiet location to talk.

You know just the place.

She agrees and you lead her upstairs to the master bedroom. Not for the bed, oh no, that would be too obvious this early in the 'game'.

You take her out on to the balcony.

You admire the stars.

You work the romance.

You think you are out in front when...

She kisses you.

What the fuck?

Her lips are soft, her tongue probing, teasing you.

You feel her hands on your hips. 

You feel the balcony wall in your back.

How did I get here?

You reel as her kiss deepens.

You are excited, turned on.

You're wet! 

You want her.

You react? You don't react? You shouldn't react!

But you do.

You close your eyes and you FEEL her.

You allow her in.

Is this woman for real?

Your mind races.

You feel her hand on your breast, massaging.

Your mind goes blank.

You kiss her back, an urgent need building inside you that throws you off guard.

You're not the type to risk anything.

You're losing this battle!

You surrender.

And then....

You feel the cold air and an empty space.

You open your eyes in time to see her walk away.

You see her smiling.

You see her eyes.

That's when it hits you.

She knows what you are.


The shoe is on the other foot this time.


In a room with a view.

She out manouvered you.



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