The Most Annoying Day of my Life

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This is a glimpse into the real life of Dawn Lisa. I was stuck at my mother's house at the Jersey Shore for two years, sleeping in her living room on an air mattress, with my son. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to me in my whole life, and so as you can imagine, a lot of drama happend within those two years. However, I am thankful for some wonderful things that happened; I was in two plays, I played a zombie in a trailer, I taught French, I danced, and I fell in love for the 6th time. God was good to me. Eventualy I took a teaching job in China and that is how my son and I ended up back on Oahu. None the less, this was the most annoying day of my life, and happened to fall during this same time period. It is also a look into the real life of an exotic dancer. I started dancing at age 32 because I had decided to go to grad school at that time. I danced on and off from age 32 to 39, and may possibly moonlight as a dancer again in the near future. Of course now I have a club that I can always return to. Enjoy!



The most annoying day of my life!!!!!!!!!!


Three weeks ago I met my hunky Alex; a sexy 26 year old with a nice juicy big cock. He took me out Christmas shopping and we fucked in the car. I couldn’t resist. I bent over outside of the car after sucking and riding on his huge cock in the driver’s seat of the silver vehicle. I came all over the shaft. He said in a deep voice, “I wanna stand outside of the car and fuck you from behind.” I  slid off his cock. He got out of the car. I bent over onto the driver’s seat with him from the outside. With him from the outside, he plunged his erect penis into my steaming hot wet vagina and stroked in and out until he flipped me over and came in my mouth. Warm juicy cum tasted so good on my tongue. We wanted so desperately to see each other again.


Our second date was to be the following Wednesday. I am in dire need of money and wish to get back into exotic dancing. That is where I made the most money, and it is also where I was able to pursue my most passionate interests.


For this brings upon the question, “Who am I? Qui suis-je?” Et la reponse est, “Je suis une ecrivaine, une intellectuelle, et une artiste pour le theatre. Et voila. Ca c’est ce que je suis.


Wednesday came. Alex got called into work. It was a disappointment. After all what woman wouldn’t want that beautiful cock again?! But I had other priorities and decided to go north to a strip club that I found online called Fantasies, which is located in Keyport, NJ.


Dad watched Harley, but was very angry with me about it. I drove almost an hour to the club. It was a busy place with the stage in the middle of the bar and, three poles, and a plexi-glass cage. The women were all beautiful. However, what I had noticed was that they all had larger hips than me with smaller boobs. After having Harley I’m a little self conscious about my belly, which has shrunk quite a bit since I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and put on a gluten free diet.


A very exotic looking woman, probably around my age (mid to late thirties), came over to me and walked me into the boss’ office after I had told her that I was there seeking employment. The boss, Nick, looked at me and asked if I could come back Monday.


Now prior to Monday, I had to find a sitter for my beloved Harley Kamehameha. The best sitter I could find was out in Roosevelt, NJ, which is about 40 minutes from Toms River and 40 minutes from Keyport. It’s a little out of the way, but she’s very good and flexible.


So today, 12/19/2011, the day that Nick had asked me to come “audition” I drove 40 minutes to Aquilla’s (the babysitter) house, then another 40 minutes to Keyport. I left the house at 10:30am and arrived at Fantasies at 1PM, after having sat in much traffic due to the bogus route that mapquest had given to me.


Thank God for cell phones! Craig was good enough to stay on the phone with me while I was annoyed, in traffic, and just a tad bit lost.


I arrive at the club, looking exactly the same as I had looked five days prior to when I met the same manager, Nick. Inside of the office, he asked me to go get changed and then come back into his office.  I did. I put on a thong, a push up bra, and a shawl to go over it all. I looked pretty damn good actually!!!!


Whatever happened to Nick between the time I left his office and the time I got back to this office within approximately five minutes I’ll never know. But when I walked back into his office he looked at me and said, “I’ll tell you right now, you’re not what we’re looking for at this time.”


As a professional I said ok and walked back into the dressing room causally. In the back of my mind, however, I couldn’t help but think, “Why the fuck couldn’t he have just had me strip in his office Wednesday night!?  He could have saved me the aggravation of making such long trips. I would much rather have been home with my son!”


The dancers were very nice. There were three in the dressing room, a  blonde, a brunette, and a red head. The blonde was the most outgoing and friendly. She told me that Nick is a dick and that the only reason he turned me away is because he was in a bad mood. She recommended me to a friendlier club, Untouchables, which was not that far.


Untouchables was more my type of clientel (older gentlemen). The female manager asked me to come back after the holidays, because they are just overstaffed at this time.


Then I drove back to Aquilla’s house, picked up my beloved Harley Kamehameha, and drove home. We arrived at 6:30PM. I was exhausted and broke.


It was a turning point in my life, however. I kept thinking of Centerfolds out in Hawaii. I left that club to be with J K, in Texas. Had I known that he would send me to this horrible place, I never in a million years would have left the island. So, I am going to find a way to get back to Oahu.


I live in fear everyday that I am going to loose Harley. I love him so much. I can’t imagine life without him. I’d rather be dead.


But money is an issue for me right now. Please God! Let me get it together. I try so hard!!!!


Submitted: March 01, 2015

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