At last, we meet.

At last, we meet.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


At long last, they meet. Two women with a history get together after years of being apart. This is a semi-autobiographical piece. Dedicated to the love of my life. The one I almost lost because of my own insecurities.


At long last, they meet. Two women with a history get together after years of being apart.

This is a semi-autobiographical piece. Dedicated to the love of my life. The one I almost lost because of my own insecurities.


Submitted: May 19, 2014

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Submitted: May 19, 2014



I sat at the wooden table across from the gallery. I had 10 more minutes to wait until opening time.

Through the glass window, I could see her paintings hanging on the gallery walls. Brightly coloured canvases, each one depicting an abstract scene or a portrait of some unknown person. I’d forgotten how incredibly talented she was. 

I could feel my nerves building as it got closer to opening time. She still hadn’t arrived and I began to wonder if maybe she’d decided to take the day off when suddenly, she came bouncing up the stairs to the left. I pushed my sunglasses further up my nose and reminded myself to breathe. Her long dark hair swirled around her shoulders and face as she rounded the corner, her keys in one hand, her coffee in the other as she headed to the gallery door.  I watched her as she put her coffee on the floor while she fumbled with her keys.  She paused briefly and looked over her right shoulder towards me. My heart started beating like a drum in my chest. After a few seconds, she turned away from me, opened the door and walked into the Gallery. I took a deep breath and sighed as I exhaled. Did she recognise me? I wasn’t sure but it was now or never.

I stood up and adjusted my clothing, making sure everything fell in the right place before tentatively taking my first step forwards. As I neared the door, I looked through the glass window. She was organising her desk, switching on her laptop. She’d set her coffee down at the edge of her desk and I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d be wearing it all over my face very soon. My resolve wavered slightly, but I couldn’t let my nerves get the better of me, I’d come this far. I finally reached the door and pushed it open, stepping inside the gallery.

She looked up at me from her seat and in her best greeting voice said:

“Good Morning”.

I reached up and slowly removed my sun glasses before responding in kind. I’d stopped walking and was now standing in the middle of the gallery, staring directly into her eyes. I saw a flash of recognition cross her face. Her mouth, slightly open now. I spoke again,

“How are you? I hope you don’t mind my showing up unannounced?”

There was a long pause as she looked me up and down. I’d changed since we last saw each other almost 2 years ago. I’d gone from the slightly over weight girl to a slimmer, much fitter version of my old self. In truth, I’d been working out like a demon to look this way.  My intention was to be every bit as fit as her and look the best I possibly could to impress. The knots in the pit of stomach were growing tighter by the second and the urge to turn and run out the way I came in was increasing exponentially. The pounding of my heart was resonating in my ears so loudly by this point that I doubted I’d hear her even if she did speak.

I was sure that she’d fly around the desk at any moment and deck me where I stood. Instead, she said:

“It’s you. I’ve been waiting for the day when you’d show up.” as the corner of her mouth turned up slightly into a half smile.

"You have?” was all I could manage by way of a response.

“Yes, it took you long enough…” she replied, her smile now as wide and as full as it could possibly be.

"I”m sorry I didn’t come sooner and I’m sorry for everything I put you through.” I said, my eyes now looking down at the floor as the sudden rush of shame washed over me. I could feel my eyes welling up with tears.

“I told you a long time ago that I’d forgiven you. I only ever wanted to meet you woman, all this pain and suffering could have been avoided if you’d come to meet me when you said you were coming.” she said. I looked up from the floor to find that she’d moved from behind the desk and was now standing directly in front of me. So close in fact that I could smell the scent of her perfume. My head was spinning, my heart still beating as fast as a drum in my chest.

“You look amazing…” she said, still smiling.

“Thank you, so do you.” I replied, unable to keep myself from smiling back at her. “I didn’t expect this to go so smoothly”.

She was still the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Her big brown eyes looking directly at me. He gorgeous smile, flashing her perfect teeth. She stood a couple of inches shorter than me, wearing a pair of black jeans that clung to her hips, a silver grey top, low in front just showing the top of her cleavage. The same necklace she’d always worn, the little jigsaw puzzle piece neatly falling into the gap between her breasts. My eyes lingered there…

She laughed, “I’m sure you thought I’d be throwing punches right?” and my eyes snapped upwards.  She was wearing a look of understanding on her face, as if she knew exactly where my thoughts had gone in that moment.

I laughed with her (and partially out of embarrasment at being caught) and replied “Yes, and I wouldn’t blame you if you did.”

“It’s all in the past. There’s no point in holding grudges. You’re silly for not coming sooner.”

We talked for what seemed like hours. Her sat on one side of her desk, me sat on the other side in the chair reserved for her customers. I was grateful for that small space between us. I apologised to her more than a few times during our conversation for not showing up sooner. You see, we’d met online and hit it off instantly but my confidence back then (or lack thereof) had gotten in the way of us actually meeting. I’d made some promises to her that I fly to see her but each time, I’d make up an excuse and let her down. I just couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman would ever want to be with me. I made some mistakes, said some things I shouldn’t have. Told a few lies. I wasn’t proud of myself. After we stopped speaking, I resolved to do something to change my life and do better, be better. It was all thanks to her, this incredible woman, finally sitting before me that I took control of my life and made the changes that I so desperately needed to in order to be the best person I could be.

