A little fresh air goes a long way.

A little fresh air goes a long way.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When stepping outside to cool off makes you HOT!


When stepping outside to cool off makes you HOT!


Submitted: May 03, 2016

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Submitted: May 03, 2016



I needed some air. 

“I’ll be right back…” I yelled to Tom over noise of the crowd.

We’d been in the bar for a couple of hours and it was stiflingly hot in there.  The band had just taken a break so it was the perfect time to step outside.

I made my way past the long line of women waiting to get into the toilets, towards the emergency exit door in back.  I knew it wouldn’t be alarmed as they always turned it off when there was a live band playing.  The musicians would often be in and out to grab cables or other pieces of equipment during the night.

I pushed the door open and stepped out into the cool night air. As the door closed behind me, I let out a contented sigh.

“That’s better.” I muttered to myself as I opened a few buttons on my blouse and took a seat on the wall for a few minutes.

I’d just begun to enjoy the relative silence of being outside when I heard noises coming from my left. The sounds were barely audible from this distance but I could swear it was a woman moaning. My curiosity peaked, I stood up and quietly moved further down the alleyway.  I didn’t need to go much further before I spotted them.

A long haired brunette woman, her skirt lifted up at the back was bent over with her hands on top of a small wall as a tall blonde man with his jeans hanging at his knees, stood fucking her from behind. 

I felt my pussy twinge.

The woman was absolutely gorgeous.  I could only see her profile but her body was undoubtably perfect.  The man behind her stood at least 6 feet tall with an extremely well muscled ass and thighs.  He had one hand on her tiny waist, the other on her shoulder as he pounded what looked, from this distance, to be a very large cock in and out of her.Her ample breasts were bouncing up and down as he thrust backwards and forwards.  They were both breathing heavily and every few moments I could hear moaning and grunting from each of them.

“Jesus wept…” I sighed quietly.

I decided that I needed to move closer, I had to see more of this.

I’d managed to creep a few feet nearer and was just squeezing myself between a stack of wooden pallets and some plastic bottle crates when I must have kicked something or made a noise of some sort because the woman’s eyes snapped to look in my direction. 

I froze like a cat caught in the headlights of a car.  I immediately averted my eyes in a pathetic attempt to make myself invisible.

“Shit…” I whispered to myself.  “What do I do now?”

Just as panic was beginning to set in and the urge to run was becoming overwhelming, I  took one last look over in her direction. 

She was STILL looking right me and this time, she was SMILING!!

YES FOLKS!!  I was totally busted. 

I had no idea what to do next so while my mind processed, I leaned back against the wall and let my mouth curl up at the sides.  There I was, standing in the alleyway in all my voyeuristic glory, flashing her back a huge smile of my own.

It occurred to me as I stared back at her, that even though I had been caught and was in the midst of a severe fight or flight moment,  the whole thing had somehow turned a little wetness in my panties into a fully flowing river.My hand unconsciously reached between my legs and cupped my throbbing pussy.

I saw her eyes widen as she continued to watch me….and my hand.

“Damn….” I moaned as a wave of heat rushed over my entire body.

I let my hand linger for second as a thought flashed across my mind…

“NO… oh no you don’t, you perv….”  I admonished myself. 

“You should give them back their privacy.”  i continued and with that I pushed myself off the wall.

I’d barely landed my first step back towards the fire exit door, when her left hand flew off the wall and she frantically signalled me to STOP. 

No words required, I knew exactly what she wanted from me and to be completely honest, I wanted the same thing.  My whole body was in a state of sexual overdrive. I gladly leaned back against the wall. 

While I unbuttoned my jeans and slowly slid my hand down between my legs…I watched her manoeuvre herself and the man who was buried inside her a little to the right. 

He was still unaware of my presence as he leaned down to kiss her back, his hips grinding as he ploughed deeper into her. 

She closed her eyes for a moment and pushed herself backwards onto his hard cock.  Her lips parted and I was completely mesmerised as I watched her lick her lips.

I worked my fingers underneath my soaking wet panties and slowly began rubbing my clit.  I was so swollen and so turned on that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d explode.

With my free hand, I lifted up my blouse, purposely baring my nipple to her as she stared intently towards me. I didn’t take my eyes off her as I squeezed and pinched it until it was hard.

Her eyes never left mine for a moment…. I could barely breathe as she stared at me.  Her gaze felt like a caress and my pussy contracted at the thought of her touching me in any way.  My fingers were soaked in my juices.  I teased my clit and spread my legs a little wider, allowing my fingers the access to slide inside my pussy.  I wished I could take off my jeans and stand there with my legs spread… to show her how wet I was. 

She had let go of the wall with her left hand and was rubbing her own clit.  Her hand moved in time with mine and I imagined her fingers inside me…matching her stroke for stroke, I was going to cum….

Her moans were growing louder. 

I watched her rub her clit as his hard cock continued to pound in and out faster and faster.  I envied him being inside her…. he was buried as deep as he go in her pussy, his eyes were closed tight and the look of pleasure on his face as I watched him start to cum was intoxicating.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer… I slid the rest of my fingers inside my pussy and arched my back.  I moved my other hand down over my stomach, rubbing my clit as i continued to fuck myself with my fingers, my hips frantically thrusting backwards and forwards as I exploded with every part of being…

“Oh god…… goddddd” I heard her cry as he let out a deep moan into the back of her neck. 

“Wow…” I whispered. 

I watched as he pulled his cock out from her pussy, it was covered in her juices.  She stood up straight and turned to face him,kissing him on the lips as he pulled up jeans and fastened the buttons. 

I waited for her to adjust her clothes but she stood still as he turned towards the fire exit door.  She patted him on the ass as he walked off.

“I’ll be right there…”  she called after him.

He hadn’t seen me as he walked by.  I’d pressed myself into the corner until he’d gone. I couldn’t exactly make my escape unnoticed while he was there.  I was also curious to see what she’d do next.  I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

She was walking towards me as soon as he’d gone out of sight.  I couldn’t move, I didn’t want to move. 

She stopped about an inch in front of me.  So close that i could feel the heat of her skin on mine.  I felt her fingers on my stomach as she slowly and deliberately slid them down inside my jeans and and beneath my panties.

“I want to feel how wet you are….” she whispered.  He lips right next to my ear as she spoke.

I spread my legs, allowing her all the access she wanted, closed my eyes and shuddered as she reached my clit. 

“Wet enough?” I asked her… as she probed me with the tips of her fingers.

“Jesus….” she gasped.  “Wetter than I ever imagined!”

I smiled to myself as she pulled her hand out of my jeans.  I took her by the shoulders and moved her against the wall.  We stood there for a few seconds,  looking at each other.  She really was quite stunning. 

I leaned forwards slowly and watched as she parted her lips. 

I kissed her gently and then pulled away. 

“Thank you for letting me watch you.” I said as I turned and walked back towards the door.

“You’re welcome.” I heard her reply with laughter in her voice.

I stepped back inside and immediately bumped into Tom.

“Where the hell have you been?” he barked.

“Out for some fresh…” I started to say.

“AIR!” came a voice from behind me as she brushed against my back, her hand trailing across my ass.  I felt her tug on my jeans and then she was gone.

I laughed hard at Toms expression.

“You fucked her didn’t you?” he half asked, half stated.

“No, not exactly.” I replied.  I reached back into my pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.  Once unfolded, it read:

“My name is Jenna by the way (smiley face).  I’d like to see you again, preferably ALONE next time. Call me at 342 333 129 and we’ll arrange something.”

“I’m sure we can arrange something.” I mumbled as I tapped her number into my phone and walked back into the bar. 

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