Guilty x Creatures : Dark Elf Arc :

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Sci-Fi and Fantasy Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Dark Elves.
Enchanting, mysterious, dominating mavericks blessed with haunting beauty, great magics and built by the Gods themselves to reign over the lives of others.
Hated by their Elven brethren and feared by the world at large. These slave-mongering beings stand tall and confident in the knowledge that they as a whole are of the elite.
Too skilled to be conquered, too powerful to destroy, too dangerous to engage.
They fear nothing.
Born to rule, it is said they bow to no one, can not be controlled and are impossible to tame.

But are they?

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Evening

A man quietly minding his own is approached by two woman with a seemingly dark agenda. What follows is the beginning of a series of events that will change all of their lives forever. Read Chapter

Chapter 2 : After Midnight

Anton awakens to find himself at the mercy of the Dark Elves, and quickly discovers that they are far more interesting than he originally thought. Read Chapter

Chapter 3 : Midday

Anton learns more about the Dark Elves by having a conversation with a disgruntled employee. Read Chapter

Chapter 4 : Late Evening

 Guilty x Creatures : Dark Elf Arc : Chapter 4  Chapter 4 : Late Evening  Anton entered the dungeon and moved to s... Read Chapter

Chapter 5 : Late Evening

 Chapter 5 : Late Evening    “Look at me when you say it Kianna” demanded Anton in a soft tone as he tilted her ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6 : Midnight

 Chapter 6 : Midnight  Fiona's breathing had been getting slower and slower for several hours now. The defiant dark elf ma... Read Chapter

Chapter 7 : Midnight

 Chapter 7 : Midnight    Kianna's ears were pointed straight upwards in excitement as she looked back and forth betw... Read Chapter

Chapter 8 : Morning

Breakfast with the Dark Elves. Read Chapter