a debate with a prostitute

a debate with a prostitute a debate with a prostitute

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A comedy staring a young prostitute.


A comedy staring a young prostitute.


Submitted: September 26, 2012

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Submitted: September 26, 2012



A debate with a prostitute 


says she lying naked

to the old man,mad with lust

society; a game of pigs

comment on if you must !


society a kingdom

a platform for the rich

a pig farm it shall not be

you stupid little bitch


says she un dressed shameless

erotic though it may sound

tilting her breasts towards him

as she sits on the ground


a bitch i be, it is true

a cynic, in woman's skin 

but though, i am not an animal

to you it should be a pined


a man of old age, and of wealth

which be - you great !

a man of many sins

and a great amount of hate


"FUCK YOU woman !" he screamed

to the girl of the age fifteen.

though meture as she seemed

nay a woman of eighteen


Shouted he again

a voice as harde as rock

"my life is of great pain"

pushed her, and started to fuck


She, with great effort

though sensation passed through

asked the old man

what of pain in are you?


pulling a way his old stick

not ended his making of love

but tired and sick

he be in his life of now


And then he gave back

money, clothes to her, nay answer

the big fat pig?

the old noble sir?


her clothes all ripped and pulled

off her cold back

she put them on

[though coverage it lacked]


through this dress of her's

her beauty show's pass

her thick nipples pops out

with part of her ass,


pushed her out, the old man

nay he thought twice 

shut the door as hard as he can!

with great dispise


ended the time of -

speaker number one

continues the debate

though the night is done


as she walked through corridors

no one to be seen at sight 

afraid, some one would see her

in the mid o'the night


come across to young boys

of twelve and of ten

showed off her body, through ripped clothes

an idea comes to them


they walked across, towards she

and asked her for her beauty

showed her money, not of much

but finally won her pity


to the end of the hall did they walk

assuring no one heard them

towards the stairs did they walk

where no one would see them


in front of the minor audience 

undressed she, button by strap

a woman of beauty great

selling it for scrapes 


her breasts as smooth as silk

fall of her feminine chest

as ripe apples hit the ground 

round, as a honey bees nest


poke and felt her nipples 

and big round breast

the two boys enjoyed them selves

with out any rest


though they were small

she asked of he

society a game of pigs

what says thee?


not did the boys understand

they were oh so young

not educated in their lands.

hence ended their fun


exit the boys happy 

though left,

to have felt the  beauty

of a girls breasts


under standing about-

her debaite 

the prostitute returned

back to her fate.








































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