Under Hypnosis A True Story

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Hypnotist puts a party under his spell. Then two women and me put on a show for everyone.

Hi Readers,

My sexy wife and I actually do more than work out (a lot), have sex every morning and every night, or hang around nude all day and sleep all night nude - though we do that.  We also socialize with a group of friends, either at a friend's house or a private party at a restaurant, and the entertainment is usually someone who bills himself or herself as an "erotic hypnotist."

One night, a Holiday Weekend, not last year but the year before, an erotic hypnotist, named John, got up in fron to all of us, seated in a couple of rows in the hosts' living room.  It didn't take long before all of us (at least most of us) were in a deep trance.  HE INTSISTED THAT EVERYONE IN THE ROOM WOULD REMEMBER EXACTLY WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN AND REMEMBER IT ALL FEELING GREAT HAPPINESS AND GREAT PLEASURE.

John then proceeded to tell us  (not that we had any interest in refusing, because we in John's total and complete spell) to stand up and laugh out loud, and then raise our arms, because they became extremely light and had to rise toward the ceiling.  Later on, after everything else transpired, it was obvious to me that John was trying to find the audience members in the deepest trance, and most suggestible, to bring in front of the room.

Andrea, next-door neighbor to my wife at me in our nearby subdivision, and a sexy, thin brunette with perky breasts, a very short skirt and incredible legs was asked to stand up and go to the front of the room,while still remaining deeply in John's control and remaining more relaxed and more submissive than ever in her life.  She dropped her arms back to her side and went to the front of the room.  John then asked me to stand up, drop my arms and go to the front of the room and join Andrea.

Then things got interesting.  As soon as Andrea and I were standing next to each other, John told us to close our eyes and fall into the deepest trance anyone had ever been in -- that we could only hear John 's voice and nothing else, and that we had an insatiable desire to please him and obey every one of his commands. We both said "Yes, Master."  John said "good, slaves."

John then told us that our clothes were getting very very hot, and that the room was very hot and that we wanted to take off all of our clothes and strip naked.  He said that, on a count of three we would take off all of our clothes, and stand up facing the audience, extremely relaxed and very happy and conformtable in the nude. If anyone, including John asked if we wanted to put our clothes back on we would get very angry and refuse.

"One," John said, our clothes are very hot and very uncomfortable and you need to take all of them off.  "Two," John added, our clothes itch more than anything else has ever itched and our clothes are contstricting and we were finding it difficult to breathe.  "Three" John tried to add, but before the word completely came out of his mouth, we both took all of out clothes office as fast as we could, and stood completely at ease in front of everyone in the nude.  John then told us that he would count from 5 down to 1, as we got sleepier and more relaxed, and as he hit one, we were both in a deep trance.

Next, John told us, on a count of 3, the we would open our eyes and look at each other -- and that when we did we would both become extremely aroused by the  sight of each other.  We opened our eyes, I looked at her nude body, and as my cock stod at attention, all I could think of was eating her pussy and fucking her in more ways and more places than I have time to list.

John told the very horny Andrea that all she wanted to do, and she wanted it more than at any time in her life or every again, was to lick my balls and lovingly such my harder and longer cock. John commanded me to say "bitch suck my cock."  When I did so, she started sucking hungrily.  My cock felt like it was growing and hardening in her mouth.  John then told us to fuck Andrea hard as soon as Andrea said baby, fuck me hard.  I want that big cock inside me."  - and that she would be unable and unterested in saying anything else.   Immediately, Andrea said exactly that, and interested only in pleasing John and fucking Andrea, I licked her tits, turned her over onto her back and starting fucking her wet pussy hard, doggy style.  When I was I doing that, I also did what I have done whenever I fucked doggy-style, licked her back and 9ondled her breasts. No one had to tell me to do that.

Rememberr, everyone else in the audience was sitll in a hypnotic trance, right?  Well -  that included my sexy wife.  John called her up to the stage, kept her in a deep trance, told her to only obey him.  Then he went through steps to make her want to, in a moment's time, remove all of her clothes, and in a state of obedience and happiness, began fingering her pussy.  Unike Andrea, the brunette, my wife is a perfrect weight, just a few pounds more than Andrea, like 125, tall, with a shaved pussy (Andrea has a beautiful black bush to go with her dark hair) and my wife's breasts are so beautiful that I get a hard-on whenever I see them nude.  And, since (mostly) the only time we are not in the nude is when we are on the public floor at our gym -- I get that hard-on a lot!

John then one step further -- at a count of three, he ordered his new slave, my wife, to join Andrea and me, still nude, still fucking in front of everyone, to join us in a threesome -- beginning with making passionate love to Andrea.  My wife, since I have known her at least, has not been involved with another woman, but you wound't know it by how hungrily she zeroed in on Andrea's pussy, and eating her while fondling Andre'a tits.   Andrea came loud and long.  John reminded the three of us that we were his slaves and that we were happy and comfortable and eager to please him.  We were also even hornier because we were fucking and sucking in front of an audience.

John ordered us not just to have a threesome, but to  have the hottest threesome we could imagine anyone having, and that we were to keep at it till we all came a lot.  That we would remmeber the threesome, and that the three of us would, even after awake, have more threesomes (and even invite in others for foursomes) as often as we can.

As for my wife and me,, John told us clearly and in a commanding voice that we were to get involved in more nudist activities, host parties of nudists, host orgies, and live an even sexier lifestyle.  And, most important, that we would be horny all of the time.  John ordered us to have rough and multi-orgasmic sex at least twice day, but that we would always want it, and could think of nothing else, so we should concentraing on getting more and more buff and have the energy to have sex all day and all night.

John commanded all three of us again to remember everything, and, interestingly, to write him regularly at his email address, so he could send us videos, with a command in the reply email to watch them -- to reinforce the orders he was putting into heads that day.

After we awoke, all three of us were extremely horny and we practically ran back to Andrea's place for more sex.  Andrea, my wife and I have sex together at least once a week, and we have added boy friends of Andrea and sexy women I see around town, and men that my wife wants to fuck, and bring them to our beds too.

As for my wife any me, the sex is incredible and non-stop.  Whenever, my wife sees my hard-on, she starts sucking it,  Ususually, if she wakes up and I am still sleeping, she wakes me by sucking on my cock -- and then she rides me hard, and this is just as I am opening my eyes in the morning.

The moral of this story - find a good hypnotist, and good things will happen.




Submitted: September 27, 2016

© Copyright 2023 David. All rights reserved.

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David sure seems pretty happy here! I wonder, how did the hypnotist gain any advantage here though?

Fri, October 21st, 2016 9:09pm


This was a get-together at a close friend's relatively new house, someone who had been a neighbor of ours before her divorce. She had a hypnotist as "entertainment." And nobody, it seemed, certainly no one sitting near me, had any concerns about breathing deeply and falling into what was obviously an hypnotic state.

I don't know what you mean by an advantage for the hypnotist. As time has gone on, I have learned that he is not the only one with skills in hypnotism that enjoy putting people into situations and have them perform in the way that happened to us. In the end, everyone had a good time, anyway.

Everything happened as I described. And my life really has gotten better for it.

Fri, October 21st, 2016 2:41pm

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