She Runs

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

He has always loved her. He loved her when he had nothing and now he loves her when he has everything. But has it been enough? As their relationship hinges on the its final seconds, she is forced to face reality. Will she stay or will she run?

Table of Contents

She Runs

He loved her when he had nothing. Now he loves her when he has everything. But is love, passion and sex enough to keep her? As time hinges on the final seconds of their relationship, she is forced to face reality. Will she stay or will she run?
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Chapter 2 He walked up the stairs, accepted the trophy award, and stood behind the podium. The shadows on his face disappear as beams... Read Chapter

After five long years, Ethan and Evelyn consummate and rekindle a relationship thought to be long gone. Read Chapter

Were they friends with benefits? No, not even. There was an inclination of love hiding amongst the shadows but they just didn't grasp on soon enough to realize it before everything fell apart and the 'could be moment' dissipated before fruition. Read Chapter

She tilts her head toward his ear, 'You got to stop showing up like this, Ethan,' she said panting hard, 'You’re going to give me a heart attack one day.' He smiles, 'Then let me resuscitate you, Professor.' Read Chapter

Which is it Evelyn, a quick blow job or no car for the rest of the year? She glances into his blue eyes and her heart skipped a beat. How can such an ugly person exist behind such a beautiful face? Read Chapter

'What!' Ethan broke into hysteria, 'I did not rape you!' 'Yes you did!' Evelyn challenges him. This unscrupulous human being just raped her and now denies it! Ethan McCollin is Lucifer himself! 'You seriously think I raped you? You got into my fucking car! You led me on. This was consensual!' Read Chapter

The walk had been good for her and her mind is made up. Yes, she will want him, yes, she will miss him but she will survive, she will move on. The distance between them is killing her now but, slowly and surely, the distance will save her. Read Chapter

He slowly saunters toward her, eyes blazing again in deep dissatisfaction to her comment. He grabs her wrist and pulls her into his arms, pressing her waist against his pulsating iron rod. 'By God, Evelyn, I will make those your only options.' Read Chapter

This guy called the police on her; he called her an idiot, bitch, and what was it, oh yeah, a blind bat. Now he is quite possibly her stalker. If he did not have a face of a God and a body to match, she would have a restraining order on him quicker than white on rice. Read Chapter

This isn’t salt water, its fucking pussy water and he ferociously quenches his thirst. Mmmh, she’s been drinking pineapple juice. Fucking delicious. Read Chapter

Ethan McCollin! The smug bastard! She rips the football out of his hands and grips onto his chin to get his undivided attention, 'lets play'. Read Chapter