As I talked, explaining myself to her as best I could, I could feel her eyes on me. Being this close to her was having an unbelievable effect on my body. I wasn’t surprised but I don’t think I was fully prepared for it either. Eventually, I couldn’t sit any longer and so I stood up and walked over to look at her paintings on the far wall. A vain attempt on my part at putting some distance between us, just long enough for me to catch my breath and get my senses under control. I was sure she could tell that she was driving me crazy. I was never very good at hiding my physical reaction to her. I played with the buckle on my jeans. Adjusted my top so that it didn’t feel as if was riding up too high on my stomach and then I asked her:

“When did you paint this one?” looking back at her over my shoulder as I spoke.

She had moved from her chair and was now leaning against her desk. She didn’t answer me right away. I noticed she was staring at me, still with that sexy half smile on her face.

“You have a great ass….” she said. Her eyes lingering on me.

I laughed, more out of nerves than anything else.

“Thanks. Are you going to tell me about this painting or just undress me with your eyes?” I asked, purposely tempting her a little with my words.

She pushed herself away from the desk and walked towards me.

“I think I’d rather undress you with my hands…” she said.

I turned to face her, unconsciously stepping backwards as I did until I found my back flat against the wall.She stopped right in front of me. Her hands moved to rest on my hips. I could feel the painting on the wall behind me tilted to one side.

“Your painting….” I bagan to say but my words were cut short when her lips brushed gently against mine.  I’d dreamed of this for so long I could barely believe it was happening. Her tongue pushed it’s way into my mouth and our kiss grew deeper in an instant. I moved my hands around the small of her back and pulled her against me. My head was spinning, my desire to be closer to her was reaching fever pitch. My hands found their way up under her top, caressing her skin, my fingers opening the clasp of her bra before I realised what I was doing. Her hands were balled into fists at my hips, I could feel the material pulling tighter as she closed her grip. I moved my hands around to massage her breasts as we kissed ever more intently. She moaned into my mouth as I pinched harder on her nipples.

“I want you….oh god, so much….” I whispered, barely audible underneath my heavy breathing.

We both realised that were getting carried away in her gallery. The same gallery with the huge glass window that any passer by could look though and see us making out against the wall.

“Wait…” she said, letting go of me to walk over and lock the door. Once it was locked, she took my hand and guided me back towards the little hall way that lead to the toilets. No longer than 3 meters, just enough for us to be out of sight from anyone walking by.

She stopped at the back wall and turned to face me. I didn’t need further invitation, the look in her eyes was enough. I pressed the whole length of my body against her, pinning her to the wall. Kissing her deeply, my tongue in her mouth, probing, playing with her tongue as my hands found their way back to her nipples, lifting up her top as they went. I broke away from the kiss to look at her, she was perfect, small firm breasts, her nipples so hard they were begging for me suck on them and so I did… taking one in my mouth as my fingers massaged the other. Her hands tangled in my long hair, pulling me closer. She moaned and pushed her hips forwards as I sucked harder.

She was driving me crazy!!!

I wanted more of her, all of her. I kissed my way down over her stomach, unbuttoning her jeans and sliding them down. She was wearing the tiniest pair of panties I’d ever seen, just barely enough fabric to cover her perfectly groomed pussy. As I leaned in I could smell her, I knew she was soaking wet. I buried my nose into her over the fabric and as I did, she thrust her hips forwards to accommodate me, my hands moved around to her back, pulling at the waist band of her panties, sliding them down over her amazingly hard, round ass. When they were gone, jeans and panties off, she lifted her right leg over my shoulder as I knelt before her. I could see her soaking wet pussy glistening in the dim lighting, parted and open, inviting me in. Before I could move of my own free will to taste her, she wrapped her hands in my hair once more and pulled my face into her. I was lost….couldn’t get enough as I licked her clit, sucked and nibbled on her as she thrust her hips backwards and forwards. I slid my fingers inside her soaking wet pussy and fucked her as hard as I could, faster and faster, as deep as I could go. Her juices all over my face and fingers, my own pussy throbbing and soaking wet, my nipples felt as if they were pushing holes through my clothes…. I was drowning in this amazing woman and I couldn’t stop. Suddenly her whole body was shaking, her hands pulling my hair so hard that I had to fight to keep my tongue on her clit. I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and then release as she arched her back and came, screaming “Babyyyyy……oh fuck…fuck….Yessssssssssss!” I stayed inside her until she was still and then began lapping up all her juices, smiling to myself every time she shuddered with tiny little aftershocks, as my tongue touched her swollen clit. When I was finished, I looked up across her flat stomach to find her staring down at me, a huge smile on her face.

“Come up here….” she said, gently pulling me to stand up.

Reluctantly, I stopped licking her and stood. She wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me closer, the tip of tongue licking my lips before she kissed me so deeply that she made my senses explode all over again. My eyes closed, my heart racing….I was floating.

“Hey….” she spoke so softly. I didn’t even realise she’d stopped kissing me.

“Why are you crying?” she asked.

I was startled. I reached up with my hand and touched my cheek to find it wet with my own tears.

“I…I don’t know….” I answered. “Maybe because I’ve waited so long to be with you. Because I’ve been in love with you for what seems like my whole life…I can’t believe I’m here with you now.”

She smiled the most beautiful smile at me and said “Well, you are here with me and I love you too. I always have. Now stop crying baby, no more tears…just kiss me.”

So I did…. I kissed her with everything I had and we began all over again.

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